Someone Else’s Dream

by: Tasso | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 25, 2024

Sophie wishes for a friend’s dream to come true, unleashing a nightmare for everyone else… [Expect: mental regression, friends-to-diaper lovers, and forces beyond our mortal realm!]


What She Doesn’t Know

Sophie and Fleur are just ordinary housemates in the waking world. Dreams are a different matter… but not for long…

Apr 24, 2024


Fleur awakes to a brand new Sophie - perhaps even a too perfect Sophie?

Apr 24, 2024


Mother & Baby

Fleur’s stomach flutters suggest that today is too good to be true. Little does she know that this is just the beginning of a whole new reality.

Apr 24, 2024


A Very Strange Woman

Mia returns from holiday to find her best friends playing mother and baby in the kitchen. It’s best to just sleep it off and hope it’s a nightmare - or is it?

Apr 25, 2024

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