Baby Hero: Orisha Chronicles

by: BabyBoy1672 | Story In Progress | Last updated Jan 14, 2022

Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Chapter Description: Neon, Ma’at, Pandora, & Idunn arrive on Orisha to meet the goddess Oya. What will happen during the encounter? (sorry for the long wait, been writing other fiction on Tumblr & DeviantArt, will post more later.)

Arriving through a bright, gold magical portal on the beach of Orisha, stepped out Ma’at, Idunn, and Pandora in their All Mother outfits. After much thought, Marcy decided to change her Neon outfit to something a bit more practical. Her costume resembled a slender, gold and sapphire knighthood armor, with platinum boots and gauntlets, while wearing a green cloak with ancient writings all around back that only a Sage would understand. Neon took in her surroundings and was surprised at what she saw.

All throughout the beach head, tall, beautiful Amazonian women laid on beach towels. They were relaxing until the flash of the portal, then they were taken a back, each grabbing a person who was dressed like an infant in swim clothes. The strangest thing was, there were no males among any of them. 

“Oya should be here soon. Our entrance seems to have attracted some unwanted attention though.” Ma’at said as she noticed a few Amazons running towards them, with spears and shields in their hands.

”Well I guess we aren’t getting the warm welcome from your girlfriend, Ma’at.” Mocked Pandora. Unfazed by the surroundings of warriors, Pandora simply groans.

”Relax darling, I’m sure Oya has her reasons for the security.” Idunn assures her wife, calm and direct as usual.

The Amazon warriors surround the four, murmuring amongst themselves. Circling and waiting to strike should any of them try to move.

“We don’t have time for this.” Annoyed with the waiting, Neon crosses her arms and rolls her eyes at the warriors. At the top of her lungs Neon, yells for all to hear. “Oya! Get out here already!”

“Neon!” Shouts Ma’at after stopping her ears from ringing. “Couldn’t you just be a little more patient? Don’t make me get crossed with you little girl.”

Before Neon could even tell Ma’at she was sorry, a loud bang is heard above, and the warriors instantly bow to their knees. Flying down overhead is another Amazon, but she is an Ebony dressed in the same All Mother outfit as the other three goddesses. She lands with a loud crash that makes the ground shake, making the warriors retreat as their goddess approaches. Ma’at is the only who walks towards the intimidating goddess.

“Well that was certainly a flashy entrance, my sweet. Was that all for me?” Ma’at have a coy smile to Oya.

Oya grabbed Ma’at by the hips, giving the deepest kiss she could. “Well that was mainly to entertain your family. Please introduce me, my sweet.”

Walking back, Ma’at introduces them all to Oya. “Everyone this is Oya, goddess of change and transformation. Oya, this is Pandora, goddess of chaos. Idunn, goddess of youth.” 

Each of the smiles and shake hands, until Oya interrupts Ma’at before introducing Neon.

”Let me guess, you must be Neon, the dragon princess. I heard you all across the island. I haven’t heard a dragon roar in sometime. As cute as you are, you best learn your place in my presence.”

Neon eyes glowed a sharp emerald. “You best learn how to greet guests that travel far to see you.” 

Ma’at gives Neon a warning stare to stand down and be respectful, but the deed is already done. Oya let’s go of Ma’ats hand and steps towards Neon. Pandora and Idunn both sigh and go around them, standing with Ma’at. 

“She just couldn’t help herself, could she?” Idunn says looking on the fight about to begin.

”This just how she is, babe, and always will be. Remember, this is exactly how she started with us.” They all chuckled, until a loud crash could be heard. Oya had attacked first, with a straight fist to the ground. 

Where Neon once stood, now there was nothing. Oya smiled as she felt Neon appear behind her in a swift movement. Neon slashed Oya with Soulcalibur on her torso before treating a few steps back.

”I am impressed, such speed and power. Perhaps I underestimated you.” Oya smiled, glowing a faint purple. Her wound suddenly healed and made one step, instantly appearing behind Neon for another strike with a strong kick. This time however, Neon simply blocked with her Master Emblem shield. She turned a knocked Oya back with the blunt force of her shield alone.

”You’re not so bad yourself. But I’m not gonna waste my time seeing how strong you are. I think I’ll finish you off in one go!”

Neon holds her Soulcalibur in her best attack stance, charging her green energy. The sword begins to vibrate and surround Oya and Neon in a bright golden dome. 

Suddenly bright flashes appeared around the inside of the dome. The flashes took forms of green swords, all pointing at Oya.

”Very impressive, Little Marcy, but do you really so many swords? Afraid you won’t be able to hit me?” Oya mocked.

Marcy simply smirked, making Oya raise a curious eyebrow. 

“You can’t bait with anything that I haven’t heard before. Like I said before, I’m not wasting time with you. Spirit Swords- Launch!”

The green array of swords filled the dome and scatters to Oya. The goddess leaps and dodges them carefully, avoiding each one as if they hadn’t been there. 

She noticed that though the swords were perfectly aimed, Neon hadn’t moved from her spot. Holding Soulcalibur downward, watching Oya with intense glares. Oya smirks deviously, as she makes her move. Catching two of the swords, while still dodging and deflecting the others, she made her rush move to Neon.

”Such serious attitude. Shouldn’t Little girls like you be playing with Dollie’s the nursery?” Oya mocked once more.

Oya clashed with Neon, who still wore a small smile on her face. Oya sensed that this was not your average Little that had gotten lucky with some training. There was something more to Little Marcy.

”Tell Miss Oya. How does it feel knowing that you’re about to beaten by a ‘Little’ Dragon?”



End Chapter 2

Baby Hero: Orisha Chronicles

by: BabyBoy1672 | Story In Progress | Last updated Jan 14, 2022


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