Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021

Chapter 19
Chapter 19: Tourists

Chapter 19: Tourists


I WOKE UP looking through the bars of my crib and seeing no sign of anyone else. I found myself standing at the bars of a new crib and couldn’t help but wonder where Caireen was. Having no other choice, I started crying at the top of my lungs to get her attention.

She came in and said, “There, there, baby, let’s get you cleaned for the day.”

“How are things here?” I asked.

“We’ll talk about that in a while after your bath. For now, I want you just to act like a normal baby and take a break.” she told me.

Somehow, I forced myself to smile and hugged her.

“There’s my little baby girl! I bet she would like her nice warm bath!”

I was actually kind of hungry and decided to act like she expected and reached for her dress. “Oh, I hadn’t even thought of how hungry you probably are!” She turned around and found a cushioned window seat in the hallway and began nursing me.

While she nursed me, I couldn’t help but think of all of the deaths that were my fault from yesterday. Not to mention all the deaths that were occurring and would occur here while Camulus sought to catch me, and to bring Caireen to her knees. I felt the tears going down my face when she suddenly moved me to her other breast and began speaking softly, “There, there, baby. Just relax for a time, the world has gone mad, but for the moment you are safe here…”

When I was finished, she burped me and took me to the oddly modern bathroom with running water and a beautiful clawfoot bathtub. She undressed me and herself before slipping into the water with me. She massaged some soap and a cloth against my skin gently and I couldn’t help but relax some more. Caireen washed my hair gently, and I realized how rarely she’d bathed me here.

After she was done scrubbing me, she splashed water at me - occasionally tickling me or playing with my toes until we both had the giggles. Eventually she sighed and called for a servant who handed her a towel that she swaddled me in.

“Your Majesty, I took a set of clothes for Princess Sofia to your room so you both may dress there?”

“Thank you, Fiera,” she told her with a smile.

She carried me through a couple back passages to her room. I was quickly diapered and placed in a beautiful green dress that was more ornamented with frills, stitching, and embroidery than anything I had ever worn before. She carefully placed my tiara on my head, kissed my head, and then placed me down on her bed.

I watched as she dressed in a regal gown that matched my own. It was the perfect mother and daughter set of dresses. ‘I might just have to make a set of these for Hannah and I to wear on campus,’ I thought to myself.

“Okay Sofia,” she said while opening her arms up, “let’s go find some place where we can talk.”

It felt so comfortable and safe in her arms; something I really craved after the chaos and death in the real world. I still couldn’t believe that people had died, and all because they happened to be where I was... Caireen walked through the hallways to a room covered with maps and charts that I knew had to be the war room. Several of her generals were in the room and all snapped to attention and bowed to Caireen.

“Your Majesty, Your Highness,” her top general greeted us.

“General,” Caireen said and she stepped towards a chair at a circular table that seemed grander than the others. A matching highchair was to its right and I was sat gently in it before she took her own seat.

“Princess Sofia, I am so sorry for the loss of life in your world,” the general began, “I regret it more than I can say.”

“How did that happen?” I asked forcefully.

“Gut feeling?” He asked to which I nodded. “I believe that she and King Camulus have decided that the best way to utterly defeat us here was to send others to take residence in bodies of people in your world and attack you there.”

“So, these are avatars?”

“Well, his son at least should be… I’m unsure of Rosemerta. Nothing she does makes sense. If she was simply an avatar what you did and the shattering of her head from the gunshots should have killed her!”

“What if she’s a mutant with extraordinarily high regen?” I asked Caireen.

“It could be that… but I think she had stored enough essence to travel there… and do whatever it is she does…” She sighed, “Either way she can’t take hits like that forever without dying. I highly recommend next time though you immediately burn her remains. We will do the same if we capture her again in this world.”

“And Camulus’s son? Maponus”

“Yes,” Caireen answered.

“What kind of crazy person names their kid that? And they want me to marry him? And have… with him?!?” I was near the verge of tears and couldn’t even imagine having that with him! I held back from crying though, took a deep breath, and asked. “So, what are they going to try next in my world?”

“I don’t know,” was the simultaneous reply from her and the general.

For the next hour we dissected every bit of the attack before Caireen carried me to a quiet place window bench to nurse me. When we returned, I was shown an update on where King Camulus’s forces were. “How soon will he be here?” I asked nervously.

“We believe he’ll be here sooner than our original estimates. Maybe even by the New Year in your world.” One of the Generals’ men answered.

Plans were revised and arguments went on and on about the placement of troops and when to abandon villages in their path. Most of the civilians were being evacuated to the castle’s surrounding areas until they got closer. They could be held inside the castle walls for a very long siege. The concern was the siege wouldn’t be long as Camulus had somehow broken through the defenses of several other similar castles recently with impunity.

As I was getting tired of the round and round nature of the discussion, Caireen picked me up and we left them to it. She led me down to the dungeons and said, “Okay, we need more attacks for you…”

Caireen spent a couple hours teaching me some new possibilities for doing things like Camille did with the tendrils to capture Rosemerta. “But it didn’t work with her!” I said exasperated as I failed in my seventh attempt to ensnare a doll on the ground.

“You have more than one enemy Princess,” she told me, making a chill run down my spine.

About the time I had finally succeeded ten times with that new spell there was a knock on the door.

“Enter!” Caireen called loudly.

A man dressed in what looked like nineteenth Century fencing clothing came in. “Your Majesty, Your Highness,” he said with a low bow, “you asked for me to come?”

“Yes, Sir d’Artagnan, I did.”

“What may I do for you?”

“Please teach my daughter how to fight using this blade,” she said and pulled out what would look like a long knife to an adult, but to my size looked like it was a little longer than a short sword.

“Great, I’m like a Hobbit with a dagger…” I groaned.

“Your Majesty?” he asked confused. “But she’s just a bébe…”

“She will approach her training with the maturity of one who has come of age, she must be able to fight when the time comes. We both know this war won’t end without an attack here.”

He looked at me again and pondered things for a moment before saying, “It will be my honor Your Majesty. I will insist on some proper clothing?”

“As long as I don’t have to have fur on my feet,” I agreed.

Both of them looked at me like I was mad. I just shrugged and was soon clothed in what I could only think of as nineteenth Century fencing clothes. “These contain a spell that will keep any blade from cutting or piercing them,” Caireen told me reassuringly before patting my diapered rear and sending me towards d’Artagnan to begin my training.

That began two hours of abuse while he taught me the fundamentals of wielding the blade. I’d love to say we were having a film worthy knock down fight by the end, but the most I had done was swung the blade and stabbed the blade in what would otherwise be katas to me in my past Tae Kwon Do experience.

By the time Caireen fed me dinner and lay me down in my crib I was feeling exhausted. “Caireen… was that THE d’Artagnan?” I asked sleepily.

She kissed me on the forehead, “Yes Princess, but that is a story for another time.”



THE SOUNDS OF news on the TV and Camille moving around in our room woke me up. I sat up and stared at the screen through the crib bars. The scrolling bar at the bottom was giving updates about damages and casualties while a reporter stood in Rockefeller Plaza… or rather what remained of it.

“Last night Rockefeller Plaza was rocked by a huge blast where the famous statue of Prometheus stood. The statue itself is seen on footage exploding like a large bomb. Following that we see a battle that is clearly begun and waged by mutants with no regard to the civilian population at hand. CNN has just obtained footage of this battle; this is exclusive and you’ll only see it here.”

“Mom! Dad!” Camille quickly hollered through the adjoining room door while noticing me standing and watching.

The footage started with a view panning around the buildings nearby and some of the bright signs down one of the nearby roads. The person had just reached a view of where you could see the statue, but not the ice rink, when the explosion happened and you could see the person fall to the ground. Screams, cries, and panic reigned then as the entire video became chaos. The videographer somehow dodged the fleeing crowd though to get to a view of the rink from the top level. Camille’s mother and family had fled before then, but they managed to catch Camille and I as we ran up towards Rosemerta who was standing in the former statue’s footprint.

It was kind of scary watching myself and Camille fight her. I winced when she grabbed me and my nose landed on the ground. Then when I had finally frozen her, and the bullets rang out, the video cut back to the talking heads who discussed everything about the event.

“There you have it ladies and gentlemen! We have no idea of who was on what side here, but given Lioness shows up and seems to defend the girl and very short mutant we have to believe they were on the good side.”

“Is that short one a baby???” One of the anchors asked incredulously. “She seemed to be the one that took the villain out too?”

“It looks like it. Our staff is working on the video and enhancing it. Mike, do you think we have a zoom available on this yet?”

Over her ear you can see her receiving instructions, “We hope to do better, but let’s see what they’ve got so far.”

The video zoomed into where we were speaking to the police. You could see devisors were involved because there is no way someone’s cell phone should have had the resolution to view us close enough to make a larger image of me. My pacifier mask kept my lower face from being seen, but it was pretty clear I was in a very short and juvenile dress with a diaper cover, over what clearly had to be a diaper. My cute shoes and tights seemed to only encourage the thought. The tiara on my head glistened and you would never have expected me to be able to do more than appear in a beauty pageant.

Of course, that had been my intention since it could surprise an attacker. The tights were made of the latest Kevra, along with the dress and mask.

“Okay, I have to say she is adorable!!!!” the lady anchor said. “She looks like she takes some of the costume designs after that Disney Cartoon that my daughter loves so much!”

“Adorable but deadly, did you see how much damage her blasts did to the walls where she missed? The other girl was just as bad! How can we…”

The TV was turned off and I saw Camille and her mom both looking at me concerned. I just shrugged, “Guess that was inevitable. At least so far they haven’t found a video to figure out who I am?”

The both nodded and Camille picked me up to give me a hug before saying, “we have a little bit of time for a quick bath before we go to breakfast.”

I nodded, “Okay.”

She gently picked me up out of the crib and laid me down on a changing pad she had sat on the bed. My nightgown and diaper were removed and I was carried over to the bathroom where Camille had already made a bath with some bubbles. I watched her quickly to see we were alone before she cast a privacy ward.

“How are you doing Sofia?” she asked me.

I shrugged with bubbles on my arms, “I don’t know. People died yesterday because they just happened to be where I was. How am I supposed to be?”

I could feel the tears in my eyes as Camille lifted my head and her voice changed, “Princess it is not your fault in any way. Monsters will always exist in every world - the only thing we may do is fight them till our last breath, or theirs. Yesterday you never hesitated and I know that Queen Aunghdadhail herself would have been proud. As it is, I’m certain that Queen Fey will at some point want to meet you.”

I just stared for a moment before muttering, “thanks…”

Camille’s voice returned to normal, “Okay, so we have all morning that you’re going to have to go back to pretending I think.”

I nodded, “I don’t think anyone has video of me changing into my costume, but I’m sure there are enough cameras they can make a master list of people and babies to look at.”

Camille nodded, “I think you need to be sure to act like a normal baby this morning as we go see the Statue of Liberty.”

“Then it is still open?” I asked, kind of surprised.

“The mayor came on and said security everywhere has been tightened, but at no time will he ‘give in to terrorists.’”

I sighed, “Okay.”

Camille took a few more minutes to wash my hair, soaped down my body, and then she played with me for a few minutes. Unlike when Hannah played with me, Camille used her magic like Caireen. I watched the bubbles in my bath change colors, become moving animals, dolls, castles, and we just had fun together for a bit. As she dried me off, I asked, “Do you do that for your sister?”

She shook her head, “I try not to do magic around her so she doesn’t accidentally tell someone something she shouldn’t. I do some things every now and then, but my parents ask me to limit it.”

I nodded, “Lily definitely loved when I would play with her since I would create clothes for her dolls and bears…” I grinned, “Mom didn’t like it - especially one time her… well that didn’t work out so well.”

“Oh?” She asked as she ran a comb through my hair. “This sounds like a juicy story!” She smiled at me, “I don’t have to tickle you to get this out of you, do I?”

I gulped, “No need for the tickle monster to come out!”

She laughed and playfully reached for my belly. “So… story?”

“Okay, okay!” I squeaked. “I was making her a really cute princess dress… but I forgot to create a diaper for her outfit. She went to show Mom, and let’s just say it was a good thing we were in the kitchen… the puddle she excitedly made would definitely have been worse to clean up anywhere else!”

She laughed at me and continued to help me feel calm. Yesterday had been a nightmare and I just hoped today wouldn’t be the same. A diaper was quickly taped on me, followed by a cute onesie with a short skirting to it, and then leggings over that.

“Do I need to make a couple more strollers?” Camille asked her mom.

“Can you?”

“Sure,” she said.

I watched two strollers form in the space next to the door. They weren’t the same as the ones from yesterday, instead looking like a matched set of pink and purple strollers that looked pretty comfortable. “Those look like Amy’s daughter’s stroller,” her mom told her with approval.

“Yeah, I thought of hers with them. We think Sofia needs to appear to be as innocent as possible today… I know that these work with those infant seats too.” A moment later an infant style car seat with a handle appeared.

“What?” I said nervously.

“Well Sofia, they’re looking for the mutant that’s short and just happens to look like a baby, right?”

I nodded, “Yes,” feeling Caireen nodding with approval.

“The idea of a baby who can still fit in and be carried in an infant carrier isn’t likely to be noticed, right?”

“Right,” I sighed. “So how are you going to carry me and it? I remember getting tired of carrying my sister in hers when she was about sixteen pounds…”

“Well, aren’t you only twenty pounds?”

I sighed, “Yes.”

“Then trust me, with my exemplar strength, there is no reason for you to worry. Besides,” she said with a smile as she began helping my arms into my coat, “the reason I made these is that the seat goes into the stroller.”

Camille’s dad came in a moment later with Cassidy in his arms. While I was laid into the car seat and strapped in, she was strapped into her new stroller. She had loved the pink one, so my car seat found itself being latched into the purple one. I hated the lack of movement possible as I sat strapped in there! I was grateful that a pacifier was pushed into my mouth by Camille as it let me soothe myself without saying anything I shouldn’t! I sighed and just lay there as I was pushed down the hallway unable to really see anything other than Camille.

‘This is worse than the stroller yesterday,’ I whined.

‘Oh hush, you know you look adorable in this, and the point is that I guarantee absolutely no one would possibly believe you are the baby who was on TV.’

‘I hope you’re right,’ I told her.

When we reached the elevator, an older lady looked at me and said, “Oh my, she has to be one of the most adorable babies I’ve ever seen!”

“Thank you,” Camille’s mom said.

“How old is she?” She asked.

“Almost a year,” she responded.

“She’s so cute!”

I sat there while the torturous conversation went on about me with no interaction from me. Thankfully elevator rides never last forever and we were soon moving again. A restaurant in the hotel must have been decided on before I was woken up, because they knew where we were going and we were quickly seated. “Two high chairs?” the hostess asked Camille’s mom.

“Please,” she said.

Cassidy was sat into a high chair, and a bib placed on her by her mom. I didn’t remember her having a bib yesterday, so I wondered if that was just because of it being breakfast? I was picked up out of the carrier and placed in a high chair as well and silently sighed in relief. I was half afraid I would be left in there like a newborn!

I looked around a fairly high-end restaurant with nice crystal glasses and was sure that babies were not among their favorite patrons. I looked at Camille and said, “Baba!”

“Okay, hold on Princess,” she said with a smile and dug into my diaper bag. A moment later I was hungrily sucking on a bottle of Hannah’s milk that she had warmed.

‘I’m glad they managed to get that back…’ I told Caireen.

‘Wait, did you just say you were…?’

‘Yes, I did, I miss her,’ I added sadly.

‘I know,’ she said, ‘maybe they’ll let you call her again in a while?’


Somehow during all of this there was a little bit of pancake placed on the table in front of me out of reach, already cut up and covered with some syrup and some eggs. Camille’s mom took the empty bottle from me and began giving me a bite of my food every couple of moments while she fed herself too. Embarrassingly some of it ended up on my bib, face, and even a little in my hair.

“So how are we getting there, Dad?” Camille asked.

“We’re getting a ride from your Aunt,” he told her.

“Cool,” she said excitedly.

When we finished her mom wiped my face with baby wipes, an intrusion I hated a lot, and then a finger found its way to my diaper and she said, “Camille why don’t we go change Sofia, and take Cassidy to the big girl potty, while Daddy pays the bill?”

As the supposed infant in this whole scene my opinion mattered not, so I was quickly strapped into the infant carrier with a pacifier placed in my mouth, and soon swinging from Camille’s elbow as they walked to a nearby bathroom. She sat the carrier and my diaper bag down on the ground next to a large built in counter. Like always things were quickly and gently taken care of with my diaper, before I was once again strapped into the carrier. I kicked my legs a bit as my carrier was left on the floor next to a toilet that Camille sat down on. I was glad she had faced me to where I wasn’t locked into looking at her at least, but the sounds of her peeing into the porcelain throne made me jealous.

I heard Camille’s mom talking to Cassidy, “Sweetie you need to tell me if you need to go potty…” Cassidy’s sniffles could be heard from where I was in the carrier. “Let’s get a new pull-up on you…”

I felt bad for Cassidy as I heard her mom cleaning her up, but at least she had the ability to potty train!

After what seemed like an eternity Camille picked my carrier up, washed her hands, and we all walked back to the table where her dad waited. He stood and helped Camille lock the carrier back into the stroller. “When is Aunt Michelle going to be here?” Camille asked him.

“She called while you were in the bathroom and said she’s outside waiting for us outside the main entrance.”

“Well then, let’s not keep Michelle waiting any longer,” I could hear the smile in Camille’s mom’s voice. They moved a lot faster once Cassidy was in her stroller and we were both wheeled through the hotel quickly to the main doors. When my seat popped out of its place in the stroller, I could see that we were getting into a… limo?

Lots of excited conversations happened before we actually got in and I was introduced to my ‘Great-Auntie Michelle,’ who suitably cooed over me before my seat was latched into one of the parts of the back limousine bench by the driver and Camille’s dad. Cassidy sat in a car seat that was already secured for her, and then I noticed another person who was just quietly sitting towards the front end of the limo.

I looked for a moment and had trouble recognizing her for a second due to her not being in costume, but I realized it was Lioness!

I waved at her and she waved back at me before making a ‘shhh’ sign to her lips with her finger. I frowned around my pacifier but nodded. I was definitely bored as I sat there sucking on my pacifier. Auntie Michelle seemed to notice because as she talked with everyone she asked, “Does she have a teething toy or something?”

“Yeah, she also has a new doll she likes somewhere in here,” Camille said as she went looking into the diaper bag for things, I knew weren’t actually in there. A second later I had a brightly colored teething toy being dangled in front of me and I let the pacifier fall out so I could pretend that I was chewing on it. Embarrassingly it actually did feel kind of good to chew on. Camille also brought out my new Eloise doll and sat her next to me in the car seat.

I became the center of attention for a few more minutes with cooing and other things coming from my auntie. Cassidy soon grew tired of not being played with and started crying about something. That re-focused the attention on her and I was able to just sit there quietly, mortified as I realized I seemed to easily appear to be a helpless baby.


WHEN WE REACHED our destination and got out from the limousine, I was surprised to discover we were in New Jersey! Aunt Michelle explained to Camille that even with the drive out to New Jersey, it was quicker to travel there to get the ferry, and would be faster to get on a ferry later to come home. My seat was reattached to the stroller and we were taken through security. My diaper bag had to be opened and the liquid from a bottle was examined.

“It’s just breast milk,” Camille’s mom said, clearly a little annoyed.

The lady looked like she was going to raise a fit, but another of the workers came and whispered in her ear before we were waved through. I looked at where Lioness was the best from my view and saw her wink at me. “Baba!” I told her mom as she held it in her hands.

She sighed, “You just want to make us change your diaper sooner, huh?”

She tickled me as she placed the bottle in my mouth and reclaimed the teething toy for the bag. Camille must have done a spell from next to me because it wasn’t cold like I was afraid of. Thanks to our strollers, I figured we were pretty much stuck on the lower level of the ferry going out to the island. I was surprised though when a couple of trips together carried both Cassidy and I upstairs. To my relief I was let out of the harness and held on Camille’s mom’s hip, while Aunt Michelle held Cassidy on hers.

“Ooh, can you see that?” She asked Cassidy, “That’s the Statue of Liberty!”

I sort of tuned her out as the announcements from the boat discussed emergency procedures and then told some of the story of immigrants coming to America. Time really did seem to pass quickly as we were unloaded onto Ellis Island. “Let’s take Cassidy to the potty really quickly and change Sofia again before we start looking around,” she told Michelle as Camille and her dad pushed our empty strollers behind us. Her mom ended up handing me to Camille to change while she dealt with Cassidy who excitedly shouted that ‘She was a big girl!’ When she successfully made it to the potty!

She really was so cute with how excited and proud she was that she had made it after missing every time since last night! Lioness kind of hung back with us, but not really appearing to be part of our group. I really wanted to talk to her, but a baby having a conversation with her would just draw attention, so I just patiently sat when they placed me back into the stroller and watched stuff go by.

The morning would have been a lot more enjoyable if I hadn’t had to pretend to be a regular baby. Pictures were taken of all of us everywhere, but my favorite ones were in the great hall upstairs. It wasn’t overly crowded when we took the picture so you could see the vastness of the space and the cool tile work everywhere!

‘Maybe someday when you let me pretend to be older with that spell, I can come back and actually enjoy myself?’ I suggested to Caireen.

‘That would be fun actually,’ she acknowledged. ‘I know this is boring… Sorry.’

I was allowed a little bit of time to walk around holding Camille’s hands, but not much was out of the carrier. Shortly into that bit of freedom in the gift store I found my body forcing me into a squat, and groaned.


THE REST OF the visit to Ellis Island went by quickly after a swift diaper change. We boarded the ferry and headed to Liberty Island to get a better look at the Statue. I noticed that helicopters and flying superheroes all seemed to be warily guarding against attacks from above. It proved unnecessary while we were there though. After lunch I watched Camille and her mom having a quiet conversation with Lioness.

Camille came over to where I stood on a bench and whispered, “She’s going to go ahead and take you to your meeting.” She looked nervous, “they suggested I not come along so there’s less chance of you being recognized.

I nodded but sucked my pacifier a little more, “Baba?” I asked.

She smiled at me and whispered, “Okay I’ll get one warmed up for you. You do realize that regular people can warm up bottles too, right?”

I blinked at her and shook my head. She gave me a hug, placed me back into the carrier, placed the nipple of a warmed bottle into my mouth, and then handed my diaper bag over to Lioness. “We’ll see you both at dinner?” She asked hesitantly.

“Absolutely, I love taking my little cousins’ baby for the day, but you won’t catch me wanting to deal with all of those diapers all of the time!” She laughed.

I just sat there and pretended I was a good baby as she cooed at me and played with me. I made sure to fuss when I ‘realized’ that I wasn’t with Camille or anyone else. She just pushed a pacifier back in my mouth though and picked me up out of the seat to cuddle with me. Something about her body heat was off. I also realized that I wasn’t actually looking at any of her real skin! She had some sort of projection on her face that my hand went through as she held me. I reached out and felt soft fur.

It took everything to keep me from saying, ‘Kitty!!!!’

‘I thought it might have been a costume last night,’ Caireen acknowledged. We’d both seen the fur.

‘GSD must be rough, but at least she probably is pretty cute underneath that for real.’

Lioness looked at me with a little bit of a glare and I realized I probably shouldn’t pet her without permission. She smiled at me as I gave her a small baby hug as an apology, and I stayed still while we waited to get off the ferry. As I kind of expected she placed me back into the car seat and pushed me down the pier to a waiting vehicle. The car was a simple looking yellow NYC taxi van, but somehow, I had a gut feeling it wasn’t a regular taxi.

The second she swung my seat in to buckle it in I could see I was right. I passed through a magic ward and into a large bus like space, complete with TV screens and maps all over the walls. She placed my stroller to the side, and buckled the seat into one of many available.

“What is this?” I asked while pulling my pacifier out into my hand.

“This, Your Highness, is one of our autonomous vehicles we use as a remote command post as needed,” Lioness said. “Can you go ahead and change into your costume?” she asked.

I activated the spell to do so and she made some sort of purring noise.

“You are beyond adorable, Your Highness,” she said.

“Why do you keep calling me, Your Highness?”

“Because you are a Princess, I’ve encountered Queen Caireen before this, and I have absolute respect for her Majesty, and now you as her daughter.”

I felt Caireen come to the surface to speak, “When was this?”

“I was just a young kid when I was pulled into your world. You kindly set me free from the people who had kidnapped me.”

Caireen cursed inside my head and I was taken aback as that was so unlike her! “How do you remember?”

“When I mutated as a teenager the memory came back. I thought it was just a dream though until I met you yesterday.”

“I am grateful that you are able to help now, and I’m even more grateful to see what you’ve become,” she said. I could feel her leaking tears out of my eyes. It was one of the first times I could remember her taking this much control over me. “I am going to let my daughter take back over, I am glad to know that she has an ally such as yourself here.”

I shook my head, “That was weird,” I told Lioness. I watched her change into her own costume and turn off the generator over her face. Now that I was closer, and I knew the fur was real, I couldn’t help but admire how pretty and cute she was. “You’re beautiful by the way,” I told her.

“As are you,” she smiled. “Are you ready for this meeting?”

I shook my head, “No, this was supposed to be a vacation,” I told her. “So, can I stop pretending to be a helpless baby now?”

“I think that’s best. If you can pretend to be as unhindered as possible as Emerald you can probably distance yourself from how you appear out of costume.”

I nodded and thought for a second, “Can you hand me my diaper bag?” I asked her.

She looked at me oddly but handed it to me, probably half expecting me to drop it since it weighed as much as I did. I quickly did a spell and put it away in a space next to where my small purse was. Lioness looked at me oddly, “Well, you don’t think it’s a bad idea to have the same diaper bag running around with the baby?”

“Smart, and you can still hand it to me to change you?”

I nodded and suddenly looked at my diaper, “Like right now, huh?” I sighed.

“Well we are stuck in traffic…”

She pulled me illegally out of the car seat after I handed her the diaper bag for a change, before I put it back and she re-buckled me. The ride ended soon after that and she gave me a hand getting out of the car in the garage we had parked. This time she let me walk beside her into the massive Federal Building instead of being carried.

‘So, am I like the human sidekick to the big kitty?’ I asked Caireen.

She laughed at that, ‘More like my toy baby doll,’ she told me.

She led me up to an office on a different floor than we’d been in last night, “Okay Agent Emerald, I’m going to wait out in the lounge they have while you meet.”

I looked up at her and nodded, before stepping through the open door into a smaller conference room. Agent Sanders and Agent Caruthers both stood as I walked in.

“Agent Emerald, good to see you again!” Caruthers said and offered me his hand. Sanders was right behind him and did the same before giving me a helpful boost onto a chair that they had thoughtfully placed a booster seat on. Even with it though I was still barely able to see over the edge of the table. I ended up standing up and jumping onto the table.

“If you don’t mind since I’m so short I’d prefer just to sit here?” I asked.

“No problems at all,” Agent Caruthers said. “I’m mainly here in a supervisory role, Agent Sanders is your actual agent in charge.”

I nodded, “So what’s new?” I asked

“Well first thing I have to say is that last night you threw a huge wrench into our investigation…”

“Sorry,” I said, trying to keep tears from coming out of my eyes. I wasn’t sure I would ever feel anything but a need to cry about last night.

“Not in a bad way ultimately since I think you may have given us a lead. You saw this picture of the man you called Maponus?” He asked as a screen came alive with that photo again.

I nodded, “He’s the son of a King that my avatar spirit and I are at war with.”

“Well he also happens to be smack in the middle of the investigation of the daycare we need you to investigate.”

“What?!?” I asked and felt Caireen’s rage.



End Chapter 19

Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021


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