From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 2, 2022

Sitting in front of a computer with a unique website that's connected to a well known particle collider. I hope this works. Part 1 in my From College To Cradle series PRESS ENTER to abandon adulthood? YES/NO?


Chapter 1 (Something To Truly Be Thankful For)

Feb 4, 2022


Chapter 2 (Revealing The Surprise)

After Thanksgiving Dinner, Brian rewards me with a surprise and some questions. I’m thankful for the surprise, but the questions…I can’t answer with full truth just as yet. I’ve gotta think fast on my little feet for an answer to those.

May 21, 2022


Chapter 3 (Adjusting To My New Life)

I've awoken from my nap and find that I'm in my new bedroom. I wonder how Brian’s doing? Time to get out of my crib and find out!

Feb 1, 2022


Chapter 4 (Tantrums & Exploration)

My first day with my new life. My toddler emotions will be tested, and Brian’s love will always shine through. I’m truly blessed to have him.

May 21, 2022


Chapter 5 (Questions & Enjoying New Toddlerdom)

It’s been a week since I’ve been in this parallel world. A lot is different here and me being a toddler waddling around in a shirt and Pampers seems normal, thankfully. I still have more questions though. I hope Brian can put my mind at ease.

Jan 31, 2022


Chapter 6 (Fears & Comfort In Parallel)

A nightmare of running in the forest. Being laughed at in a classroom? What do all these dreams mean? I dunno. All I know is I'm scared and Brian has to help me!

Feb 3, 2022


Chapter 7 (Playful Mornings & Comforted Toddlers)

Nothing says playful like morning tickles, waddling around the apartment, and having breakfast with my big brother.

Feb 10, 2022


Chapter 8 (Saturday Secrets & Brotherly Bonds)

Chapter 8: After a change in between episodes of Avatar The Last Airbender, I'm pondering with Brian what we can do today. I love Brian and I'm happy that we can be together as brothers…even if I'm a toddler. There's a secret I have though…I wonder how Brian will take it.

Feb 17, 2022


Chapter 9 (Brian’s Mom Comes To Visit)

Chapter 9: Brian’s Mom comes to visit Brian. When he tells her he’s been caring for a kid since Thanksgiving though, she’s curious as to that kid is. During her chat with Brian, she sees a little kid’s head peeking from behind a door. She goes to investigate and gains an adorable son in the process.

Feb 24, 2022


Chapter 10 (The Fight Against The Bath)

I used to be okay with baths, but after an episode of Rugrats I won't get into the bath. Will Brian be able to cure my newfound fear of water?

Mar 10, 2022


Chapter 11 (Brian’s Work, Memory Tests, & Toddler Resolve)

I hear Brian has to work, so Mommy is gonna be babysitting me. She tells me something about a memory test that Brian was planning…and when he gets home, my toddler emotions are kinda a mess at first, but…he always manages to make me happy in the end.

Mar 10, 2022


Chapter 12 (Questions About My Parallel World)

I’ve got questions for Brian about this new world we’re living in after my nap. With my questions answered, playtime and movies are a foot. I love this new world. Learning new stuff is fun and being able to do with my big brother is even better!

Mar 19, 2022


Chapter 13 (Parks, Beaches, and Movies Oh My)

A new day has arrived. First task of the morning, escape from crib and ask Brian what we’re gonna do this morning.

Mar 23, 2022


Chapter 14 (Plans and Happy Toddlers)

After a good race in Forza Horizon 4, I smell food. Time to eat and ask Brian what we’re going do for the upcoming days.

Mar 31, 2022


Chapter 15 (Vacations and Happy Memories)

The vacation day has arrived. Though I slept through the trip to the airport, I can still experience the joy of being a toddler of a plane! I can’t wait to get to Myrtle Beach!

Apr 18, 2022


Chapter 16 (Vacation & Ripley’s Attractions)

The first day wasn't much since we got here late at night. So today we're starting off with at-tractions that are within walking distance. Nothing but fun awaits us. Fun and maybe some reflection.

Apr 14, 2022


Chapter 17 (Vacation & Post Nap Sandy Adventures)

After waking up from my nap, I wanna do more fun stuffs with Brian. First, I gotta find him though. Maybe we can go to the beach this time!

Apr 26, 2022


Chapter 18 (Vacation Reflections & Upset Toddlers)

Our vacation is ending…I dunno how to handle good times ending though. Maybe Brian can help me, he’s always been a great help with handling my toddler meltdowns.

Apr 26, 2022


Chapter 19 (Father & Son Tales – A Wild Daddy Appears)

Brian’s Dad comes to visit since Brian has to work. Turns out I also have a doctor’s appointment. I hope my new daddy can protect me from needles. I hate needles.

May 21, 2022


Chapter 20 (Father & Son Tales – Sweet Treats And Sports)

Bonds between me and my daddy are stronger after the doctor’s visit and now we’re going to do lots more together. ICE CREAM! ICE CREAM! ICE CREAM! and something more…I just don’t know what yet.

May 12, 2022


Chapter 21 (Father & Son Tales – A Toddler’s List & A Daddy’s Love)

After a game of Fallout 4, I remember how much fun I had with Daddy yesterday. Good thing fun times with Daddy are just a call away.

May 20, 2022


Chapter 22 (Father & Son Tales – Playful Daddies and Happy Kiddos)

After our picnic, it’s movie time. Nothing like enjoying fun and play with Daddy. I’m the happiest kiddo in the world!

May 26, 2022


Chapter 23 (Father & Son Tales – Breakfast Plans & Happy Toddlers)

Daddy’s here when I wake up. Brian’s heading out for the day. Mission: Wake Up Daddy and begin play time.

Jun 2, 2022


Chapter 24 (New Year Shopping & Thankful Toddlers)

Chapter 24: New Year’s has arrived. Now Mommy wants to take me out shopping. Can’t wait to see what cute outfits she picks for me.

Aug 2, 2022


Chapter 25 (Mommy & Son Experiences – Breakfast, Games, & Hot Cocoa)

Chapter 25: New Year’s means new work schedule for Brian. Mommy’s here though. So…time for Mommy/Son bonding time over the Winter that has gripped the city.

Aug 2, 2022


Chapter 26 (Mommy & Son Experiences – Food, Cartoons, & Cute Toddlers)

Chapter 26: Wednesday Morning means another day with Mommy. Morning time means breakfast and cartoons and giving mommy a list of things I wanna do. Time for lots of cuddling! I love my mommy!

Aug 2, 2022


Chapter 27 (Bonds Between Brothers – Brian’s Return)

Chapter 27: Brian’s come home! I missed him lots and first thing in the morning is changies and breakfast. I hope Brian doesn’t have to leave for long periods anymore. I hate when he’s not around. I miss my big brother lots.

Aug 2, 2022


Chapter 28 (Bonds Between Brothers – Afternoon Shopping & Bowling)

Chapter 28: Afternoon nap complete, now I’ve got one thing on my mind: BOWLING! But…a shopping trip and questions arise.

Aug 2, 2022


Chapter 29 (Birthday Celebrations In My New World)

Chapter 29: It’s my birthday! My first birthday as a toddler in this parallel world. Brian and his family always know how to make me happy.

Aug 2, 2022


Chapter 30 (Winter Fun)

Chapter 30: My first snow as a toddler in this parallel world. I know what I wanna do. BUILD A SNOWMAN!

Aug 2, 2022


Chapter 31 (World Tours & Happy Toddlers Stage 1 – Preparations & Arriving in Tokyo)

Chapter 31: After racing in Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition: Remix, I have a desire to visit Tokyo for real. I always wanted to visit another country, and Tokyo, Japan seems like a good choice. Time for a World Trip!

Aug 2, 2022


Chapter 32 (World Tours & Happy Toddlers Stage 2 – Tokyo’s Customs & Friendship)

Chapter 32: I’ve been in Japan for less than a few hours and my first big stretch was spent napping. When I wake up and open the door to my room, a girl my age is standing there. I wonder what we have in common. I wonder what awaits me as this girl takes my hand.

Aug 2, 2022


Chapter 33 (World Tours & Happy Toddlers Stage 3 – Japanese Style Dinner & Festivals)

Chapter 33: Dinner time! Festivals! And Emotional Damage? Dinner was awesome! The festival is even better. Turns out Chiyo-chan’s life wasn’t all happy like I first thought. Still, I’m here for her and I’m glad I came to Tokyo.

Aug 2, 2022


Chapter 34 (World Tours & Happy Toddlers Stage 4 – Friendships and Exploring The City)

Chapter 34: Morning has arrived. Gonna see if Chiyo-chan is up so we can go exploring. Seems like she has the same idea. Time to go to the playground and see what we can uncover about ourselves and the wonders of the area.

Aug 2, 2022

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