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Chapter 2
Great Snot! A double dose of Doctors.

Chapter Description: Doc and Maurice visit with a doppelganger to see a new invention.

 “Well Doc, where in the multiverse are we going today?” asked Maurice.

“I need to visit with one of my doppelgangers. He’s got an interesting project that’s coming to completion,” replied Doc Braun.

The two stepped into Doc’s universe hopping Cinquecento and Doc dialed in the coordinates for an alternate reality, fired up the car’s engine, and initiated the jump sequence. The car beamed out of existence from its current dimension.

A wink of light appeared and the Cinquecento reappeared on what looked like an identical place from which it departed. Only the wink of light told the occupants that they had moved across realities. Doc and Maurice exited the vehicle and looked around.

“He should have been here to welcome us,” said the Doc.

“Did you use the correct coordinates, Doc?”

“Yes, they’re the right ones, Maurice. I double-checked them.”

“Should we go look in your double’s lab? He might be involved in something taking up his attention. I’ve seen you do it once or twice, yourself.”

“A good idea,” said the Doc, and the two went to the lab where they found a baby version of the Doc in a puddle of clothing. Maurice carefully picked up the bundle that had soiled the pile of clothing and washed him off in the sink. Placing the baby on a lab table with a towel on it, Maurice made an improvised diaper out of a wash towel and some safety pins that he found in a drawer. Doc, meanwhile, cleaned up the mess on the floor where the baby had been.

Doc looked at the baby that Maurice held and remarked “He’s my double all right. What could have happened here?”

Maurice looked around and found a homemade device that had a load of Dymo labels on it. Across the top of a hand-painted placard attached to the top, a label declared the box was a “Youthalizer Mark V”.

Maurice pointed at the box with his free hand and remarked “I might be wrong, but do you think this box has anything to do with it?”

“Great Snot, Maurice! A Youthalizer device? What was my double thinking?” he looked over the labeled controls “Current age: 60 Target age: 40 Algorithm: 5”

“He must have miscalculated the amount of effect with the current settings. We’ll have to test it out on him and see if we can bring him to an age that can tell us what happened” said Doc as he readjusted the controls. Maurice put the baby on an indented pad next to the box and Doc pushed its switch. A beam of light struck all three people in the room causing Doc and Maurice to fall unconscious.

Maurice awoke to see a younger Doc checking his pulse. This version wore a fresh adult diaper and nothing else. “All vitals are normal, you check out fine, Maurice.”

“Thanks, Doc, what happened to us back there? Hey, why does my voice sound deeper somehow?” he looked at his hands and realized that they were larger than normal. He got up and winced as his tight clothing pinched him. Undoing his belt and unbuttoning his pants, a belly full of fat flopped out and he sighed in relief. Looking into a mirror nearby, Maurice found out that he’d lost a lot of hair on top, grew a medium-sized dark beard, streaked with gray, and was an inch taller and 30 pounds heavier.

“I’m an old man! What happened, Doc?” Maurice looked to Doc and saw another one, his Doctor Braun, lying on the floor and looking about 12 years old. His Doc was still wearing his clothes but now they were too large for him. The pants had slipped down and revealed skinny childlike legs covered with a too-large pair of boxer shorts. His hands were covered by the sleeves of his shirt and lab coat.

The young Doc stirred and awoke. He tried to get up but his clothing tripped him up a few times. Realizing that he had shrunk in height, he pulled off his clothing and went bare-naked to a machine in the corner of the lab, pressed a few buttons, and received a junior-sized version of his lab outfit with a youth diaper substituting for the boxer shorts. He dressed quickly and came over to Maurice and his double.

“Great Snot, Maurice!” squeaked the Doc in a higher register of voice, he cleared his throat attempting to clear the squeak out of it and continued “It would appear that we’ve swapped ages. How do you feel?”

“I feel awful, Doc. I’m tired and it’s hard to move in these tight clothes. I think I have to pee, but I don’t feel like I have to pee right now. Is this what being old feels like?”

“Yes, pretty much. Let’s get you something to wear” said the doc as he took Maurice over to the machine and dialed in Maurice’s outfit which consisted of baggy jeans, a t-shirt, cotton socks, and sneakers. He hovered over the underwear selection and looked at Maurice inquisitively. Maurice nodded his head and Doc entered in a Tykables Unicorn diaper. The machine then spit out an adult-sized outfit for Maurice.

After Maurice was dressed they joined the second Doc at a table. He still wore a diaper only and seemed comfortable. His age appeared to be in his early twenties. He offered coffee and the three sipped on it while they sat in silence adjusting to the changes that had just occurred to them.

Young Doc reached for the creamer and put a large dollop in his coffee along with 6 sugar cubes. He stirred the concoction and sipped it with a satisfied smile. Maurice took a sip of his coffee and found that he liked it black. While Doc Two added 1 cream and 1 sugar to his.

After a long discussion, the three agreed on a course of action that would require young Doc to come up with some tensor calculations that Doc Two left out of his homemade box and Doc Two would be modifying the beam pattern on his emitter as it was too wide. Maurice feeling tired and unable to contribute, excused himself and went to bed.


Maurice awoke the next morning and checked on the two Docs. Two was tinkering with the overhead emitter horns and adjusting them with a ruler and pliers while young Doc was absorbed in a video game. “How’re the equations coming Doc?” he asked.

“Just fine. I’m taking a break to relax a bit before I finish them” muttered Doc. Maurice noticed that his diaper was dangerously full and in need of attention. He reached over and hit the pause button on Doc’s controller.

“Hey! I’m playing that!” said an angry young Doc. Maurice grabbed his hand and gently pulled him away from the game and put him on a changing mat. Doc was a bit impatient to get back to his game but submitted to having his diaper changed. Maurice noticed that he had the start of a diaper rash on the inside of his thighs and applied a little ointment. “That feels good,” said Doc as his thumb worked its way to his mouth. He started sucking on it as Maurice applied more ointment to his behind and worked it in. “Gotta stop the rash before it gets bad, Doc.”

Maurice rolled the Doc back to a laying position and went to the synthesizer to get a fresh diaper. While he was away, Doc’s hand stroked his greasy member lightly with a probing finger. Maurice turned around and noticed that Doc’s member had responded instantly as it often did at that age. “Doc, go into the bathroom and work that off. Your equations will need attention before you get back to your game, hop to it!”

Doc grumbled a bit, but his needs outweighed any argument. He went to the bathroom and took care of them. Following up with a shower, he was quite fastidious for a 12-year-old and laid back down for Maurice’s ministrations. Maurice reapplied the ointment, a little powder, and diapered Doc. He gave him a little hug and sent him off to the computer to finish his equations with a little pat on his behind.

Meanwhile, Doc Two had finished his emitter beam pattern modifications and came up to Maurice to inform him that his part of the plan was ready to go. “Okay, that’s all adjusted and the beam is much tighter now. All we need are younger Doc’s equations and – Ugh!”

Doc Two doubled over in pain as his stomach contracted. Maurice helped him to a chair and sat him down while the contractions continued. Doc Two began to shrink visibly, getting younger by the second. “I don’t know what’s going on! My equations were stable, but the second exposure must have set up some sort of instabil- Ugh!” he held his contracting stomach “ity! I hope it stops soon!”

Maurice held Doc Two and comforted him as best he could. Younger Doc came over to check him out and agreed that a double dose of Doc Two’s device’s rays must have caused the instability. Doc Two stopped regressing at age 3 and Maurice put a toddler diaper and outfit on him. Doc Two’s attention span wavered and he started to get into trouble with the various shiny things in the lab. Maurice synthesized a playpen with toys and put Doc Two into it. Doc Two settled down happily and played in the playpen.

“I’m nearly done with the equations,” said young Doc. “I just need to play a few more rounds of video games and I’ll be ready to finish.”

“Finish them and program the device and then you’ll be able to play your games all night” bargained Maurice. After a few more rounds of bargaining, younger Doc went back to his calculations. Maurice took the baby with him to bed and fell asleep. He awoke at 4 AM to the baby’s fussing, took care of him, and fell back to sleep.

Maurice woke up, took the baby to the bathroom, and showered with him. Dressed him up and went back to the lab, deposited the happy child into a highchair, and fed him some mashed veggies for breakfast. He looked into younger Doc and found him playing video games and barely able to keep his eyes open.

Confirming that the equations were correct and entered into the Youthalizer correctly, Maurice had younger Doc assume the position on its pad. Just as he was about to activate the device, younger Doc stopped Maurice and said that he missed an entry and they resumed the activation. Younger Doc was bathed in its radiation and was aged up to his original age of 60.

Doc went over to the synthesizer, dialed in some age-appropriate clothing complete with diapers, and dressed up. He motioned Maurice to the pad and made some adjustments to the device and bathed Maurice in its radiation. Maurice didn’t get any younger and asked why. “I programmed it to be a slow process, Maurice. Your body will thank you, believe me.”

They put the baby on the pad and activated the device one more time. It stopped aging Doc Two at age 11 and shorted out. “Well, this is just fine!” squeaked out Doc Two “I guess we’ll have to rebuild the device from scratch.”

Maurice was feeling the effects of slow rejuvenation at this point and rubbed his privates through his diaper as he watched himself in a mirror. He felt an electric thrill go through his body every few seconds as he slowly massaged his tumescent member and progressively got younger. His oversize diaper hung off his frame as he continued to rub himself with it. His pants were puddled at his ankles while his t-shirt hung off his back and covered his butt and was swallowed into the open end of his diaper.

Maurice was 9 years old and getting even younger when he realized that he should have stopped at 12 or so. “Doc, what age did you set the machine for?” he asked.

Doc looked at the machine’s settings and shrugged his shoulders. “My bad! Looks like you’ll be 13 months old instead of years. Don’t worry, we’ll fix it.”

Maurice now 5, looked at Doc and said “It’s because I wouldn’t let you play video games, wasn’t it?”

“Well, now that you mention it…” Said the Doc with an impish grin.

Doc Two picked up Maurice and brought him to the synthesizer. Punched in a series of codes and it spit out a onesie and overnight diaper. He dressed up Maurice and put him in the playpen. Maurice just crossed his arms and gave the two doctors a sour look as he sat on the playpen's mat.

The two doctors worked out the flaws and bugs of the system, rebuilt the Youthalizer as a new Mark VI unit, and returned everyone to normal.

Doc and Maurice bid their farewells to Doc Two and set the coordinates in the Cinquecento for a vacation in the diaper galaxy. Just as they reappeared in their new destination, Maurice asked “What was it that Doc Two had to show you, anyway?”

“Great Snot! In all the excitement, I forgot to ask. Maybe next time, Maurice.”

“That’s heavy, Doc! Really heavy.”




End Chapter 2

The Multiverse on 5 Euros a day.

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated May 24, 2021


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