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The Progress

by: Long_Rifle Last updated Sep 7, 2015

Its a Long_Rifle story. Contains female mental regression, and reality change. plenty of diapers. And a hint of sexuality.


by: Long_Rifle Last updated Nov 10, 2014

It's about a guy. And a girl. But it's the same person! Enjoy the rise from cocky dude, to diapered damsel. This is the primary story. May have a nicer ending then most of mine.

Kind of Short for Halloween

by: Long_Rifle Last updated Nov 2, 2014

Well.... This is a surprise, two out in one week. And it even has a twist ending most LR readers might not expect!


by: Long_Rifle Last updated Oct 31, 2014

Something for Lyn... Thank you baby. I hope you find that special someone.

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