Halloween 2021

by: Long_Rifle | Complete Story | Last updated May 24, 2022

Well you know. Female mental regression and size change. And a dark ending...

Complete Story

Halloween 2021 By:Long_Rifle

This is more of a horror show then anything else.  But it only took a couple of weeks to write and edit.  Hope you like it!

Jenny stared out the tinted window at a police officer that was walking away from her, towards the glass door of a small, sterile looking daycare and nervously chewed the bulb of a pacifier bobbing wetly in her mouth.  “What the hell did she do to us?” she wondered.  She had stopped trying to escape, and was left to fidget on the hard plastic covered backseat of his squad car.  She grimaced when she heard loud crinkling coming from under her clothing as she wiggled.  A stab of anxiety reminded her that she was only minutes from soaking whatever it was that the sound was coming from. She tried to hold still, but she just couldn’t stop herself from wiggling and being constantly reminded what she was probably wearing.  

The diapered woman was scared and nervous and mad all at once.  “It was Betty’s idea to prank her.  And she ran off as soon as that old bag came out and the glow started!” she said it angrily past the plastic guard of the pacifier, causing a slow dribble to run down her chin.  Which she wiped off with her sleeve.  Jenny looked down at the pink monstrosity she was wearing and shuddered, goosebumps went down her arms as she wondered how bad it was going to get and if anyone else might see her before it was all over.    

It was just a joke, the old poop filled flaming bag trick.  But instead of a dog turd they had found a used disposable diaper.  One that easily flamed to life and stank as she rang the doorbell and ran towards the street.  They had planned to stand there and act surprised when the door opened.  Instead a figure had seemed to literally fly out from the house, waving something at them.

It had only been an instant, Jenny had locked eyes with the woman, and suddenly felt warm.  But in that split second her normal clothes had morphed and writhed around her.  Turning into something a toddler would be embarrassed to be seen in.  She could still remember the odd laugh as it had happened.  Could hear the old bats voice as she cackled about giving them proper costumes for Halloween.  Jenny had looked down for a second, seen that something impossible had happened to her clothing, then looked over to see Betty running away,  surrounded by a dull glow.

By the time she had started to turn and run herself, Jenny had felt a firm hand on her shoulder and looked to see a cop standing next to her, smiling warmly and asking if she had lost her mommy.  “What the fuck?” she had tried to say.  Only to find her mouth filled with a pacifier that she couldn’t pull or spit out.  When she had tried to grab it her hand had shot past the plastic ring and started to play with her hair instead.  

“The poor thing has been standing there for several minutes officer.” the hag had said.  “I think her mommy works at the daycare down the street there.” She said it as she pointed off to her left with a fake smile.

Jenny immediately tried to pull herself away, but the officer seemed to sense it and clamped down even tighter.  She shook her head frantically as she tried to twist away, only to hear plastic crinkling as she moved.  Jenny instantly stopped trying to move and blushed as she thought about what it had sounded like to her.  

The old bitch was already ahead of her thoughts though, “Sounds like she’s still in diapers, be careful or you might have a mess to clean up later officer!”  She sounded like she was mocking her.  She even puckered her lips and cooed at Jenny, who was at least two inches taller then the hag.  

Jenny blushed and snaked her free hand down towards her crotch.  The feel of the corduroy overalls felt oddly padded underneath her fingers.  Jenny squeezed her thighs together and felt an uncomfortable thickness between them.  Her eyes popped open and fear washed over her initial surprise, she looked straight at the woman in front of them and tried to get her attention, “Sowwy!” she yelled out.  Hoping whatever magic she had done to her would be undone if she managed a quick apology.

The officer was already pulling her away though, as he pulled she felt her body compulsively follow him.  She frowned as she discovered she couldn’t stop herself from following the adult, not even thinking that she was an adult herself.  She still kept her eyes on the witch as she got farther and farther away, yelling out a few more muffled apologies.  The old lady looked back at her with an evil gaze and finally muttered, “Not yet...” with a creaky laugh.

It was a quick drive over to the daycare.  But even then she felt something was wrong.  As she sat in the back of the squad car she felt her bladder filling, inflating like a ballon inside her, while her skin felt like it was randomly crawling over her.  Odd tingles came and went as the car bumped down the road until it came to a stop.  The officer left her in the back and walked towards the door of the business while Jenny frantically started to realize she was moments away from using the diaper that had appeared on her along with the rest of the clothes she was wearing.  

She closed her eyes and tried to clench her legs together as she waited for the door to be opened.  “Hurry, hurry dammit! I need to piss!” she moaned to herself.  The sudden sound of the handle lifting and the door popping open caused her to open her eyes and look up into the eyes of another stranger.  This one smiling warmly at her and gently moving to release the belt holding her in the seat.  “I gotta go!” Jenny said through clenched teeth.  Though it barely sounded understandable to her own ears.

The woman smiled and ruffled her hair, “Hey sugar we can get you taken care of as soon as we get you inside.  My names Megan, but you can call me nanny if you forget.”  She finally had the seatbelt off and carefully helped the grown woman from the backseat and onto her feet.  “Now let’s get you inside and we can sort you out.”  She started to lead her into the building then stopped and turned back,  ”Wave bye bye to the nice officer.”

Jenny felt her face morph into a dumb smile as she lifted her hand up and waved to him.  “Bye bye!” She cheerfully said, feeling drool run down her chin.  As soon as it was over she felt the control of her body returned to her.  The woman grabbed her right hand and started to pull her along again while Jenny’s face burned bright red at the infantile way she had just replied.  “What the hell did that bitch do to me?!” she wondered as she listened to the crinkle of plastic coming from between her legs.  A pulse of pain and a sudden feeling of warmth between her legs pulled her attention back to a worse problem as she clenched down as tight as she could to avert completely soaking herself.  

Every step forward felt like another spurt left her and dripped into the diaper she was wearing.  She blushed as she felt humiliated and scared at what was happening.  Jenny was still looking down when she heard the door open and was pulled forward again, she glanced behind her at the cop car pulling away and had the suspicion that it was her last chance at freedom, though she was terrified that she’d be seen by someone she knew, “Megan wouldn’t call my mother...  I can’t let her see me dressed like this and in a wet diaper!”  The thought almost terrified her more then the witch that had done this to her.

“Let’s get you in the system so we can get you sorted out.  Okay baby?” Megan said it with a soft and caring sounding voice,  “If you can keep your diaper dry long enough I’m sure I can find some big girl panties for you to try.”

They were suddenly inside and the hairs on Jenny’s neck shot straight out.  There was a rich scent to the stale warm air.  Like a well used nursery.  She shook her head and tried to ignore the smell of wet and dirty diapers that suddenly surrounded her.  “Not mine!” she said behind the nipple in her mouth.  The worker finally let go of her hand and walked behind a tall counter and started typing on a computer.  Talking softly to the tot in front of her, but in a way that made it sound like she expected no real answers.  Jenny put both hands over her face and wished that it was all a dream.  “Just let me be home and laying in bed!”  But the pain from her bladder and the warmth from her previous accidents said otherwise.  She pulled her hands away and was not surprised to see she was still in a daycare and still wearing a slightly wet diaper, “Gotta pee!” She yelled out as loud as she could.  She was wiggling like a potty training child as she said it.  

“I’ll get you to the potty as soon as we’re done here sweetie!” The woman cheerfully replied.  

Another spirt into her padding and Jenny felt like finding it herself.  She took a step and almost fell, barely catching her balance before toppling over.  As she stood there with her hands and arms up for balance, she caught sight of movement off to her left, she turned sloppily on her feet and looked towards it.

It was a mirror,  and the reflection in it would be funny if it wasn’t hers.  She stared for several seconds before she started toddling towards it.  Part of her needed to see, the rest wanted to turn and hide.  She felt tears in her eyes at the realization that she was actually toddling.  She had to keep her arms up and carefully place each step.  Actively making sure she didn’t accidentally trip herself.  As soon as she was in arms length of the mirror her arms dropped down and grasped at the glass.  She felt herself start to breath faster as she took in the changes.  

The long sleeved pink shirt wasn’t terrible.  Maybe she would wear something like it in private to bed.  But the dark pink corduroy coveralls were hot garbage.  Cute red and pink hearts were sown haphazardly all over them.  Her hair looked like it had been styled different, Jenny blanched at the bangs she now sported, along with the headband that had a bright pink bow in it.  “I look like a freak!  Like I should be wearing diapers!” She felt the urge to start crying suddenly pop up and she did everything in her power to stop it.  Thinking about what she was going to do to Betty when she caught up to her.

The sudden change of thought was all her body needed to take care of her other problem.  She settled slightly over her pigeon toed feet and without a thought pissed herself. She was staring at the rows of brass buttons going up her legs when she felt it.  Warmth and wetness suddenly filled her crotch.  One hand left the glass and touched the clothing covering it, she could feel the warmth easily.  “No!  I’m not...” she said while shaking her head fiercely.  But the scent of a freshly wet diaper rose from the coveralls in front of her like smoke from a chimney.  “Shit! It smells just like...” she didn’t finish.  She felt a presence behind her and looked to see Megan there, a white strip of plastic in her hands and a smile still plastered on her face.  

“Looks like we don’t have to worry about the potty anymore do we, unless that’s another girls wet diaper I smell?” Without waiting for a reply she swept the plastic band around Jenny’s right wrist and snapped it tight.  “That should take care of you for a while.”

Jenny forgot about her terrible clothing, or the soaked diaper she was in.  There was a soft pulse coming from the band.  A warm tingle that was quickly running down to her fingers and up her arm.  “What the...” she said, muffled but still audible from behind the pacifier.  She held her hand up to her face and stared at the plastic strip.  There were words on it.  But there was also a smell.  She brought it close to her nose and sniffed.  Baby powder,  it smelled strongly of lavender baby powder.  Maybe too strongly as she suddenly felt slightly light headed and put more weight into the hand that was pushing against the glass as she grew dizzy and felt like everything around her was moving.  

“It works pretty quick doesn’t it?” Megan said.  “Not as quick as Aggie’s stuff, but she’s been doing it way longer.”

The sense of dread and danger was instantly back front and center.  Jenny was about to say something when her mouth opened too wide and the pacifier slipped free and clattered to the floor.  Jenny looked down at it almost dumbly, cautiously she probed her mouth with her tongue before looking back at Megan and speaking, “Baabababaaaagaa!” she said.  Before slamming her mouth closed.

The look on Megan’s face seemed almost predatory when she heard it, “That ought to take care of that mouth.  Can’t have you talking to anyone about this can we, though I guess in a little while you won’t have much to say anyways.” she laughed as she said it.  “You might want to sit down little lady, before you lose the rest of your balance and fall.”

Fear like she had never felt before filled Jenny as the fingers of her right hand slipped into her mouth. She found herself softly chewing them.  Drool freely running from her lips and dripping onto the bib of her coveralls.  “Run!  I’ve got to run!” she thought.  She pushed herself away from the mirror and stepped towards the door, ready to push herself past the woman and go for it.  

The room filled with the crinkling of her diaper as stumbled forward.  She tried to ignore its heavy wet mass between her legs and focus on the door.  The woman actually stepped out of her way and let her make her move,  “Out of here!” she screamed.  Coming out instead as garbled babbling.  She didn’t care, she was getting out and going home. She managed a step, then another.  It took a few seconds for her to get her balance, she slid a foot forward again,  confused at how heavy it seemed.  

Megan had her phone out and was recording it.  “Hurry baby!  Before the poo poo monster gets you!” She said it as if she were talking to a real baby.

Jenny was too tired to say anything,  she stared at the door in front of her and her arms reached out on their own as if they could touch it from so far away.  She swore as she almost lost her balance.  More pee dribbled out into her diaper in response to the stress.  

Megan kept up her commentary as she recorded, “Aww, looks like the part of your brain that understands distance has already leaked out.  I wonder when your object permanence will go?” 

Jenny stood teetering on her feet, her arms were back under her control but the tingle from the band had swallowed everything from her neck down.  Sweat poured from her as she struggled against the numbness that it was causing,  “Why!?  No baby!” she yelled clearly.  Actually surprising herself to hear it.  She tilted her head to the side to stare at her tormentor when a soft bubble of gas slipped into her wet diaper as her hips and body started to sway.  “Whyyyyy?!” 

“Because it’s fun!”  The woman said.  Before fanning in front of her nose with her free hand.  “Did somebody make a poopie?  I smell a stinky baby!”

She was beyond caring about her bullshit.  Jenny struggled to stay on her feet, the muffled crinkle of her diaper as she swayed and bobbed filled her ears as she fought.  Another fart tickled out as the intense tingling slowly died to a hum,  then without warning the humming sensation totally died.  Jenny smiled for a moment, before her body suddenly seemed to weight Hundreds of pounds and she crumpled onto her hands and knees on the floor.  

Her hands stung from the impact, but it was just what she needed to clear her head and start crawling towards the exit.  Hands and knees skidded across the floor as she moved forward, finally smacking her head on the glass and shaking it.  She reached up to open it, using the edge of the door for balance.

“Are we sure you want to leave like that?” Megan chided her.  Jenny turned slightly from the door and tried to flip her off.  It didn’t work but Megan laughed anyways, “Aww, are you in a hurry to stay like that for the rest of your life?” 

That stopped her. Jenny slumped slowly down onto the floor and turned on her hands and knees to look at her.  A string of babble left her mouth.  She stopped talking, and tried again, with the result being more babble and a wet chin.  Which her left hand started touching and exploring.

“That is so cute.” Megan said.  The adult baby sat back on her diapered bum and glared at her.  Megan lowered the phone and clicked it off.  “I’d be careful if I were you,  lack of respect put you in those diapers.  If you keep acting up you might find yourself stuck in them for a very long time.”  Jenny blinked as she thought about that, and finally dropped her grimace and looked down at the floor.  When she did she discovered one of her feet and both hands reached out and grabbed one of them.  She blushed again as her body acted without consent to make her look more infantile.  “But the way you look, maybe that’s where you belong anyways.” 

Jenny tried to ignore her, tried not to let her push her buttons.  But as she sat on the floor in her wet diaper she felt angry that she had been turned into little more then a diapered toy for another persons amusement.  She was about to look up and yell something when a cool drop of spit slapped onto her overalls, and as she stared at it, the idea of pulling her shoes off and sucking on her toes popped into her head.  She gagged at the thought, almost wishing the pacifier was back in her mouth.  She whimpered softly as she tried to keep from humiliating herself even further.

Megan smirked, “Awww, does the baby want her diaper changed?” Jenny wanted to walk and talk and maybe beat the shit out of Betty.  But she nodded and tried not to cry as her body went into auto pilot and held out her arms to show she wanted to be picked up and carried.  “Well since you’re being such a good girl, I guess I can help you out,  let’s get you going back and into the nursery.”

There was an odd sense of vertigo as she was picked up and carried on Megan’s hip deeper into the daycare.  Jenny’s head was on a swivel as she tightly pulled herself into the slightly taller woman’s body in an attempt to hide herself.  But as she looked around she discovered she had no reason to worry.  The entire room looked empty.  Not a single soul to see her dressed like a fool.  She actually relaxed slightly and loosened her death grip.  

Megan immediately felt the change, “Don’t worry sugar, I’m sure you’ll be able to play in here eventually.  Once you’ve grown up a little.”  she laughed and giggled to herself as she said it.  Then moved one of her hands into a pocket and popped something out.  Which she promptly stuck in Jenny’s mouth.  “This should keep that tongue of yours busy.”

Jenny tried to spit it out, but like before it wasn’t going anywhere.  She decided to ignore her instead, while she was carried to a door that beeped when it opened.  “Great, another thing to worry about.” she thought.  Then she noticed the air felt warmer and ranker as they passed through it.  “Fuck. It smells like someone left a shitty diaper out in here.”

Megan noticed it as well, “I guess little miss -I shouldn’t be here- had an accident while I was gone.”  she looked over towards a few low bins with a wicked smile on her face.  “I’m sure she can wait until I’m done with you, I’ve only got until the end of the day before you two can leave anyways.  Might as well enjoy myself.” she gave Jenny’s wet diaper a few smacks before changing direction and walking towards a large padded table.  

Hearing that made her smile, “What time is it?” Jenny wondered.  It was already pretty late when they had started walking to the bar.  “Just a few hours and I can get out of this freak show!” she smiled at the thought, causing a soft chortle to leave her throat.  Another wave of embarrassment rushed through her body.  Her legs flexed against Megan’s body, causing her diaper to softly crinkle.

“Aww, I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself baby.  Maybe we can go see the little stinker when I’ve got you all clean and dry.”

With the realization that she wasn’t going to spend the rest of her life as an overgrown baby Jenny relaxed slightly.  Some of the terror she had felt left her and she was just happy to finally be rid of the soaked diaper.  Even if it meant another one was about to replace it.  “At least it will be dry.” she reasoned.  She felt her stomach growl and the slight pressure of another fart.  Jenny managed to stay quiet as it slipped out and into her padding.  She had already gone nose blind to the stink of poopy diaper in the room and barely registered any smell from her little toot.  “Too bad, let her gag.” she thought darkly.

Megan sniffed the air loudly and gently giggled the pampered adult against her hips, “Is someone else about to graduate to pamper packer?  Am I going to have two babies to deal with?” She didn’t bother to wait for any response, Jenny was obviously beyond talking anyways.  She stepped in front of the large changing table and plopped her charge on it like she weighted nothing at all.  “Time for your diaper change, will you lay back and be good or do I need to spank?”

She quickly laid back on her own and tried to keep her mouth closed,  the rubber teat of the pacifier helped give her mouth something else to do.  She heard a soft click and felt something pulled right over her, when she looked up there was now a small black strap over her chest.  She wiggled slightly and felt it was probably strong enough to keep her from getting up and making a run for it.

Megan could see the thought process, “Don’t worry.  This is just to make sure you don’t accidentally roll off.  It’s a long drop and I don’t want you to hurt yourself.” as if to prove her right Jenny felt her body quiver and shift, as if she was trying to move from her back to her belly.  “See?  Now let’s get you changed.”  

Jenny rolled her eyes as the simple Velcro shoes she was wearing were slipped off her feet without even opening them.  Her socks came next,  she was glad to see the ruffled monsters removed.  The diapered adult was confused as the why her shoes and socks needed to be removed anyways, she had expected the buttons along her legs to be used to open her pant legs and change her.  Instead the straps holing her bib up were snapped open and Megan removed the overalls completely.  Leaving her in nothing but what turned out to be a pink onesie.  

Megan clucked her tongue and rolled the overalls up with her hands while she stared down at Jenny.  “I’m sure it’s warm enough in here that you don’t need to be so dressed up anyways.” she started to open the snaps holding the onesie closed and pinched the diaper under it.  “Yeah, soaked.  Just like I thought.  Do you want to tell me you don’t need these, or are you going to be a good girl?” As soon as she stopped speaking she popped the pacifier from Jenny’s mouth and smiled down at her, one hand still on the soaked diaper between her legs.

Jenny stared daggers at her, knowing she couldn’t talk, but wishing she could.  “You did-“ she said.  And stopped suddenly when she spoke clearly.  She swallowed what spit seemed ready to run from her mouth and tore into her captor, “You’re the reason I’m stuck like this!  I don’t need diapers!  I don’t need a fucking nanny!”

Megan laughed as she spun the pacifier on her finger, “You were in diapers when I found you.  And you purposely pissed in it without my help.  Then, instead of taking care of it yourself you sat down in your wet diaper and put your arms up to have me carry you.  And you say you don’t need a nanny?  Seriously?”

Jenny’s face burned, she knew she should shut her mouth.  But she couldn’t stop herself, “This morning I didn’t need them!  This afternoon I didn’t need them!  Then some fat ugly bitch magic’d my ass into Pampers.”  She gestured towards the diaper clinging to her hips.  “Then the damn cops bring me down here and YOU’VE been working on me.  I didn’t ask for you to put that band on me!  I didn’t ask for you to make me swoon and lose the ability to walk and fucking talk!”  She noticed the toes of her right foot and looked at them as they curled and spread on their own and took in a deep breath of happy surprise.  Then caught herself and looked back at Megan.  “I was just having fun when some bitch decided she wanted to fuck me and my friend over, then your ass showed up and -“ the string of words died as the pacifier was stuck back in her mouth.  She glared angrily at Megan before grabbing for the diaper tapes and trying to pull them loose.

Megan shook her head sadly, “And here I thought you had learned some respect.  Maybe even earned some training pants.  But every damn time you kids seem to think you deserve to be treated like an adult, you’re not even a “big kid”, I think a little diaper time will do you good.”  She pulled the pink onesie up to Jenny’s armpits, then grabbed the huge tapes on either side of the diaper and yanked them open.

Jenny picked up her head and stared down between her legs at the sodden padding that Megan was pulling off her.  She scrunched up her eyebrows at the cool sensation of open air on her wet mound, then looked surprised at how bare and hairless it looked,  “That was perfectly trimmed!” she wanted to scream.  She had never shaved herself bare before, it had looked to immature to her.  Her hands shot down, and managed to touch it before being slapped away. 

Megan laughed at the cute looking scowl, “It’s just a diaper.  It’s not your first, I’m sure it won’t be your last.”  She pulled it up and let the yellowed padding inside be visible to her charge.  “I don’t see any mess, so maybe that was just a little toot earlier.  Though I’m sure you’ll be messy soon enough.”

She slapped lightly at Jenny’s thigh, and to the woman’s horror, her legs reacted to lift her bum off the diaper and held it up while another was placed underneath it.  Something felt off about the new one, she wiggled her bum on the padding.  It felt thicker and actually seemed to be pushing her legs farther apart.  She grunted and whined, begging to speak and ask forgiveness.  

Instead the woman smiled and waved at her like she couldn’t understand her.  “You really soaked that last one, and you didn’t even notice.” Jenny glared at her as she said it.  “So let’s try something a little thicker.  It might be hard to walk or crawl in it.  But I don’t think you have to worry about that, right baby?”

Jenny shook her head violently back and forth, it felt like that was the only thing she could do as her skin started to feel like it was crawling over her bones again.  Then it got worse as the witch puffed a thick cloud of baby powder between her legs, then pulled the diaper up tight and taped it on.  “Stop! Stop!” Jenny begged from behind the pacifier.  But her words back to infantile babble.  She could feel her body already reacting to the new humiliation, her skin prickled and every hair stood on end as her legs curled up and kicked into the air.  She dropped her head to the padding and squeezed her eyes closed as she pushed her legs together with everything she had.  She thought she had been winning, but whatever spell she was under was taking more control instead.

“Doesn’t that look cute!” Megan cooed at her as she stepped back and watched the horror show with barely hidden glee.  Jenny picked her head and upper body up by pushing against the padded table with her hands, and looked down at her legs.  The bulge of the diaper between them was almost comical.  They were both pushed out as widely as her body would let them.  “This is one of my favorite parts baby, keep your eyes on those cute little baby legs!”  Jenny stared in horror as any muscle tone she had seemed to melt away.  The fine stubble of hair that barely existed seemed to fade in a snap.  Leaving her legs slim and soft looking.

As they both stared at Jenny’s  legs her body decided it was time to pull them up towards her chest again.  Her hands sloppily reached for them, but missed, instead they clenched together then relaxed and raced back towards her hair to rub and play with it.   Her legs pumped in the air for a few seconds before they slowly relaxed and ended up hanging limply on either side of her body.  Held up by the limited flexibility of her adult tendons.  Jenny almost put her head down when a tingle and warmth started to radiate from her diaper again.  “I’m pissing!” she screamed in her head as warmth tickled down between her legs and pooled underneath her.  So much poured out that she could feel wetness running down the inside of the diaper and actually leaking out under her.  Her hands grasped for anything and one found the flap of the onesie and pulled it to her mouth.  But since it was full of pacifier she just felt it absently rubbed against her chin.  She looked down at the diaper again and thought it looked off.  Almost like it was even bigger.  While the wet table under her seemed to pull gently against her skin.

As she stared she saw her legs slowly lowering to the padded surface on both sides of her body.  She screamed as they finally settled down in a wet puddle she was still making.  Megan gushed as Jenny finished humiliating herself.  “It looks like you’ve leaked through even that!  I guess we can change you again, if only for your nap baby!”  She grabbed one of her feet and picked it up, moving the leg back and forth, up and down, “Did you ever think you’d be this flexible?  Maybe you’ll get a little more tone soon, but I don’t think you’ll need it much with that diaper booty of yours.”

Jenny tried to ignore her, to ignore everything, then she heard the wail of an infant.  Not even the sound that a baby would make, but the wail of a child a few months old.  She was really screaming, in a moment of shock Jenny realized it was her screaming. That even with the pacifier long fallen out of her mouth she wasn’t even able to babble any longer.  Her arms moved and shook spastically as her limp legs pumped and kicked against the table.  Her body shook as she took a deep breath and screeched louder.

Jenny realized she was no longer in control of any part of her body.  She recoiled in terror as she tried to stop her tantrum.  Only to hear the wails regress further into the undulation of little more then a newborn.  Her head flopped to one side as it grew too heavy for her to control.  A final gross shame happened when she felt her puddle make it to her neck and start to soak her hair.  She actively went back to screaming then, as that was the only thing she could do.  

Megan stared down at her, hunger in her eyes.   One hand traced out the path of piss literally covering everything touching the padded table, the other hand crept lower, towards her own inner thighs.  A tingle and urge was building there.  But she knew there was more to come.  More delicious terror and fear.  So much that she might not have to feed for months.  “Oh, did the poor BABY have an accident?” She said with mock concern.

The warm liquid was done running from her body, but it was still moving past her neck and slowly down the side of her face laying on the table.  The smell of her own piss filled her nose and made her almost gag, but some part her wanted nothing more then to play in it.  Her fingers slapped down in the puddle and splashed it farther onto her skin.  A tiny drop landed in her eye and caused screams of pure pain as it burned.

With both eyes still closed, Jenny felt a warm towel pushed next to her body before she heard the click of the safety belt being opened. “Let’s get you cleaned up before you make a poopie and get that everywhere.”  Megan said as she started using the towel to soak up the puddle around her body, before carefully pulling the onesie off and over her head.  Leaving her victim naked, except for the diaper.  “That’s got to be a record, no ones soaked one that fast before!” 

Jenny kept her eyes closed and tried to keep her hands out of her own mouth.  She could feel them creeping closer and closer.  And the urge to open her mouth was almost overpowering.  Before they made contact she felt them grabbed and rubbed with a cool wet wipe. Then released to continue on into her mouth.  Where they were spit back out from tasting too soapy.  She could feel more wipes being used on her body, then another towel cleaning the wetness from her hair.  But without a bath of shower she would smell like piss for days.  It was the feeling of her diaper being removed again that caused her to open her eyes.  The mass of wet pulp was moved away from her, but this time no slap came, no urge to lift her bum.  Fresh fear told her she probably couldn’t lift it anymore.  

“Why don’t we try one of the supers?” Megan asked.  “Let’s face it, you’re barely more then an infant anyways right?  I bet you won’t even know if you mess yourself.  So we might as well put you in proper Pampers, right?”  Jenny looked down with her left eye as her legs were grabbed and lifted in one hand, while an absolutely huge diaper was slid underneath her.  The scent of drying pee still filled the air as baby powder was puffed over her again and the diaper was lifted up and taped on.  

Jenny stared at the hands holding her feet, and working the tapes.  Something looked wrong to her.  The hands completely dwarfed her feet.  Able to easily manipulate both in one palm.  She moaned when she saw her belly button disappear under the diaper, worries that it might swallow her popped up and caused her to breathing to quicken into rapid, shallow gulps.  Two massive tapes stuck cleanly to an even larger landing zone that had lambs and wolfs running and playing together.  “It’s almost half my size!” she wailed to herself.  Then her world went vertical again as she was picked up and held against Megan’s much warmer body.  She could feel something cupping her head as if she wasn’t trusted to hold it up herself.  She impotently kicked her feet at her tormentor, but a sudden cramp and bubbling fart stopped everything.  She rolled her eyes up at the shocked looking face of Megan and tried to ignore what she knew was coming.  

“Are you already tired of smelling like pee pee baby?  Are you ready for a nice poopy now? Wait till you feel that, maybe I’ll leave you in it for a few hours.  It doesn’t matter anyways, you’ll slip so much after filling that up, you probably won’t even remember your name.“

Jenny felt the tears coming back, but the image of a clock on the wall made her blink.  Something was off, but she just couldn’t put her fingers on it.  Something about the long sweeping things, and the things they pointed at.  She knew she was missing something, something important.  Then as soon as she looked away her mind forgot it instantly.  Only to find it again when she looked back at it.  Her hands reached out and tried to grab it, even though it was dozens of feet away.  The warmth of the person she was laying against seemed to grow more, she felt like she needed to take a nap and yawned while a thumb snaked into her mouth and she started to suck on it.  

Megan gently patted Jenny’s sticky bare back as she slowly walked towards a nearby mirror.  This had to be perfect.  She knew what was about to happen and wanted to plan it perfectly.  “Let me tell you about potential.” she started.  The warm baby moved and pushed against her, her arms and legs no longer more then simple meat tentacles that touched or grabbed things and instinctively tried to move towards her mouth or other stimulation.  Jenny rode the waves of steadily increasing infancy,  numbers, words, and shapes were gone.  The thought of going to school was completely eradicated.  Even escape had been replaced by the simple idea of going out.  

“Everyone has potential.  That’s what really drives the world.  Not spirits, or some magical force or being.  But potential.”  Jenny listened as she talked.  Barely cognizant of what was being said, but some part of her, a part being drowned by a second infancy was clinging to every terrifying word.  “This is something that everyone is born with and uses it to grow and learn.  Losing some in the process, slowly causing them to age, or even do silly things that end up dropping it to zero.”

Big girl Jenny tried to ignore everything else as she listened.  “But some of us can take it.  Can use it efficiently.  It takes a little training.  But we eventually find our niche and stick with it.”  Jenny felt like she was drowning, that darkness was filling her mind and she didn’t know if it would stop, she clenched her fingers in fear, she didn’t understand what it all meant.  The part of her that gave her higher thought functions was too busy figuring out if she could suck on her own toes or not.  But she knew something bad was about to happen, was probably already happening.  Every part of her body was almost humming at what was going on.  “Some of us take what we need without the victim even knowing, a day or a week here, a tinkle when they sneeze, or a wet fart.  The humiliation radiates out and we snatch it up.”

Jenny felt tears coming to her eyes.  “Any second Halloween is over and I get to go home!” She managed to think.  It hung there.  Like a life raft.  Keeping her mature self afloat.  “Betty will tell, she’ll bring ma ma!” Jenny thought.  

Megan kept talking, unaware of the internal conflict inside the diapered adult, “And some of us go further, storing up power enough for eons.”  She was finally in front of the mirror.  Jenny seemed distant and didn’t move to look or even open her eyes.  “Hey baby! Look!  Look at yourself Jennifer!”

She didn’t want to, she fought with everything she had, but her eyes opened and she saw her reflection, her shrunken, still adult-looking body almost swallowed up by a huge baby diaper. Held up against Megan’s chest, with an engorged nipple in her mouth being sucked on greedily.  Her mouth opened in a wet scream.  There was no mistaking the wail coming from her mouth as nothing more then the first gasp from a newborn.

“Take a good close look Jen-Jen!” Megan cackled and held her out closer to the mirror.  Taking care to keep her head under control.

Jenny wailed as her legs kicked in spasms, she couldn’t stop looking as her arms curled up and rubbed her body and Megan’s hands, just looking for something to touch.  Finally she stared at her dull looking eyes,  as she stared, her face took on a look of concentration.  She blushed as the urge to push down came to her, and a rush of something leaving her backside coated it in smelly mush.  

The simple terror was too much, fear and agony took over, her body shook in quick pulses as more and more mess poured between her legs. She swore she felt herself shrinking into the diaper as she watched her tiny adult body act like there wasn’t a mind controlling if any longer.  She was easily pushed back against the warm body of the monster and felt herself searching for the nipple.  She found it easily and sucked it between her lips.  The sickly sweet milk poured down her throat.  “Go home! Go home!” ran through her mind over and over.  “Just a day!” it was almost all she had left.

Megan shushed her as she walked back to the small bins.  “A few hours won’t hurt.  You won’t even know what a poopy diaper is in a few minutes anyways.”  She set her down in one of the bins, taking pleasure at the look of disgust as Jenny settled onto the mush in her diaper.  Then walked away still talking.  “Potential is so high in a baby.  The fresher the better.  But it’s so hard to grab them, or even buy them now.  So much easier to take the young mother and her baby.  Using the potential of one to harvest so much more from the other.” 

Megan sounded farther away, and as if she was talking into a container.  “So all we need really is two.”  She was walking back now, Jenny could tell.  Then the witch was standing over her bassinet again, another little baby in her arms.  “One to sacrifice, one to feed on for months.”  

The baby looked tiny, it’s skin was blotchy and covered in fine hair.  Jenny knew what it was called before, but it was gone now.  Her brain was simply too small to retain everything.  There was an odd blotch of colour on one of its arms.  Megan held the tiny tot closer to Jenny and suddenly everything clicked.   “Betty!” Ran through her mind.  One of the last names she would ever remember.  

“Look!  It’s your little buddy!  You were so concerned about her.  But she’s been here for days already!”  Megan said with glee as she grabbed a spindly arm and made it wave.  

Jenny stared at the tiny diapered  human in Megan’s arms and tried to remember what had happened earlier,  but nothing came to mind.  She just knew something was wrong with the time.  Though as she thought that the concept dissolved away.

“Time is relative.  You should know that baby.  Well, you should have I guess.  In here I can make minutes last hours.  Or longer.”  Megan looked down at Jenny, she looked so tiny in her giant bulging diaper.  Her tiny adult features looked comical, especially with the dull look she had on her face.  “Little miss stinky pants here ran in on her own.  Before I could say anything she was on the floor packing her diaper.  It must have been something, because she could barely form words afterwards.” Megan smiled as she remembered the embarrassed look on the woman’s face as she pushed all the mass her small body no longer needed into her diaper.

Megan felt a twitch from her nipples, an electric spark raced down her spine towards her toes.  Her own face blushed and she seemed to stagger for an instant. “Yeah....  time for the show I guess.”  She held the tiny thing out and turned it to “look” at her.  “Time for you to go bye bye, oh yes it is!” As she said it the diaper between its thin legs finally slipped free and plopped to the floor.  A small amount of mess was left behind, but it wasn’t much.  The blotchy skin seemed to grow almost translucent, while a thin stream of liquid arced away from it and towards the floor.  

The baby in the bassinet stared at the familiar face, no longer understanding why it was familiar.  Only that it felt humiliated for it to see it peeing itself.  It cried out in terror at what it was seeing, but unable to really process anything.  Nothing existed if she wasn’t looking at it.  And even if she was looking, everything was blurry and out of focus.

Megan stepped away, and knelt down towards the floor,  placing the baby between her spread legs and then leaning over the bassinet to stare at Jenny, “Ohhh...  looks like you’re about to be..... a....  only child...”  She breathlessly spoke as if she was experiencing carnal pleasure.  There were wet slurping sounds, and the odd trickle of liquid dribbling softly onto the floor.  Megan clenched down and moaned loudly, still looking down at the terrified baby in front of her as the last of Betty disappeared into the void of potential.

“Oh baby.... You have no idea how good that feels.” Megan said as she stood up and pushed herself off the bassinet.  As she stood there was a sudden glow that started to surround her.  It increased steadily until it was blinding.  The baby screamed and hid its eyes from the light.  When it was over a younger woman stood there.  Her features slightly changed, as if her own likeness had merged with that of the woman she had absorbed. “Now this is a good look!” She said as she looked at herself in the mirror.

She picked up the baby and allowed it to attach to her right nipple. Immediately it latched on and started to suckle.  The adult features of the infant seemed to mellow, and grow harder to see as fat quickly formed and hid them.  “That should do for now.  Anything less then a doctor visit and you’ll pass.  At least long enough for us to finish you off and grab another pair.”

The infants brain was too simple for consciousness.  It only cared to eat and sleep.  And feel warm.  It enjoyed its meal and felt an urge to push.  More warmth joined the previous mess, but now that she was her final size it was barely more then any normal infants.  She wiggled in it, no longer understanding what it was, or what she had just seen.  Fear and terror had be replaced by apathy and hunger.  She belched and spit up, before finally falling asleep.  



End Chapter 1

Halloween 2021

by: Long_Rifle | Complete Story | Last updated May 24, 2022


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