The Multiverse on 5 Euros a day.

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Doc and Maurice explore a diapered multiverse.

Chapter 1
The Diapered Dimension

Chapter Description: Doc and Maurice take a time machine built into a Cinquecento to a diaper dimension.

“So Doc, you built a time machine out of a Fiat Cinquecento?”

“Nope, I built a multidimensional universe transport. It doesn’t go through time and space but rather through dimensional barriers. From this reality, we can see anything the multiverse has to offer. Think of the possibilities, Maurice! You can see history play out in an infinite myriad of ways or anything else. Besides, the Cinquecento was fuel-efficient and great for trips to the supermarket.”

“Holy quantum, Doc! Are you saying that we could go to a universe where our wildest fantasies are possible?”

“That’s right, Maurice. Anything you could possibly think of and more are what this D-Hopper, as I call it, is available” said Doc as he began to touch multicolored squares on a capacitive LCD.

“For instance, you could go to a dimension that wears diapers for their whole life and has none of the trauma or stigma that this dimension attaches to anyone in an attempt to shame or belittle them!”

A secondary LCD lit up and a typical scene of people walking around in a city appeared. The people looked normal in every aspect with the exception that they didn’t wear pants, just diapers. Some had a slight waddle as theirs were a bit thicker, but otherwise, there were no other anomalies to be seen.

“Wow Doc, that woman is wearing a skirt so short that it totally shows off the bulk of her padded rear!” A woman waddled under the bulk of an extremely thick diaper-wearing luminous makeup in the bright daylight. She had on thick platform soled clogs and a contented smile on her face despite the fact that the bulk she wore was pushing her legs precariously apart.

“Good eye, Maurice. That’s what they call a ‘day walker’ there, her services can include anything up to coital penetration if the buyer has the cash.” Said Doc knowingly from first-hand personal experience.

“So Doc, did you go there and experience this phenomenon on an intimate basis?” Said Maurice with a playfully smug look. “Why would you do such a thing when there are so many other possibilities available at your fingertips”

“I didn’t go there for the diapers, Maurice. I went there for the fusion tech” Doc sniffed with a mock-offended look. “Check out what’s in this Cinquecento’s engine compartment!” Doc then opened the rear engine hatch to display a large forklift motor with an electric distribution box and a curious-looking device that had the label “Rovco’s Fusion Master 2100™” on it.

“I went there to explore and ended up finding this little beauty for cheap at an appliance store. The natives use its principle to process all their soiled diapers and trash on an industrial scale to matter transform basic elements into cheap goods for their personal consumption” Doc lectured.

“That’s wild, Doc! They have all that tech and practically no waste, that must be a heavenly place!” Maurice exclaimed as he unconsciously began rubbing his private area. His paraphilic infantile fetish starting to raise his excitement at prospects and possibilities.

Doc of course knew about Maurice’s predilection and sympathized with it as he had just spent the last 4 months wearing diapers in that dimension. It wasn’t a bad way to eliminate waste and during that time it had left him without at least one less thing to worry about. “Would you like to go there and experience it yourself, Maurice? It might be therapeutic in a way.”

Maurice didn’t have to be asked twice. Doc gave him a diaper to put on and pulled off his pants revealing that he was already wearing one. After Maurice put his own on and marveled at its fit and comfort, they entered the Cinquecento and Doc started the Dimension Hopper with a touch to the LCD control panel on the dashboard. The transition from their prime coordinates to the diapered society dimension was nearly instantaneous.

Upon arrival, the duo found a barren cityscape with only young children and a few babies toddling around. The children were doing their best to take care of the babies but their best efforts were lacking in certain areas. The babies were a bit dirty and some of them were crying for a diaper change in a most pitiful fashion.

“What happened here?” Asked Doc after several attempts to get the attention of the young children and finally succeeding. The young child he had flagged down was wearing an oversized policeman’s uniform top and wearing a too-large cap on his head with a Metro-Police logo on the front.

“How can’t you know what happened, mister?” asked the pint-sized cop with his arms akimbo on his hips with his fists inside his oversized jacket sleeves which hung down from where his hands were in a floppy manner. “Isn’t it obby, um obbi-ous that some scientist guy put the new youth stuff that he made into the water supply and didn’t get no permission or nothin’ to do it, so us guys here ended up turning into kids and stuff?”

“How terrible!” Said the Doc as Maurice did his best not to massage his diaper into his penis. His best efforts were resulting in him doing his best not to show the undulations his hips were making against his garment and he was failing miserably. “Hey, Doc! I think this kid is getting younger!” Maurice said in a tension-filled voice and he gave in to temptation and rubbed his hand on the front of his diaper while staring intently at the young policeman (police boy?).

The policeman just sighed as if he’d been in this position before and unbuttoned his jacket to reveal a diaper that would have been better suited for an adult-sized body. The cuffs were too large for his legs and the tapes had been pulled over each other in a crisscross pattern to hold it in place over his midriff. The top of the diaper started just a few inches below his nipples and stretched down to nearly mid-knee. “I know, right? Could you change me, please? Maybe I could remember more stuff that could help you while it’s being done.” said the youthening boy as his makeshift diaper began to slip a little bit.

Doc stepped over to a featureless box next to the store entrance that they were standing by and punched a button for “Child, Heavy Wetter 3 to 5 years”. He then put an identity chit in the identification slot and the machine spit out a freshly synthesized youth diaper. After the policeman was laid on a nearby changing station and put into his new and better-fitting undergarment, he sat up, pulled his thumb out of his mouth, and did his level-headed best to explain the aftermath of the crisis that currently going on. Maurice stood transfixed, his gaze had a laser-like lock on him as the policeman continued to get smaller and his speech more toddler-like.

“Don’ worr ‘bout me an’ don’ drink da wattah!” The cherubic and now nearly two-year-old chirped in a squeaky voice, then lay back down, fell asleep with his thumb back in his mouth, looking like the perfect picture of a “Mama’s little angel”. “We can’t just leave him, Doc! That’d be just too inhumane!” Exclaimed Maurice.

“Don’t worry about it Maurice, his regression is increasing rapidly.” Soothed the Doc as the baby cop reached infant status and just disappeared out of existence leaving his damp diaper behind.

“Oh Doc, I just gotta find a place where I can be alone for a little bit.” Said Maurice as a flood of desire, horror and adrenaline flooded his body causing a confusing mixture of fear and erotic excitement. He desperately had to rub one off at the very least!

“You just go ahead, Maurice. I’ll join you” said the Doc as he sat down on the sidewalk which was strewn with diapers of all sizes, some wet, most were moist and a few were soaked. The two watched each other as they massaged their diapers. Maurice came first but was still edgy, considered doing it again when Doc came and lay back on the sidewalk like a beached whale.

After a considerable span of hours passed (with Maurice masturbating several more times), the two donned freshly synthesized diapers from the featureless machine. Doc offered to change Maurice and needing comfort, Maurice accepted the offer. The changing session ended with Doc tickling Maurice to laughter. Maurice’s emotions then went the other way as turbulent as a rough sea that was his emotions finally balanced out several hours later.

The pair found an auto-diner, supped upon burgers and cheese fries thus sating their hunger with the short-term goal of coming to grips with their situation. “Well Doc, this is totally quantum. It looks like this city was wiped out. Are there any other places we can go and see how bad the disaster is?” Asked Maurice as he sipped on a dispenser synthesized cola.

“I dunno, Maurice. The policeman mentioned that the water supply was spiked. Maybe in another town or hamlet, the supply is still clean. We’ll have to check it out...” Doc reached for his soda and then a stray thought flashed through his head. After a very quick bit of thinking, he came to the conclusion that the reason for the disaster being total and how it hadn’t just affected the local population but most probably the entire world in this corner of the multiverse.

“Great Snot! Maurice, don’t drink that!” He quickly batted away the cola from Maurice’s hand.

“Geez, Doc, why’d you do that for? I only had a few sips and a little cola isn’t bad for you, right?”

“No Maurice! The water supply for this entire world is synthesized! The only pipes here are for sewers and drainage! That means that the scientist injected his drug via a change to the master synthesizer program that governs this entire world’s supply needs! That means that you’ve just ingested some of it!”

As the realization hit Maurice, his face paled and his pulse shot up. “What? Doc, are you saying that I’m about to disappear from existence? How could this happen?” But Maurice already knew that the drug he’d just drank was the cause and began to panic. “Do I look younger already? Oh geez! Oh geez!”

“Calm down Maurice, the quantity you ingested might not be enough to trigger the age reversal in your body or it could come on very slowly, we don’t know yet. I believe it’s time I pulled out some equipment from the Cinquecento and had a look at just what that scientist did to the synthesizer program.” Said the Doc getting up and heading towards the car.

“Please hurry Doc! I don’t want to disappear! I’m too young to be unborn again!” Babbled Maurice.

By the time the Doc had torn into the food synthesizer, hacked into the main synthesizer network, and worked his way past a myriad of firewalls and honey-pots, finally managing to hack the main synthesizer mainframe, Maurice’s appearance had only changed slightly. He now had zits. “I just got over having acne just a few months ago, Doc! The drug must be working, can it be stopped? Please make it stop!”

“Relax Maurice, I’ve analyzed the composition of the chemical involved and while I’m working on a counter-agent it would appear that while you’re in no danger of disappearing, I believe that you’ll stabilize at around age 10 or 12. Nothing to worry about, surely!” Said the Doc as he sipped his newly formulated, freshly synthesized cup of water without the chemicals that would cause age regression in it.

“10 or 12?” Yelled Maurice as his acne began to clear up, his face becoming smoother and his voice cracking. He pulled his loosening diaper top out and looked at his rapidly balding pelvic region in shock and horror. “Mr. Winky is becoming smaller! NOOO!” His diaper, fitted perfectly for a 16-year-old teenager was starting to hang loose on his now younger frame. The diaper began to threaten 11-year-old Maurice with the indignity of falling down to his knees. Maurice quickly held the sides up with a sudden and panicked determination.

Doc, momentarily caught up with watching the youthening Maurice and rubbing his crotch with an absent-minded caress, came out of his reverie with an attempt at consoling the now age-stabilized Maurice. “Don’t sweat the small stuff. You’re out of danger for the moment and I’m working on an antidote. The formula is a tricky one but in the worst case, you’ll only have to grow up again. That’s not so bad now, is it? Now let’s get you into some appropriately sized underwear.”

Before Maurice had the chance to object, Doc had put him on a changing table and proceeded to apply a small amount of ointment to his anus and perineum just halfway up to the bottom of his hairless ball sack. He shook a little sweet-smelling baby powder on Maurice’s privates and taped up the rather thick diaper to his waist with the two plastic tabs that were provided on its sides. Maurice now realized that his diminished frame no longer warranted four tapes to hold it in place and sulked a bit.

Doc lifted up Maurice under the armpits, gave him a one-armed hug with the other under his bottom and over the backs of his knees until Maurice finally gave in and returned it. On the way back to the computer terminal, he stopped by the synthesizer and ordered up a nice, soft teddy bear, handed it to Maurice, and since Maurice didn’t object to it, assumed that he was okay with his return to boyhood.

Later on, while tapping on his terminal and trying his level best to understand the nuances of the age-regression drug, Doc looked over to a children’s bed where Maurice, clad in a two-piece set of light-blue kiddy pajamas replete with elastic cuffs on his wrists and ankles slept soundly. A large bulge showed from his waist to his crotch due to the thickness of the undergarment he wore underneath. The teddy bear was snugly held in his arms with his left-hand thumb in his mouth. Doc stood up, cracked his back, and had the synthesizer summon up a new diaper and master bed for himself, then showered with his newly corrected and synthesized water formula and went to sleep.

Doc awoke with a warm feeling next to him. Maurice was still the same age as yesterday, (thank the stars!), but he had crawled into bed with the doc in the middle of the night. He enjoyed the feeling of having his young protégé snuggled up against him and felt quite fatherly about it. Slow, happy thoughts began to percolate through his head as he began to picture taking care and protecting this young man as a proper father would. He fell back to sleep again with warm fuzzy feelings slowly engulfing his consciousness.




End Chapter 1

The Multiverse on 5 Euros a day.

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated May 24, 2021


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