The Model And The Millionaire

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Bradford and Abby were sweethearts as true as the sky above.

Chapter 1
Meanwhile, back at the mansion...

Chapter Description: Bradford contemplates while Abby delegates.

Bradford J. Fletcher sat comfortably on his throne. With his arms crossed, he surveyed his large living room and knew that it was his. He watched as his servants carried out their duties and occasionally checked with him to see that his every need was met.

His wife Abigail entered the room and approached him. She was his trophy wife of 5 years. She was several decades younger than his previous wife and was in her twenties.

“How’s my little Braddy today? Is he all happy, hmm? Is he all snuggy wuggy and warm, hmm? Oh, you’re so cute, I could just eat you right up!”

She tickled his pudgy belly and he resisted the urge to giggle; he failed and ended up giving out huge guffaws as his wife tickled his body mercilessly.

“There, that’s better! We can’t have you being grumpy all day, it spoils the mood.” she sniffed the air and smiled in a sarcastic manner, “Oops! Looks like someone needs his bottom cleaned. Let’s get your Nanny to tend to you!”

Bradford, over with the mirth forced on him, returned to his everyday taciturn state now that he was no longer being tickled.

“Abby, you know as well as I what tickling me at this time of the day does. Why do it?”

Abby snorted derisively, “Oh, Brad! You know as well as I do that I’m unhappy with our arrangement. I was an upcoming model and getting the right attention. Then you came along and offered me riches and a modeling studio of my own and I married you!”

Brad’s chubby face took on a pleading look that didn’t match his years, “We’ve been through this, I gave you the cream of the crop and you fired them all. The failure of your modeling agency was yours and yours alone!”

Called out for her failure, Abby changed the subject. “Well, so what! I’m also unhappy with the marriage, you don’t satisfy me in bed anymore because of your condition and the gigolos are just a poor substitute! I want a divorce, Brad!”

Brad was saddened by her outburst, but on the consideration that maybe their relationship had come to an end, he decided to capitulate to her demands.

“Fine! If you want a divorce, you’ll get one. Just have my lawyer contact me and we’ll start right away. I just wish there was a way to renew our relationship and start over!”

An LED lamp lit over Abby’s head, “Hmm, maybe there is a way. It wouldn’t be as lovers though, that’s out!”

“I’m all ears, my dear. Where’s the Nanny? I’m getting uncomfortable sitting in my filth!”

Abby reached over and picked him up. “Let me show you how we can restart our relationship, Braddy!”

Brad was aghast! Other than the tickle torture, she'd never laid a hand on him since the incident that had rendered his body to its current state had occurred.

“This is highly irregular! Where are you taking me? Put me down, Abby! Put me down!”

Abby balanced him on her hip and walked down a long corridor that led to a nursery. She laid Brad down and pulled the snaps on his onesie to reveal his soggy diaper.

Brad wasn’t used to being handled this way and began to whimper and thought, “Damn this useless body! I can’t control the emotions it feels!”

“Shh, shh, Braddy, it’s okay! Mommy's here! Let’s get you out of that dirty diaper!”

As she pulled the tabs and recoiled at the brown soggy mess presented, she had to suppress her gag reflex. She steeled herself and remembered that all mothers through the ages got over this aspect of babyhood eventually.

She cleaned up Brad’s bottom and rubbed some ointment on his tush, followed by a sprinkle of powder and a fresh diaper. Satisfied that he hadn’t suffered a blow-out, she refastened the snaps to his onesie.

Brad was mortified! He remembered how they would frolic together in the nude around the bedroom and bathroom. She would often grab his manhood and playfully do the things that married couples do, but now his manhood was nothing more than a non-threatening, harmless little pee pee.

The tears of embarrassment flowed freely from him. He began to cry in earnest at being reduced to a helpless infant as his wife comforted him against her bosom and made shushing sounds.

“Shh, Shh it’s okay, Braddy, it’s okay! Just let out the tears and let mommy take care of you! This is how we’ll start our lives over again! Shh, shh, shh!”

The baby that was formerly Bradford J. Fletcher cried pitiful wails at the cruelty and injustice of it all. Eventually, the sobs lessened and Abby dried his tears. He sat on her lap, feeling much better and oddly refreshed.

“You really want to be my mommy? The lab boys say that my condition might be permanent. I might just stay a baby for the rest of my life.”

“I really do, Braddy, I really do. This change that happened to your body has caused me to see you like a baby that I want to take care of. I don’t care if it’s for the rest of our lives!”

Brad’s body felt hungry and demanded nourishment. Instinct took over and Brad began to attempt to latch on to her nipple.

“Oh, Braddy, there’s no milk for you there!” said Abbey as she pulled off her shirt and bra, “But if you want to, I see no reason why not!”

Brad didn’t argue; he just did what a baby does and latched on, suckling with enthusiasm. Of course, there wasn’t any milk, but he found that he liked doing this as it relaxed him.

Later on, Abby would produce real mother’s milk for him. She loved her little Braddy very much.

Days became weeks and weeks became months. The happy couple delighted in each other’s company bonding as mother and child.

Both enjoyed their blissful experience.

Until Abby fell in love with the new gardener…

(But that’s for another story.)



End Chapter 1

The Model And The Millionaire

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 29, 2022


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