Sam's Crawl To Adulthood

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 18, 2024

Chapter Description: Sam eventually comes out of her trigger-induced regression. She finds that Isabelle has a plan for her recovery but it isn't one she's a fan of. --- Commissioned by: diaperboy187

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Sam blinked her eyes. She was naked and in the bath with Isabelle holding her up and washing her. The stern woman was going about her work of cleaning Sam without any joy. Sam was confused about what had happened, she frowned as she tried to remember how she had ended up there. She remembered the mall and then everything seemed to go blurry, only snapshots of the time in between remained. Images of diaper changes and feedings that she couldn’t really remember.

“Ithy?” Sam said.

Isabelle stopped her soaping up of Sam’s chest and looked up into Sam’s eyes for the first time. A small smile flittered across her lips and a look clear relief seemed to soften her face a little.

“Sam? You’re back?” Isabelle asked.

Sam didn’t really know what the woman looking after her meant but she nodded her head.

“Good. I was starting to get worried.” Isabelle admitted as she started rinsing off the soap, “You’ve been “gone” for a little while.”

Sam continued to stare at Isabelle with worry until the older woman looked away.

 “I didn’t mean to use the trigger. It doesn’t help that they’re common phrases for babies…” Isabelle said finally, “It’s been three days.”

Sam felt as though her heart had stopped beating. If it wasn’t for one of Isabelle’s hands holding her up she would’ve fallen sideways into the shallow water being used to clean her. Her bottom lip trembled and she felt like she was about to have a panic attack. One small phrase accidentally uttered and three days disappeared. Three whole days where she was only vaguely aware of what was going on and completely regressed.

“It’s alright.” Isabelle said as she saw Sam’s eyes shimmer with tears, “I’ve decided on a new course of action. We’ll discuss it when you are dressed.”

The phrase “we’ll discuss it” meant that Sam would hear the plan and have to go along with it. She knew that already but she wasn’t exactly flush with alternatives. She really had no choice but to trust that Isabelle was trying to help her. A part of her wondered if the trigger usage had really been an accident.

As Sam’s bath was finished she tried out the other words she knew she could say before the regression and, fortunately, she hadn’t seemed to lose any of them. It seemed like there was no lasting damage from the trigger being used once. It made sense. At Jess’s house she had only reached a point of semi-permanent regression after a long time and with a lot of behaviour reinforcement and manipulation.

Sam was dried and then carried to her nursery naked. She was laid on her changing table and put into a fresh Sesame Street diaper. This one had Big Bird with their arms out on the front. She was then put into one of the onesies Isabelle must’ve bought at the mall. It was bright pink and covered in fluffy white bunnies frolicking and playing.

Once dressed Sam was taken downstairs and put into the playpen on the floor. Isabelle then disappeared out of the room and Sam wondered if she had forgotten her promise to tell Sam what was happening. She returned a few minutes later with a cup of coffee for herself and a baby bottle full of milk for Sam. Without hesitation the regressed woman stuck the amber teat between her lips and started drinking whilst keeping her eye on Issy. The stern woman took a sip of her coffee before placing it on the table in front of her.

“I’ve decided on a new strategy for your… rehabilitation.” Isabelle said, “Clearly just waiting for the regression to go away isn’t working so I think we have to be a bit more proactive. I’ve spoken to some connections and we have a plan. I’m going to re-raise you from the beginning.”

“Huh?” Sam grunted out as she lowered her bottle.

“Expecting you to just wake up one day and be an adult again isn’t realistic.” Isabelle said, “So we need to take it in steps. I’m pleased to say that I’ve got the first step ready to go on Monday.”

Sam still didn’t think she was getting answers and was as confused as ever. It seemed to her that Isabelle was dancing around the subject, like she knew that what she said would make Sam upset or angry.

“I have a lot of connections in education.” Isabelle continued after a pause, “So starting Monday you’ll be going to the local pre-school.”

Sam felt herself trembling. Bad memories returned. Sam had only recently escaped the pre-school that Jess had made her visit every day and now Isabelle wanted to send her back there. She started to shake her head as her earlier suspicions that Isabelle was no better than Jess not only resurfaced but strengthened.

“No!” Sam cried out as she started to sob. Panic was building within her and she was powerless to stop it.

“I can’t take any more time off work.” Isabelle explained, “I can’t leave you alone like this either. It’s only going to be for a couple of weeks. I think that being in that educational setting and around the children will help you grow in a way you can’t isolated here.”

Sam started to cry. She understood the point Issy was making but that didn’t help her accept it. It felt like a betrayal. Maybe Issy had truly given up on her after her latest regression. Saying this trip to pre-school was temporary was just to make her go and the visits would keep getting extended until Sam couldn’t remember she was an adult again!

“You have to trust me.” Isabelle finally said as she saw Sam’s tantrum coming from a mile away.

Sam had very little trust for anyone, especially people who had so recently triggered a regression episode. She started to cry and bang her hands on the floor. She expected Isabelle to do what Jess would do when she cried, she expected Isabelle to pick her up and tell her everything was going to be OK but when Isabelle stood up it was simply to turn and walk out of the room leaving Sam lying on her back flailing and screaming the house down.


On the Monday morning Sam was as difficult as possible. She had spent the last few days pouting, resisting everything Isabelle tried to do and was just generally a nightmare to deal with. When Isabelle walked in already dressed for the day Sam scowled at her.

“Good morning.” Isabelle said simply as she went over to the changing table.

Sam rolled over to face away from her. The soggy diaper taped on to her butt crinkled loudly underneath her onesie. She was well aware that today was the day she was supposed to go to pre-school but she wasn’t happy about it. Issy had promised it would only be for a couple of weeks but Sam didn’t believe her at all. In her mind this was going to end up just as permanent as it had been with Isabelle.

The side of the crib came rattling down and Sam shuffled further away from the open side. It was futile of course, Isabelle could easily reach in and grab her. Sam refused to look at her care giver. She could do little to really resist but she wanted to make sure that Issy knew she wasn’t happy.

Sam was carried over to the changing table and laid down. The poppers between her legs were pulled apart and the stretchy material sprung up over her belly. Isabelle continued the diaper change in silence. To Sam’s annoyance it seemed like Isabelle didn’t mind at all, in fact it seemed like she welcomed Sam giving her the silent treatment.

With Sam in a fresh diaper she was picked up and carried downstairs to the kitchen. She was placed in her highchair and then Isabelle started preparing breakfast. The room was otherwise silent and Sam was annoyed that Isabelle seemed unmoved by her pouting. With Jess all Sam had to do was act upset and she would do everything she could to find out what was wrong.

“Open up.” Isabelle said as she sat down in the chair next to the highchair. She had placed a bowl of cereal on the tray and was lifting up a spoon.

Sam turned her face away and did her best to fold her arms across her chest. With the limited coordination afforded to her by her regression her attempts to cross her arms were very clumsy, it seemed clear Isabelle couldn’t see what she was trying to do.

“Come on, Sam.” Isabelle said, “You don’t want to be late on your first day.”

Sam didn’t want to have a first day at all! She let out a grunt of annoyance and kept her face turned away from both the food and Isabelle.

“How long are you going to keep this up?” Isabelle asked with annoyance, “Because if you want to go to pre-school without eating then so be it.”

Sam’s tummy rumbled. In truth she was very hungry but she still couldn’t bring herself to face the tray. Isabelle certainly wasn’t going to wait forever though. After another few seconds, just as Sam was wavering, she dropped the spoon back in the cereal and took it away. She seemed more annoyed about wasting food than Sam pouting.

“You’ll have fun once you’re there.” Isabelle stated casually as she picked Sam up.

“No!” Sam finally said. Her frustration getting the best of her.

“Oh, so you do still talk.” Isabelle replied, “I was starting to wonder.”

“Don’t wanna go!” Sam shouted.

“You’ll thank me one day.” Isabelle walked with Sam back up to the nursery.

The onesie was taken off of Sam and the small woman was dressed for the day. A creamy yellow dress with a white bow across the belly was to be her outfit. It almost seemed like something a baby would wear to a wedding or formal gathering. Despite hating how childish it was Sam had to admit it looked pretty good.

A yellow hairband was put on Sam’s head and she was given frilly white socks to complete her outfit. Once Isabelle was happy Sam was lifted up and they were swiftly taken out to the car. Sam’s bottom lip protruded as she was put in the car seat that had brought her to Isabelle’s house in the first place. The straps were securely fastened leaving Sam helpless in her seat.

The car was soon on the road and Sam could only look out the window as she was taken to pre-school for the first time. She started to feel nervous. After spending so long focusing on just trying to make things difficult for Isabelle she turned her attention to the prospect of being left with a bunch of children just like her previous stint at pre-school. It wasn’t something that filled her with joy. Unlike when she was going to pre-school Sam was fully aware of what was happening, any time she spent playing would be with the knowledge that she shouldn’t be doing it.

The car turned off the main road and into a car park next to a large hall-like building with a large red door on the front of it. Isabelle parked up and turned off the engine.

“Pweathe, Ithy…” Sam mumbled as they sat in silence for a minute, “I don’t wanna go…”

“You’ll be fine.” Isabelle replied.

It was hardly the most reassuring reply and Sam was left pouting as she was let out of her car seat and carried inside. Sam looked around at the entrance area that featured a lot of pegs for jackets and white wooden benches running underneath. From the amount of stuff hanging up and the sound coming from the main hall Sam guessed she was the last to arrive on that particular day.

“Hold on.” Isabelle said as she looked through the glass in the door, “I just need to speak to Carol.”

Sam couldn’t see much through the window. There were a bunch of cubby holes on the far side of the room underneath some large windows, it all seemed very colourful. She jumped as an older woman suddenly appeared on the other side. She hid her face as the door opened allowing the noise to briefly rise before it closed again.

“This must be Sam.” The woman said.

“Indeed it is.” Isabelle replied.

Sam felt herself being pulled away from Issy’s body and handed over to this new woman. She tried desperately to cling to the Issy but it was no use and soon she was sat on the hip of this new person. Sam assumed it was the Carol that Isabelle said she needed to speak to. She had greying hair and a fair few wrinkles, if Sam had to guess this woman was somewhere around sixty-years-old.

“I’m really not sure about this...” The woman Sam assumed was Carol said, “If parents or, god forbid, the inspector found out…”

“They won’t.” Isabelle replied confidently, “Look at her, would you suspect she was anything but a baby girl?”

Sam was held away from Carol’s body as the taller woman seemed to appraise her almost like an antique artefact. Sam felt rather put out, she didn’t like being treated like a doll or plaything. She pouted angrily until Carol brought her towards her body again.

“She’s really not a child?” Carol asked. She sounded almost in awe.

“Physically? No.” Isabelle said, “Emotionally? Yes. Mentally? Well, we’re hoping to make some progress on that front.”

“I’m only doing this because I owe you.” Carol finally said, “If anyone asks I had no idea she wasn’t a toddler, alright?”

“Of course.” Isabelle replied. She turned to Sam, “Be good. This is for the best.”

Sam disagreed. She didn’t think anything good could come from leaving her at the pre-school and humiliating her. She certainly didn’t plan to be “good.” She wasn’t happy to be there and she wanted people to know about it.

Isabelle turned and left. Sam found herself getting anxious as her caretaker got further away. When she went through the door and disappeared out of sight Sam’s bottom lip trembled. Now she was left with strangers and had no idea what they had planned for her. She hadn’t realised just how much she had been relying on Isabelle emotionally, like a small child she was instantly feeling separation anxiety.


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End Chapter 5

Sam's Crawl To Adulthood

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 18, 2024


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