Little Accidents

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Ace is a caretaker at his local daycare, and finds one particular charge is failing at his potty training. Time to take him off his potty chart, but not before the charge gets an idea with some interesting results....

Chapter 1
Little Accidents

Chapter Description: Ace is a caretaker at his local day-care, and finds one particular charge is failing at his potty training. Time to take him off his potty chart, but not before the charge gets an idea with some interesting results....

“Cody, what are we going to do with you?”

Ace looked at the toddler with a stern look. He might have been a chipmunk no taller than his charges, but he had the badge of authority. The word “Caretaker” in big baby blocks, the thing he could tap in instances like this. Cody was a bunny, quite the energetic one at that, and nothing stopped his playtime. Including potty training, judging by his faded designs.

“I… I wanted to play more with Luke and…”

“Cody, look at your chart” Ace pointed upwards. It hung over both of them, a reminder of the days of failure Cody had managed. All but one of the days this week had a very distinct raincloud on it, testament to how poorly the bunny could pay attention to his needs.

“It… it’s not my fault… I just…”

Ace sighed “We’ve got to put you back in diapers Cody, you know the rules”

The bunny blushed, his eyes starting to water “Bu… but I’m a big boy. I dun wanna go back into diapers!”

“Cody” Ace put his hands on his hips “Come on, let’s get you changed”

Just as the chipmunk was about to take his hand, a panda came up behind him “Hey Ace, isn’t it your lunch break now?”

The chipmunk looked round and up “Hey Mary, yeah but I’ve got to get Cody sorted, he’s had another accident.”

The panda smiled caringly down at the bunny, whose blush intensified “Poor little guy, well how about I get him into his diaper and you can go for your break?”

Ace relaxed his stance and ruffled Cody’s hair. He’d be taller than him soon, Ace thought to himself, better take advantage of the ability to do that while he could.

“Heh, alright. You be good for Miss Mary ok Cody?” the bunny nodded back, huffing a little at the teasing “I’ll have to rub your name out on the chart for now, we’ll try again some other time ok”

The bunny visibly started to tear up, but Mary quickly hoisted him onto her arm and popped a pacifier in his maw “See ya in a bit Ace, I’m sure he’ll get there eventually won’t you” she said, booping his nose with her finger as she carried him off to the changing room. 

Ace looked back at the chart. He’d need his booster step to get up there, but that’s why he had the key to the cupboard underneath it. Pulling it out of his trouser pocket, the bunny opened up the storage unit under the chart and pulled out the little colourful step ladder. Sure, it was childish, but everything was in this place. With a couple of quick steps he was up at the top, eraser in hand and removing Cody's name from the top. Someone else's name could go up there soon, and he’d remove the stickers later. They could be a bit of a nightmare to get off sometimes. Slowly making his way down from the stairs, the bunny looked back round to see Cody, arms crossed and pouting, getting put into his Pawpers. With another sigh, the chipmunk headed towards the lunchroom for a welcome break.


As Cody was lifted off the changing table, he looked down at his new underwear. The face of Elmo from Sesame Street was staring back at him, waving as if to say “Welcome Back!”

He hated it. Stupid Ace, telling him he needed to go in these. He was just a bit distracted! And it’s not like Ace was bigger than him, he just had the silly caretaker badge. With heavy steps the bunny made his way back towards the playpen, before something caught his eye.

The step-ladder. Ace’s step-ladder. Still directly under what used to be his chart.

Cody walked up to it. There was a board marker still left under the chart, as well as the stickers and the eraser. He could put his name up there again! But… then he’d still be one accident away from diapers, and there’s no way he could get the stickers off.

It was then the bunnies eyes lit up. Ace wasn’t bigger than him, everyone just thought he was bigger. So what if he needed diapers? Then he’d be like him!

Carefully making his way up the step-ladder, the bunny reached upwards to the nameplate. He thought to himself for a moment. How was Ace spelled? Must be A, like Apple, that’s obvious, but was it an S that came afterwards or…

Then his name badge came into his mind. He remembered that clearly enough. And it wasn’t an S. That was a C and an E!

He dragged the marker across the plate, the A just about managing to stay legible. The C was easy enough, now just for the E…


Ace stared down at his finished specially prepared lunch sandwich. He enjoyed cooking at home, but there was no way to do that here. So a good wholemeal sandwich was the best he could manage. Getting up off the chair, he landed firmly on the floor, removing his booster seat that helped him reach the table and stacking it with the others for the toddlers, next to the door. Opening the way back into the playroom his eyes immediately shot to a bunny, much higher up than he should be and fiddling with the potty charts…

“Cody!” he shouted from across the room. The kid was writing something on the nameplate, and just as he finished Ace arrived at the scene

“Cody, come down carefully, you shouldn’t be up there!”

The bunny grinned down at him from behind his pacifier “Nuh-uh! You’re just a baby now!” he pointed at the chart. Ace looked to see what the bunny had done, his name was scrawled just about legibly at the top of the chart, still full with rain clouds from earlier. Ace sighed, poor kid was just trying to get some kind of revenge. He laughed softly, getting on the first step.

“Ok, good joke kiddo” he grabbed Cody under his armpits and went to lift him…

Except he felt like he weighed a ton.

“Hey! That tickles…”

“ACE! CODY! Get down from there this instant” In a flash, Mary ran back across to the pair, grabbing Cody from the top step and putting him back down on the soft playroom floor.

“What were you doing to Ace’s chart?”

What? Ace thought to himself. She hadn’t just said “Ace’s chart?” had she? She wasn’t in on this prank as well?

“Sowwy Mary, was just having fun…” Cody looked down at his feet.

“I know Ace is struggling but you’re not going to get back on the board just because he comes off it”

Ace was now more than a little put off by this “Ok, jokes over you two, I’ll just wipe this off now”

It was then he felt Mary’s arms under him, lifting him off the step ladder and onto the floor “Ace, I’m disappointed, you’re supposed to want to potty train, not just have accidents until you wipe your name off the board”

Ok, Ace thought, this is now getting ridiculous “Mary, please stop with the prank, it was a good laugh but Cody could’ve been hurt and…”

Without batting an eyelid Mary then took his pants and pulled them to the ground. This sudden and complete invasion of his privacy took the chipmunk aback completely. He pulled his shirt down and recoiled.

“MARY! What are you…”

“Oh, still got all your stars I see”


“Do you need to go potty now Ace or do you think you’ll be ready after story-time?”

He looked down. There, on full display, was a pair of bright blue training pants. Thomas the Tank Engine stared back at him, as did the fade when wet stars that made up the absorbent middle.

“What the…?”

“He’s gonna need diapers like me!” Cody announced, walking away towards a steadily forming circle of toddlers. All of them were avidly awaiting story-time, and Mary thought that…

“Ace, potty or no potty? I’ve got to tell ya about Cinderella…”

“I.. don’t need these…” he pointed at the pull-up before grabbing at his pants “I don’t…”

“I’ll take you pulling your pants back up as a no” Mary took his pants buttons and did them up before the chipmunk could respond. He couldn’t hide his shock at this point, and he wasn’t convinced he hadn’t just fallen asleep in his lunch break. With a firm but caring grasp, Mary took him and by the hand and led him over to the circle, sitting him down next to Cody, who was grinning from ear to ear.

“What… what did you do Cody?” he felt his voice break. He looked down at his slightly puffy pants again as the bunny rocked back and forth.

“I put ya name on da potty chart! So now, you need to wear diapers too!”

Ace put his hands on his Cody's shoulders “Yes but… how? This isn’t a joke Cody, I…”

“Ace please, you can play with Cody later, everyone else needs you to be quiet for Storytime”

Ace stopped and looked at Mary. He knew that look, she wasn’t going to mess around here if he talked back to her. Down that road was a short trip to the timeout stool and a long wait looking at the wall. With a shuffle in his crinkly seat, he settled in, hoping he could sort this out when the story was over


“Bibbity bobbity…”


The kids giggled and clapped, smiling as Mary told them about the pumpkin carriage. Ace had heard this story a hundred times already, he’d even told it a couple of times. For the kids it was enrapturing, for him it was just boring. His mind was elsewhere, still wondering how on earth he’d ended up in this situation. The pull-ups were snug, noticeable even when he was sat down. There was no way this was just a prank, he hadn’t put those on this morning and…

His mind suddenly focussed on another issue. His bladder twinged, not just a little but with a very clear need for release. Instinctively, Ace’s hand shot to his crotch, hoping to stem any immediate flow. None came, thankfully, but all this did was set off panic stations in his brain. He stood up, hoping to get to the bathroom before…

“Ace honey, please sit down, Storytime isn’t quite over yet” Mary looked at him again. There was still a firmness in her voice, however caring she sounded and he knew he wasn’t going to get away from her if he ran.

“Please Mary, I need to…”

“That’s “Miss Mary” Ace and you need to sit down.” the caring tone had gone. He’d crossed a line, toddlers always had to refer to caretakers with “Mr” or “Miss”.

“Please… Miss Mary I…”

“Last chance Ace, everyone else wants to hear whether the shoe fits, don't they” all the toddlers nodded or said “Yeah!” in response. He was outnumbered and outgunned.

“But.. I’m gonna pee!”

Everyone around him giggled. Ace blushed, his hand still grasping the front of his pants.

“You had a chance to go potty before Storytime Ace, but ok. You can go to your potty”

Ace grinned “Thank you Ma.. Miss Mary” he said, shooting off towards the staff bathroom.

“Ace, your potty isn’t that way!” Mary shouted back towards him, getting to her feet. “Honestly, what has gotten into you today.”

Ace turned around to face her. She was much faster, her stride much longer than his. As he reached the door to the staff bathroom he reached for the handle with his free hand, desperate to get into the room that would prevent certain embarrassment.

“Come on mister, I think someone needs some time in Time Out!” before he could even turn it, Mary had hoisted him up onto her shoulder.

“N… Noooo! I need to…” As Ace’s mouth opened he felt a large foreign object shoved forcefully into it. His tongue wrapped round the rubbery bulb and immediately recognised the feeling of a pacifier. He tried to spit it out but Mary had her finger firmly placed on the shield.

“Ace, you’re being very naughty today! If this comes out before you finish time out, we’ll have to put you with the little ones!”

He stopped. To an outside observer, they would’ve assumed it was because he was listening, because he wanted to be good, for a change.

In reality, Ace was entirely distracted by the steadily growing warmth in the front of his pull-ups. It was all he could manage to not start crying as the wetness pooled in the bottom of the absorbent padding. The pacifier provided comfort he wouldn’t have liked to admit to as he allowed himself to be carried over to the corner of the playpen, especially when he was plopped down onto the Time Out stool and he felt the soaked garment press against his fur.

“Now, you can sit here until nap-time.” Mary pulled the back of his pants and pull-ups, sighing as she inspected the damage “You’ll be due for a diaper change then anyway I suppose. Not that you’ve seemed to mind being wet…”

Ace squirmed in his seat. He hated the feeling, but Mary was treating him like Cody! This was all his fault, he thought to himself, crossing his arms and pouting as he turned to face the happy faces on the wall of the time out space.


Cody smiled, taking in the sight of Ace being carried over to the time-out space and grinned to himself. He knew he was just a baby! All the other caretakers were big, like Mary, but Ace was nearly smaller than him! As he watched Mary head past him towards the potty training charts, he realised what was about to happen. The panda grabbed the eraser and wiped Cody’s handiwork off the top of the chart, removing the scrawl of Ace’s name entirely….


It only took a minute or two for Ace to feel a new problem starting to build. Apparently his bladder wasn’t the only thing that had needed release. The grumbling in his tummy certainly wasn’t hunger, but he couldn’t believe he needed to go so desperately. He wasn’t a potty training toddler, he could hold this until nap-time, and then he could ask Mary to use the bathroom. Yeah, that would be fine… right?

As if to answer his question his stomach cramped, the grumbling going to full gurgles in an instant. He felt a little “frrrt” sound come out of his rear and hit the sodden pull-up, the gas in his tummy managing to escape his attempts to keep himself from having a far more embarrassing accident. He bit down on his pacifier as he clenched, holding his midriff and looking desperately around. Mary was chatting to kids on the other side of the playpen, directly blocking the route to the bathroom. There’s no way he’d be able to get there without being caught, even if none of the kids tattled on him as he made a run for it.

But the potties were clear.

All of the training potties were lined up next to the charts, and while there were a couple of kids on the way, he could probably make it there in time. Even if Mary put him in diapers at least he could show her he wasn’t a baby, make it look like he had some semblance of adulthood.

The chipmunk eased himself off the stool, trying to quietly move away from the timeout area. It wasn’t difficult to avoid Mary seeing him, but he could feel his tummy really starting to move. He didn’t have long…

“Miss Mary! Ace is out of time out!”

Ace looked straight at the owner of the voice. Cody, sitting down in his diaper and t-shirt was pointing straight at him while looking over at the panda. That little…

“Ace! You get back on that stool this instant!”

The chipmunk wasn’t listening, at least not to Mary. The shock of hearing Cody had distracted him long enough to make his stomachs complaints extremely desperate. He ran, his wet pull-up squishing between legs as he tried to unbutton his pants on the way there. He popped the first button just as he reached the potty area, undid his flies and...

With a huge groan the chipmunk grabbed his stomach. The last cramp was enough to make him instinctively squat, his trousers falling to ground around his ankles. He’d lost the battle, he could already feel it, his body was betraying him at the most embarrassing possible moment. There was the potty, it’s adorable designs almost taunting him as he felt the mess hit the back of his pull-ups. He couldn’t stop it, he couldn’t control it, it was coming out of him whether he liked it or not. The mass squished around his butt before dropping away, the lump in his pull-ups dragging them down dangerously low, the tail hole stretching to accommodate his accident. The pacifier in his mouth was his only comfort, the only small thing that helped distract him from the small cries of “ewww” he could hear from the other toddlers.

“Oh Ace” Mary quickly picked the chipmunk up and held him out in front of her “Come on, let’s get you in a diaper before you blowout”

Ace could no longer hold it back. He sobbed openly as he was laid down on the changing table by the panda, desperately suckling to avoid a full on bawl. The panda professionally started removing his destroyed training pants. He felt like she spent hours wiping him down before the powder came out and the diaper was laid next to him. As his little legs were lifted and the diaper pulled between his legs, the chipmunk didn’t even squirm. Maybe he could get out of this… maybe…


Cody watched as Ace was changed into the diaper, giggling to himself. He’d always known Ace was really a big baby, not the caretaker his badge had said he was. As Mary took Ace in her arms, she chided the crying and diapered chipmunk and started heading towards the infant care room. Cody, ever the distracted bunny, allowed the gurgling in his tummy to take its course. He smiled to himself before sitting down with a squish. Maybe he’d get to play with Ace soon, once he was better behaved...



End Chapter 1

Little Accidents

by: Anonymous | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 13, 2021


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Noah Johnson · Nov 12, 2023

can't wait to see this continued

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