Someone Else’s Dream

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Chapter 3
Mother & Baby

Chapter Description: Fleur’s stomach flutters suggest that today is too good to be true. Little does she know that this is just the beginning of a whole new reality.

Together, Sophie and Fleur walked the winding paths of the park and passed a gaggle of children running around the playground. Fleur envied them. Their lack of cares, their undiminished wonder at the world, their uncomplicated happiness: all of it seemed so delightful. With her ice cream in hand, she gestured to the swing-set tucked away at the very edge of the playground. 

“Can we sit up there?” Fleur asked, beaming at Sophie and batting her lashes in exaggerated fashion. She acquiesced and nodded, watching Fleur bolt up to the swings and plop herself down. They sat together for a while, talking about Tom before Fleur jokingly started gagging at his name and then moving onto everything else in their lives. Family, university, their pasts, their futures: the whole world was put to rights. Fleur and Sophie were close and always had been, but this day was quite unlike all the others that they’d shared. There was a warmth, a new feeling of being metaphorically held by Sophie as Fleur talked on and on about herself without pause. All the while, Sophie beamed back at her and nodded attentively. She wasn’t just being listened to - she was being heard.

Butterflies fluttered past them, children roared and laughed around them, and everything seemed so bright and clear. Fleur was, for the first time, a bit smitten with Sophie. It felt wrong and yet right; it felt hot but made her run cold. Cold - and wet?

“Oh here, let me get that for you,” Sophie cooed as she pulled a napkin out of her coat pocket and grabbed Fleur’s fingers. She pulled them close and wiped as if she was mothering a toddler. “Happens to the best of us, eh?”

Fleur laughed but it was merely a cover for the breathless moan she tried to stifle. This was exactly how she wanted to be treated and she felt so strongly towards Sophie in that moment that she might have kissed her. But she knew she was upset and couldn’t forget last night’s proceedings. All of Sophie’s kindness and care must have been a reaction to Fleur’s breakup, she was sure, which was barely a day old at this point. She doubted herself and her mind settled comfortably in her doubt. She would accept the wiping of her fingers and the purchase of ice cream and the blueberry pancakes, but to read anything more into it was likely just a projection. Besides, how could Sophie have known that all she longed for was to be treated like a little? Dwelling on the idea that Sophie had found things in her room and was somehow carefully mocking her didn’t inspire calm. To distract herself, she focused on eating the flaky chocolate in her ice cream and rocking her swing back and forth. 

The children soon cleared off with their parents, toddling hand-in-hand. They were soon replaced by a group of teenagers, a handful of boys and girls no older than 16, who eyed Sophie and Fleur with suspicion. From the climbing frame to the slides, they moved ever closer to the edge of the park where the two students sat. The smell of fruit-flavoured vapes and the sharing of cans of energy drink made it a typical scene of English pre-adulthood. Fleur had done all of that (well, not quite all of that) the first time: her preference was for something a bit brighter and cheerier, with the vapes swapped for dummies and the cans of sugar-filled caffeine bombs replaced with bottles of rich chocolate milk. 

Tensions were at boiling point when one of the boys spat in the pair’s direction and barked “oi, lesbos!” to entertain his gaggle friends. They laughed and laughed until Sophie jumped off the swing, grabbing Fleur’s hand, and shouted back: “Yeah, and what?! Fuck off you little wankstain!” 

Fleur was utterly stunned. Where had this come from? Sophie had gone into full protective mode like never before - and the way she gripped Fleur’s hand made the secret little’s stomach butterflies stir once more. The pair walked off, not turning back even as the boy’s friends were all laughing - either at him or with him - and waiting until they were out of the bounds of the park to stop and catch a breath.

“I don’t know what came over me… I just… I-…” 

“I thought you were amazing, Soph!” Fleur exclaimed in a burst of energy, wrapping her arms around Sophie’s shoulders. “Those kids were… were… little pricks!” 

Fleur blushed at the final word, hoping she wouldn’t be scolded by Sophie for using it. She wasn’t quite sure why she was worried but it plagued her nonetheless. 

They quickly agreed to head home and to chill out on the sofa. Neither wanted to cook after the day they’d had and so Sophie ordered pizza for them both. Changed out of their day clothes, Fleur and Sophie looked quite the pair sat side by side on their living room sofa. With Sophie’s help, Fleur had plaited her hair into two pigtails and had gotten herself dressed in a pair of long lilac pyjama bottoms and a white top with Minnie Mouse on it. Sophie, meanwhile, put on a matching silk set in grey with a light blue dressing gown overtop. Their choices would have led anyone to believe at first glance that they were mother and daughter, cuddled up on the sofa after a long day of play. In a sense, they were.

When the pizza came, Sophie turned the controller over to Fleur and rushed to the door. When she came back, the 20 year old dressed as a 5 year old was scrolling through Disney films with wide-open eyes. This was it: the ultimate test to see if Sophie was really not just humouring her. Fleur could count on one hand how many times Sophie had agreed to watch a Disney film with Fleur. Usually, the answer was a firm ‘no’; on the odd occasion, it was a qualified ‘yes, but I don’t have to sit and watch the whole thing’. Always true to her word, she would get up at about the halfway mark and go off to do something else. If she stayed the whole way this time, then Fleur was in no doubt: Sophie was truly into her. 

And so it went that at the halfway mark of watching The Little Mermaid, Sophie neither scoffed nor got up to make herself busy. If anything, she got deeper into it by pulling Fleur closer and letting her rest her pigtailed head on her shoulder. Belly full of pizza and all the lights off bar the one emenating from the television, Fleur soon fell to sleep with her head resting in Sophie’s lap. The last thing she could recall before her eyes shut was Sophie’s hand gently gliding across Fleur’s cheek. It was warm and soft, unlike any physical touch from Sophie that she’d known before. 

Fleur was in the most vivid dreamscape she could imagine. She “awoke” at the end of a hallway, not unlike those that connected the different departments at university. Were she standing up, she guessed, she would be able to read the door numbers and professors’ names. But, legs splayed out and cushioned bottom planted firmly on the floor, she could only guess if they were even there. Hoisting up her legs to support her standing up straight failed miserably, as her knees buckled and her feet became sore. Tumbling twice before giving up, she then readjusted to fall onto her hands and knees. Resolving to crawl, she felt much more natural now. 

At the end of the corridor before her, a golden light shone through an open doorway. Jingling, bouncy music played faintly. If this was a setup for a wet dream, it was the longest one in Fleur’s sleep history. Her nose filled with the scent of talcum powder, then something akin to a sweet shop. She didn’t notice but she was salivating, leaving a faint streak of drool from her lips to her chin. Shuffling faster across the linoleum floor, her clit began to tingle and her head became foggy. She hoped to see Sophie when she turned the corner. After the way the day had gone, she couldn’t bring herself to let it end and if she could carry it on in dream form then so be it. 

A lanky woman, seemingly a bit older than Fleur, was hobbling towards her from a desk in the corner of what appeared to be a… nursery?

The woman was dressed in a baby blue frock more befitting a toddler. It was short with a white belt clasped by a yellow enamel buckle in the shape of a duck. Peeking beneath the hem of her dress was a nappy - that was unmistakeable to Fleur’s eye. Her auburn red hair was tied up in pigtails with blue beads in the hairbands. They made a satisfying clack as she lowered herself awkwardly to the floor. Her smile was cheerful but… dumb. Fleur gave the same exact smile back at her, before noticing that the red-haired woman had a small compact laptop - the sort given to small children with age-appropriate “edutainment” on them - gripped tightly with both hands.

Fleur went to speak but couldn’t, letting out a gurgle in place of English words. Spit pushed to the edges of her mouth. 

“Hewwo! I gots a question for youuuuuu!” The woman’s voice, or what Fleur guessed was her voice, entered her head telepathically. In her current state, Fleur had no hope of either spelling or pronouncing “telepathically”.

Rather than saying her answer, Fleur scrunched up her face and thought incredibly hard about it instead. 

“Ooooooo, what kinda question?!” It had worked! Fleur’s knees were trembling with excitement. Drool fell from her chin onto the bib of the overalls she was wearing. 

“What dooooo youuuuu want?! More than anythink or everythink in the whole wide world?!” Fleur bounced up and down on her cushioned, nappied bottom. She repeated the scrunch-up of her face and thought so hard on each word that she nearly developed a headache. 

“I. Want. Soph. Soph. To. Be. My. Mama. And. Me. Be. Soph. Soph. Baby.” Her knees trembled again, now with the throbbing ecstasy of her clit sending signals all through her soft and feeble body.

The auburn-haired adult baby bounced in rhythm with Fleur and opened up her babyish laptop. The keyboard was a rainbow of colours and shapes, though Fleur couldn’t concentrate long enough to discern one from another. Had she been able to, she would have seen that her new dream friend was mashing again and again on a pink heart symbol right in the middle of the keyboard. 

In the world beyond the dream, where Fleur and Sophie fell asleep in front of the television in each other’s embrace, the whole house shuddered in silence. The world blurred, colours twisted and shifted from neutrals and white to pink and pastels, and back again in a matter of seconds. Anything and everything that wasn’t bolted down drifted slowly into the air and crashed back down again without a sound.

Upstairs, in Fleur’s room, the contents of her ABDL lockbox spilled out onto the floor and arranged itself into a heart. Somewhere, on that bridge between dreams and the waking world, a red-haired woman in a blue latex bodysuit was cackling to herself. 

This, she thought, was only the beginning. 



End Chapter 3

Someone Else’s Dream

by: Tasso | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 25, 2024


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