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by: Long_Rifle Last updated Sep 5, 2009

Female Mental Regression This is from another site that I post my stories on. My page got 1000 views, so I wrote a short story for the occasion. Have fun!


by: Long_Rifle Last updated Dec 12, 2012

I watched 1408 a couple of nights ago, this is my version.

A bit Shorter

by: Long_Rifle Last updated Oct 3, 2012

What is it about Halloween that makes people do silly things, like write stories about female mental regression diapers, and kidnapping? I don't know! But I enjoyed slapping this together.

A Brief interlude

by: Long_Rifle Last updated Apr 11, 2008

Female Mental AR. Mild drug use. Continued use may cause itchy purple scrotum.


by: Long_Rifle Last updated Aug 1, 2009

Female mental regression, and high school... Yeah, it's got everything!

Bad Dream

by: Long_Rifle Last updated Dec 18, 2009

A NEW one! Connie learns it's not the why, but the results. Contains Female mental regression and transformation into inanimate object. Not a happy ending.

Best Friends

by: Long_Rifle Last updated Oct 21, 2009

Female AND MALE Mental regression. (yep, though the male parts are slim) Swear words, and a tad bit more pooping then any other story of mine. Standard warranty applies, no happy endings.

Candy Raver

by: Long_Rifle Last updated Sep 21, 2009

This is only EDITED for format by me. It was written 9 years ago, and posted anonymously. It contains Female regression, as well as male regression (mentioned not main plot)

Cheese and Diapers

by: Long_Rifle Last updated Jun 21, 2010

A story made to be less serious then most. Contains diapers, mental regression (male and female) and not a really happy ending. Based on "best friends" story (loosely).


by: Long_Rifle Last updated Jul 31, 2009

Female Mental AR, with a bit of Spells R Us mixed in. This story is OLD. I never ended it till now. It's still around the net in various bits of completion. This is the completed tale.

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