The Littlest League

by: Ouroboros | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 20, 2023

When a baseball team agrees to test a new, rejuvenating sports drink, they soon find themselves feeling much younger, and much more energized. Soon the drink is being used by other teams and even the crowd. A story commission for SomeNerdBird.

Chapter 1
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It was a warm, sunny Summer day at the big city baseball stadium. The lines along the diamond were freshly drawn by the chalker, and the grass was neatly and recently cut. The teams were in their dugouts, some practicing pitching and hitting. The crowd was pouring in, filling up the seats and enjoying fresh buckets of popcorn, large sodas, beer, and hot dogs. Everyone was ready to watch the big game, but had no idea how important it would be. Earlier, two buses pulled up with a team of burly baseball players in each one. They got out and filed into the locker room to change. Each would playfully tease the others as they got undressed and a lot of hairy, manly flesh was exposed. Almost all of them had a mustache or beard carefully groomed and brushed. After getting dressed, the home team discuss a new sponsor's orders.

Okay team, gather up.” said the coach, a man in his late fifties with graying hair. “We have a new sports drink to test today. It's made by Rejuvix and claims to help restore your youthful energy and vigor.”

Does it really work?” asked one of the players.

“That's what we're going to find out.” said the coach. “I want each of you to take one of these sports bottles and have a few sips. It comes in various flavors, so pick whichever one you think you'll like. For now, just drink a few sips. Only drink more if you're actually thirsty or feeling tired.”

Each member of the team grabbed a bottle to drink and tried it out. It seemed as though it passed the first test, which is that it tasted good. Both teams consisted of men in their late twenties to early forties, wearing their uniforms and looking physically fit and strong. Outside, all that could be heard at the time was the murmuring of the crowd and the occasional crack of the bat as the team hit practice balls. After most of the seats were filled, two announcer voices could be heard over the speakers. They were two men in their late forties looking down on the field from a high above box.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen!” says one of the announcers in a low male voice. “Welcome to the first ball game of the season! I'm Joe Curry...”

and I'm Paul Brown!” said the other announcer in a bit of a medium male voice. “We're your announcers for today as we watch the Luna City Angels play against the Sun City Giants!”

That's right Paul, and let me remind everyone about our sponsor.” said Joe. “Ultra Light Beer! If you enjoy beer but not the calories, try Ultra Light!”

“That's what I'm having!” said Paul. “Of course, the players aren't allowed to drink, but the Giants are testing a sponsored drink of their own, said to rejuvenate the body. Today will be a test of that drink to see what effects it has. Can't wait to find out!”

I'm sure it's just another energy drink.” said Joe. “Give me beer any day.” Gulping sounds could be heard over the speakers.

Here they come, out onto the field.” said Paul. “They seem very spry and eager to play. Lets hope they keep up that energy.”

The fans will be disappointed if they don't.” said Joe. The fans began to applaud as they watched the players take the field. The Giants were at bat. The pitcher, as well as the rest of the outfield, looked to be all in their thirties, while most members of the players at bat and in the dugout appeared to be in their twenties. Their energy was also greater and their skill seemed sharper. The air was filled with the satisfying clunk of a wooden bat hitting a baseball, and the game was underway.

It's a long fly ball!” shouted Joe. “It's going, it's going, it's...caught by the outfielder!”

“Boy that sure was a powerful hit!” said Paul. “Too bad the outfielder's running was faster. Things aren't off to a great start for the Giants using the new formula.”

Guess it's not as potent as they were hoping.” said Joe, taking another long drink of his beer and chewing a hot dog.

“Up next to bat is Charlie Turner.” said Paul. “Charlie is one of the team's more powerful hitters. Let's see how he does here.” There was a moment of quiet as the pitcher wound up, then pitched the ball. The batter swung and there was a loud clunk like before.

It's a beautiful hit!” shouted Joe. “It's going way out into the field. Charlie has already taken a base, and takes another before the ball is thrown to the second baseman. That's a nice, strong hit from Charlie, just as expected.”

“Right, but that's typical for him.” said Paul. “I was sort of expecting more with this new formula they've been using.”

Oh well.” said Joe. “Another batter is up. Here comes the pitch, and the hit! It's another strong drive deep into the field. Charlie scores a run!” The crowd cheers and the batter gets to first base.

A nice, solid run for the Giants, and the first to score a point in this game.” said Paul. “Now, can they keep up this momentum?”

“We'll find out.” said Joe. “Looks like Kent is up to bat next.”

Kent is the oldest in the team.” said Paul. “Lately his game hasn't been very good.”

Yes, people may remember Kent smashing the ball out of the stadium in his prime days, but these days he hasn't been able to hit a multi-base hit, let alone a home run.”

Kent sweated, his grip tight on the bat. He could hear the words the announcers were saying, but tried to block it out. He knew his career was in decline, and was planning on retiring soon. He just wanted to have at least one good game first. He had taken a long sip of the supposed sport booster earlier, and was feeling more energetic already. His vision seemed to be better, and he could focus on the ball easier. He saw it coming, swung, and hit.

“It's a pop up!” shouted Joe. The ball shot up and out to the right. “It's a foul ball!”

Kent cursed himself and got in position to try again. He wiped the sweat from his brow and focused again. He saw the pitch coming and swung, hitting the ball with all he had.

It's going deep into right field!” shouted Paul. “Kent takes a base!”

That's some nice running.” said Joe. “Kent seems more spry today. Maybe there is something to that drink after all.”

Next up is Billy.” said Paul. “Everyone look out for this dangerous lumber!”

That's right, Billy has been known to bean people in the crowd by accident.” said Joe. “I remember that one time that old man had to go to the hospital after getting hit in the head by one of his fly balls.”

Billy wore glasses, and some protective goggles over his glasses. His vision wasn't great without them, and wearing them made him feel old. He didn't need them when he was in his teens. He got into his stance and swung, but missed.

“That's strike one!” said Paul.

Billy shrugged it off and prepared to hit again. Another swing and a miss.

“Strike two!” said Joe.

Billy huffed and swung again, barely hitting it. The ball shot up into the air, then was caught by an outfielder.

“And he's out!” said Paul. “Poor Billy. At least no one got hurt.”

I know right?” said Joe. “Up next is Tom.”

“He's always been trying to catch up with Charlie.” said Paul. “He's a bit older, but he trains hard, and it shows.”

He swings, and misses.” said Joe. “That's strike one.”

Second pitch.” said Paul. “Oh, he hit it! It's a long fly ball! But it's caught by an outfielder. That's an unfortunate out two.”

Well, maybe Larry will do better.” said Joe. “There's the wind up, and the pitch... Strike one.”

Second pitch.” said Paul. “It's a pop fly!”

It's caught by the umpire!” said Joe. “That's out three! Time for the teams to change sides. Looks like they need to work on that formula.”

“It sure does Joe.” said Paul. “I think I'll stick with soda.”

You and your soda.” said Joe. “I'll take some nice, refreshing Ultra Light!” He audibly gulped his beer to please the sponsors.

They're sending out Glenn to pitch.” said Paul. “He's got quite the arm, but will it be enough?”

“Here's the pitch.” said Joe. “It's good, low and away! Strike one!” The air is filled with cheers for the home team.

He's still got it.” said Paul, taking a bite of his hot dog. “This should be quite the game.”

“A second pitch.” said Joe. “Strike two!” Again, the crowd roars with excitement.

Let's see if he can do it again.” said Paul. “Strike three! They have the first out already! That's quite the pitcher. Reminds me of his debut not too long ago.”

Yeah, same here.” said Joe. “Now onto the second batter, number thirty-two.”

“Here's the pitch.” said Paul. “Oh, it's a hit! It's going way into the outfield. I can barely see it. Looks like it could be a home run.”

“Wait, there's someone running towards it.” said Joe. “It's none other than Charlie, their batting super star. He's going, going, going, and...caught it! That's out two!”

Things sure seem to be picking up.” said Paul. “Here comes the next batter, number twelve. Looks like they sent out their heavy hitter.”

Here comes the pitch.” said Joe. “It's a long drive into the stands! A home run! The Angels score!”

“Uh oh, it's all tied up.” said Paul.

This isn't good.” said Joe. “They're sending out another heavy hitter.”

They've got their work cut out for them.” said Paul. “Well, here goes the pitch. It's strike one!”

Looks like Glenn is doing his thing.” said Joe. “Here's the second pitch. Strike two! We're one strike away from ending the first inning.”

Okay, here's the pitch.” said Paul. “It's another big hit! Home run! The Angels lead by one!”

Well, now their back is to the wall.” said Joe. “Though if you ask me, they should have let someone else try and score a base first.”

“No one asked you.” Paul joked.

Hey now, remember I used to play.” said Joe.

Yeah yeah.” said Paul. “I was just joking. Looks like they're having a talk down there. They're bringing the pitcher some more of their new drink.”

Do they really think it's going to help?” asked Joe.

Couldn't hurt.” said Paul. They both watched as the pitcher took a long drink from a pink and blue sports water bottle. The coach then went back to the dugout and the pitcher looked refreshed, but with less facial hair.

Huh, wow, the pitcher actually looks kind of...different.” said Joe. “I can't put my finger on why though.”

He looks renewed.” said Paul. “Here comes the pitch! Oh gosh, wow! That was so fast I could barely see it!”

“Neither could the batter!” said Joe. “It whizzed right past him.”

Here's another pitch.” said Paul. “Wow, what an arm he has all of a sudden!”

“It's another strike!” said Joe. The crowd cheers and begins chanting the name of the team. “The crowd is here for it!”

Here's the pitch!” said Paul. “Another strike! That's the third out and the end of the first inning! The current score is Angels two, Giants one.”

Time for a bit of a break folks, so don't forget to refill on your beer and soda.” said Joe. “Get yourself some nice hot popcorn or a juicy hot dog, and get ready for the second inning!”

Some people got up from their seats to go to the concession stand. Meanwhile, the team met with their coaches to go over any changes in plays.

Looks like that stuff really works!” said Glenn. “My pitching arm has never been better!”

Yeah, you look stronger.” said Billy. “Even you look younger coach!”

So do you!” said the coach. He had been drinking some as well, and as a result his graying hair was now a strong black. “Listen, we have seen what this stuff can do. I say it's time to double our intake.”

Really?” asked Charlie. “They warned us not to up the dose unless we had to.”

“Yeah, just look at what it did for Glenn!” said the coach. “Uh, Billy, maybe take a little more than the rest of us.”

Oh, right coach.” said Kent. “But my eyes are improving! I don't know what's in that stuff, but I'm down to drink more if you want.”

I feel great!” said Charlie. “Like I haven't felt in years!” He flexed his muscles, making his uniform bulge around his arms and chest.

Same here!” said Kent, also flexing a bit. He was now looking like he did when he was in his thirties.

You're doing great old man.” said Jackson. Another, younger player with dark skin and black hair. He didn't notice, but his short beard had become a bit shorter.

Good, keep it up!” said the coach. “Go on, everyone make sure to drink up!” Everyone had a long drink of the new formula, even the coach.

The crowd began gathering in their seats again as the second inning began. People began eating their snacks as the teams took to the field. Once again, the announcers came over the speakers.

Okay, now back to the game!” said Joe. “It's the second inning and let's see if things will be different this time around. First up to bat is a relative newcomer to the team, Larry Jones.”

Larry had taken a large dose of the new formula before going up to bat. He was the newest one on the team, and around age thirty, but currently looking more like he was in his mid twenties. He felt a shiver of energy run through his body The warm summer wind cooled the hot sweat on his wrinkling uniform. He eyed the pitcher as they wound up for the pitch, then swung. Crack! It was a hit!

Larry runs to first, to second!” shouted Paul. “He stops at third right as the ball reaches the baseman.”

That's a fine hit!” said Joe. “Now let's see what the next batter can do.”

It's a base hit, and the Giants score, tying it up!” said Paul.

“You love to see it!” said Joe.

Maybe there is something to that stuff after all.” said Paul.

“Hey, if it works, I'd like to try some!” said Joe with a laugh.

Me too!” said Paul. Another batter came up to the plate and hit a long drive. “It's another fantastic hit!”

They are on fire!” said Joe. As the game went on, the Giants seemed to do better and better. Each inning stretched on longer than the last, with the Giants scoring more and more points until finally, something strange happened.

Hoo boy, the Giants are ahead by ten whole runs and this inning has stretched into over an hour.” said Paul.

It sure has Paul.” said Joe. “I think this may be one for the history books.”

Here comes Charlie again.” said Paul. “He seems to be adjusting his shoes. I've noticed a few others doing that. Something must be going on with their uniforms. They look a bit wrinkly.”

“I'm sure it's just because of all the weight they must be losing due to the new drink they have.” said Joe. “Or something like that.”

“Charlie hits a home run!” said Paul.

“Again!” Joe added. They watched as Charlie ran the bases, waving to everyone, but then tripped and lost his shoe. “Ooops! That was embarrassing.”

Now his uniform is all dirty.” said Paul.

Looks like it's dragging the ground a bit.” said Joe. “Must have stretched them out with all that running.”

Charlie makes it to home base with his shoe.” said Paul. “Next up is Larry again. That helmet looks a little loose on him.”

“So many uniform fails tonight.” said Joe. “That doesn't matter though, because he just hit it far into the outfield!”

“And it's caught!” said Paul. “That makes out three, and finally time for the other team to have a chance at bat.”

I hope they remember how at this point.” said Joe. “It has been a long time since they were up.”

Something about them seems different.” said Paul.

Yeah, they look a bit more trim and fit.” said Joe.

They almost seem younger.” said Paul. “Boy wouldn't that be nice?”

Sure would.” said Joe. He watched as the formerly grizzled men looked a bit thinner than they had, but were still full of energy. He rubbed his eyes and looked at his beer, then pushed it away, thinking maybe he had too much and was seeing things. Before long it was the ninth inning and the Giants had a huge lead.

All we need is one more out and the game is over.” said Paul.

That's right, and with Glenn pitching the way he has been all night, it shouldn't take long.” said Joe. They watched as Glenn pitched the ball with great energy and speed. It went right past the batter again, and again, and again.

That's it, the game is over!” said Paul. “The Giants win forty-two to three!”

“Yeah, the Angels got one more run after the first inning, but that was it.” said Joe. “It was a shutout after that.” They watched as the winning team playfully dumped a container of their sports drink on their coach. The coach smiled and chuckled, not noticing that he was losing any wrinkles he had and had begun gaining a bit of lost muscle. His stomach had flattened more and his body took on the shape it had been in when he himself played the game.

Boy the coach sure looks happy.” said Paul.

Sure, why wouldn't he be?” said Joe. “Let's go down for an interview.” The two made their way down to the field where the winning team was celebrating.

Congratulations!” shouted Paul. “You guys did great out there today. Do you think it was all because of the new sports drink?”

I think that certainly played a part.” said the coach, now looking even more fit and in his prime. “This stuff sure packs a punch.”

It did wonders for me!” said Billy. He still wore his glasses, but kept taking them off during the interview. “I think my vision is improving.”

“That's quite the claim, if true!” said Joe. “Can we try some?” He laughed, mostly joking, but somewhat serious.

“Sorry Joe.” said the coach. “Per the contract, only myself and the team can have at it for now. If the results are good, they may start making it and selling it to consumers.”

I'd love to try some.” said Paul. “But I understand. Charlie, we noticed you and a few others having uniform troubles. What was that about?”

Oh, I think it's because the sports drink formula burns fat so fast that we lost weight while playing.” said Charlie, blushing a bit. “I don't think it'll be a problem. We just need to get measured for new uniforms.”

That's also quite the bold claim!” said Joe. “If it helps with weight loss, vision, and strength, I know I'll be buying some whenever it gets released.”

I think it's true when I say you all look very rejuvenated.” said Paul. “Especially Larry! He looks like he could be in college!”

Larry was cheering and jumping happily. His pants slipped down every now and then, causing him to tug them up a little. He had abandoned his shoes like some of the others. “Yeah!” he cheered. “I feel great!” His voice even cracked a little while cheering.

That's awesome!” said Joe. “Well, we look forward to your next game, and hope to see the same energy and skill.”

“You better believe we're bringing it!” said the coach, feeling excited and a little chilly from still being wet from the drink poured on him.

Haha, good!” said Paul. “Better get those wet clothes off before you catch a cold.” Everyone laughed and celebrated, then went back into the locker room. The team undressed and showered, having a bit of sport by comparing their newly rejuvenated bodies. Charlie in particular flexed his muscles, looking to be the strongest out of everyone. Feeling playful, Kent rolled up a wet towel and whipped it at Charlie's behind, causing a roar of laughter.

Days passed, and soon it was time for their next game. The team was only allowed to drink their sports drink during games for now. However, today they were going up against a team that was also testing the drink. There was more of a crowd than usual, and more news coverage, as word had gotten out about the new formula being tested. Everyone eagerly awaited the game as the announcers once again began talking.

Good afternoon folks!” shouted Paul. “I'm Paul and with me is Joe.

Hello everyone!” said Joe. “Today the Giants will be going up against the Cape Town Wild Wolves.”

That's right, and today both teams will be testing the new sport drink formula made famous by the previous game.” said Paul.

“I'm sure you all remember how well the Giants did after drinking it.” said Joe.

Also, today's game is sponsored by Taze energy drinks.” said Paul.

Remember to keep that energy flowing with Taze energy drinks!” said Joe. “With both teams testing the new sports drink, the playing field will be even, so we will get to see who does better with it.”

I'm still betting on the Giants.” said Paul.

I wouldn't count out the Wild Wolves.” said Joe. “They're a tenacious team with a record of dominating other teams.”

Well, we're about to find out.” said Paul. They watched as the team took to the field looking like handsome and built boy band members. Women in the audience whistled at their new, youthful, handsome appearance. “The crowd loves em! Up to bat first looks to be Kent.”

“Yeah, looks like they solved their uniform problem.” said Joe.

Here's the pitch.” said Paul. “It's a hit, and goes deep into left field! Kent takes a base!”

A good start for our Giants.” said Joe. “Let's see if they can keep it up.”

They look a bit small compared to the Wild Wolves.” said Paul. “But maybe that's just me. I could need glasses.”

“I don't think it's your eyes.” said Joe. “They look like a bunch of college kids.”

“Is that a result of the drink?” asked Paul.

“I don't know, but they all look very strong and agile.” said Joe. “Next up is Jackson.”

Another pop fly!” said Paul. “Looks like it's going into the stands though, so it'll count as a strike.”

Some lucky fan just got a ball.” said Joe.

“Hopefully not in the head.” said Paul. “Jackson hits another into center field. He rounds first base, now second base!”

Meanwhile Kent is on third!” said Joe. “We could end up with bases loaded here.”

But here comes Billy.” said Paul.

Uh oh, everyone put on your helmets!” said Joe.

“Wait a minute.” said Paul. “Billy isn't wearing his glasses.”

“Does this mean he doesn't need them anymore?” asked Joe.

“Got me, but let's hope it doesn't mean someone out there is going to get beaned by a ball today.” said Paul. “Here's the pitch!”

Oh my gosh, he hit it way out into right field!” said Joe. “Kent takes home while Jackson and Billy take first and third base!”

“Wow, what an unexpected hit for Billy.” said Paul. “To think he could improve so much after just one game.”

That drink must be fantastic.” said Joe. “I can't wait to try some myself.”

I've heard they may start selling it soon.” said Paul. “The research from the previous game proves it works wonders.”

“Really?” asked Joe. “That's amazing!”

Looks like Charlie is up to bat next.” said Paul. “Is it just me or does he look even more built than last time?”

“He does!” said Joe. “It reminds me of when he first joined the league.”

I think he was only twenty-one back then.” said Paul. “A real fresh face.”

He's getting ready.” said Joe. “The pitcher looks nervous.”

There's the pitch!” said Paul. “It's a grand slam!”

“That ball is going out of the park!” said Joe. “Holy moley!”

That's three more runs in!” said Paul. “The Giants start off strong with four points in the first inning!”

Wow!” said Joe. “Just wow!”

Looks like the other team is having a meeting at the mound.” said Paul.

Reminds me of what happened in the previous game.” said Joe. “Yep, they're giving him more fuel.”

Wow, he drank a whole bottle!” said Paul. “Let's see what happens.”

After a few pitches, the pitcher of the opposing team began making faster and faster pitches, eventually getting three outs and causing the teams to change sides.

Well, if there was any doubt, it's long gone now.” said Joe. “After drinking so much of that stuff, the pitcher was like Superman.”

Does that stuff give people super powers too?” Paul joked. “Man, what an amazing display.”

Now lets see how these wolves do at bat.” said Joe. “Glenn is out to pitch, as usual. He's looking strong and fit. In fact, everyone seems to be at their physical peak somehow.”

Here's the pitch.” said Paul. “Man it's fast! I couldn't even keep track of it.”

That's a strike!” said Joe. “Next pitch...another strike!”

Glenn is on fire today!” said Paul. “Another strike! That's out one!”

Wow, out one already.” said Joe. He drank some coffee from his mug. “What a game. Just listen to that crowd cheer.”

Another up to bat.” said Paul. “This is their star player, Jason.”

“First pitch...” said Joe. “Swing and a miss! Strike one!” The crowd cheered loudly.

Second pitch.” said Paul. “It's a hit! Oh wow, it's going, going...gone! It's a home run!”

“Score one for the Wild Wolves!” said Joe. “Looks like this may not be one-sided after all.”

Good!” said Paul. “I think it's safe to assume everyone came here to see a clash of the titans.”

Well, they're going to see it.” said Joe. “Here comes the next batter. Swing and a miss!” The batter readied himself, then swung at the next pitch, but missed.

Strike two!” said Paul. Again Glenn readied a special twister ball he had been working on. The batter swung but missed.

Strike three!” said Joe. “That's two outs!” The crowd cheered as another batter took his place. “I don't know if it's the drink or just work outs, but all of these batters look built!”

Maybe it's a combination of the two.” said Paul. “There's the pitch, and it's a long drive to the outfield.” The batter quickly ran the bases until getting to second, where he stopped.

They sure are tough.” said Joe.

They're fast too.” said Paul.

Not as fast as the Giants.” said Joe. “Normally that guy would have gotten to third base, but the fast feet of the outfielders got the ball back much faster.”

That's true.” said Paul. Another batter came up to the plate, looking nervous. Glenn pitched his curve ball, causing the batter to miss. “Strike one!” The batter shook it off and readied himself. On the next pitch, they managed to hit it deep into the field.

That one hit the wall!” said Joe. “Now they have a runner on first and third. A home run could tie it all up.”

They're sending out a pitch hitter.” said Paul. “Looks like they want to go for it.” The hitter looked to be a man in his late twenties, lean, and muscular. He sized up the pitcher, looking taller and bigger than him, and smiled. He then got in stance, trying to intimidate Glenn. Glenn was having none of it though, and pitched the old screw ball. It worked, and he missed.

“Strike one!” said Joe.

“Maybe they should just bunt.” said Paul. The batter got ready and watched the pitcher closely. It was as if time slowed down for him and only him, and he was able to focus on the ball, hitting it just right to send it out of the park.

It's a home run!” shouted Joe. “Now the score is all tied up!”

I don't believe it!” shouted Paul. “Is something going on with the Giants?”

I'm not sure.” said Joe. “Looking at them, some of them don't seem so giant now.” He looked down to see young Larry scrambling to catch the ball, taking a tumble, and having his pants roll to his knees in the process. Larry now looked like a young high school student, blushing and pulling his pants up.

Again with the uniform trouble?” asked Joe. Indeed, there were those on the field who looked younger than they had been. The oldest was Kent, who appeared to now be back in his college days.

Here comes another batter.” said Paul. “There's the pitch. It's a fly ball, and caught by the first baseman. That's out three and the end of the first inning!”

Whew, what an inning.” said Joe. “I think I need a drink after that.”

“More beer?' asked Paul.

“Yeah, though I'd rather have some of that drink they're testing.” said Joe. “Folks now is a good time to go to the concession stand for some tasty hot dogs and pop corn.”

I recommend the nachos!” said Paul.

“And don't forget an energy drink!” said Joe. “Taze energy! For when you need energy on the go or just when feeling like you're running on empty.”

People went to the concession stand and to the bathroom while the teams took a break. Inside the locker room of the Giants, the team began talking.

I think we need to pull back on the formula.” said the coach.

“But the energy feels so good!” said Charlie. “You saw how I hit that homer.”

Yes, but it seems like it is having a side effect.” said the coach. He pointed to Larry, who was taking a drink already. He looked like he was physically dwindling in his uniform, and was now barely high school age. His barely there mustache was beginning to vanish as well.

He...shrank.” said Kent.

“He got younger.” said the coach.

Larry smiled and waved to them, unaware that they were talking about him. He looked down at himself and blushed, then belched. “Huh?” he asked. “What's going on?”

The formula isn't just making us healthier and stronger, it's making us all younger the more we drink it.” said the coach.

“Oh?” asked Larry. “But it feels so good! I think I can play just fine like this!” His voice cracked again and he tightened his shoes.

Better get smaller uniforms.” said Charlie. He and the others began putting on multiple socks to fill out their shoe sizes. “I think this could be a good thing.”

“How do you mean?” asked the coach.

Well, if we are younger, we have more energy and speed.” said Charlie. “I can still hit it out of the park. We just need fast players to load the bases before sending me out.”

Then I'll set things up so that you can.” said the coach. “Everyone just cool it with the drink for now. Have some water or something.”

“But coach, they told us we're supposed to drink it every inning.” said Kent. “It's part of the contract.”

“Yeah, I like how it has restored my eyesight.” said Billy. “I don't want to go back to bad eye sight.”

Okay, okay, fine, but maybe just drink less.” said the coach. He waited until the team left the room, then secretly drank some himself. “Buncha kids...”

Back out on the field, the opposing team looked larger and stronger than before. The Giants found themselves looking up at their rivals.

“We're back, and so are the teams!” said Joe. The opposing team just had a fresh dose of the formula and were back in their mid-twenties, and looking muscular.”

“Look at that!” shouted Paul. “The Wild Wolves look jacked!”

Our Giants have a long, hard road ahead of them.” said Joe. “The score is tied and the juice is loose!”

Billy is up to bat.” said Paul. “He looks so different from last time.”

“Yeah, he was scrawny and wearing glasses.” said Joe. “Now he looks like he's been working out, and isn't wearing those glasses.”

“He said his eyesight was improving last time.” said Paul. “Has that stuff really healed his vision?” There was the satisfying sound of a bat hitting a ball and Billy made it to first base.

Next up is Tom.” said Joe. “You'll recall that he's the second best hitter behind Charlie.”

Didn't he used to have a beard?” asked Paul, noticing the sudden lack of facial hair.

Just a flavor saver I think.” said Joe.

Tom smiled as he grabbed the bat, feeling younger and better than ever. He was tired of being second best, and vowed to surpass Charlie at some point. Maybe that day would be today. He eyed the pitcher and waited, then swung at the ball and heard a soft poof sound as the ball hit the catcher's mitt. He had missed.

Strike one!” shouted Paul.

“Come on Tom, you can do it!” shouted Joe.

Tom tugged his pants up, as they had drooped a little. He kept smiling to reassure the crowd, and got back into his stance. This time, he hit the ball and sent it deep into the outfield.

It's a ground hit!” shouted Paul. “There goes Tom! He made it to first base, but the ball is back in their hands, so he stops there.”

Not bad.” said Joe. “Now it's looking more like an even match.” The next few pitches loaded the bases, and it was finally Charlie's time to shine once again.

There he is!' shouted Paul. “Charlie looks to make a home run!” The crowd erupted in cheers as he walked up to the plate and patted it with his bat, then patted his shoes. He stopped to adjust them and tuck his pant legs into them, then got into his stance. He eyed the pitcher, and the pitcher eyed him back. He made the pitch, but Charlie could see that it was a curve ball. He stepped back and the ball hit the catcher's mitt.

That's a ball!” shouted Joe. “Charlie knows a ball when he sees one.”

Charlie gripped his bat and prepared to hit again. Once again he stepped back to avoid being hit.

That's ball two!” shouted Paul. “Are they intentionally trying to walk him?”

Charlie frowned, he wanted to be the one who got everyone home. He squared up and readied himself, but the ball was far and wide.

“Ball three!” shouted Joe. “I guess they are gonna walk him after all.”

“Shoot, there's nothing he can do.” said Paul.

Charlie waited for the next pitch, but it was far and wide as well.

Ball four!” shouted the umpire. “Take your base!”

Charlie dropped his bat and walked to first base. Tom, who was on third, automatically walked to home base, giving them a point.

Well, at least they're ahead now.” said Paul.

Yeah, but by one.” said Joe. “All they need is a good home run or even a few base hits.”

Should be easy enough.” said Paul.

Well, next up is Larry.” said Joe. “I think he could at least get one or two runners in.”

“Right.” said Paul. “Here's the pitch. Uh oh, strike one!”

Larry felt a rush of energy and shivered a bit. His shoes and helmet felt looser all of a sudden, but he kept his concentration. The bat felt heavier in his hands and he took another swing, but missed.

That's strike two!” said Joe.

“Does Larry look...smaller to you?” asked Paul.

Huh?” asked Joe. He squinted and looked. “Now that you mention it, his uniform does look a bit wrinkly, and he keeps pushing his helmet up.”

Larry took in a deep breath and swung his bat. He hit the ball, and it went flying. He tossed his helmet away and ran, sprinting out of his shoes. He ran the bases, getting smaller all the time, and soon looked like a young high school freshman wearing his older brother's uniform.

Paul rubbed his eyes and looked. “He is!” he said. “Larry looks like a kid!”

“It's not just him!” shouted Joe. “They all look younger!”

Larry had taken a base, which meant the player on third got home, but that wasn't the focus right now. All of the players looked to be in their early teens, and still getting younger. They looked small compared to the other team. Even Charlie was looking a bit shorter than the baseman he stood next to.

I knew something was off last time!” said Paul. “They were getting younger the whole time. This is kids versus adults now!” said Paul.

“Doesn't really seem fair.” said Joe. “Here's the next pitch. Oh, it's a long drive to the outfield!”

Tom makes it home!” said Paul. “The ball is thrown to third base, but Charlie is just too fast for them and makes it just in time!”

Gosh, everyone seems to be faster now that they're younger.” said Joe. “Guess they aren't at such a disadvantage after all.”

For sure, but imagine going through puberty in reverse.” said Paul.

They're squeaking these runs by, but so far no home runs to get everyone in.” said Joe. The next batter came up, floppy shoes and helmet on, looking like a thirteen-year-old boy. Their pants were tied tightly with a belt to keep them on. Each time they saw a pitch coming, their helmet fell and blocked their view, causing them to miss. Eventually they struck out and he lowered his head, going back to the dugout.

“That's a real shame.” said Joe. “But I guess it's to be expected.”

“Now lets see how they do in the outfield.” said Paul. They watched as the younger team took their places. Glenn took to the pitcher's mound and looked strong, but young and small. His uniform was wrinkling on him, and his height was clearly lower than the opposing team. He was still able to throw good pitches, but they weren't as strong or fast. Any time anyone scored a hit, it was powerful, but the Giants were still faster and able to get under the ball faster. Soon the gap in ages was becoming even more apparent as the team shrank in the outfield over several innings. Men who started the game looking like they were in their late teens now appeared to be in their early teens, or younger. In the sixth inning, Jackson dove for a ball, only to lose his shoes and socks as a result. Others were losing their pants, which got some laughs from the crowd.

“Well, it looks really one sided now.” said Paul. “Our Giants aren't so giant anymore.”

“No, they're more like squirts!” said Joe. “But they're still in the game! They're only down a few runs, and this is the last inning. It's the little Giants vs the big bad Wild Wolves! A real underdog game!”

Some players began tripping over their comically large uniforms while others playfully ran around the adults on the field to avoid being tagged. The crowd howled with laughter when Larry fell and slid out of his pants, exposing his bare bottom to the cameras. He was now just on the opposite side of puberty, looking very embarrassed.

Looks like a full moon tonight!” said Paul. “Oh man, that must be embarrassing.”

It sure is.” said Joe. “Looks like the little fella is on the verge of tears.”

The price of being young I guess.” said Paul.

It seems like they need a uniform change.” said Joe. “Again.”

In the dugout, there was a bit of a commotion as the coach was yelling at the team. “I thought I told you to stop it with the drink!” he shouted, looking like a young man in his twenties now.

But it's just so good!” shouted Kent, now looking to be around fourteen himself.

It feels good too!” shouted Tom. He took another drink right then and there, and subsequently shrank a little, becoming eleven-years-old. Gaps were forming in his teeth.

“But it's turning you all into kids!” shouted the coach.

We're doing fine out there coach.” said Charlie, now looking to be around thirteen himself. His voice cracked and he felt something shift within his body. His body was undergoing the process of puberty in reverse. He squirmed a little, feeling extra room in his spots cup now. “W-we'll be fine!” He squeaked like a child now.

Uh, Charlie did you just...?” asked Kent, who was about to experience the same thing. His facial hair had begun to recede, and a few pimples appeared on his face.

Ugh, whatever.” said the coach, starting to get into awkward teenage emotions. “Just try and not embarrass yourselves further. The drink will be on the market starting tomorrow, so make it look good!”

Right!” said the team in unison, sounding like a group of young boys.

The coach just shook his head, feeling like a scout master among little Boy Scouts. He drank some of the drink and felt the same rush of energy everyone else had. He loved the taste and the feeling, just like the rest. It had become addictive.

Larry came awkwardly shuffling in, hiking his large pants up and stepping on the legs with bare feet. “I made it home!” he squeaked. His pants kept drooping, exposing his bottom as he walked by the others.

Good, take a break.” said the coach, letting out a sigh. “And stay away from the drink!” Other players began trimming the legs of their uniforms and tying them extra tight around their waists with belts.

Charlie chuckled and headed out to the plate. He had cut his pants off at the knees and tightened them as much as he could. He stuffed his shoes with extra socks to make up for room.

Charlie is up to bat again.” said Joe. “Here comes the pitch. Whoa it's fast, but Charlie hits it!”

“He's running to first base!” said Paul. “Whoops, he slips around the first baseman and makes it to second! He's just too fast for them!”

Charlie had to abandon his shoes as he raced around the bases. They clattered to the ground behind him along with the extra socks as he slid into third, getting dirt all over his awkwardly trimmed pants. He stood and dusted himself of, his shirt now drooping to his crotch.

He just stole third base!” shouted Joe. “What a move! Even without shoes he's amazing!”

“Yeah, it makes me want to try some of that drink even more!” said Paul.

Same here!” said Joe. “Good thing the ball ground is made of soft dirt and grass.”

Up next is Tom, who appears to have taken a queue from Charlie and is just wearing a shirt and underwear.” said Paul. “Who would have ever thought we would see such a thing in professional baseball.”

It's strange, that's for sure.” said Joe. “But wait, look at the Wild Wolves. They're looking more and more like teens now. They're trying to even the playing field!”

Are they drinking more of that stuff?” asked Paul. “Would they really do that?”

It would seem so.” said Joe. “One truly has to wonder just what it must feel like.”

Tom hit the ball and the children team of the Giants were indeed running circles around the Wild Wolves, even as they went shoeless, leaving ever smaller foot prints in the dirt as they ran the bases. The Wild Wolves found themselves more powerful, able to hit more home runs, but could not outrun the Giants. Charlie managed to slide into home before they could throw the ball to the catcher, but the bases were still loaded.

That was an amazing play!” said Paul. “Now the score is tied! If they can just get one more run in, the Giants win!”

“Next up is Kent.” said Joe. “He's the only one still wearing shoes. Don't let us down!”

Kent held the bat in his hands. It had grown heavy as his body grew younger. Though their bodies remained physically fit, they were still growing weaker. Even so, Kent did his best as he celebrated his thirteenth birthday all over again. His clothes felt very roomy, but he didn't care. He was full of youthful energy and felt amazing. He felt the warm breeze blow through his loose uniform, making it billow around him. He hit the ball, but it didn't make it far. He took a tumble running to first base, losing his shoes and socks as a result. He did his best to keep his pants on, but by the time he had pulled them back up, he was out.

“Got you kid.” said the first baseman with a grin. “You're looking pretty shrimpy little man. Heheheh.”

Kent just made a face and turned, walking back to the dugout after picking up his shoes and socks. “That sucked.” he said to himself. He eyed the coach as he walked back down. He was looking more and more like a teen himself. “Coach, we need new uniforms.” His voice cracked as he spoke, making him sound younger than he looked.

“Think I don't know that?” asked the coach, who's clothes were wrinkled up on him as well. He looked very silly, wearing adult-sized clothes meant for an over weight man in his fifties. “I'm already on it. The company says they will pay for new uniforms in whatever sizes we need, but we need to keep going with what we have.”

Ugh, okay.” said Kent. He sat down and began trimming the legs of his pants. The rest of the team was looking more like a league of pre-teens all sitting around in their over-sized uniforms.

“Heh, not much there now is there?” Tom joked, pointing at Charlie's loose sports cup.

Charlie blushed and stuck out his tongue, now just a twelve-year-old. “You're one to talk!” he said.

Haha, but I'm bigger and older now!” said Tom, who was still about fourteen, closer to thirteen.

Boys, boys, please!” shouted the teenage coach. “We need just one more point to win the game!”

Who is going out there?” asked Larry.

Billy, you're up.” said the coach.

Billy stood and hiked up his underwear and sports cup, tying them in place with string. “Gotcha!” he said, his voice cracking. He grabbed a bat and went out barefoot, leaving his socks behind. He stood at the base, hearing the laughter of the people around him. He became a little nervous and scared, especially since he was only twelve and the opposing team were intimidating older teens. He lifted his heavy bat and got ready. He saw the pitch coming and his body tensed up. He swung, and felt the bat hit the ball.

I don't believe it!” shouted Joe. “It's a home run!”

The Giants win!” shouted Paul. “The Giants win! The Giants win!” The crowd shouted and cheered as Billy ran the bases and the other players on base came home. In the end they won by three points and that was that. The announcers went down for an interview like last time.

“Tell us coach, what is it like to coach a team of kids?” asked Joe.

“Well, it's awkward, but they did win!” shouted the coach. He turned back to see them coming up behind him with the jug of sports drink. “No no! Not this time!” He waved his hands and made them stop, but they were all giggling.

Aww, come on coach!” shouted Charlie.

“Yeah, don't ya wanna be kids like us?” asked Tom.

He will be soon.” said Larry, giggling.

How does it feel being kids again?” asked Paul.

“It feels amazing!” shouted Kent.

“Yeah, I love it!” shouted Billy, having grown new confidence.

“You sure did great out there.” said Joe. “I can't wait to try some of that drink.”

Well, good news then!” said the coach. “The company has announced that they will sell the drink at the next game. After that, it'll be available in stores everywhere!”

That's awesome!” shouted Paul. “I'm sure the next game will be very interesting.”

“It sure will be!” squeaked Larry.

All of the players went into the locker room, trading jokes about small sizes and hairless bodies. Everyone compared to see who still had any trace of puberty left. Kent, still being the oldest, only had a few trace hairs left that remained of his once proud maturity. They began to run around in the showers like the excited kids they had become.

After a lot of attention from the press, and people in general, the next game was postponed for a few days until the company could safely get their drink into the stadium. It would be sold in bottles and in fountain form, in all kinds of sweet flavors. A school bus full of young children who's ages ranged from ten to thirteen, pulled up and unloaded. The miniature baseball team went inside to dress in their new uniforms. Outside, the seats were packed with people eager to try the drink and watch the game. Tickets were sold out.

Oh man, so many people.” said Billy, feeling nervous.

“Don't worry, it's going to be okay.” said the coach. “Just have a drink and do the best you can out there. Remember, the other team has been drinking the same stuff we have, so they're in the same boat.”

“R-really?” asked Larry, who was, so far, the only one to shrink down to single digits. His blushing, round, face and gaps in his teeth made him look adorable.

“Yes, really.” said the coach, who was still in his teens. “Now the crowd has it too, so soon they will be kids too. After all, they don't have the same restrictions we did. They'll be drinking it all game.”

I still feel kind of weird.” said Charlie, looking down at his ten-year-old body. “Won't it be hard playing like this? Especially if we get any younger.”

It might.” said the coach. “But we'll make due.”

What about our uniforms?” asked Kent. “I don't want a humiliating experience like last time.”

“If we get younger, we'll end up with the same problems as always.” said Jackson, now just eleven.

The company made sure your uniforms can be tightened and adjusted.” said the coach. “If they get too loose, we'll just do what we did last time and trim them.”

That sounds annoying.” said Tom, standing beside Charlie, lording his bit of extra height over him.

It's the best solution we could come up with.” said the coach. “I don't want to hear anyone whining.”

Then you best cover your ears.” said Charlie.

Ugh, whatever.” said the coach. “Now go win that game!”

The team took to the field as the opposing team was up to bat. Once again, the announcers came over the speakers.

Hello everyone!” shouted Joe, sounding a bit younger. “Welcome to today's game! It's our own Sun City Giants versus the Pickadilly Pirates! I'm Joe!”

And I'm Paul!” shouted Paul, sounding younger as well. “We're delighted to have you all here today and hope you're all enjoying your new Rejuvix drinks! I know we are!” He took another sip of his drink and smiled.

That's right, but remember, today's game is being sponsored by Yummy Tum brand candy!” said Joe. “It's yummy for your tummy!” He chuckled a little, finding that line funny as he returned to his teens. Everyone in the crowd was slowly becoming younger as they watched and drank their drinks. It was off limits to anyone under eighteen, but the adults had their fill.

Oooh, candy sounds good right about now!” said Paul. “Both teams are on equal footing as far as physical age goes.”

Which means their mental abilities will be the deciding factor here.” said Joe.

Given that each team has become younger, it looks more like a little league game.” said Paul.

Just remember, these kids were all adults just a few days ago.” said Joe. “They still have their skills and memories, but will it be enough?”

Time to get this game started!” said Paul. “Here's the first pitch by Glenn. Looks like he's still got it even at this age!”

Swing and a miss!” said Joe. “That's strike one!”

Glenn tosses the next pitch.” said Paul. “It's another strike!”

“Good job Glenn!” said Joe. “Here's the next pitch.”

“It's a hit!” shouted Paul. “It's going, going, going, and caught by Charlie!”

That's out one!” should Joe.

A good start for our little Giants!” said Paul.

As the game went on, things seemed evenly matched. Each team had the same idea to increase their intake of the drink in order to turn the tide, and as a result, each grew younger than the other over and over again. Everyone had gone from double digits to single, becoming less developed, yet still full of energy and with fit bodies. Things were becoming more and more difficult to manage. The crowd had become a gathering of mostly teens and children now. Both teams were still evenly matched, but with less mature bodies came more complications. After a few innings...

Larry is on third base.” said Joe, now a teenage boy with scruffy hair. “He's been there a while, waiting for someone to bring him home.”

Larry stood there awkwardly, now around age six. His pant legs drooped down over his shoes, which were increasingly roomy on his shrinking feet. He had tied his pants tightly before hitting the ball, but now they were loose again. He had a large amount of the sports drink before going to bat, assuring he would hit it with some power and accuracy. However, drinking so much had another side effect besides regression. He felt a pain in his bladder, and really had to go. He shuffled from one foot to the other, wondering when the coach would call in a time out.

“Looks like Larry is doing the potty dance.” said Paul. His voice cracked a little and he had to adjust his seat to match his new height.

Well, here comes Charlie to bring him home.” said Joe.

Charlie walked up, his uniform drooping and tied tight around his waist. He had shrunk down to eight, with gaps in his teeth slowly filling with baby teeth, and his hair starting to turn a lighter shade of brown. He picked up one of the lighter bats laid out for younger players and tapped the base, then pointed to the outfield. He chewed on some pink chewing gum and blew a bubble that popped perfectly.

Looks like he's going for a home run!” shouted Paul.

This should be something!” said Joe.

Charlie waited for the pitch from the eight-year-old pitcher and swung. He hit it into the outfield and ran as fast as he could.

Larry grabbed at his crotch and ran, feeling warm wetness now. “No no no!” he shouted to himself. He shrank more and more as he ran, and his pants became drenched. He ended up stepping out of them, as well as his shoes and socks.

“Uh oh, looks like Larry could have really used a potty break.” said Paul. They looked down as Larry shrank down to five, then four. He tumbled out of his uniform, but managed to toddle to home plate, still leaving a wet trail as he did. The crowd erupted in laughter as Larry covered himself and ran into the locker room.

“Well, that sure was something.” said Joe. “Here comes the coach to retrieve his uniform from the field. He's looking like a kid too now.:

“So are we!” said Paul, giggling a little. “Your facial hair is gone!”

“So is yours!” said Joe.

“Guess that means no more beer for you.” said Paul.

“Not like I need it with this Rejuvix drink.” said Joe, gulping some more down. “Looks like the game is on pause for a bit while things get cleaned up. Folks, now is a good time to refresh your refreshments, and remember to fill up on some Yummy Tum candy!”

Back in the dugout, Larry came toddling out of the locker room wearing only a disposable, baseball themed pull-up and shirt. In his chubby little hand was a sippy cup of the sports drink. He climbed up onto the bench and sat down, nursing from it as he looked around and blushed. Everything was so big now, and slowly growing bigger. Most of the players had gotten too young to pitch well, so a T was brought out to use instead.

We're back!” said Joe, sounding much younger. “Looks like we're switching over to T-ball for the rest of the game to make it easier on the players.”

Tom is up to bat next.” said Paul, now sounding like a little kid. Puberty had left him during their break, and he wore nothing but his boxers and over-sized shirt at the booth.

He looks so small down there.” said Joe, now just a bit older than Paul.

They all do.” said Paul.

Tom gripped his little training bat tightly, chewing on some candy. He was somehow younger and smaller than Charlie now, and had abandoned his shoes. His pants were tightly tied around his waist and his pants were cut off at the knees, yet went down to his ankles. He looked like a little kid pretending to be a baseball player. His plump cheeks blushed as he heard the comments from the crowd about how cute he was, and he wiggled his shrinking feet in the dirt. He squared up next to the T and wound up, then hit the ball. It went a good distance, but was no where close to being a home run. He toddled to first base, but just barely.

Charlie chuckled at his rival who looked like he was ready to attend kindergarten, but he himself wasn't faring much better. That hit allowed him to get to third base, but he was down to about six now, and hiked his pants up.

Kent is up next.” said Joe. “Still the oldest player, but that just means he's about seven.”

Everyone is cheering for him.” said Paul.

Kent sweated, the collar of his shirt drooped low, as did the crotch of his pants. He gripped the handle of his bat and swung at the ball on the T, hitting it into the outfield. He hiked up his pants and ran to first while Charlie waddled to home. He stumbled a little, losing his socks and stepping on the legs of his already cut off pants. He was quickly tagged out, as was Charlie, and the teams changed sides.

“Well, that could have gone better.” said Joe.

It sure could have.” said Paul. They both watched as the child teams switched sides. Now the outfield was filled with kids who were very near toddlers, and they continued to regress while playing. They had all left their shoes behind, now being much too small for them.

Instead of pitching, Glenn was short stop. He raced for a ball hit by the other team, then dove for it, leaving his pants and underwear behind. He tossed the ball to Jackson who was on first base and got the first out. It wasn't until he stood up and felt the breeze between his knees and heard the laughter that he realized something was amiss. He blushed and turned, seeing his pants and underwear laid out on the ground. He quickly scooped them up and put them back on, tying them even tighter. Every time someone hit the ball, it was a scramble of toddlers awkwardly going for it.

Wow!” said Joe, now a child himself and slurping down more drink.

“Yeah!” shouted Paul, taking a moment to pop his thumb out of his mouth. He stood up on his chair, now just a five-year-old himself. His underpants fell to his feet but his shirt covered all the way to his knees. “That was awesome!”

They need one more out and they win!” said Joe. He turned to see Paul holding his crotch and dancing from one foot to the other on his chair. “Paul what's wrong?”

Gotta pee pee!” said Paul.

“Then go!” shouted Joe, like an older brother yelling at his younger brother.

“No!” shouted Paul. “I wanna see what happens!”

I don't want you peein' all over the place!” said Joe. “Go potty!”

“F-fine!” said Paul. He hopped down and padded off to the toilet while Joe watched the game and continued to shrink.

The next batter is...well, a baby!” said Joe. A child of around three-years-old was carried out onto the field by an adult in a uniform. They were wearing a baseball themed diaper and shirt, and looked shy about it. Every time he was about to grab the bat, the crowd would awe and he would hide behind the adult. It took a bit of urging, but they finally got him to pick up a small plastic bat and hit the ball. It didn't go far, and Tom was able to catch it and awkwardly toss it to Jackson on first. The ball landed at his own chubby foot, so he kicked it and landed on his rear in the dirt.

The crowd chuckled at the antics, sounding like school children. Parents who had brought their kids to the game were now kids themselves, and some ended up even younger than their own children.

The batter toddled his way to first base, then began sucking his thumb as he sat down on it. The kids in the outfield had begun tossing and rolling the ball around. Larry was admiring a bug on a flower with his diapered rear in the air. Charlie stood there looking at everyone confused as he too shrunk to three. Most of the team was in training pants or diapers now, and most of them already needed a change.

Wha I miss?” asked Paul, returning from the bathroom now wearing only a pull-up.

Ya missed the baby!” said Joe, giggling at Paul's attire. “Ya wearin' a diaper!”

“Ish not a diapee!” said Paul. “Ish big boy undies!”

Haha, if ya say so!” said Joe, now just a thumb sucking child himself.

Eventually one of the tots in the outfield managed to tag one of the babies who wondered off of their base and ended the game. The crowd cheered and tossed empty cups into the air.

Weww, dats it evwyone!” said Paul.

Giants win!” said Joe. “Lets go see em!”

“Okay!” said Paul eagerly. They toddled down to the field, assisted by some grown-ups in uniforms bearing the Rejuvix logo. They had been spreading out this whole time to take care of anyone in need.

How's it feew to win da big game as widdle boys?” asked Paul.

“It feews gweat!” said Charlie.

I wuv it!” shouted Tom, giggling and chewing on a pacifier. He had become a mere two-year-old toddler wearing a baseball themed diaper.

Larry, the youngest, was currently getting a diaper change on the bench. “A bah goo!” he babbled, giggling and clapping.

Dere ya haf it folks!” said Joe, having dwindled to a mere four-year-old now. “If ya excuse me, I hafta go potty!” He dropped his mic and toddled off to the bathroom.

How 'bout you coach?” asked Paul.

“Ish da best!” said the coach, now just wearing a pull-up and baseball shirt himself. He was hopping up and down in excitement. “I feew bettew dan evew!”

“Dat's good, cuz ya gonna need it fow da next game.” said Paul.

“Yay!” the team cheered and celebrated with sippy cups and baby bottles of the wonderful youth elixir.

A few more days passed and it was finally time for another game. However, this time things had to be a lot different. Most, if not all, of the players had become diaper wearing toddlers or toe sucking babies. They were each brought onto the field by adults in Rejuvix uniforms. The field itself had to be greatly reduced in size. The bats and balls were now made of a safe, hollow plastic, and the bases were made of pillow-y soft plush material. Team members either sat at their bases or stood in walkers, trying not to get distracted by sun beams and bugs. The announcers were now babbling toddlers sitting in their booth in high chairs.

Wewcome da game!” said Joe, now just three-years-old. “My name Joe. We watchin da Giants n Ducks pway game!”

Ah buh guh Paww!” said Paul, trying to introduce himself. He was only one though, so it was difficult.

Bwought to you by new spowt diapees!” said Joe. An advertisement came up showing Rejuvix brand sports diapers for babies and toddlers in various sports designs, made for extra movement and comfort. “Oooh, speakin' of diapees...”

Paul giggled and blushed. “Poopie!” he announced.

Tinky Pauw! Time fow diapee change!” said Joe, giggling. He watched one of the uniformed adults come in to change Paul's diaper on a little changing table. Soon the game would begin.“Hewe come da game!”

Glenn, the pitcher, was placed in a baby bouncer at the pitcher's mound. He gummed the ball before tossing it, and having it roll in the dirt up to another baby player who was sitting there with a tiny plastic bat. The baby hit the ball and it slowly rolled in the grass. Charlie and Kent, both three-year-olds, raced to get it, but bumped into each other and fell to their diapered bottoms and cried. Larry, barely a year old, crawled up to the ball and stuck it in his mouth. He rolled onto his back and spat it out, then tossed it and began sucking on his toes. Their chunky little bodies and bulky diapers made it a very cute spectacle for the crowd.

Meanwhile, the coach was still just four, watching from the dugout, which was now more like a nursery with baby gates and playpens. He spat out his pacifier and shouted “Get da baww!” He stomped his little feet, having a tantrum over his team of babies that couldn't seem to keep focused.

The sale of the Rejuvix formula provided a fortune for the company, which they then had to turn around and use to help people who had regressed into children, toddlers, and babies. They had modified the formula so that people would no longer regress past the age of three, but for those testing it, and those who had some before, it was too late. They would grow back up again, provided they stopped drinking the formula. However, time would prove just how hard that was. The drink was addictive and also cumulative, so the more they drank the longer they would stay young. The drink became used in other sports, which soon required them to change to nursery versions of themselves. They were under contract after all, so they had to keep going. Even so, the fans remained dedicated and kept watching regardless. They made sure to have dedicated adults to take care of anyone who needed care as a result of using their product, but profits remained high for all time.

The End



End Chapter 1

The Littlest League

by: Ouroboros | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 20, 2023


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