From College To Cradle - A Toddler’s Want For Intergalactic Exploration

by: Stacey Ayodele | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 22, 2022

I've grown tired of being on Earth. I look to the sky and wonder if my computer can bring me into my story world's sub galaxy where my personal No Man's Sky universe resides. Only one way to find out... Part 2 in my From College To Cradle series.


Entering A New World)

I’ve become bored with Earth. Time to go to a new galaxy from No Man's Sky. I wonder if this will bring me into the game, or will I actually be in a different galaxy entirely. I guess I'll find out.

Sep 5, 2022


Adjustments & Expansion

I’ve been on Planet Ayodele Prime for 2 days now. After adjusting to my base and life here, I have a chat with Overseer Drogra. Time for an adventure of expansion!

Sep 5, 2022


Adventures & War Against Sentinels

Well-Rested from a nap, it’s time to see what other adventures Ensign Hapoton has for me. I love this planet so much and having adventures. It’s a lot more fun than Earth for certain.

Sep 5, 2022


Hunting Frustration & My Crew

I’ve been on Ayodele Prime for a while now. My base has grown. I love my new big family and sometimes I have frustrations when hunting for something. Still…having a big family makes those frustrations all the more bearable.

Sep 5, 2022


Plants, Food, & Farmer Kriptu

Morning has arrived. After finding that Farmer Kriptu has invented yet another awesome food, I’m gonna go hunting with him to gather materials for my second hydroponics tray. I also learned something new today.

Sep 5, 2022


Play Time with Farmer Kriptu

Play Time. A toddler always needs to play and Farmer Kriptu is eager to continue playing with me.

Sep 5, 2022


A Typical Morning on Ayodele Prime

What’s a typical morning for me on my planet? Well, let’s see….

Sep 13, 2022


A Typical Afternoon on Ayodele Prime

What to do this afternoon… Well, let’s get up and see what can be done with my new playroom first. I wonder what everyone else is doing too.

Sep 22, 2022


Defeating The Sentinels & Revelations About Battles

Fighting the Sentinels…except I have some issues and end up…waking up in my bed needing a change. Maybe Overseer Drogra can explain what just happened.

Sep 22, 2022


Toddlers Like Me In Space

I ask Overseer Drogra if he knows about other toddlers like me in this galaxy. He suggests I check two places: The Ayodele Prime Trading Outpost and Ayodele Alpha System Station Omega. I’ll check the outpost first. I’m sure to be surprised by who I see.

Sep 22, 2022


Toddlers On The Hunt

Chiyo and I have awoken from our nap with a need for food and adventure. I’m so happy my bestest friend is here on this world with me.

Sep 22, 2022


Ascending to My Freighter

I haven’t visited my Freighter since I came to this galaxy. Time to see what’s up.

Sep 22, 2022

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