Sam's Crawl To Adulthood

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 18, 2024

Chapter Description: Sam is suddenly awoken by banging. Initially scared, her confusion only grows when a stranger bursts in whilst arguing with Jess. The stranger has a tantalising offer but can Sam accept it?

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Bang. Bang. Bang.

Sam’s eyes snapped open as she heard a thumping coming from somewhere in the apartment. At first she thought it might’ve been in her dream. She had been on that plane again. The plane where everything just felt… wrong.

Bang. Bang Bang.

This time Sam jumped and twisted her body to look towards the nursery door. It was open just a crack so that she could see through the living room to where the front door was. It sounded like when someone knocked but much louder. When the doorbell rang loudly and shrilly Sam knew there must be someone at the door and they were apparently very keen to come in. Sam pulled her stuffed bunny closer to her and clutched it to her chest.

Sam heard footsteps walking quickly past the doorway from the direction of Mommy’s bedroom and heading to the front door. Sam’s Mommy was wrapped in her dressing gown, she stopped a couple of feet from the front door. Sam sat up and felt the warmth of her wet diaper pressing against her as she did so. She felt worried, something was wrong.

“Who is it?” Mommy’s voice called out.

Sam couldn’t hear the response but she saw Mommy’s eyes widen in apparent surprise. She scooted forwards on her knees and clutched the bars of the crib in front of her, she pressed her face into the space and stared at the scene unfolding at the door. The front door opened and after some words she couldn’t fully hear were exchanged Mommy stepped back to let the stranger in. That was a surprise for Sam, Mommy rarely ever let strangers into the house. At least she could more easily hear their conversation now.

“Where is she?” The stranger said. Sam could see her a little more clearly now. She had dark brown hair put up into a bun. She reminded Sam of a teacher.

“Miss. Friedrich, I don’t know how you found me but please say your piece and leave.” Jess said impatiently.

“I’m here to take Sam.” The woman called Miss. Friedrich said.

“Excuse me?” Jess replied in apparent disbelief.

“She doesn’t belong with you.” Miss. Friedrich continued, “You kidnapped her and keep her brainwashed. It’s time to end this.”

“Keep your voice down please.” Jess growled, “Or you’ll upset the baby.”

“She isn’t a baby!” Miss. Friedrich shouted.

Sam took a sudden intake of breath. She held her bunny closer and brought it up to her face to hide herself though she still peeked over the top. Her Mommy seemed to be speechless for the moment and shot only the briefest look at the nursery.

“She requires my protection regardless.” Jess replied with warning, “Now please leave before I call security!”

“You call security and I’ll call the police!” Miss. Friedrich exclaimed, “You may have given her a new identity but they can still check fingerprints and DNA. They’ll find out who she really is!”

“Do I have to remind you that you were in those labs too?” Jess asked. Her voice had become a low hiss, “Your name is all over those documents. If you call the cops on me I’m taking you down too.”

“Go ahead!” Miss Friedrich raised her arms into the air as if challenging the professor, “I haven’t been able to sleep since we did those damn experiments. When I heard she had gone missing and you came back from a mysterious vacation it didn’t take a genius to put two and two together. You were obsessed with her the moment she arrived for her first session.”

“What’s your point?” Jess asked, “None of that changes anything. You were still involved.”

“My point is that I don’t care.” Miss. Friedrich shook her head, “Take me down with you if you want, Sam will still be free.”

“You couldn’t undo the triggers at this point anyway!” Jess threw her hand up dismissively, “Those words have buried deep and spread their roots!”

“I’m taking her!” Miss. Friedrich raised her voice and Jess seemed to shrink slightly.

Sam could only see through a tiny gap in the door. She saw the stranger push her Mommy to the side and stomp towards the nursery. She backed away from the bars and inadvertently pulled the poppers on her onesie apart revealing her wet status. The door suddenly opened and Miss. Friedrich appeared. She looked around the room and she pursed her lips until her eyes fell on Sam.

“You see?” Jess appeared behind the woman. Whilst Miss. Friedrich looked stoic and quite calm Jess’s eyes were wide and she seemed more frantic than Sam had ever seen her before, “I’m taking care of her. Sam wants for nothing. She’s the happiest little baby in the world!”

“I see a young woman you are keeping as a pet.” Miss. Friedrich said as she walked over to the crib. Her voice dropped and a look of real sympathy came across her face, “Sam. I’m so sorry. I’m going to help you.”

Sam was confused. She didn’t know who this woman was, she didn’t know why she was apologising and half the words that had been said in the last few minutes made no sense to her. The stranger had said she wasn’t a baby but that was just silly. She twitched slightly, that voice deep inside her became a little louder.

“She needs care!” Jess said, “She doesn’t need you coming in here and… confusing her.”

“She needs to grow up.” Miss. Friedrich replied.

“You’re crazy!” Jess let out a mad laugh, “You really think you can “rescue” her? Look, she’s a baby. She’s been a baby for a year and she’ll be a baby for many, many more!”

I’m not a baby!

There was that voice again. The same one Sam had heard in the pre-school. She looked around her but, of course, there was no one else in the crib. The fog seemed to lift a little more, the words the adults were saying made a little more sense and in the back of her mind a thought formed. This wasn’t right. Something was badly wrong.

“Sam. Look at me.” Jess called out.

Sam looked over to her Mommy, the woman who had cared for her for as long as she could remember... Wait, that wasn’t right. There was a time before. Sam could remember half-formed thoughts that felt like a different life. Birthdays, school, college… her parents. She could see her Mommy in her head and it wasn’t Jess. The fog cleared a little more.

“Sam. Do you want to go home?” Miss. Friedrich asked. This stranger Sam had only the vaguest memory of was offering to take her away from this apartment and Jess. To where she would go, she had no idea.

It felt like the two halves of Sam’s brain were at war. One half thought this stranger was crazy and she wanted Mommy to kick her out. She wanted Mommy to pick her up and cuddle her, to tell her that everything was alright and everything was how it should be.

The other half, an increasingly loud voice that was seemingly winning the battle was screaming at the rest of her to agree. That going anywhere else was better than this and that this was her chance to escape. To be an adult again.

“You belong with me, Sam!” Jess said loudly. She sounded manic, “You’ve always belonged with me! I’m the only one that can keep you safe! Be a G O O D  L I T-…”

“Not another word.” Miss. Friedrich covered Jess’s mouth. Stopping Jess before the trigger regressing Sam could be said.

With Jess still struggling to pull the hand away from her mouth Miss. Friedrich looked at Sam again. Sam was struck by how austere this woman looked, she reminded Sam of a teacher, not a kindly teacher like Mrs. Webster but a disciplinarian. The type of teacher Sam remembered hating at school. But she hadn’t been to school yet, was it a memory or something else? She was very confused.

“Sam. Do you want to go home?” Miss. Friedrich asked.

The fog had cleared but when Sam tried to reply she found she could only babble uselessly. She saw Miss. Friedrich look taken aback, it seemed she didn’t think Sam would be so helpless. Sam blushed; she wasn’t sure why but she knew she should be embarrassed. Finally, she did the only thing she could do, she nodded her head in a big, exaggerated motion.

“Now, Jess, I’m going to uncover your mouth.” Miss. Friedrich said, “But if you try using one of these triggers you’ll be on the floor and by the time you come to you’ll have the police asking some interesting questions, is that understood?”

Jess looked pained. Her eyes were tearing up and she was staring at Sam with terror. Whether it was fear of being arrested or of losing her “little girl” Sam didn’t know. She felt so confused and even as she realised she shouldn’t be a baby she was struggling with the events that had led here, the fog was constantly threatening to come down completely. She was lucid, but it felt like she had to concentrate to stay that way and it was difficult. It would’ve been far easier to just sink into the unthinking ignorance she had been fighting back. Finally, Jess nodded and Miss. Friedrich slowly let Jess go.

“If you make any move to follow us, I’ll call the police. If you try to come and get Sam I’ll call the police. If you tell anyone what happened here, I’ll call the police.” Miss. Friedrich said, “Am I understood?”

Jess nodded her head. The way she stared at Sam seemed to go right through the small woman. It was as if her very look could force her back into the fully regressed mind-set that Sam was desperately trying to keep away. Sam was a baby. No, she was an adult. No, she was helpless. No, she just needed some help. Her brain was at war with itself and the temptation to give up and let the baby side win was strong, almost irresistible.

The side of the crib came down and Sam was picked up by Miss. Friedrich. She was carried rapidly out of the house without stopping to pick anything up. She looked back and saw Mommy, no, she was just Jess. Following them to the front door with tears running down her face. She looked sad, but more than that, she looked apoplectic with anger. There was a fury on her face Sam didn’t remember ever seeing before. It was genuinely frightening.

Miss. Friedrich didn’t seem to notice. She remained silent as she carried Sam to the elevator and went down to the parking lot at the bottom of the building. Sam was caught in a whirlwind of confusion; her poor mind couldn’t get a grip on everything that was happening. She felt like she needed the world to just stop for a bit to let her catch up.

Miss. Friedrich’s shoes thudded against the concrete floor of the echoing parking lot as she carried Sam to the far corner. There was an SUV there and as they approached the lights flashed. The austere woman opened the rear passenger door and placed Sam into a child’s safety seat. Sam looked around nervously as she was buckled in.

“Can you… say something?” Miss. Friedrich asked quietly as she adjusted the straps, “Anything?”

Sam opened her mouth but infantile nonsense is all that flowed out. Miss. Friedrich pursed her lips and looked concerned as she closed the door. She went to the driver’s seat and after just a second of adjusting her chair they pulled out of the parking lot together.

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End Chapter 2

Sam's Crawl To Adulthood

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 18, 2024


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