Baby Boss

by: Tabii | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 2, 2022

Camile, the senior executive of a large medical company, is in a rush to release a new youthening medication to the public. But perhaps she tried it a bit too soon?

Complete Story

(Female Age Regression)

Camila walked down the hallway with an air of superiority about her. And why shouldn't she? At 35 years old she was a senior executive of a medical company.

And on top of her success she was a bombshell to boot. She was 5'8" with an HH sized chest, a small waist and thick rear. She knew she was superior and she acted the part.

Camila was on her way to see a new product her company had been developing that was of great interest to her, and she was excited to see its progress.

On her way to the testing lab she saw two of her co-workers chatting it up in the hallway. One was a tall very handsome man named Leo. He was a CEO of the company and somebody Camila was very romantically interested in.

The small woman he was chatting with was a newer higher named Ann who worked in the company daycare. She was young, around 25, and very pretty in her own right with a cheerfull personality. Men in the office seemed to gravitate towards her and for those reasons Camile hated her.

Annoyed that the two were getting along, Camile decided to put a stop to it.

She walked up to Leo, grabbed his arm, and got very close to him, holding it against her breast. When Leo looked over to her he was treated to an eyefull of clevage.

Camile grinned smugly when she saw Leo staring at it. Poor little Ann was of a smaller frame and only looked to have around a B Cup which she fully covered with a modest working attire.

"Hey gang, what are we talking about?" Camile asked.

"Oh Camile, I was just discussing how well Ann has fit into her new role here at the company. We are very lucky to have her here, we have received many compliments around the office from employees on how well liked she is by their kids." Leo replied.

Camile lost her smile for a moment but quickly recovered. "Of course! Well done dear! I very rarely get the chance to go all the way down to the daycare with the busy schedule I have, but I would love to see what you are capable of first hand!"

Ann smiled back at her politely. "Thank you Camile, you are too kind. But if you would both excuse me I better get back to the daycare, the kids can be quite a handfull for a shorter staff." She said. Giving a nod she left to return to work.

Leo pulled his arm free of Camile's chest and took a step back. "I best be off too, I have a meeting here in a moment that I'de hate to be late for." He told her with a smile.

"Of course! I wouldn't want to make you late, ta-ta! Camile replied.

The two departed and feelng satisfied with the exchange she continued on her way to the testing room.


Camile walked into the lab and was greeted by her Chief of Medical Development, Ashlyn.

"Is it ready?" Camile asked without so much as a "hello."

"It is." Ashlyn replied. "I will administer it to the subject immediately."

Ashlyn took a syringe and injected it into a lab rat. The two women waited for the results.

After a few moments the rat looked noticeably younger. The color of it's fur became more vibrant than before and it got a bit smaller. The well aged rat look to be back in his prime of life.

Camile beamed at the results. "Ashlyn, this is fantastic! How long until the final product is ready?" She asked.

Ashlyn simply shook her head. "I would say a few years. It's still far off from human testing but this is a great step for us." She replied.

Camile was not at all satisfied with her answer. "Years? That's ridiculous, look at the rat, it's never looked better! I say we start human testing immedietly!" She ordered.

Ashlyn looked surprised. "I'm afraid that's not an option. We have no idea what it would do on a human subject, it wouldn't be safe."

At that moment Ashlyn received a phone call. She answered it, and said "Yes" a few times before hanging up.

"I'm sorry Camile, there is an issue in lab 3 I must attend to. I'll be back shortly and we can continue to monitor the test subject."

Ashlyn excused herself and left the room.

Camile thought how stupid the woman was. The results are infront of them plain as day. She saw another syringe filled with the medication and smiled.

"I'll prove to her that it's perfectly fine for humans! Hmph. Leo prefers younger women like Ann huh? Well wait till he gets a look at me as a 25 year old. That flat chested bitch won't even compare!"

Without hesitation Camile took the syringe and injected herself. At first she felt nothing but soon she started to feel more youthfull. She looked in the mirror and saw her skin was smoother and her face a bit younger.

"It worked! I told her it would work, we've created the fountain of youth! We will all be milionaires!" She squeeled in delight.

But as Camile stood there her clothes seemed to feel looser by the second.

"What's going on?" She thought.

A look in the mirror made her jaw drop. Staring back at her was the reflection of a 15 year old girl.

Her clothes were now much too large and a quick look down her blouse revealed her once bountiful chest that she was so proud of had dwindled back into A cups.

"No!" She cried out. "This can't be happening!"

Her plump rear end deflated like a bloon until it resembled a little boys causing her skirt to drop to her ankles, followed by her panties.

Camile held her boobs in her hands as if trying to save them but they continued to regress, reverting back into puffy little buds before going completely flat. Her nipples lost their color and they were now indistinguishable between genders. She watched as her pubic hair receded back into her body.

Eventually her blouse and blazer fell over her shoulders as well, dropping to the floor. Camile was now about four years old with the only article of clothing on her being her bra. The much too large cups dangled almost all the way to the floor with the straps hanging loosely from her shoulders.

She kept on shrinking until she was an infant, around the age of 6 months. She fell into the cup of her bra which her body now just barely fit in.

Camile was in shock but eventually she tried to get to her feet. However her legs were now too weak and she fell back on her bottom. When she tried to call out for help she was unable to form the words with her mouth and it came out as babble.

She was at a complete loss as to what to do next but decided she had to find Ashlyn fast,  incase she started to get younger again. Testing out her new body she found she was able to crawl and made her way to the door which was luckily propped open.

Camile crawled down the hallway in search of Ashlyn. She didn't get too far though  before she heard a voice behind her.

"What the hell? What's a baby doing here?"

Her eyes went wide in horror when she recognized the voice. It was Leo.

She tried to crawl away but she was quickly scooped up from behind by the man.

He held her in his arms with her bare bottom fitting perfectly in the palm of his hand with his other hand supporting her back.

"Hey baby girl, where did you come from? Did you escape the daycare?" He asked in bewilderment.

Camile was absolutely horrified. She couldn't bare having Leo see her like this. She struggled in his arms to get free, kicking her little legs as hard as she could. As she fussed about she felt a bit strange and by the time she realized what was wrong it was too late.

She let out a stream of pee that went down Leo's arm and onto his suit. Leo quickly grabbed her under her armpits and held her away at arms length, watching as the baby finished emptying her bladder.

The embarassment was just too much for Camile. The man of her dreams just watched her pee herself in his arms. Camile's emotions got the best of her and she started to cry.

"Ah Damnit...why aren't you wearing a diaper?" Leo asked.

Unsure of what else to do Leo took the baby down to the nursery to give to Ann.


Leo watched as Ann diapered the baby girl. The infant seemed very upset when Ann took hold of her and was making it very hard on her to get her changed. But Ann was a pro and calmly got her fitted.

"So you really just found her there in the hallway?" Ann asked.

"Yeah." Replied Leo. "It's the darndest thing. She was just crawling down the hallway in the nude. I didn't even see anybody else on that floor."

Ann frowned. "Well she's not one of ours. Perhaps I'll send out an email to the company first before we call the police. In the mean time I'll take care of her." She said

"Good idea." Leo said. "Update me if you find out anything."

"Will do!" Ann smiled.

"By the way..." Leo began. "Are we still on for  tonight?"

Camile's eyes went wide.

"Of course!" Ann flashed him a flirty little smirk. "Pick me up around 6?"

"Wouldn't miss it." Leo grinned.

Camile could only watch on as the two got closer and embraced into a kiss.

Upset, she began wailing at the top of her lungs, forcing the pair of adults to look down to check on her.

"She really is a fussy little baby." Ann said, cooeing down at her  unknowingly making it worse.

"Well it looks like you have your hands full, I'll see you tonight!" Leo said. Leaving the room.

Ann gave him a small wave and picked up the freshy diapered Camile.

"Now what am I do to with you?"


Ashlyn had been helping her subordinates with an issue when she received an email notification on her phone. Her eyes went wide as she read it, apperently a baby girl was found in the hallways near lab 4.

"No. Surly she didn't..." Ashlyn thought. None the less she excused herself and made her way over to lab 4 and confirmed her fear. Camile's clothes lay in a pile on the floor.

"Shit! She did do it!" Ashlyn muttered.

She left the room in a hurry in order to go look for her boss in the daycare.


"You can't be serious! That's Camile?!" Ann exclaimed.

"I'm afraid so...of course she didn't listen to me and these are the results."

The two woman looked down at the baby girl that was in actuality their boss. She was currently sleeping in a crib wearing nothing but a diaper. She looked peaceful, sucking on a pacifier as she slept.

"Well that would explain why she doesn't like me. She was very hard to get to sleep." Ann laughed.

Ann picked the baby up out of the crib and held her in her arms. Camile  repositioned herself and snuggled up against Ann's breast as she slept.

Both woman let out an "Awww"

"She sure is cute though! Atleast while she's sleeping that is..." Ann said.

"I guess it makes sense that such a beautiful woman was such a pretty baby as well." Ashlyn replied.

"Well...we have a prototype antidote we could try on her after a few tests." Ashlyn said. "But first we will need to study her regression further. We might as well use this data since she gave us the opportunity. I'll let the board know what's going on, can you keep watching her Ann?"

Ann grinned. "Of course I can, leave it to me. Diaper changes will be much more fun now when I tell her I know who she is!"


"Ladies and gentleman of the board. We have had a breakthrough in our youthening medication. Let me present to you the results of our most recent test, our Senior Executive, Camile!" Ashlyn announced.

Aftet the introduction Ann placed baby Camile at the center of the table for all to see.

Camile was helpless and could only sit there in shame as her fellow board members laughed at her.

She wore only a diaper and at first she tried to cover up her bare chest but stopped  knowing how pointless that was in her current form.

Humiliated, she crawled back over to Ashlyn and held her arms out to be picked up but instead Leo grabbed the babe and sat her in his lap.

"Amazing work Ashlyn! I had no idea your work had come so far! This is incredible news! Of course, this is a great accomplishment on your part too Camile." Leo said. Tickling Camile's chin and forcing a giggle out of her.

The sudden reflex from the tickling caused Camile to empty her bowels and soil her diaper.

Camile's eyes went wide from shock when she realized what she had just done. She had just pooped herself on her crushes lap infront of all her peers.

Leo gagged a bit from the smell and everyone laughed.

"Ann, would you mind changing Camile's diaper? She seems to have messed it. Please do it here, this will be a great opportunity to show off the full extent of her regression." He said.

Camile tried to object as Ann took her away from Leo but was powerless to stop her.

Ann layed  her on the table and proceeded to change her diaper infront of everyone. Camile was in tears as Ann wiped her. Her butthole and privates were exposed to all the men she had been trying to get see her as an equal. And like-wise she could see the grins of all the female board members she had competed with over the years that would all love to see her fail.

Camile shivered as Ann applied a cold baby ointment to her privates and finally her new diaper was closed up.

"As you can see she has the same biology as a baby girl. Asside from keeping her adult mind she is by all means an infant." Ashlyn stated.

"The testing went well so we should be able to administer the antidote to her tomorrow."

Everyone on the board exchanged looks before Leo spoke up.

"You known Ashlyn...maybe you could just leave her like that?"

Camile looked up in shock.

"What, are you serious?" Ashlyn asked.

"I think it would be for the best, the research we gain from it could be invaluable." Leo replied.

"Also there might be a  new job in it for you...maybe one with a corner office?"

Ashlyn beamed brightly.

"Yes, of course!" She said. "Now if you excuse us everyone, we have to get this little lady ready to go home. It's almost her nap time and her daughter and ex-husband will be here any minute now to pick her up."

Camile began wailing as Ann picked her up, off to the start of her new life.

The End.



End Chapter 1

Baby Boss

by: Tabii | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 2, 2022


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