The Doom Factory

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A little Avengers Fanfic. Natasha Romanoff is up to her usual spy mastery.

Chapter 1
Natasha does her thing.

Chapter Description: Have you never wished to see her in a loose floppy outfit?

 Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff, 33, was 5 foot 7 and 131 pounds of finely tuned and honed assassin. As a member of the Avengers, she currently found herself deep inside an illegal weapons factory on a mission. The factory, erected through several corporate shells and funded by laundered money appeared legal and by the book to anyone with a concern otherwise. Several agencies, some local and a few foreign had attempted to find the goods through legal and illegal means, but the organization running the show was always one step ahead.

No accounting records were present other than the legal ones that the phony front required. Computers kept all records as part of another program under a shell corporation that ran another perfectly legal operation. There was no need for employees who could blab about the goings-on in the illegal part of the factory. Everything was automated and the machinery that manufactured the deadly gas was well concealed among the innocent operations of the legitimate shell.

The only human interaction required was a supply depot at the back of the warehouse where containers of raw material were emptied of their incoming chemicals into separate hoppers at the loading docks. All waste from the manufacturing process was pumped to waiting for pump trucks and when full, the trucks were driven off for proper disposal with all prerequisite paperwork filed in advance.

There was one fatal flaw in the logistics of the illegal chemical weapons that were manufactured by this plant. The purified gas had to be stored onsite under heavy pressure in liquid form as exposure to air would cause it to decompose rapidly. The gas was designed to be deployed, do its deadly job, and disperse without leaving a trace within a few minutes. It was the perfect weapon for infiltration.

Natasha went through several subbasements to find the storage tank. It was colored an innocuous pastel green with a quartz observation port on its input side. The output side was a double-chambered affair that permitted little or no loss to the operator as they hooked up a portable tank which had been cleaned and vacuumed down to a few millibars.

Knowing that using a shaped charge might not penetrate the triple hull design of the tank, Natasha instead placed a det cord and a small portion of C5 around the inlet pipe. It would stop their manufacture for an entire month and expose the hidden storage facility. A few more well-placed explosives on the walls and ceiling of the prior subbasements would bring the authorities to the site to file a report which would be the break the agency was waiting for. They could shut down the operation with red tape for years with the right bureaucrats and thwart the weapon’s manufacture at that site.

While it wasn’t ideal, it was one of the few ways to stop this sort of illegal proliferation of under-the-table weapons manufacture. Natasha set the timers and moved to get out of the sub-basement.

As she obtained ground level and cautiously worked her way to the exit without being picked up by cameras and detection equipment, the charges went off. Exiting the facility, she was showered with a small jet no larger than a pinpoint of the gas. It had miraculously escaped through several layers of concrete and Rebar that created small fissures to the surface. Had she been just a few more seconds earlier she wouldn’t have been exposed.

The gas had no smell, it was considerably weakened and of low concentration. Natasha felt nothing and was unaware of the exposure. She patiently waited at her pick-up point and was rewarded with a S.H.I.E.L.D. retrieval drone that took her back to headquarters. She debriefed, took a shower, and went to bed.

The next day as she performed her duties she felt that the freshly dry-cleaned suit that she wore must have been pressed too hard. It was loose around her hips and waist and the built-in cup support didn’t hold her breasts as firmly as they were designed to. There was also some slack around her legs which faintly rubbed against her thighs as she walked. Her boots felt right for a change and didn’t apply excess pressure across the tops of her feet.

The feeling of her uniform being a little uncomfortable where put into the back of her mind as she concentrated on her daily tasks.

An exercise was held in the Holographic Simulator. Natasha found herself in an old set of warehouses along a disused dock at the outskirts of the harbor of a third-world city that had seen more prosperous times.

She made it through rotting floorboards, makeshift traps, and dodged bullets while making it to the goal of robbing a safe in a run-down office on the second floor at the back of the warehouse. She got an assist from Hawkeye who ran interference while she blew the safe and extracted its contents. The pair escaped the warehouse and dived into the water swimming less than a mile to a submarine. The simulation ended.

The pair stood in the empty simulation chamber and compared notes. Natasha didn’t mention that her loose-fitting outfit nearly caused her to miss a few of her marks as she landed and slipped an imperceptible amount as her clothing would catch first and then tighten causing her body to slip as she came to a halt and readied herself for the next leap.

The computer didn’t miss this however, it noted that she was missing her targets by a small fraction of her reaction times. She pushed it off as having a slight headache and that she’d perform better the next time.

Hawkeye performed on the mark and his score was its usual passing grade. He turned to Natasha and engaged in some small talk to catch up with her life and because he still had feelings for her. During the conversation, he was able to focus more fully on Natasha and he noticed something amiss about her.

“You seem a little different today. Are you wearing a different shade of makeup?” he asked noting to himself that she looked smaller in height than he was used to.

“No. I’m the same as I am every day. I haven’t changed anything about me lately,” she replied. Hawkeye noted that her voice which had a slightly lower tonality had shifted up a register. He advised that she see the doctor for an examination to see if she was all right. “A headache can be a sign of minor stress or a harbinger of a more serious problem, you should have yourself checked out.”

Natasha assured him that she was fine and the pair went their separate ways to continue their daily duties.

Tony came into Natasha’s office as she was looking at the upcoming plans for a secondary strike on the illegal weapons manufacturer on the big holographic view screen. He had come to see if she was available for his upcoming plans to surveil and infiltrate a robotics plant run by Hydra, but he stopped and fully examined her for a long pause before he expressed concern for her well-being.

“You don’t look good, kid. I could swear that you’re shorter somehow and your uniform is hanging loose in areas that it normally hugs quite well.” Ever direct and never one to mince words, Tony not only advised her to visit the doctor, but he also escorted her himself. Natasha, feeling somewhat out of sorts, didn’t argue. When Tony was serious about something, he wouldn’t be easily pushed aside. As they walked to the doctor’s office, Natasha’s uniform rubbed her the wrong way.

Her thighs brushed against its loose fabric as the front of her teats rubbed up and down the bottom half of its front on its breast reinforcement. Her tight-fitting gloves had small gaps between her finger joints that caused her to constantly pull back on them and jam her fingers in tight to do things. Her feet rattled around in her boots as she walked.

The doctor took her in immediately and had a nurse provide a hospital gown for her to wear. He then ran a medi-scan on her body while Tony watched from an observation window with a concerned look on his face. The doctor reviewed the data and did some physical checks.

“Well, Ms. Romanoff, it would appear that you’re in perfect health for a person your age,” he stated, allowing Natasha and Tony to breathe a sigh of relief together “for a 15-year-old.” he finished. Natasha was shocked and Tony exclaimed “What!”

“All your physical signs show that you’re in the last stages of puberty, your breasts are developing properly, your pubic hair is coming in well, you might still have an inch or so to grow before you reach your full height and stature as a mature young woman.”

“But, doctor. I’m already a fully developed and mature woman. At least I was yesterday!” said Natasha. “She’s right doc, we don’t know her exact age but she’s well past her teen years, that much we know.” This earned him a dirty look from Natasha if he’d noticed, but he ignored it all the same.

“Well, according to my findings, she’s a healthy young lady in the adolescent stage of life. Perfectly in tune with stage 5 of the Tanner model of puberty. Her hips, thighs, and buttocks are all filling out nicely.”

Natasha ran her hand along her hips and felt her thighs, they were smaller than she knew they should be! So distracted that she forgot Tony was in the room, she pulled up her gown and looked at her pubic hair. It had thinned out and now covered a smaller area of her private area. Looking again at her boobs, she noticed that they were less fuller than they should be and had pulled up and in on her chest a small amount.

“Isn’t there something you can do, doc? Is her reverse growth process going to continue or has it stopped?” asked Tony.

“Well, if what you say is true, and she’s aging in reverse, which is preposterous, then we’d have to observe her for a while and see if that’s the case.” said the doctor.

“Look doc, hard as it is for you to believe, didn’t you look at her prior medical records and compare them to her body as it is today?”

“I saw no need,” said the doctor “I only consult them when the problem requires more thought. Just a moment.” He called up her prior health records and studied the stats and figures on them. “Well, unless you’re pulling my leg with an immature family member of Ms. Romanoff, I’d say that she against all probability is getting younger.” conceded the doctor.

“I have no family. There are circumstances that I can’t divulge concerning that,” stated Natasha.

“Well, then to prove it, I’ll take another scan in 1 hour. Don’t go anywhere until then.” said the doctor as he left. Tony offered to stick around and wait with her but she declined his company. Tony stayed anyway.

After an hour the doctor came back and did a DNA scan on Natasha with a portable device. He fed the data gathered into a portable monitor and read the results.

“Well, this is certainly one for the books,” He said with a tinge of disbelief in his voice “According to this, Ms. Romanoff, you’re now biologically 14 years and 10 months old. Before this, you were 15 years old biologically give or take a month. I need to take some further measurements to back up the data” he said as he called for a nurse to bring a portable weight and height scale.

Natasha had lost 1 inch. At 5 feet, 6 inches and she weighed 108 pounds. “You appear to be regressing roughly 1 month per hour, we’ll have to continue monitoring and have your weight and height measured on the hour. I’ll have an assistant come and be present for the taking of the data.”

“Tony, what if the process continues until I become unborn?” she asked “Why should I wait and be a lab rat while the doctor takes measurements and observes my age reversal and does nothing but watch it happen?”

“Right ahead of you, Natasha. I had a sample of blood taken and analyzed by my supercomputer and it determined that you’re suffering from a very slow version of the effects that the weapon lab’s bio-agent causes in its victims. We need the formula or a sample to analyze and concoct a cure for you.”

“Well, I’m not getting any older. Let’s go do that right away!” said Natasha.

A sample of the product would be nearly impossible to obtain due to its volatile nature. They decided that they would find the server that the formula and its test results on lab animals were kept. Of course, such a protected server wouldn’t be connected to the internet, so they tracked its location down and devised a plan to get past the top-notch security that guarded it.

After 8 hours and 8 months of reverse aging, Natasha was biologically 14 years and a few months old. She had lost another inch, weighed 101 pounds as her hips and breasts lost a small amount of mass. Her outfit was too loose to allow her freedom of movement, so she settled on a Full Body Leotard. It fit her a bit tighter as it was meant for 34 to 36-inch breasts, but she knew that her body would adapt to it eventually. She also wore a pair of thin black leather gloves and an adjustable pair of lace-up sandals that covered her ankles.

It took an hour to get to the hidden lab facility using Iron Man’s suit. “You don’t have to do this, you know.” said Tony “I could probably just bust through the walls and jerk the server out and we could be away in less than 5 minutes.”

“They would probably have safeguards that destroy the server if such an action were to take place,” said Natasha “We will do it the stealthy way, which is why I’m here.”

Tony gave her a nod and she worked her way into the facility by knocking out a snoozing guard and taking his badge. That got her into the facility. The cameras and thermal sensors were taken out by her slowly working her way into the main security room and reprogramming them to be blind to her activities. Getting into the lab was tricky, as it had two armed guards at a desk protecting its hallway. She took them out with a needle gun and some sleeping darts. With their passkeys in her hands. She obtained access to the server room. The guard’s keys also worked on the inner chamber of the server room “thank goodness for bad security” she said under her breath and put a USB key with the master passcode into the server allowing her access. She had obtained the key with great difficulty, but she was a master spy, after all, so she had it.

The server gave up its contents readily to the USB stick and took 2 nerve-racking minutes to upload the data. Natasha was as cool as a cucumber as she pretended to be a keyboard entry specialist doing her job at the server terminal.

With the data obtained and stored away on her body for safe-keeping. She started to work her way out of the building. Trouble came her way as she ambled down a hallway in the form of a security patrol. The security patrol was just as surprised as she was, but a few well-placed kicks, more than her usual amount as her body wasn’t as strong as it used to be, allowed her to exit the hallway and the facility.

It had taken Natasha 20 minutes to infiltrate and retrieve the information. She signaled Tony and they were off, safely back to headquarters which took another hour.

Tony took the USB stick and made a beeline to his lab. Natasha had lost a year in the adventure, she now was biologically 13 years and few months old. Her height was 5 feet 2 inches and she weighed in at 91 pounds. The once tightly fitting unitard was now fitting her 34c breasts perfectly. She hoped that Tony would come through.

After 24 more hours, she was now 5 foot even and weighed in at 81 pounds. The 12-year-old Natasha had budding breasts and a 32b chest. She decided to pick up a sports bra and some elastic banded shorts as her unitard was getting too loose for her.

Tony popped out of his lab and informed her that the formula was nearly deciphered. There were some twists and turns chemically that lead to some dead ends, but he had worked through them and they would see some results soon. “At least before you’ll need training pants, I hope,” ever the joker, Tony just had to make light of her situation.

24 more hours elapsed. Natasha was 11 years old. Some of her adult teeth popped out to make room for her baby teeth that were coming in. At the cusp of puberty, she had very few hairs on her mostly bare private region. What ones were there were very fine. She was 4 foot 10 and weighed 71 pounds. The sports bra gave way to a child’s play shirt and elastic-banded shorts. Natasha was no longer worried about people seeing her naked anymore. There wasn’t much to see.

Tony, who had taken short naps while working on her cure, was looking a bit tired and disheveled. He explained that JARVIS would synthesize the antidote when he finished crunching the numbers. As they sat on a padded bench and discussed this, he fell asleep. It was all she could do with her size and strength to prevent him from hitting his head on the floor. It ended up in her lap instead. She didn’t mind, she didn’t have much else to do.

Tony was lifted off her by Bruce. His hulking form had no problem lifting Tony’s sleeping body. He threw Tony over his shoulder and asked how she was doing. She replied that she was fine and waiting for Tony to perform another miracle in chemistry so that she could grow up again and resume her duties. Bruce carefully walked away carrying Tony to his room, lightly putting his feet down as he stepped to prevent him from damaging the building.

Natasha turned 10. Her weight: 62 pounds, her height: 4 foot 8. Her clothes were holding out fine. She felt tired and took a nap. When she woke up 3 days had passed and she was now 7. She had dropped down to 44 pounds and was now 4 foot 1. The clothes that fit so well were too big and the pants had to be pulled up as they slipped off her waist as she walked. Her cute little pudgy belly garnered some light humor when she went to get food in the mess hall.

Where was Tony? She found some tighter fitting play clothes and went to the lab to see him.

Tony sat at a computer terminal entering data and analyzing the results on his big holo screen. His sleeves were rolled up to prevent them from interfering with his data entry. He noticed that Natasha had come in and got up from his chair to greet her.

His lab coat brushed the ground and he had to hold his pants up with one hand while he walked over to where she was standing. His belt had been taken to its tightest notch but that didn’t keep his pants up as his waist was too thin.

She looked at him with the eyes of one who lost all hope. He caught the look of her and said with a reassuring voice “I know it looks bad, now but yesterday I was eight instead of my current 12 years. I injected myself with the formula and tested out the antidote several times before I got it right. A few more tests and we’ll have the final dose ready to go.”

“When?” she asked “How much longer must I wait? I’m pretty close to wearing those training pants you joked about several days ago.”

“Would that be so bad? I took great risks and the return process isn’t without its bumps. I’m wearing a youth diaper right now because I got one of the molecular chains mixed up. Patience!” He said as his face took on a blank look as his bladder voided.

After 3 more days, Natasha’s patience was at its end. She was 4 years old, weighed 34 pounds, and was now 3 foot 7 inches in height. She was having problems with bladder control and started wearing Disney pull-ups because the thought of peeing on a princess tickled something more lighthearted in her emotional makeup. Pee-pee jokes and fart noises were hilarious and she worried that her mind might be regressing.

Tony said that they’d have the antidote soon, but it still caused incontinence in the subjects it was tested on. If she became too young, he’d have no choice but to use it and try and sort out the details later. Since he said this to her as an 18-year-old, it gave her some small measure of encouragement.

She wore a diaper to bed and woke up a 2-year-old with it fully soaked. She changed herself as best she could with her lack of manual dexterity and it took her a while to fasten it securely. She waddled into the lab preparing to be adult incontinent. She walked with slow, cautious movements as it was hard to maintain balance with a thick diaper wrapped around her butt.

Tony greeted her and lifted her to a table. He pulled out a filled syringe and swabbed her pudgy little thigh. “This will pinch a bit, be brave!” She braced herself and he injected the antidote.


Her return to adulthood took a few weeks. There were little snags along the way and she didn’t return to full continence. Tony insisted that it was only a matter of time and training, something she was very good at before she’d stop needing to rely on heavy soaker pads in her underwear. Tony himself wore adult diapers with childish logos on them, “If you’re gonna wear them, do it in style!”

Natasha Romanoff's body returned to just shy of her 30th birthday, she was 131 pounds and stood at 5 foot 7 inches tall. Her next mission was to inject the creators of the chemical agent with their drug so that they could go through what she went through. The version that she used, however, was a more potent one that aggressively regressed the subject to a baby within 24 hours.

“No eto zhizn'.” (But that’s life.)




End Chapter 1

The Doom Factory

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 29, 2021


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