Ever The Little Baby

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Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Chapter Description: Pamela, Evelyn, Olivia, and Madeline all joining Melanie in her next steps to take down the people responsibility for the Elysium Gas.

“Dr. Elliot Park, been working for Elysium H.A.D. for about 20 years. Been known and accused of abusing Little Girls since before he graduated college at Elysium University. Has an obsession for choking and tying girls up.”

”Dr. Richard Medley, working for Elysium H.A.D. for 16 years. The guy was responsible for at 10 different assaults on Littles who “spoke out of turn.” Has two twin Littles himself, Alana & Amber, but are under the authority of the Elysium Little Protection Agency. Reports say each Little had cuts, burns, bruises on different parts of their body.”

”Dr. Matthew Harrison, working at Elysium H.A.D. for 12 years. Researcher with questionable tactics for experiments in genetics and environmental sciences.Gave the idea to Micheal Nevis to improve the state of Elysium. Also former employee to Elysium Water Treatment, fired by me because of illegal experiments involving the water supply. A chemical substance he developed that makes Littles. more compliant and submissive.” 

Pamela, Evelyn, Madeline, Olivia all sat on the living sofa, listening to Melanie present her findings on the tv. They were pretty use to Melanie telling them everything she did as Evernow. As long as Melanie never crosses the line of execution, they pretty much let her get away with anything. They always figured it was a matter time before she got closer to the people behind the Elysium Gas attack. 

“So what do you wanna do about these guys? Make them give up information on the Gas attack and then go after Nevis?” Madeline said with excitement. She always loved the fact that Melanie was more leader and got things done. 

“Don’t encourage this any further babe. Melanie these guys are hard to get alone. You’ll have to be careful with who you talk to and how you get to them.” Olivia however was more of voice of reason for Madeline’s madness. She was more on the idea that Melanie would hopefully let down her guard long enough to actually see her be sweet & Little. Olivia & Madeline only spent a small amount of time with Melanie when she went in your her Little state, and that was eight months ago.

”Relax Olivia, I’m not gonna face them directly just yet. I have to hurt them where it hurts first: their bank accounts. I just need direct access to the Elysium Credit Union. Which is why I need you all to help me.”

Melanie’s plan was pretty simple. She had Pamela and Evelyn get approved for a loan and had Olivia & Melanie as co-signers. The reason they came up with for applying for the loan was to start renovations and redesign for a new Little they were adopting. Melanie volunteered as long they didn’t go too overboard. 

“Won’t you need to get through security guards once we’re there? You may be able to turn invisible, but that might cause a problem when they see that our Little is suddenly missing.” Evelyn was worried about Melanie getting caught and someone finding out who she really is. She wouldn’t just lose her job, she would lose everyone including the four of them. Evelyn wasn’t entirely convinced that Melanie was doing all of this for the former Tweeners.

”The only power I’ll have to use is my hacking ability. Once I touch a computer, I’ll be hooked up to any server in the building. You guys just have to keep the banker talking and distract them long enough so that I can make my move. I’ll only need about 3 minutes to find the right accounts. Any more questions?” Melanie thought she would be done, thinking her plan was full proof. Then Pamela smiled with a mischievous grin.

”So have you decided on what we talked about yesterday?” The room went dead silent . This was a touchy subject for Melanie, seeing that Pamela just wanted to someone to take care of and nurse. She even convinced the others that a trip to the Elysium Clinic could be beneficial to all of them.

”You know how I feel about that place Pam. I won’t be treated like less than a person.” Melanie said frustrated.

”I’m just saying, shouldn’t we get a chance to actually take care of you, since that is the thing we’re selling to fool these guys.” Pamela quick to respond and received a shove from Evelyn.

”How about we come to a compromise? After work, we all head to the bank and if things go off without a hitch, then we head to the clinic for our injections. If Melanie feels something off, then we leave, no questions asked. Everyone okay with that?” Olivia’s plan sounded solid and everyone nodded in agreement. 

Melanie just had to get use to the idea of letting her guard down more than usual. She dreaded the idea the whole car ride to work. More over because she was forced to ride in a car seat. She didn’t argue because she thought it might help get into the right head space. Hopefully not too much.

After work, Pamela wasted no time in dragging Melanie to a family rest stop to get her properly dressed. The lace and the frills were an added touch to the pink fairytale themed onesie, diaper cover, and shortfall dress. Melanie was quiet the entire ride to the bank trying to force the dress to cover her diaper, to no avail. 

The Elysium Credit Union was a lot bigger than anyone in the group was expecting, lots of young Amazon couples sitting across from desks looking for a loan. As Evelyn carried Melanie after their number was called, she whispered to her discreetly.

"It's gonna be okay Melly. Just a quick touch and sync, then it will be all over." 

"Thanks, just keep him talking for a bit." 

Then Evelyn planted a big kiss right on Melanie's forehead. Melanie herself was experiencing a wave of emotions that made her feel so soothed, she did not even notice when the banker was talking to her.

"Sweetie, you okay? The nice man wants you to say hi."

Melanie was shocked awake, almost like she had been sleeping and woken from the best of dreams. She has to look around to the other girls just to confirm everyone was looking at her. The only thing she wanted to do was hide and disappear into Evelyn.

"Is everything alright? She seems a little bit out of sorts." The man asked asked puzzlingly. Olivia stepped up to the plate and gently took Melanie from Evelyn.

"Sweetheart, remember why were here? This nice man might help us get a big house, and you'll get that playroom you have always wanted." Olivia looked deep into Melanie's eyes and Melanie finally got a hold of her senses. Now Melanie could properly put on her act, slowly reaching the desk, having Olivia scoot closer. Luckily for Melanie, simply touching the bottom of the desktop was enough for her hacking to start.

"Hi Mister Bank Man. Can we have some money pweety pwease?" Amazons were suckers for baby talk, and the old man was no exception.

"Well you're certainly a smart Little girl, learning about how money used. Tell me Little One, what do you want your own room for?"

"Ummm, I wike more stuffies to pway wit. Mommy and Mama said I have to be a good girl to get more stuffies."

None of the ladies were ready for Melanie assigning roles. None of them decided who would be who in regards to caretakers. Luckily Pamela was quick on her feet and saved the day. Dragging Evelyn into her scheme.

"Uhhh...That's right, baby girl Mommy and Mama did promise that." Pamela tapped Evelyn gently on her leg to get her to speak up and sell the trick.

"Right, uhhh right Mama loves making her baby girl happy." Evelyn said with a wide smile as she took Melanie back into her lap away from desktop. Luckily she had finished taking the information she needed. The old man then pointed his gaze towards Madeline and Olivia, who were just as confused.

"So that would make you two..?" The old man curiously asked. Madeline followed Pamela's lead to keep up the ruse. 

"I am Little Melly's Nanny and my wife here is Nana, as Melly likes to say."

The old man looks over the family one more time and goes back to his computer screen. There is a little bit of typing and he keeps glancing back between the family and his screen. He spins around in his chair where the printer behind him prints out a few sheets of paper, and then staples them together. 

"Well everything seems to be in order. If each of you could sign here at the bottom, we'll get you all out of here in no time."

Everyone could now breathe easy for a second. After signing the contract they couldn't leave fast enough with Melanie in tow. She was really confused about how and why she suddenly blacked out. Did a small kiss really send her mind in downward spiral? Why was seeing the others in a different lighting than before? Was it because she started assigning roles to their names? She needed to know what was happening to her and their was only one place to do that.

"Ummm, I'm sorry for what happened back there. But if it's okay with all of you, I think we should all pay a visit to the Elysium Clinic."




End Chapter 2

Ever The Little Baby

by: BabyBoy1672 | Story In Progress | Last updated May 15, 2022


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