Sam's Crawl To Adulthood

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 18, 2024

Chapter Description: Sam is out of Jess's apartment but that doesn't mean she is safe. A road trip with her mysterious rescuer awaits and then, at the other end, her new home.

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The next few days were bizarre for Sam. It turned out that Miss. Friedrich lived a long way away as they drove all day and stopped at motels for the night. Sam was essentially locked into her car seat for hours at a time with nothing to occupy her, Miss. Friedrich said next to nothing for most of the trip, the few times she did speak it was when making orders at diners or on the phone. Sam was quickly getting the impression that this woman wasn’t the most maternal.

Despite the tumult in the nursery at her Mommy’s apartment nothing seemed to immediately change. Sam was fed by Miss. Friedrich in a highchair and when she needed diaper changes the new woman seemed to be very impatient but did them all the same. Sam got the impression she didn’t like her which just made the situation all the more awkward, strange and inexplicable.

The one benefit for Sam being left bored in the car for so long was that it gave her time to think. The fog of regression had parted in the nursery but over time it seemed a little easier to hold on to the small part of her mind that insisted she was an adult. She started listening to that voice more often. A few memories started to return, she remembered how she had ended up with Jess but there were still massive gaps in her memory.

The biggest problem the pair seemed to be having was that the diapers Miss. Friedrich had brought with her weren’t the best. They were a little too big and not quite thick enough which meant that on several nights of their long road trip Sam ended up soaking through the diaper and ruining the sheets.

“Really? Again?” Miss. Friedrich said one morning when she had woken up and went to check on Sam.

What could Sam say? Her control was at nil and, just like a baby, she was utterly reliant on the diapers to stop her from making mess. She was sat on Miss. Friedrich’s hip later as, yet again, the larger woman had to apologise to the staff and pay extra for the cleaning. Each time it happened Sam knew she should be embarrassed but her regressed brain struggled to work out exactly why.

What Sam noticed more than anything was that Miss. Friedrich didn’t seem to know how to “deal” with her. She had gathered that the older woman felt guilty for what had happened to Sam but it was also obvious she had no experience with babies or young children. It was clear from every interaction that Miss. Friedrich didn’t know how to talk to a “child.”

Sam lost track of time. She never had a firm grasp on it in the first place since her regression but days past as she was driven across the country. In all that time Miss. Friedrich barely spoke to her any more than she had to. Sam was starting to get nervous whether she was being taken to a better place at all.

“We’ll be home soon.” Miss. Friedrich said as the car continued down the highway.

After hours of silence it was a shock for Sam to hear her voice. Whilst she was becoming increasingly certain that leaving Jess’s “care” was the right thing to do she really had no idea what was waiting for her at the other end of this journey. Sam wondered if she would be going home to her parents. It was a thought that filled her with equal parts excitement and dread. She couldn’t return home whilst like this.

Sam had spent a lot of her journey home asleep. Every time she woke up her memory felt a little clearer but, to her frustration, none of her adult abilities seemed to return. Whilst she could remember more of her previous life she still couldn’t speak, walk or even stop herself from peeing and pooping whenever and wherever. She woke up one early afternoon and found the car stopped, she had assumed they were at yet another motel when Miss. Friedrich opened the door and undid the restraints. She lifted Sam into the air and started towards a house.

“Welcome home.” Miss. Friedrich said rather stiffly, “For now at least.”

Sam felt nervous as she was carried through the front door and into the house. The differences between Jess’s apartment and this home were quite stark on first look. Miss. Friedrich’s abode appeared to be quite a bit more old-fashioned than the apartment. It felt cosier though it was far from cluttered or a place that reminded Sam of her grandparents’ houses.

“We should go upstairs and… talk.” Miss. Friedrich said. It was clear she knew this would be a one-sided conversation.

Sam could feel Miss. Friedrich’s discomfort. The way she spoke to Sam, the awkward way she carried her and the lack of communication on their long drive showed she didn’t quite know how to act. Sam found herself wishing she had her pacifier to suck on even though she knew she shouldn’t want or need it.

Upstairs Sam was taken down the landing to the door at the end. When it was pushed open Sam gasped and immediately started to panic. The room was a fully stocked nursery. A wooden crib in one corner, a changing table on the opposite side with shelves full of baby diapers and changing supplies. There were toys and even a rocking horse. It felt more old-fashioned than Sam’s previous nursery but unmistakably for a small child.

“Stop wriggling around!” Miss. Friedrich demanded, “I want to talk!”

Sam didn’t stop. She was panicking and pretty soon afterwards she burst into loud baby-like tears. She had thought being taken away from Jess would mean going home but now it seemed she had just escaped one kidnapper for a different one. At least with Jess she knew what to expect, this woman seemed more severe and Sam was terrified of what would happen next.

“Stop crying.” Miss. Friedrich commanded irritably.

Obviously Miss. Friedrich’s words had no effect on the emotionally led and panicking Sam. Whilst she had regained some of her memories, she was very much still a totally regressed adult. Her emotions were wild, unpredictable and completely out of Sam’s control. Her little arms and legs flailed as she tried hopelessly to fight against this woman who was now holding her at arm’s length.

“If I put you down will you stop?” Miss. Friedrich asked with an exasperated sigh.

After several more seconds of Sam’s inconsolable tears the baby-brained adult was lowered to the floor. As soon as her feet touched the play mat underneath her she dropped to her hands and knees and started crawling for the door in an uncoordinated fashion.

Sam saw a shadow move across the room as Miss. Friedrich stepped over her and pushed the door closed. Sam saw her chance to escape disappear and immediately collapsed on her front. She banged her fists and feet against the floor as she screamed and cried.

“Sam, would you listen to me?” Miss. Friedrich asked with quickly growing impatience, “Please just-… Sam!”

Sam couldn’t hear Miss. Friedrich at all. She was too lost in the raging torrent of her emotions. She wanted to be back home with Mommy again, at least she was safe there. She didn’t know this woman, she had promised to take her home but now she was in a whole new nursery!

“I really don’t want to have to do this…” Miss. Friedrich said as she looked down at Sam’s wriggling form.

In what little rage Sam could muster through her fear and sadness she did her best to hit the much taller woman. All that really amounted to was ineffectively slapping Miss. Friedrich’s ankles with her barely coordinated hands. From above her Miss. Friedrich let out a sigh and shook her head.

“Sam… B E H A V E.” Miss. Friedrich ordered.

Like a switch had been flipped Sam’s tantrum abruptly stopped. The trigger implanted firmly in Sam’s brain activated and the small woman had no choice but to obey. Her hands and feet hit the floor and stayed there as she awaited orders like a robot. Now that her wailing had stopped she could hear Miss. Friedrich sighing with annoyance. Internally Sam was panicking even more. This woman knew about the hypnotic commands just like Mommy had done, Sam was completely at her mercy.

“I really didn’t want to have to use those ghastly triggers but you really left me no choice.” Miss. Friedrich said, “You wouldn’t let me explain.”

Two hands grabbed Sam’s midsection and lifted her into the air. Sam yet again saw the nursery and shuddered though she couldn’t start crying again. The trigger had taken control of her emotions and left her like an automaton. Miss. Friedrich carried Sam over to the crib, the side was down and she perched on the edge with Sam straddling her lap and facing her. Sam thought she was sneering at her but it may just have been a grimace of disgust.

“I’m sorry.” Miss. Friedrich said tightly, “I’m not good with children. I don’t particularly care for them, in truth.”

If this was supposed to be calming Sam down it was failing. Outwardly she showed little emotion but inwardly Sam was more anxious than ever. A small part of her was a little annoyed at being called a child when she remembered enough to know that wasn’t true but it was dwarfed by concern over what this woman wanted.

“I had to use the trigger because I need to explain some things and you were being… unreasonable.” Miss. Friedrich continued, “Firstly, my name is Isabelle. You may call me Izzy… when you’re able to speak.”

Sam hadn’t been able to properly speak for a long time. To be perfectly honest she had forgotten how though how much of that was because of the triggers and how much was because she was so out of practice she wasn’t sure. For the first time since she saw the nursery she started to feel a little more hopeful. If she was going to be allowed to speak that would be a major step up from where she had come from.

“I arranged this nursery because I thought it would be easier for you. Less culture shock.” Isabelle pursed her lips, “And I need a place to put you for the time being. I don’t know how much you heard back at the apartment but… I’m responsible for you being like this. I was part of Jess’s team. I’ve felt a lot of guilt and I want to make things right. Admittedly it’s starting to look like a harder task than I imagined…”

Sam’s mouth was open as she listened and a line of drool was hanging out and falling over her onesie. Inside her diaper there was a burst of warmth as the already wet padding became saturated with a fresh wetting. She was the picture of a tiny baby.

“I want to undo the damage.” Isabelle continued after looking Sam up and down doubtfully, “I don’t know if I can, I admit. But I want to try. Do you want to be an adult again?”

Sam nodded her head immediately. Partly the trigger was responsible for her prompt response but even without it she would’ve eagerly agreed. She could remember more and more of her adult life. She wanted the friends, she wanted her family, she wanted to go back to college and be as normal as she could.

“Good.” Isabelle smiled with thin-lips, “Now there isn’t really a guide on how these things work. Professor Hughes was very much operating at the cutting edge but I’m hopeful that just not using the triggers for a while will dull their effects and we should see progress. I didn’t want to use one today but you were being unruly. I’ve never had children and, as I said, I don’t particularly care for them, but I’ve read some books and I think I know the basics. I’ll be observing you for signs of progress and once you’re better you can go home.”

Sam felt her heart swell.

“I assume you want to go home?” Isabelle asked.

Sam nodded her head so fast she nearly toppled backwards off of Isabelle’s lap. Suddenly the fear had been replaced with excitement. She wanted to go home more than anything, her heart ached for her family who must have assumed the worst, but she also didn’t want to go home like this. Living as a baby was humiliating enough but being returned to her parents like that would surely make her collapse dead with shame.

“Alright.” Isabelle stood up, “Judging by that warmth I felt on my lap you need a change. Obviously until you start making progress I’m going to have to keep looking after you. Be sure to know I’m as keen for you to get past this as you are. I detest having to change diapers.”

Sam was blushing a bright red. She didn’t know her diapers radiated the heat of her accidents to that extent. Her head was spinning, there was just so much to take in and her brain had flip-flopped from hope to despair and now back to hope. She wished she could tell Isabelle that Jess hadn’t used many triggers on her recently and it seemed to make no difference.

The changing table was different to the one Jess had but it felt the same to Sam. The padding was very similar and as she was laid down on top of it she could only watch Isabelle preparing changing supplies. Sam had been changed by a few people since her second babyhood had started and Isabelle was by far the most awkward, she had said she didn’t like children and it was obvious she wasn’t used to dealing with them. Sam got the impression this woman was going to be very strict.

“These should fit.” Isabelle said as she pulled a diaper out, “I had to guess the size.”

Sam saw the diaper. It was babyish just like the ones she was used to but these ones had Sesame Street art decorated on the tape landing zone. Sam could see a big smiling Elmo giving her the thumbs up. She really hoped she wouldn’t need them for long.

The change was a little haphazard. Isabelle nearly forgot the baby powder that she had placed on the edge of the table and ended up knocking the used one to the floor, thankfully it had already been balled up and taped closed. Sam was grateful when it was over even if the new diaper was a little wonky. It felt a little too big and slipped a little bit as she moved.

Sam was pulled to a sitting position as the poppers of her onesie were closed. Then Isabelle stood awkwardly next to the table. It seemed the older woman hadn’t made plans for what to do next. She looked at Sam and pursed her lips, Sam almost automatically looked away.

“Well, I suppose I should finish getting you settled in.” Isabelle said.

Sam was picked up again and taken for a more thorough look at the house. Aside from the nursery it was clear that Isabelle had put a lot of time and money into getting her home ready for Sam. She showed off the playpen that was currently folded up in the corner, some of the toys she had bought, the highchair in the kitchen… Sam was impressed but slightly disheartened that Isabelle thought she would be a baby long enough to need all this stuff.

“What do you think?” Isabelle asked as she placed Sam down in the highchair, “Do you like it?”

“Yeth.” Sam spoke and it took her a few seconds to realise she did it. Her eyes flew wide and she clamped her hand over her mouth.

It was hard to tell who was more surprised. Isabelle raised an eyebrow and the corners of her mouth turned up but Sam was practically bouncing on her seat. In her excitement her weak bladder gave way and she started wetting herself again. She couldn’t care less though.

“Yeth! Yeth! Yeth!” Sam repeated over and over.

Sure her voice had a very childish lisp but it was the first word she had spoken in a very long time. It felt like a huge step and it happened straight away. Sam had hoped she would be able to grow up but now she truly believed it!


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End Chapter 3

Sam's Crawl To Adulthood

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 18, 2024


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