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Chapter 3
Glenn's Downfall

Glenn sucked upon The Master's engorged member with reckless abandon. His mind consumed with fear, yet the man was unable to resist the demon's sway. All he could do was sit and suckle until his body was released. With a snap of scaly fingers Glenn's form unceremoniously collapsed into a fleshy heap on the ground below. Defeated and embarrassed the yet-to-be-potty trained man apologized for his defiance. Unmoved by this pathetic pleading The Demonic Overlord merely sneered with disdain at the sight before him. He was not a forgiving man in life, and as an entity of the pit even less so. Therefore, acts of prostration were futile, but even still, he could be satiated. All knew of this "weakness" and preyed upon it whenever they displeased him, save for Glenn of course who meekly shivered beneath his gaze.

Initially, the part of Anthony yet untainted by infancy took pleasure in seeing his babysitter humbled. The movement in his loins led Anthony to think that perhaps he was taking too much satisfaction in Glen's humiliation. He could feel his manhood harden within the diaper's urine-soaked folds, as the young man shook with fear. In that instant the youth wanted nothing more than to satisfy himself, but he was bound to play the role of a happy baby.

"I am satisfied for now, Glen. But young Anthony needs a playmate. A role, which I think is suited for you. "Serpentine pupils narrowed on Glen who shrank before him. He was terrified at possibility of having his status returned to an infant. He'd worked too hard to achieve the role of teenager and regression would ruin that. The idea of wearing diapers and drinking formula was not something he was willing top relive, and the frantic cries of "No! Please not that! I will be good!" showed as much. But his pleas found no purchase in The Demon Lord's blackened heart.

"Perhaps a friend? Ah, I think you will make an adorable toddler. I am sure your father won't mind." He said, deaf to the wails of mercy from the downed man clad in a diaper and bib. None could move the Demon Lord's mind when he'd decided on something, as Glen would soon realize.

Finger posed; an explosion of darkness erupted from the hovering digit, showering Glen in inky blackness. He screamed at the assault from the ebony veil as he cowered before the demonic beast. It wasn't so much pain, but the process the former babysitter was undergoing that frightened him. When the darkly tinted muck subsided, Glen wore dinosaur patterned overalls complete with a colorful pull-up. A new bib replaced the frolicking lamb as a T-rex stood in its place. Lastly, a sippy cup sat proudly in his left hand.

"My aren't you a cutie." Announced the fiend before he spoke once more. "Now grab my hand and come help me change Anthony. He's quite soaked."The master's hand outstretched; Glen felt compelled to take the scaly digits before him. Infantile thoughts began to devour him, and the babysitter was helpless to resist the urges that overtook him. In fact, a pleasant feeling overcame the man when he took the adults' hand in his. Glen knew these urges weren't real even if the euphoria he felt was. Just like Anthony, he felt a surge of heat fill his loins. Glen didn't just want to end this feeling, but he desperately wanted The Master to ravage his form.

With his new "little boy" at his side The Master took them both into the oversized nursery. Anthony pouted at the inventible change that was to await him while Glen sucked nervously on his thumb. Not that the chocolate youth didn't wish to be free of the smelly garment. It was just the idea of being changed like an infant that left him cold to the idea. There was also the matter of his erection that had yet to recede since his "father's" earlier display of power. His mild amusement at Glenn's punishment mutated into a bizarre longing to be in his former babysitter's place. Some part of him long to taste the monstrous creature that dressed him like an infant. He knew this was wrong; however,' and desired for it to stop. Unbeknownst to Anthony the feelings of lust would simply intensify with time until his body would ache for The Master's touch.

The Master's size and power made it easy for him to place Anthony upon the changing table and hold him in place with just a single hand. Not that it mattered much since the mark upon the lad made him obedient to the lord's whims. When he was told to lift his legs the youngster, bound by the demon's desires, did so with only the slightest of hesitation.

"Oh, my someone's excited." Cooed the demonic daddy as he looked upon the rigid penis sat upon a sea of yellow cotton. He was delighted at how quickly Anthony's body was succumbing to his body. "Glen, be a good boy and go get some wipes off the table." Without hesitation Glenn wandered over to the nearby table to grab some wipes. He could barely concentrate as the arousal he felt before was still burning brightly within him. He wanted desperately to tear the overalls off, but he didn't want to displease the master any further.

"Good boy. See! You make a much better toddler than a big boy." The master praised Glenn, who strangely felt a beam of pride at being called a toddler. He knew it was the marks work, however. Still, he couldn't help, but take pride in knowing an adult was proud of him. He just wished he could relive the sexual tension he felt. Not even thoughts of escape could surpass the intense desire he felt to run away.



End Chapter 3


by: Stolas | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 23, 2021


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