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Chapter 2

Chapter Description: Anthony meets an "ally" in Kim, but everyone has an angle.

“I know it’s frustrating, but that’s how this works.” She explained, removing the last vestiges of mushed vegetables from his cheek. “When you agreed to be her baby she marked you. The mark compels you to behave in whatever way they please. For you it was to behave like a baby.” At this revelation, Anthony’s heart sank, but what alarmed him was turning into an actual infant. “I know what you are thinking and no, you won’t become an actual baby, but you will act like one. Not completely mind you. You will remain largely who you are, but portions of your personality will become babyish. Your bodies’ functions will suffer the most though. Btw, what’s your name?“

“Anthony, but what did you mea..” Before he could inquire further as to what Kim meant. Anthony felt a rumbling in his abdomen, but it wasn’t until he felt a surge of movement towards his hindquarters that he understood. “No. This can’t be fucking real.” He cried, a stream of fecal matter flooding the diaper. Overwhelmed by shame, all Anthony could do was weep as the rest of his lunch emptied out of him. “’s ok. It’s not your fault.” Kim cooed, rubbing the boy’s back. “This will make you feel better.” A rubber teat belonging to a pacifier found its way in-between his lips, which Anthony instinctively began to suck. “Now let’s get you changed. You smell horrible, baby.”

Kim teased removing the miniature table from the oversized highchair in order to free her chocolate charge. Emotionally drained he simply followed Kim by the hand as she led him out of the kitchen and down a grand hallway. Along the way she explained how the creatures that held them prisoner were once wealthy humans, or at able to afford the cost to extend their lives indefinitely. In exchange for this long-life and new power they became hideous monsters that serve hell. As its servants they were tasked with feeding those unwilling to serve to it, explaining the hills of bugs.

“Wait, we are in hell right now?” He asked, the pacifier threatening to fall from his lips. “From what I understand we are in a corner of hell that was designed to loosely resemble earth. It was made to accommodate the human monsters that live here.”

She further went on to explain how deep down they were still human and desired things like children. In fact Kim was “adopted” as the thirteen year old daughter of a neighbor, even though she was a twenty-six year old woman. “Is there a way out?” Anthony asked through a torrent of tears. “Well, before you become fully consumed by this place. Half of your soul is still stuck in our world. Eventually you will phase back into reality before being dragged back into this dump. I guess if you can get the person who brought you here to undo the deal you will be free.” What Kim didn’t tell the lad was that he’d have little memory of his time in hell, or recall much what she said. Still, this was enough to quell his sobbing for the time.

“Here we go, kid. This will be your room for now.” Awash in disgust at the sight before him Anthony refused to budge any further. “I’m not a baby.” He spat, refusing to even look at the teen-sized baby furniture within. Even a slight glimpse of the pastel walls and the changing table at its center sickened him. Not even the squishy mess between his legs could motivate Anthony forward.

“Aww, is my baby cranky?” A deep guttural voice asked from shadows seated behind the duo. “Mommy!” Anthony yelled instinctively though he initially couldn’t figure out why.” All the boy could do is waddle happily over to his overgrown “mother” With ease she swept her “baby” off his feet, holding him close to her massive bosom. “Someone is stinky and needs a change.” She teased, tickling young Anthony’s, belly inspiring the boy to giggle.

“No. Dis not right. Big boy. Gababab big boy.” Words flowed fourth from Anthony’s mouth in a wave of gibberish. Just a few moments ago his speech was as articulate as it had always been. It took only a smile from Kim to remind him of the mark. Finally it dawned on him how truly dire his situation was.



End Chapter 2


by: Stolas | Story In Progress | Last updated May 19, 2021


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