From College To Cradle - A Toddler’s Want For Intergalactic Exploration

by: Stacey Ayodele | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 16, 2022


Chapter 1 (Entering A New World)

Chapter 1: I’ve become bored with Earth. Time to go to my game world from No Man’s Sky. Off to Ayodele Prime! Now I wonder how my crew on Ayodele Prime will react to seeing their leader as a toddler instead of an exosuit-clad anomaly? I guess I’ll find out.

Aug 2, 2022


Chapter 2 (Adjustments & Expansion)

Chapter 2: I’ve been on Planet Ayodele Prime for 2 days now. After adjusting to my base and life here, I have a chat with Overseer Drogra. Time for an adventure of expansion!

Aug 11, 2022


Chapter 3 (Adventures & War Against Sentinels)

Chapter 3: Well-Rested from a nap, it’s time to see what other adventures Ensign Hapoton has for me. I love this planet so much and having adventures. It’s a lot more fun than Earth for certain.

Aug 16, 2022

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