Smart girls, Stupid Teacher

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Chapter 10
DAY 3 (Part 3)

Chapter Description: Toddler Tom is back for more fun with his new 'mommies'. This time, will he have a good time...?

I was looking at my reflection into the mirror, still nervous after my little big accident on the rug. But Juliette and Sandra picked me up quickly and took me to the changing table.

There, Sandra took out something of her waist bag. It was a weird kind of diaper underwear, blueish in color. Sandra raised me and as Juliette pulled it up to comfortably fit my waist, I let a sigh of relief as I saw myself ready. At least it hadn’t been a diaper change like the previous times, no baby cream or powder were applied to my bottom.

But as my students walked me by my hands, one in each side, through the living room, I couldn’t help getting a hard on in my tiny penis. It was such a weird sensation walking with my pee pee under those, because of the cotton-like layer in the inside, which rubbed my tip at every step, making me feel soft and warm. But also, the awkward cranky sound it made as I moved my legs... It didn’t feel exactly like a diaper but not like underwear either, it was probably the most awkward and uncanny mix of sensations I ever had, no doubt. I didn’t know if I had to feel safer or more afraid to control my pee in one of those.

It was only noon and there was a whole journey waiting, but fortunately, I was able to relax for a couple hours. While my ‘mommy’ Juliette was busy with some of her student processes, I chilled out with Sandra. I knew she was weird and hippyish, but I hadn’t experienced yet how fun she could be. She was part of both the drama and dance clubs while she was my student and it was common seeing her around the school wearing the weirdest outfits and performing weird dance moves and poses.

But this time, she sat me on the couch and brought me a sippy cup filled with juice, which I was pleased to drink. Then, I saw her put on some vinyls on and began to strike some poses along with the music, for my sole entertainment. It was a very amusing spectacle seeing her perform all kinds of modern and contemporary dance steps, according to the songs.

All this time, she danced for me. She didn’t stop looking me in the eyes with every dance, as I followed her like an idiot. Sandra’s range went from punk rock, where she discharged all her energy, to Electronic, when she made robot and EDM steps which I saw hypnotized; then some funky and a-go-go music where she showed off all her sensuality. I was completely amazed of how good she was and the beauty in motion of her body. And she knew it.

She couldn’t stop chuckling as she saw me, and between song and song, she fitted me with accessories trying to get me more involved. First, she raised my arms and put me a tiny black t-shirt from some punk band, and later she took out some big sunglasses from her waist bag and put them me on. As she saw me like a complete baby rocker, she stroke the ‘horns’ hand sign and holding my hand, and she tried to make me do the same, which I miserably failed to. She laughed nonetheless.

And during the last round, after my sippy cup had emptied, she took me by the hands and pulled me to the floor, where she danced with me. I was much immersed in the sound and the beauty of her dance, so I clumsily tried to move my bare feet along her, which I did clumsily terrible but she laughed at the cuteness of my attempt, as she took me by my arms and moved me in different ways. We had a real good time.

It was around 2 p.m. when Juliette arrived to the doorstep to find us dancing together. Sandra had turned a sort of ‘disco ball’ effect on the big Bluetooth speakers of the living room, and the music was quite loud, so this was a spectacle to behold indeed. With a big grin, Juliette leaned back in the wall and, holding her own arms, looked at us for two or three minutes, laughing every now and them at my clumsy attempts at dancing.

Finally, Sandra turned off the lights and the music, and took me to the couch. She took out her cellphone and prepared a selfie for me and her. I looked up sporting my big sunglasses, my rock T-shirt, diaper and a wide smile, and she made a “V” sign and a funny face. The picture was taken and she tagged it as “#babysrock”.

“Oh, here’s my dancing boy!”, Juliette saluted, cheerfully, affectionately messing with me hair as she crouched to see me.

Her hair was now completely loose and crowned with carey sunglasses as a diadem; she wore a salmon blouse, white denim capri pants which were very tight, high heels, and also golden necklaces, rings and bracelets. Add to that a purse hanging from her arm and she looked like a complete adult. And very contrasting with Sandra.

“You finished?”, Sandra asked to her.

“Yes. Everything’s packed”, Juliette answered, aiming at a pair of bags far beyond, in the living room.

“OK”, Sandra answered. “I’ll change this boy’s diaper and we go”, she added.

I was really confused after she said that. I looked at the couch and there was my empty cup just thrown there. Then, I looked down to my training diapers and aghast, I found them very much soaked and hanging. I couldn’t believe it. I had had too much juice but I never imagined that would ever happen. I had peed myself without any notice and had been dancing with Sandra completely unaware of that.

But, she didn’t seem to care at all. She played along me all the time, even when I was wearing a diaper completely peed, and never rejected me. I didn’t know what to think… well, maybe it was just part of being a baby, and completely natural.

I took Sandra’s hand and gladly followed her to the bathroom. She took my sunglasses away, then raised my arms and pulled my t-shirt up. And finally, she pulled down the soaked up diaper. There, I noticed, very embarrassing, it was not only pee what was in there: the rear part had a round and flat chocolate stain. I had emptied my bowels without noticing at all. Maybe I was too enticed with the music and dancing, but I was still embarrassed.

Sandra didn’t mind and threw my diaper to the garbage can, then she pulled some baby wipes and moving my hands apart, she scrubbed my buttcrack once and again several times, taking a look at the tissue every now and them, to make sure I got completely clean. After that she also rubbed my crotch area, including my scrotum, until I was refreshed and free from any dried urine. And finally, with soft Kleenex, she began to dry both my front and behind.

I stood there, feeling very nervous. So, this was my new reality… having my butt and penis cleaned in the bathroom by my former students, because I was no longer able to do it for myself. I need teenage girls to do it for me, because I was definitely not an adult men at all. For the moment, I felt sad and concerned, but I didn’t know what to do. At least, Sandra was being very serious and professional about it, she only cared about my welfare and during the cleaning process she inspected everything very careful. So, I knew I was in good hands.

Suddenly, Juliette came into the bathroom, as Sandra and I turned our heads to see her; she was still finishing drying my groins.

“Almost done? Good”, Juliette said, and crouched on front of me without hesitation, picking me up from the floor. Without a word, she raised me and sat me in the bathroom’s changing table, and Sandra followed her.

I was a little confused as Juliette pushed my chest to lay me down on the table and took a canister of baby powder. I looked to the ceiling, fearing the worst, when she grabbed my ankles in one hand and put me in diaper position. I thought I was going to get the training diapers again! I was disappointed at myself to see I had screwed up again.

Sandra arrived and stood next to, while Juliette was completely focused on powdering my tushy, I could see that Sandra was looking at me in the eyes, and maybe it was from the angle but I could tell she giggled a couple times while looking at my little butt being powdered.

“You couldn’t make it”, I think I read in Sandra’s stare. But it looked more like also one of empathy and shared guilt. “I’m sorry. We fell together”.

What broke my heart was that Juliette didn’t seem to care, she looked completely unworried as she slipped a diaper under my butt. Again I remembered, she told me I wouldn’t be able to last for long as a toddler before regressing into the most helpless form of an infant. No doubt, Juliette knew me perfectly.

Out of shame and embarrassment, I could feel my already tiny body shrink a couple inches even more, and grow younger once again. I turned to see myself in the mirror and I looked like a real expressionless baby, definitely not a toddler. As Juliette ended to tape my diaper, I knew for certain I was a 1 year old, couple months less couple less more.



End Chapter 10

Smart girls, Stupid Teacher

by: Sidora | Story In Progress | Last updated Jan 8, 2022


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Кристи · Dec 27, 2021

maybe they will change his gender

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