My First Easter As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 6, 2022

Chapter 2
Chapter 2 (Post Nap Easter Activities)

Chapter Description: Awake from my nap, Easter is still upon me. I wonder if there’s any egg hunts around the apartment. I wonder if I’ll find something really cool!

Date: Sunday 17-Apr-22 13:21 (Sunday, April 17, 2022, 1:21 PM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

I yawn and my eyes snap open whilst I kick my legs allowing my Pampers to crinkle. I sit up and realize I’m sitting in my crib. I glance down to see my purple T-shirt has been replaced with a green T-shirt sporting colorful eggs in the center. I rub my eyes as I stand within my crib and waddle over to the bars, “I wonder if Brian’s still up?”

I waddle toward my crib bars and turn the junction latch which causes the crib bars to slide to the floor. I jump out of my crib and waddle into the hallway. I dart my eyes across the empty hallway and rub my chin, “I don’t even hear Mommy or Daddy either.”

I waddle into the living room and smile when I spot Brian watching a live Easter Egg Hunt on TV. “Brian!” I waddle-run over to the couch and crawl into his lap, oblivious to the hissing carrying the remaining bottles I had earlier out of my body, “Brian!” I giggle as I get a grip on his knees and push myself forward whilst my Pampers’ wetness indicator changes from yellow-green at the top to yellow while remaining yellow from the middle downward.

Brian smiles down at me and chuckles when I stand in his lap, effectively blocking his view of the TV. He rests his hands under my armpits to steady me in his lap and kisses my forehead, “Hey Stacey. Did you have a good nap?”

I smile and giggle when Brian pokes my belly, “Uh huh! I guess Amada brought me home and left afterwards huh?” I slide down into Brian’s lap and turn toward the TV, “Oooh. Easter Egg Hunt.”

Brian nods and ruffles my hair, “You wanna go hunt for Easter Eggs on the balcony?”

I train my confused eyes on Brian, “But Brian, the balcony is just hardwood. Wouldn’t the eggs easily stick out?” I jump out of Brian’s lap before he can answer my question, and I waddle over the curtain hiding the balcony from my view.

I open the curtain and my eyes widen at the grass covering the balcony and dart my eyes toward the edge of the balcony to see a giant green bunny! “BUNNY! BRIAN! BRIAN! LOOK IT!”

Brian rises from the couch and withholds a chuckle at me discovering Denis in the Easter Bunny outfit. My Big Brother did a good job with this. “I’m coming.” Brian opens the sliding door and chuckles when the Easter Bunny slowly walks toward us.

My eyes widen as the bunny continues its slow walk, “BUNNY!” I waddle-run toward the Easter Bunny and wrap my arms around his right leg, slowing him down by a significant degree. I giggle and smile toward him, “You can’t get away now.”

Denis’ chuckle echoes through the suit, “Such a happy and silly toddler I’ve come across today.”

My eyes widen and release the bunny’s leg, “Denis? Is that you?”

Denis chuckles and turns to Brian, while mouthing “How?”

Brian chuckles, “Stacey may be a toddler, but he still has his adult mind, Denis. I sometimes forget that myself.”

Denis nods as he pulls off the Easter Bunny head, revealing a mirror image of my brother Brian save for not wearing glasses and a full beard, and sets the bunny head down against the right hand wall of the balcony, “Yeah.” Denis kneels down to me and ruffles my hair, “Ready to hunt for the eggs I laid around?”

I giggle and boop Denis’ nose, “Yeppers!”

Denis pats my head with the bunny suit paw and sits down in front of the door, “Well go ahead. OH!” Denis grabs the green basket and walks back over to me, “Here ya go.” Denis returns to the door and sets a timer, “Let’s see how many you can find in ten minutes.”

I turn to Denis with wide eyes, “Ten minutes?”

Denis chuckles as the timer counts down to 9:30, “Nine minutes now, Silly.”

“EEEEEEEEEE!” I turn and waddle around the grassy balcony, “It’s really cool how you managed to put grass down on the balcony too.” I waddle over to the far left edge and kneel in the grass so I can feel around the smooth fabric, “OH! That’s how!”

Denis chuckles as he turns to his younger brother, “So Brian, how’s your first Easter with Stacey as a toddler going?”

Brian chuckles as he watches me waddle around the balcony while picking up an egg here and there and waddling again, “It’s been adorable as usual. Just another adorable day with my little brother. I still can’t believe it’s been five months since he came to my doorstep as a toddler. It’s been a fun ride.”


Date: Sunday 17-Apr-22 13:54 (Sunday, April 17, 2022, 1:54 PM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

Denis smiles as the timer goes off, “Times up, Stacey!”

I jump up from my searching in the grass and scan the eggs in my basket, “Heee…” I waddle-run over to Denis and hover my basket at his eyesight, “Lookit! I got lotsa them!”

Denis chuckles as he counts off the eggs in the basket, “That’s ten eggs in ten minutes.”

“I wish I could have found more, but the balcony is so biiig.” I stretch my arms out in both directions, “It’s thiiiis big!”

Brian chuckles at my toddler mannerisms and ruffles my hair, “I made sure it was big enough for you to play in and I could add plants or grass or a bench or something. Did you have fun with the Easter Egg Hunt?”

I smile toward Brian as I lower my arms, “Uh huh!” I waddle after him and Denis when they enter the apartment. I train my smile on Denis as he shuts the balcony door behind him and puts the bunny head back on, “Denis, why come you putting the head back on?”

Denis stops in front of the living room TV and turns to me right as I set my Easter basket on the table, “Well I figured you’d want to get a ride with the Easter Bunny around the apartment.” Denis kneels and pulls me into a hug whilst patting my padded bottom, “And after this,” Denis sets me on his shoulders, “I think you need a diaper change.”

I wrap my arms around Denis’ neck as he squats and jumps in the air, “WEEEEEHEEHEEHEE! I do?” My squeals echo across the apartment when Denis hops in the air and lands at the balcony door, “This is fun!”

Brian chuckles as he watches his older brother hop around like a bunny while his baby brother’s squeals of joy echo across the apartment, “This was the best Easter I’ve had in a while.” Brian walks over to the couch and pulls out a changing mat, baby wipes, baby powder, and a fresh Pampers Cruisers diaper. He sets the supplies in the middle of the living room a few feet to the left of the table and sighs as he collapses on the couch.


Date: Sunday 17-Apr-22 15:00 (Sunday, April 17, 2022, 3:00 PM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

Denis sighs as he stops in the living room and descends to his hands and knees, “Alright, Bunny hopping done.” He chuckles as he inches over to the makeshift changing station and the bunny ears wiggle, “Last stop, Diaper Change Avenue.”

I giggle and slide off Denis’ back. I turn toward the couch and giggle at Brian fast asleep. “Denis, Brian’s asleep.”

Denis chuckles as he takes off the bunny head and paws and sets them on the table, “Well me and him did stay up late last night making sure all the Easter preparations were in place.” Denis pats my padded bottom and when I turn to him, he pats the changing mat, “Diaper change time.”

“Okay!” I waddle over to Denis, oblivious to the hissing carrying some of the eggs I ate earlier out of my body. I lie down on the changing table and kick my legs allowing my diaper to crinkle whilst the hissing dies down, “Thankies, Denis. You and Brian are the bestest!”

Denis smiles as he unfastens my wet Pampers and lifts my legs to slide it away, “I’m glad we’re your best brothers, Stacey. We do our best.” Denis hums as he works to get me dry whilst tossing the old wipes.

I giggle and smile toward Denis as he tosses the last wipe and lowers my legs so he can roll the old diaper into a ball, “And you guys do awesome job!” I sniff as the baby powder rushes toward my uplifted bottom and I squirm as Denis flicks the new diaper unfolded to slide under me, “Thankies.”

Denis nods as he brings the green circle decorated shell up to my belly and secures the left diaper tape, “You’re welcome, Stacey.” He secures the right diaper tape and lifts me to my feet, “All dry, Stacey.”

I giggle and shake my freshly padded bottom whilst my fresh Pampers hugs my waist and crinkles with my happy movements. I turn to Denis and raise my arms while he sanitizes his hands with the Germ-X. The second he sets the Germ-X down, I tackle-hug him, resulting in him falling onto his back and me landing on his chest.

I smile down at Denis, “Heeheehee! Heee…I guess I don’t know my own strength. Sowwy.”

Denis chuckles and sits up, causing me to slide down into his lap, “You’re a strong little toddler!” Denis pulls me into a warm hug and alternates between rubbing my back and patting my freshly padded bottom, “I love you though, Stacey. You are the cutest baby brother in the world and,”

Denis brings me out of the hug and sets me on my feet so he can poke my belly, “Brian and I are happy to be your older brothers. This was the best Easter we’ve had in a long time and we’re gonna treasure this for a long time.”

I giggle and nod, “Yeppers! Bestest ever!” I watch as Denis rises to his feet and I waddle after him, “Wait…”

Denis stops at the entrance to the kitchen and turns to kneel in front of me, “What?”

I wrap my arms around Denis’ neck and bury my head in his shoulder, “Hugs and cuddles.”

Denis smiles and returns my hug as he rises to his feet, “I understand, Little Bro.” Denis takes a slow walk around the apartment while alternating between rubbing my back and patting my bottom, “Better?”

I smile as I rest my head over Denis’ shoulder, his warmth, gentle back rubs, and diapered bottom pats lull me into a peaceful, happy state, “Yeah…this is the life.”

Denis chuckles and makes a slow walk toward the living room couch, stifling a giggle at Brian’s snoring, “I couldn’t agree more. Happy Easter, Baby Brother.”

I lift my head off Denis’ shoulder to kiss his check and return my head to its snuggling position, “Happy Easter, Denis.”



End Chapter 2

My First Easter As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 6, 2022


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