Baby Hero: Orisha Chronicles

by: BabyBoy1672 | Story In Progress | Last updated Jan 14, 2022

Marcy aka Neon the Dragon Princess returns. This time introducing a new goddess, Oya, African goddess of transformation. How will our heroine fair in meeting this new goddess?

Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Chapter Description: Neon is taken by surprise by Mommy Pandora and Mama Idunn.

I use to think that my life would stay pretty ordinary. That was before I found out that I loved being treated like a baby and put into diapers. Then I thought hiding it would somehow make it better as there myself into work. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of what my engine does for the world, but that didn’t fill the emptiness I felt inside. I just wanted to be loved for who I was and not have to be ashamed of it.

When I got my powers, it was just another exciting way to fill in the void. I lived the double life like Batman or Iron-Man, but left my rich private life and crime fighting separate. Being able to order all the ABDL items I could ever imagine was like a dream come true. Well part of a dream anyways, for I had no one to share it with.

That was until I met Mommy Pandora and Mama Idunn.

They showed up out of some endless divine being void, apparently attracted to my presence like moths to a flame. At first, I resisted because my nature is not to trust anyone. People had always let me down in the past, and strangers in my eyes were just more people in my way. But Mommy and Mama love me for who I am, take care of me, and shower me with all their attention.

Nanny Ma’at showed up a little bit matter than Pandora and Idunn. She decided to take crime fighting in her own extreme way, being a goddess of order and all. Ma’at kidnaps criminals and turns them into maids or baby girls based on her preference. It was this experience that made me into Marcy permanently. But after a talk between all four of us, we decided that Ma’at was better off opening up Little Wonders Emporium, a place where Littles are treated fairly and with open arms. She’s been a hit on several ABDL forums. I love spending time with her when Mommy and Mama go out, or even better when it’s the four of us.

Which is why I wasn’t too happy when Ma’at came to home one day, saying she’s been seeing someone. Mommy and Mama were all ears as we sat around the table, while Mommy fed me spaghetti. 

“We have been seeing each other for few months now. I only kept it secret so I could get a good read on her.” Ma’at says, enjoying her meal.

Mommy Pandora stops feeding me so Mama can take of me while she finishes eating and talking. “So what have you found out then? Tell us everything!” Mommy was really excited for whatever reason. I still was not sure about this new person just intruding in. What if they were mean and had managed to trick Nanny?

Ma’at continues on. “Well I might as well rip off the band-aid. She’s the last goddess from the God-Void. Her name is Oya, the African goddess of transformation.”

Everything was still for a few moments. Nothing could be heard except the clock in the kitchen. The only thing to break the silence was Mama Idunn, who had placed my food aside.

“Oh well then…that’s interesting…wow ummmm. Babe you wanna say anything?”

Mommy didn’t often get surprised by anything . But that bomb Nanny just dropped still had her speechless. Frankly, I don’t blame her. I wasn’t just gonna sit here in my high chair and not have voice, so I speak up.

”I don’t like it Nanny! She could be a mean goddess and she could use you and take you away from us.” I was sure that Ma’at could handle anything, if this were just any other person. The fact it was a goddess changed things.

“Well then, perhaps we should all meet and you all can see for yourselves?” Ma’at says with a smirk. Mommy finally pops back into the conversation.

”Wait, what do you mean by that? Is she on her way here?”

”Oh no, but she has her own island that she wants us all to visit. It will be like a nice family vacation.”

Mommy and Mama looked at each other and seamed when they heard the word ‘vacation’. They wanted to get away from the city and wine down a little bit. To be honest, a little time away would do us a ton of good.

”Okay then sure! Where is this island and what’s it like?” Mama says as she finishes feeding me and wipes my face off.

”It’s right off the coast of Africa, so it’s on the warmer side. It is called Orisha, an old warrior name she use to be know as. And the best part is, she knows all about ABDL’s. Even you, Little Marcy.”

I could feel myself blushing hard when Nanny calls me that. Mommy and Mama then get up to clean and Nanny takes me out of my high chair, carrying me to the coach. She then snaps her fingers and shrinks down to actual six month baby size!

”So do you care to explain yourself for that little outburst, Little Girl.”

I was wondering why no one did anything when I yelled. Usually Mama would send me to timeout or Mommy would spank me. But now I see Nanny was just biding her time for this. I knew better than to talk back at this point, so I stayed silent and whimpered.

”Oh so now you wanna be a good girl after all that? You act like that on this trip and you’ll be in big trouble, understand me?”

I nodded my head in agreement as Nanny undid her blouse. I always tried to put up some kind of fight whenever I was about to nurse. Especially when I’m this small because it makes it harder for me to act like a big girl later. But as Nanny pulls me in closer, I feel my mouth watering. As soon as I see the first drop of milk, my bodies instincts takes over my mind as I suckle away, looking up at Nanny smiling at me.



End Chapter 1

Baby Hero: Orisha Chronicles

by: BabyBoy1672 | Story In Progress | Last updated Jan 14, 2022


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