Best Friends

by: Long_Rifle | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 21, 2009

Female AND MALE Mental regression. (yep, though the male parts are slim) Swear words, and a tad bit more pooping then any other story of mine. Standard warranty applies, no happy endings.

Chapter 1
Best Friends

Chapter Description: What the first one said.

Best Friends By: Long_Rifle

Well... I read a post where-in a person asked about an age regressing virus... I should really stop right there... Female and male (What? Holy Shit!) mental regression. But mostly female so have fun. Also mild sexual content, and a heap of swear words. Also this story is about mental regression. Fast, and mostly the type that lacks “containment” if you get my drift. One part of ANY transformation, physical or mental, age or animal that I feel people gloss over is the loss of continence. The most childish or animalistic act I can think of is “potty pants”. Sure. Loss of sexual control is animalistic as well, but nothing saws “cow”, or “dog” more than making a puddle in front of witness’s, and especially where you ought not to be making one! Sorry to wax poetic! On with the show! It’s Friday Bitches!

“So we’re sure her grandmother is fine with this Beth?”

“Well, it’s kind of to late to ask that now isn’t it? Seeing as we’re here and all.” Beth said as she stepped up onto a brick porch and knocked on the door. “Besides, it’s not like it’s a giant party. Just us and a few of our close friends. Dam Fen, you need to relax.”

Fen cracked a smile, “And when Karen lights up a joint? Is grandma going to be fine with that? And where the hell has she been all her life? Isn?t it funny that her parents suddenly pull a grandmother out of their hats?”

The sound of door locks being opened came through the door as Beth spoke, “She’ll be fine, this kind of crap happens all the time. There’s a family rift, and in the late years they make up to feel better before she dies. Besides, she probably won’t even know what it is. Now relax!”

The door swung wide and they found themselves face to face with Sarah. “You guys finally got here? I been waiting like, forever!” she said.

They stepped inside and slowly took their shoes off, Beth was the first to notice the odd smell, “Uh, Amy...” she said with a few light sniffs, “That doesn’t smell like Karen’s bong.”

Fen was moving her fingers in front of her face. “It smells like....Oh.” She Blushed, then whispered. “Does your grandmother have a problem getting to the bathroom?”

Amy looked carefully behind her, then nodded her head. “But I don’t want to talk about it. And after a few minutes you don’t really smell it. Sorry about that.” She looked closely at the bag that Fen was carrying. “And why does it look like that bag is too small for your X-box?”

“Shit! I forgot!”

Beth slapped her lightly on the back, “I told you to make a list.”

Fen already had her shoes and was putting them on. “Yeah, I’ll be back in a while. Don’t go to crazy till I get back.”

Beth already knew that, she was already walking towards the living room, Amy smiled and waved wildly, “See ya Waiter den!” Fen looked at her, a look of confusion on her face, but before she could say anything the door was slammed closed and she was alone outside. She shook her head and walked quietly back home.

Beth had made it halfway down the hall when she heard someone step out behind her and clear her throat. “Amy... “ An old, sweet sounding voice asked. “Who is this?”

Beth turned to face the older woman, “Hi!” She said as she gently hugged her, “I’m Beth, I just got here, I?m one of Amy?s oldest friends. We?ve known each other since second grade.”

The old woman smiled, “Okay. You’re here for the night as well as the others right?” Beth thought the question was odd, but nodded. “Oh dear.. I thought everyone was here already. I had asked Amy not to answer the door unless I was in the room.” she looked towards a blushing Amy, “Can’t be to careful you know.”

Amy walked up next to them, “But I knew who it was gramma! She’s my frwend!”

“I know dear. But it’s for your own safety honey. Now why don’t you take her to the rest of the girls?”

Beth felt Amy grab her hand and pull, but she didn’t want to go yet. “Now hold on Mam. I understand you wanting to be safe. But we’re almost in college, there’s no need to treat her like such a child. And besides this is a safe neighborhood.” Amy started to pull hard enough that she started to slide her across the floor. But Beth still tried to fight. “So, please. We’ll be okay. You don’t have to worry.”

The kindly old lady looked towards her and grinned. “I guess I’m just to old to know better. In my day little girls did what they were told.” Beth bristled at being called a little girl. She was about to say something when Amy tugged so hard she had to take a step or fall. When she regained her footing she turned back to find the hallway empty.

“Dammit Amy! I wanted to talk to her! Why did you do that?”

Amy finally let go of Beth as she started to walk on her own. “It’s not good to yell at gramma silly.”

“But she’s acting like you’re some kind of kid! You have to stand up to her Amy! Or she?ll shit on you till your parents get back.”

Amy absently rubbed her nose with the back of her hand. “Don’t worry ?bout it Beth, it’s okay.”

Beth rolled her eyes, “It’s not my ass in the fire.” She turned into the living room and saw everyone sitting around, watching TV, and barely talking. “So... How’s the party ladies?” She said loudly. They all turned to her, dopey smiles on most of their faces. “Well... It looks like the party already started huh? Couldn?t wait a few extra minutes.” Beth mentally checked everyone off in here mind, “Pam... Check. Dess... Check... Emily... Check... Where’s Karen?” She turned to Amy, who seemed the most coherent, “Where’s Karen?”

Amy was moving a cushion on the floor and getting ready to sit down, “Oh..” She said as she giggled, “Gramma caught her being naughty. She’s with her now.”

The other girls giggled along as well. Beth sighed and sat down on the couch. She looked at what they were watching on the TV and realized it was a show for little kids. “Dam girls, you can’t be that high yet? What the hell...”

Pam turned to her, “We only ?llowed to watch dis.” Dess and Emily absently nodded along.

“No fucking way. Give me the remote!” Dess handed it to her and she punched in the channel for the guide but it didn’t do anything. She tried again, and realized the old bat had locked everything but that channel out. “No way! Why are you guys watching this crap! Let’s go to the mall!”

Amy shook her head. “It’s not bad... Here.” She pushed a plastic cup into Beth’s hands. “It’s soo good!”

Beth smelled the contents, and thought she smelled alcohol. “Finally! So you guys aren’t all goody goody after all!” She took a careful sip. “It tastes like Apple juice!” She said. Though she could taste the alcohol as well. She sat back on the couch and tried to relax, she was halfway through the cup before she realized what was wrong with the TV. “Oh, it’s not on cable. This is a DVD!” She got up and sat down in front of the TV, she reached forward to push the eject button when something pink and plastic on the floor caught her eye.

Beth turned completely to her left and saw it was a plastic package thrown in the corner. “No way...” she thought. She crawled towards it and smiled. Beth could tell she was really buzzing from the little cocktail, she laughed as she grabbed the pink plastic bundle and stood up. Holding it above her head. “Mommy wow! I’m a big kid now!” She sang shrilly.

The girls all laughed at the bad rendition of the old song. Amy grabbed it from her. “Not bad Bethy. Do you want to use the potty now? Or do you want to see gramma?”

Beth was laughing herself. She looked at the package, opened it, and slid a Pull-Up out. She looked at the cute designs on it’s outside, then carefully stretched it out. “I think I’m fine Amy. Where did these come from anyways?” Amy shrugged in response. Beth looked down at all her friends watching the childish show and smiled as a funny idea suddenly came to her.

With everyone watching she dropped her pants and panties, and pulled the Pull-Ups on. They were tight, but they didn’t rip, or tear. “Tada! Now I’m a big girl, and I say it’s time for us to do some big girl things!”

Emily looked at her with a serious look on her face she said, “We all big girls here stupid. Only Karen not.”

“Yeah.” said Amy. “We don’t drink from bottles wike babies!”

Beth looked from one face to the next. She felt the buzz from her drink start to fade as her anger rose. “Dammit! What’s wrong with you guys? You’re acting like this is all okay? We should be having some real fun. Not sitting around watching the dam Smurfs. Or whatever the hell that show is.” She watched as the girls scooted away from her. Beth stomped her foot on the floor. “Stop! This isn’t cool you guys. Stop acting so fucking weird!”

Pam started to ignore her, she grabbed a crystal pitcher that had been hidden behind a chair and started to fill her cup instead. She was nervous, and Beth watched as she stuck her tongue out in concentration. As soon as she set down the pitcher Dess grabbed it and was refilling her own cup, then filling Amy’s as well.

Amy grabbed her cup and took several big gulps. Beth’s eyes popped open stunned as her friends pounded their full cups. Amy saw the look, and grabbed the pitcher, “Ya want more don’t ya?”

Beth was still stunned, “How much have you guys drank already? Shouldn’t you slow down?”

“It’s good. Gramma says it’s k.” Emily slurred.

Beth pushed the pitcher away, “She knows about that stuff?”

Emily had finished her cup and let it drop to the floor. “Yeah. After Karen got in twouble she gave us dat.” She laid back on the floor, and spread her legs, “It’s sooo good!”

Beth stood up, she felt dizzy at first, then recovered. “That’s it. There’s something seriously wrong here. I’m going to find that bitch and see what the hell is going on.” She saw Pam start to refill her cup, “Pam don’t touch that crap anymore! Let me talk to the old dingbat first.” She watched as Pam set her cup down and stick her tongue out at her. “Real mature Pam.” Beth said as she turned and walked away.

Beth walked further down the hall, “Hello? Where are you?”

“In here.” came the creaky reply from a room to her left and just ahead.

Beth swallowed hard and turned into the room. She could see the old woman, and what looked like an old radio, but there was no sign of Karen. Beth decided to start civil, she crossed her arms in front of her and cocked her hips to one side, “Look. I understand you think you’re helping but this is going to far.”

“Oh? And what do you think is going to far young lady?”

Beth felt exasperated, “We’re not little kids. We’re adults now. We need our freedom. We deserve it.” The old lady smiled, as if she was looking at a small girl talk. Beth tried to ignore it. “And then you tried to pacify us with that jug of super spiked apple crap. They’re in there drinking it as fast as they can! They’re going to be sick all night! That’s not funny.”

“Oh dear.” the woman said sounding concerned, “It’s not meant to be funny. They seemed to really want it. I only gave the little things what they wanted.”

Beth put her hands out pleading, “There! See! You think we’re kids or something! Lady, I’m eighteen! I’ve already gotten laid eight times! We don’t need your help. We need you to relax.” Beth saw movement to her right and looked at it hoping it was Karen. Instead she saw her own reflection in the mirror. She smiled at her grown up looks, then turned back to yell more. Suddenly she stopped, her hands shot down to her waist, trying vainly to cover what was in full view.

The old woman didn’t miss a thing. “Are you okay sweetie? Did you have an accident? Do you need gramma to change you?”

For a split second Beth started to nod her head, then she stopped and got a hold of herself. She wondered why she had forgotten about not putting her pants back on before she came in here. She decided to swallow her pride and act like it didn’t bother her, hoping it would put the old bat off. “Look lady,” Beth said. “I don’t know exactly what’s going on here. But this is way to strange to be legal.”

“What’s so strange about a babysitter taking care of a few babies?” she said mockingly.

Beth stepped back, her Pull-Up completely forgotten again, “Woah, we aren’t babies for one thing. You really are messed up. Wait a sec-” Beth thought she smelled pot. She followed her nose and saw Karen’s pipe and baggie thrown out in a small trashcan next to the doorway. Her anger rose again, and she stepped forward, “What the hell did you do to Karen? She’d never let you throw her shit away like that!”

The old lady laughed under her breath, then turned back to her Radio, “Karen doesn’t mind if I throw her shit away. Who else is going to do it right now?”

Beth kicked the trashcan across the room, “Where is she bitch!”

The woman recoiled in her chair. Then tisked loudly, “So big and strong! Yet you still throw tantrums. She’s down the hall napping. Now be quiet and go join your friends. I bet they’re having a great time by now!”

Beth backed out of the room, she reached for her cell phone before remembering in was in her pants pocket laying on the floor in the living room. She started to go for it, then stopped. “Karen first. Then I’m calling the cops.” she whispered.

Beth started walking down the hall, towards the only door left. She could see that it was dark inside, but there was a dim light keeping it from being totally black. As she neared the doorway she thought she could hear a faint music coming from inside as well. She grabbed the doorframe and slowly stuck her head inside, as her eyes adjusted she thought she could make out a low bed, surrounded by a frame in one corner. She could also smell baby powder. “What the hell am I afraid of?” She thought to herself. She stepped into the room, and then on second thought reached behind her and closed the door. In the dark her thumb found the lock button on the knob and pushed it in. “At least now crazy granny won’t be interrupting us.” she thought.

Beth walked slowly towards the bed, she could see a spinning mobile was the cause of the light and the music. As she got closer she could see the outline of her friend, laying on her back, and very much asleep. She squatted down next to the low bed and poked Karen with her finger. “Hey! Wake up girl! The cavalry is here.” Karen didn’t stir and Beth felt fear, “How bad did she drug you?” She whispered, as she grabbed the warm thick blankets encasing her friend and tore then off. She threw them towards the corner of the room then came back to Karen. By the light from the spinning mobile she was shocked to see her sleeping friend was wearing a diaper. Beth reached down in disbelief and touched it. Plastic crinkled as she pushed it gently, she was sure it was wet from the way it felt.

Not caring about being subtle, Beth jumped towards the wall and flicked the light switch on. The room blazed with bright light, and the figure on the bed seemed even more pitiful. Beth dropped down next to Karen and shook her violently awake. At first the high school senior didn’t want to wake up. Then her eyes started to flutter and crack open. “Karen! Wake up! We’ve got to get out of here!” Beth almost yelled. She watched as Karen yawned then looked right at her. Beth smiled, thinking that she was going to be okay. She stood up and knocked her head into the mobile, causing it to stop spinning and go quiet, at the same instant she felt a tiredness she didn?t really know she had vanish. “I’ll make sure the coast is clear. You get cleaned up.” She said as she walked to the door and carefully got down on her hands and knees to see if she could hear anything. “It’s all clear. Let’s go!”

Beth grabbed the door and got ready to open it, she turned to make sure Karen was ready. And saw she was not behind her. She looked back towards the bed and saw that she had barely moved. “Karen, lets go!” Beth waited, but the girl still didn’t move. She walked back towards her, “Karen, we need to get going. This isn’t funny.” Beth knelt down next to her and pulled her up into a sitting position, Karen slouched forward, and sloppily stuck a hand in her diaper.

“Ewwww! That’s so gross.” Beth said as she pulled the hand free. “Stop messing around.” She stopped talking as she heard something outside the door. Karen opened her mouth to talk, but Beth put her hand over it before any sound emerged. She put her finger to her own mouth and shushed while she tried to listen to what was going on outside the room.

She concentrated, but she couldn’t hear anything else. She felt Karen start licking her palm, she turned around and started to pull it away. But Karen grabbed it with her own hands and stuck it back it her mouth. “Karen! Cut that out.” But as Beth looked at her friend she felt shivers run up her spine. There was something wrong with the way she was staring at her. “Karen?” Beth said quietly. But the drooling girl didn’t even act like she heard her. She kept on sucking on Beth’s fingers. “K-Karen? Are you o-okay?” her voice broke with fear as she looked closer at her friend. She tried to pull her hand free, but the young woman still had her strength. Karen was about to hit her when she spied a large pacifier laying next to the pillow in the bed. She grabbed it and dangled in in front of Karen’s face.

Her eyes shot open and her hands lunged for the rubber and plastic toy. As soon as her fingers closed on it she pushed it wetly into her mouth. Beth watched as Karen’s eyes rolled into the back of her head, then she slowly laid back down and moved onto her side in a fetal position. Beth sat back on her haunches, stunned. The only sound in the room was the rhythmic sound of Karen sucking her pacifier. “Shit..” Beth softly said. “Shit... Shit... Shit... What the hell is going on here. This isn’t right.” She stood up, and smacked her head into the mobile again, causing it to spin, then as she reached out to steady it the music started, this time louder then before. She grabbed it with her hands, and turned it till she found the tiny control panel for it. Beth just started reading it when the lights hanging from it flashed on, and started moving and pulsing to the music. Beth felt herself grow light headed, she blinked, and tried to focus on the writing. But couldn’t. She felt her Pull-Up growing warm, she looked down trying to see what was happening, but the sudden motion of her head made her feel sick, Beth took one last look at the colorful lights before she felt her body relax, and dropped unconscious to the floor.

Voices. Muffled voices woke Beth. She shook her head as she sat up on the floor. “Owwww.... Wa happened?” She said as she felt a large lump on the side of her head. She saw something broken and crumpled laying on the floor next to her. As she looked around she realized the band of her panties was itching her leg, she reached down to scratch it. She sighed with relief as she moved over the itch, but as she moved into her panties she stopped. “Wet...” she thought as she slowly looked down. Everything came back to her as she looked down at her now soaked Pull-Ups. She looked at the broken thing and then up, “I must have ripped it off the ceiling when I passed out.” She said softly. Her breath caught in her throat as she turned around to see Karen still in the bed. “Karen..” She whispered. She was about to move towards her when the muffled voice started to come closer to the door. She stopped and listened as it became clearer.

“...hours. Maybe a little less.” The voice seems to sound concerned. Beth recognized it as the old woman’s. “It worked, who cares about more tests! They’re all done here, and I’m still 100 percent aware.”

Beth pushed herself away from the door as she heard the knob rattle. The voice continued. “There’s been nothing over the monitor but snoring and crinkling. I know the device activated, I heard the music myself so she’s not a problem now. Just another wet little plaything for the news to report.” Beth cringed, she reached down and squeezed the soaked padding between her legs. She felt tears come to her eyes, her thumb slowly came up towards her mouth and slipped inside, after a few sucks she felt better.

She blinked several times, knowing something was very wrong, then sat down. Only to come up in a squat when the cooling padding felt to horrible to her. She leaned closer to the door, there was a pop as her thumb came from her mouth. “No. Just call a dam locksmith!” The voice continued, “It can be part of the report.” “Look, this is done. I’m done with the testing. The virus works as you want. It stays inoperative till the body releases the right chemicals, and only your light pulses do that. The light system worked, and the video. What more do we need? It’s time to do it.”

Beth realized she was in more trouble then she had ever been in before. She stood up and tried to decide what to do. She knew she was being listened to, so she had to stay quiet. She saw a chair in one corner, and carefully wedged it under the knob. Hoping it would hold if someone tried to bust in. Then she turned her attention to her friend. Beth checked that the shattered mobile wasn’t anywhere near her. Then she knelt down carefully next to Karen. She carefully picked some loose drywall from her hair, crying the entire time. She wanted her to wake up, she wanted her to be okay. She softly caressed her check, then bent close and gave her a light kiss on the cheek. As she moved away Karen’s eyes fluttered open. She looked Beth right in the eyes and smiled. Beth’s heart dropped. Then Karen’s head to moved to the side and her eyes started to roll quickly around the room. Her body became very tense, her mouth started to move as if she was trying to speak.

“Ba.... B.... Bethhhhhh....” she croaked.

Beth gently tried to sooth her. “Shush... “ she barely whispered, “You have to be quiet.”

But Karen wouldn’t stop. “Bethhhhh..... Ha.... He.... Help.... Me....”

Beth’s mouth dropped, she grabbed Karen in a hug. “You’re okay! I thought you were gone!”

Karen tried to push her away. “No.... Diaper.... Grrrr.....gammaa bad!”

Beth was crying tears of joy. “I’ve go to get you out of here! She’s trying to do this to everyone!” She gently pulled her up into a sitting position, then let go.

Karen frantically started to yell, “No! Nooooo.... No no no!” as she flopped back down onto the mattress.

Beth stopped frozen as she tried to listen to anyone outside.

“I think one of them is up now. Hold on. Sweetie?” She said, it sounded like she was right on the other side of the door. “Can you open the door for gramma honey?”

Beth felt herself stand and take a step towards the door before she stopped herself. “Oh shit.” she thought. “This shit lets them control people too.” She looked back and forth from the door to the window. Wondering what she should do.

The voice came again, “Come on baby. I know you’re up. Be a good girl and open the door.”

Beth could barely control herself. She was on the verge of crying. Then she looked back at Karen. And saw she was trying to get up so she could open the door. It gave Beth an idea. She dropped to her knees and crawled to the door. She felt shame as she realized it felt natural. That she wanted to crawl. She got her face close to the door and let drool run out of her mouth. Then slapped at the door. “Gramma!” she gurgled.

“I hear one of them. Hold on. Sweetie? Can you open the door please?”

Beth had to stop it. She had to get the woman to stop asking, her entire body was clenching to open the door. Her hands were slowly walking their way up the door when she felt her Pull-Ups grow warm, then felt warmth run down her legs. She stopped moving and stared as her bladder emptied. She watched as the puddle started to run under the door and out into the hall. She felt her body go red with shame, but it helped her concentrate.

“Opps. Hello? Yeah. She’s gone. There’s a river of piss running under the door and she can’t figure out how to work the lock.”

Beth sat still and waited while she listened to feet walking away from the door. For several minutes she could barely control the urge to open the door, then it started to wane, and finally she could move without worrying. She turned and stared down at Karen. “Karen. I can’t carry you.” Karen’s eyes went wide, and she started to kick her feet. Beth carefully squatted down next to her. “Look, I’m going to run for it. Bring back the cops.” Karen shook her head as much as she could, drool ran from her mouth, and Beth wiped it away. “Look, I broke the mobile. Just act like a baby and you’ll be fine. I’ll be back with help soon.” Karen’s eyes stayed wide open, but she seemed to agree. She reached out for something. Beth looked behind her and saw her pacifier was now hanging from the side rail. She grabbed it, and slipped it into Karen’s mouth. “Okay. Be calm baby.” Karen’s eyebrows furrowed with anger. “Shesh, sorry. Be good while I gone bye bye den.” Karen’s eye’s opened in surprise at the childish outburst, but Beth didn’t seem to catch what she had just said.

She walked to the door, and put her ear to it again. She couldn’t hear anyone talking now. She scratched at her herself again. And took a look down at her Pull-Ups. “Dang. I should just toss these things now.” She grabbed at them, and started to slide them down, just as they started to move she heard a car horn beep outside. Then noise in the house.

“Now who can that be? Aren’t all my babies here now?” the woman said sounding peeved.

Beth heard the old woman get up, and start to walk away. Her hands came up from her Pull-Ups and twisted the door knob. The lock popped open with a loud snap that she hoped hadn’t been heard. She pushed the door open a crack and saw the hall was empty, she turned and took a last look at Karen, then ran for the front door.

Her gait was thrown off by the soaked padding between her legs, but she didn’t stop to take it off. She was almost instantly past the room where the old bat hung out, and came up on the Living room. She skidded to a halt as she looked inside and almost screamed.

Amy was laying back in a large highchair. She was dully smiling while pushing mashed food up into her face. Most of it ended up on her face, and in her lap. Beth stepped towards her, as she got closer she smelled what could only be a dirty diaper. “Amy?” She said. “Amy girl?” But Amy didn’t even react, she was to busy ramming the much into her face. Beth bent over and looked under the tray. “Oh... Fuck...” She whispered when she saw a thick diaper between her legs. Her eyes followed Amy’s smooth legs towards the floor, and to several bundles laying side by side next to the TV. Beth dropped down and crawled towards them. Hoping against hope that she was wrong.

Beth saw the sleeping faces of the rest of her friends poking out from the bundles. They were peaceful looking, contently sucking pacifiers. Beth crawled towards the first girl. “Emily” she said as she looked at her. She opened the large soft covering and saw her friend was naked underneath, save for a diaper. As soon as the blanket was opened the messy diaper smell grew worse. Beth started to cry as she looked at her friend. Tears dripped down as the girl started to mew and gurgle from the sudden cold on her exposed flesh. Emily quickly covered her back up and stood.

She didn’t need to check the rest. She knew what she would find. She stepped back towards the hall and saw a large bag, with a mat haphazardly folded and thrown on top. She jumped towards it, hoping to find some kind of evidence or maybe an antidote. She ripped through many large plastic diapers, there were some Pull-Ups towards the bottom, and several packets of something. Beth grabbed the packets, and then a few new Pull-Ups as well. She took a quick look for her pants, but figured they would be gone by now anyway.

“Time to go.” she said as she stepped out into the hall and saw the figure of the old lady standing near the front door. It looked like she had it cracked open, and was talking to someone outside. Beth crept up slowly behind her, as she got closer she could here the conversation.

“-care. I’m not letting you in here, the girls are resting.” The old bat said.

Then the voice of a friend came to Beth’s ears, “But I’m supposed to be here! I’m Fen! Go ask Amy! I had to get the games, then my mom had me wait till she could drive me here! Let me in!”

The old lady was stubborn. “No! The parties over! Leave before I call the police!”

Beth took that as her cue, she lunged the last several feet and launched herself towards the door. The old lady wasn’t expecting anyone behind her, and the door tore free from her grip, allowing Beth the run outside. Beth saw Fen’s car and ran towards it. The idea that she was outside in a wet a pair of wet training pants didn’t even come to her as she yanked at the back door of the car. “Open the door! Quick!” There was a click and the door handle rose. She slammed the door open, and jumped into the car screaming back at Fen, “Get the hell out of there!”

Fen looked back towards the car, then turned back to the old lady. She opened her mouth as if the speak, then seemed to think better of it and ran back to the car. She jumped into the passenger seat, then turned back to Beth who was now crying in the back seat. “What the hell’s going on Beth?”

Beth took several deep breaths, then wiped her snot covered nose on her shirt. “It’s some kind of poison!” Then Beth broke down and bawled like a small child.

Fen reached back and gently pulled Beth’s hair our of her face. She didn’t know what to say. She turned to face Amy’s house, the door was now closed, and probably locked tight. She looked at her mother. “What should we do?”

Her mother shook her head, she looked at Beth and pursed her lips closed. “Something’s not right.” She pulled out her cell phone, then stopped. She needed more. She undid her seat belt and got out of her car. She looked back at the house, then reached for the back door. She saw several things laying on the ground near her car. “What the...” she said as she started picking them up. “Diapers?” She looked closer and saw they were training pants. Then she started picking up little Mylar packets. “Are these drugs? What the hell is going on.” More confused now, she opened the back door and carefully set the training pants on the seat next to Beth.

She took the time to look at the frightened girl carefully. “Honey, it’s okay! You’re safe. Nothing is going to happen. Can you tell me why you’re crying?” Beth nodded her head, but could barely speak, she tried to get herself under control. Fen’s mother smiled at her, and motioned to her daughter to pass her the tissue box in the front seat. As she waited she looked down at the odd panties Beth was wearing.

Realization dawned in her, “Beth, are you wearing...” She looked closer and saw that they were wet. “Why are you wearing wet trainers?”

Beth’s crying slowed down, “She made me! Gramma bad!” Beth wanted to tell them more, but in her fear she could barely concentrate. “Go! Go now!” She saw a tissue being brought close to her face, and when she felt it touch her she blew.

Fen hugged her seat close, and stared at her friend, now that her mother had said something, she could smell pee coming from her. “Mom, I think we should go. Let’s take her to the police!”

Beth nodded her head. “Go! Go now!”

But Fen’s mother shook her head again. “Look, we don’t know what’s going on. I know you girls aren’t angels. What if she’s on drugs? Do you want her to get in trouble? And in wet diapers no less? Just relax. She’s not going to die.” When she finished she gently hugged the frightened girl, and kissed her. Now relax honey, you’re safe. Just sit here and when you’re ready tell us what’s going on here. I’m not going to let anyone hurt you.

Beth closed her eyes, and returned the hug. She tried to relax, and started concentrating on her heartbeat, willing it to slowdown. She slowly felt better. She could feel Fen’s mother slowly rubbing her back and she leaned back into it. Finally she opened her mouth. “I tried to help Karen.... But she’s past help.... Then I ran outside...”

Fen’s mother nodded, “Good honey. But can you start at the beginning? Is this from drugs? It’s okay, you can tell me.”

Beth relaxed more, she felt better. When she thought about it, being hugged by a grown up felt right. “It not drugs. Gramma did it. I heared her through the door tawking about it.”

Fen didn’t understand why Beth kept speaking like a child, she started to open her mouth, but her mother looked at her and shook her head no.

Beth wiped at her eyes, “It’s not gooder, she part of group that makes this. I found Kawen, she was a baby. And then I found everyone else was babies to. I grabbed the Pull-Ups, and da powder things. And saw you.” She shuddered as she relived the story. But it made her feel better to tell someone else. She felt the hug relax and looked at Fen’s mother as she pulled away. Beth grabbed one of her feet, and started playing with her toes.

Fen looked at her in shock, “So it’s not drugs then?”

Beth looked up at her, “No. She said it was something else. But can’t wemember now. It was something badder.”

Fen’s mother got up and closed Beth’s door. Then walked around to her daughters window, “Fen, I’ll be right back. I want to go talk to that lady.”

Beth was to busy looking at her toes to see her walk away. She started to hum to herself as she thought about what her boyfriend was doing at that moment, she wondered if he was playing with his peepee again. As she thought that she tried to concentrate, more. “There’s another word for dat.“ she thought. She looked up to see Fen staring forward, out of the car towards the house. Beth followed her gaze and saw Fen’s mother stepping onto the porch. “No!” The sudden fear for someone else brought her out of her funk. She tried to open her door, but the child safety lock needed to be opened from the outside, She started yelling, “No! It’s a virus! Get out!”

Fen’s jaw dropped. “It’s a what?”

Beth tried to crawl over the seat in front of her, but she couldn’t fit. She started pleading for Fen to let her out. “Please! They’re all gone in there! They’re all big babies! Stop her!”

But before Fen could get her own seatbelt off the door to the house opened and the old lady welcomed the newcomer to her house. Fen and Beth watched in shock as something was sprayed into the grown woman’s face. Then as she reached up and wiped it off, the old lady lifted something up to her face and it flashed to life.

Fen finally got her wits and opened her seatbelt. She jumped out as her door opened and started to run towards her mother. “Mom! Mom! Get away from her!” She stopped several feet away, not wanting to get sprayed herself. “Mom! Come here! Lets get out of here!”

Her mother turned around slowly, her face showed confusion. “Fennnn?”

Fen freaked out, she took another step closer, “What did you do to her bitch!”

The old lady cackled, “Watch that mouth young lady. Unless you want to be changing her diapers as well.”

Fen took another step closer, getting ready to lunge at her, “I said what the fuck did you do to her?”

The old lady smiled, and held the thing up again, Fen watched her mother cock her head at it, then saw the lights flash again. The effect was immediate. Her mother hunched forward, and grabbed the banister on the porch. She stared at Fen and smiled. Her knees buckled slightly, and she took an awkward step towards her. Fen’s mouth opened in a silent scream, as her mother waved dumbly at her then giggled. The lady put an arm around her and tickled her nose. “Such a little cutie! Does baby want a playmate?”

Fen reached out towards her mother. “Mom?’ Her mother didn’t even respond, she just giggled as she was tickled. Tears came to Fen’s eyes as she stepped closer, “Momma?” Her mother looked at her and mumbled something, then blew a spit bubble.

The old lady let go and raised the light again, “Oops. Looks like there’s something in there still. Hold on.” There was a flash and then silence.

Fen watched as her mother’s face scrunched up, like she was fighting it, She shook her head mumbling, “ Nooooo..... Nooooo.....” Then her eye’s popped open and as Fen watched they dulled and the silence was broken by water running onto the porch. Followed by the old lady letting go of her, and stepping back.

“Mom! Fen screamed as she lunged forward and grabbed her mother. She stepped into the puddle and grabbed her. She felt all the weight of her mother fall on her, it took her to her knees. She was sobbing as she gently set her down. “Mom? What did she do to you.?” Fen saw a shadow fall over her, and looked up in time the see something sprayed into her face. “What the hell?” Then she saw the ladies other hand lift the light up towards her. She thought quickly, and reached out, smacking it away.

“Why what a naughty baby! You shouldn’t hit your gramma!” the old woman said, “I think I’ll have to teach you a lesson!” then she disappeared back into the house.

Fen pulled herself out from under her mother, and tried to get her to her feet. “Come on, let’s go mom!” But her mother had forgotten how to stand. She just giggled and pulled back as she was moved around. Fen was getting frantic, tears ran down her face as she tried to get her mother to move. She heard the woman walking back towards her and decided to run for it. She kissed her mother and jumped away. She slipped on the grass as she ran towards the car. But she got to it, and jumped into the driver’s seat. She was glad to see the keys were still in ignition.

She turned the key, and threw the car into gear. She barely looked as she backed up. In the back seat Beth cringed and closed her eyes as the car swerved into the street. There was a loud grinding sound, and the car shot forward. Fen cursed loudly from the front seat, “Fuck! She’s got my mom! Now what?”

Beth opened her eyes slowly, her thoughts seemed slower then normal, she concentrated and softly spoke, “Get to your house. Get the shit washed off you, and let me get out of these dam wet pants. Then we go right to the cops.”

Fen kept driving, her speed finally lowered down to the speed limit. “But what about my mom?” she said as she looked back to see Beth picking her nose without shame.

Beth pulled her finger out, then wiped the snot on the seat back, “She be fine. We need to get help.”

Fen tried to keep her mind off her mother as she drove, and Beth stared out the window trying to think of a way to help her friends back at the house. She was still thinking when Fen swerved the car into a parking lot and stopped the car. Then shut it off and dropped her head to the steering wheel. “Beth, I can’t deal with this. We need to do something now. Either we go back, or we go to the cops right now.”

Beth shook her head, her fear was receding, and she felt more like her normal self. With that feeling came feelings of embarrassment at being in wet pants, her mind seemed to clear up as well. “I know we need to do something. But what do you want me to do? Throw my wet pants at her?” She saw Fen’s face twist in fear, “Look, we get to your place, and we get changed, you get cleaned up, and then we call the cops and meet them there. That way we can save them, and not look like fools on the news.”

Fen thought the plan over on her head. She still wanted to go back there for her mother now, “But why don’t we just go now?”

Beth spread her legs wide in the back seat. Showing the bulging padding of her Pull-Ups. “Would you take me seriously in these?” She watched Fen shake her head, causing dust to fly out. The fear returned with a jolt, “And you need dust go bye bye!” she yelled as she pointed at the cloud from Fen’s hair. Beth pushed herself back in the chair as the smell of baby powder filled the car. She pulled at her belt but her coordination was slipping as well. Terror filled her as she inhaled more of the powder. She felt warmth trickle between her legs again as she lost control.

Fen tried to stop her, “Woah! It’s okay Beth! You know it won’t work without the lights! Stop! Relax!”

Beth stopped struggling, but kept her body elevated above the seat. She moaned for several seconds before finally calming enough to undo her seat belt. She didn’t want to sit down in the wet seat, she carefully moved herself over to sit in the opposite seat, then popped back up when the Pull-Up squished wetly under her.

Fen sat down in her own seat and sighed, “Fine. Let’s get to my house and get cleaned up.” She started moving the car slowly through the lot, looking for the exit. She saw it. But noticed it was a pay gate, and she didn’t have any money on her. “Shit Beth. Looks like it’s out through the in door for us!” She pulled around again, following the painted markings the wrong way, then with a look in the rearview mirror she gunned the car and darted back out into traffic. The front wheels made it out fine, but as the rear wheels came out of the lot, steel tire shredders came up and flattened both tires. “Fuck!” Fen screamed as the car sluggishly crept into traffic.

Cars shot past them as she drove on for the next three miles. Hoping to make it to her house. But just as the check engine light came on there was a massive shudder through the car, and it slowly came to a stop as she pulled it over off the road. “Dam...” Fen tried the ignition several times, but the engine was dead. She smacked the wheel several times. Then looked back at Beth, “Looks like we walk!”

Beth’s eyes popped open, “I’m not walking around like this!”

“But we’re only a mile or so away! It won’t take that long.” But she could tell Beth wasn’t going to budge. “Great...” She rooted around the floor on he passenger side, and came up with a fairly clean towel from a trip to the beach. “Just slap this on and you’ll be fine.”

Beth took the towel, “Okay... But I’m, getting out of the trainers. She grabbed the front of the Pull-ups and started to pull them down.

“They rip open on the sides you know.” Fen volunteered.

Beth’s face blushed as she grabbed the sides and pulled. They ripped apart easily. “Thanks.” The sodden padding slapped wetly to the floor. She used part of the towel to wipe herself, then started to wrap the towel around her waist.

“Maybe you should put a clean pair on first.” Fen said as she pointed down to one laying on the floor.

Beth pulled the towel tighter around her, “No way. Not happening.”

“Look Beth, we might be walking for fifteen minutes or more. What happens if you leak? We won’t be able to get you a clean towel”

Beth let go of the towel and jerked one of the Pull-Ups into her hands. “Fine. Just turn around or something.” She waited till Fen turned around and started to stretch the sides a bit. The sound of the cloth-like plastic flexing filled the car. She carefully put her feet through, and started to pull them up. “This is so stupid. I can’t believe I’m re-diapering myself again!” Beth said.

The idea of being diapered brought back images of her mother and Fen felt the urge to hurry resume. “Come on! Get that on, we need to get moving!”

Beth stuck her tongue out at her as she finished pulling the Pull-Ups on, and wrapped the towel tightly around her. “Fine, now let me out.”

Fen opened her door, and got out, she reached back in and grabbed a pair of beach shoes that had fallen from the towel, then threw them through the open window into Beth’s lap. “Unless you want to go barefoot you better get those on.”

Beth slipped them on quickly, they were very loose. “Better then nothing I guess.” She said to herself. Fen finally opened the door, and she got out. She stretch her entire body after being in the back seat so long. She felt like smiling, “It’s so good to be out of those wet panties Fen. It feels easier to walk, and there’s no dripping either!”

Fen looked up and down the sidewalk, “Whatever, just keep those dry this time.” Then without waiting she started walking towards her house. Beth joined her quickly, keeping up with her fast pace. Fen kept looking at Beth, at first she was just looking, then finally she couldn’t keep quiet. “Beth, how do you feel?”

Beth thought she was asking if she was tired, “I can handle this. I’ve walked farther before.”

“Not the walking.” she said. She dropped her voice. “The whole baby thing. You said it was a virus. Is it getting worse? Don’t they grow in your body and start coming out and stuff?”

Beth looked down at the ground, she didn’t know how she felt. “Sometimes I feel normal then something happens and I feel weird. Everything changes.”

Fen thought back to her mother. “Does it hurt?”

Beth shook her head. “No. It’s just weird. I think I forget a lot. There were times when being in Pull-Ups felt normal. Like I didn’t care. But it gets worse if I’m-”

“Scared.” Fen said, cutting her off. She motioned towards the area of Beth’s Pull-Ups. “Yeah, I saw that. Do you think you need to wear those all the time now?”

Beth reach her hand down and squeezed at the padding, and found it dry. “I don’t know. I hope not.”

They walked several more minutes in silence. Fen thought back to her mother and kept trying to find a way she could have helped her instead of running. She kept coming back to the look on her mother’s face as she changed in front of her. Going from the wonderful mature woman Fen had known her whole life, to a small looking stranger. Something that couldn’t even talk or walk. She felt herself begin to tear up.

Beth saw it and tried to help her. She put her arm around her, “It’s okay. We’re safe, and we’ll get help.”

Fen dabbed at her eyes with her shirt. “But what if we can’t? What if she never gets better? What if we don’t help?”

Beth saw Fen was about to lose it, she guided her to a nearby bench and sat her down on it. Then sat down herself. “Fen, we’ll do it... Your mother needs us. Our friends need us. Shit Fen, -I- need us.” She carefully pulled her towel back and exposed her trainers for Fen to see. “I’m not going to college in diapers. Now relax. We’ll call the cops and with that powder.” Her hands shot to her face, shock caused her body to tingle, and her speech regressed, “We leaf powda in car! Noooo!” She turned and started to speed walk back towards the car. Fen reached out to stop her and only managed to pull the towel free.

To her surprise Beth didn’t even seem to care, she kept walking several more feet, before stopping suddenly and walking towards a curbside flower garden. Fen ran to her, quickly wrapping the towel around her. “Beth! We can get it later!” But Beth just looked up at her, a smile on her face.

“Fwower!” she sweetly said to her. Then she held up the daisy in her hands.

Fen picked her up onto her feet. “Beth!” She looked around and seeing them alone, she pinched her as hard as she could. Beth’s face screwed up in pain and shock, she stomped her foot, and almost dropped to her butt. But Fen held her up, “Sorry Beth! I thought it would help!”

But Beth stood still, and tried to get her breath under control, “Fennn.... “

“Beth? Are you okay?” Fen said with relief.

Beth put her hand to her face and wiped some spit from her chin, “I.... better...” She stood still several more minutes. Then looked up, “Yes. Thanks Fenny. I was really gone.” She remembered the powder again, “But what do we do without the powder?”

Fen looked at her friend. “We go back. Let’s hurry.”

They both jogged back to the car. It took much less time then their first trip, but as they rounded the corner they could see a small group of people standing around the car. It’s doors were open, and they appeared to be robbing it. “Shit.” they both said. They walked up slowly, hoping to grab some of the packets and leave. They got close enough to see it was a group of local trouble makers, and not only where they robbing the car, they were destroying everything they were leaving behind.

Several males had pulled the stereo out, and were in the process of removing the front tires, while a young lady popped her head inside the back seat. Fen and Beth were close enough to hear them now.

“Nothing. Just a bunch of shit, hold on! Here’s something for Sarah!” Another girl came closer to the door. Before she could say anything, something white and pink was thrown from the car and landed in her face.

“Oh.... Fuck....” She said as she stood frozen, “Thanks a lot bitch! It’s in my eyes! Owwww.... It burns!”

Several people that had been watching laughed out loud as the girl wiped blindly at her face, the wet Pull-Up still perched on her shoulder. The girl from inside the car stood up, Beth could see she had one of the pouches in her hand. Her heart sank when she saw it was open. Beth felt Fen’s hand grab hers and squeeze it gently, she had seen it to.

The girl from the car laughed, “Awwww, maybe some powder for the big baby!”

“Noooo!” Beth and Fen screamed as she dumped the packet over the other girl’s head. Then they backed up as everyone else looked directly at them. The young men had the tires off and stood up, smacking their palms menacingly with their wrenches. Beth felt her Pull-Ups gently warm again, as she stepped back. “Ummmm.... Sorry. We were... Leaving.” She stopped talking as she felt her thoughts start to slow down again. She didn’t want to sound like an idiot now.

But one of the girls recognized them. “Hey! They’re the ones that ran from the car earlier!” The girl from inside the car sneered, “I bet that was her diaper!” She said as she pointed at Beth.

Beth shook her head, she felt dizzy, “No! Not....di,... dia... diapees!” She finished with a smile.

The girl laughed, “Oh, well then you don’t mind if I borrow that towel?” She moved towards her, but another girl stopped her with a scream, “Fire! Sarah’s on fire!”

They all looked at the girl, but it wasn’t fire, it was steam rising from where ever the powder had touched the sodden padding. The girl had finally cleared her eyes, and slapped the smoking Pull-Up off her shoulder, which landed in the light dusting of powder on the ground. The group of teens stood to long looking down at the steaming mass. It suddenly burst, and covered them in a sweet smelling shower of baby scented gel.

Beth and Fen had ducked behind another car, and held their breath as a white cloud drifted past them and expanded slowly in the wind. For several seconds Beth and Fen huddled together waiting for the hooligans to grab them and attack. But nothing came. They slowly turned behind the car, and peaked up over the hood. The teens were gone. Fen slowly stood to take a closer look.

“Oh... Dam... Beth? Are you back yet?”

“Yeah... Still... Slow...” she answered.

“Stay here, don’t move.” Fen said, then ran back to their car. Less then a minute later she was back. Her hands busy pushing several packets into her pockets. “Okay, let’s go.”

Beth stood, and walked next to her friend again. She didn’t understand why Fen looked so scared. She turned around to look at the car one lat time. And saw that the teens hadn’t left. They were lumped together on the ground. Beth could see their faces, and knew they weren’t going to be getting up anytime soon. She picked up her pace, “But what happened Fen?”

Fen didn’t answer at first, she was confused as well. They had only had the powder, there was no flashing lights. “Why had they been affected? Why had the Pull-Up smoked?” she thought. She was afraid that maybe she wasn’t as safe as she thought. Finally she spoke. “I don’t know. But we’re going to find out soon.”

Back at the car havoc was starting to ensue. One of the guys had managed to crawl into the street, and was blocking traffic. “Get the hell out of the road ya drunk!” a middle aged driver screamed at him. The youngster no longer knew what english was, not to mention how to talk. He rolled over and gurgled as the driver got out and roughly grabbed him, then started to drag him out of the road. Before he got him to the curb he felt the front of his pants being warmed. “Mother Fucker!” he screamed as he was pissed on. He roughly dropped the teen, and kicked him the rest of the way onto the curb. He didn’t even look back as he jumped into his car. His wife looked at him, concerned.

“Jack. Is he okay?” she asked.

He looked at her, “I don’t care! The little bastard pissed on me!” He dabbed at the wet spot on his pants. “Grab some napkins!” He said. She did, and he put his hands on the steering wheel while she cleaned him up. She was doing a good job then seemed to stop wiping and just slapped the paper towels at his pants. “Dammit Kay, I said- Oh dam! Something smells like shit!”

He cracked his window, but the smell wouldn’t go away. His wife had stopped he dabbing, and was playfully pulling the top of his sweat pants out. Even with the smell, he was starting to stand at attention at his wife’s action. He slid his hand gently down the back of her shorts, but stopped when they hit something soft.

He pulled his hand back in shock, his fingers were covered in filth. “Dammit bitch! Why’d ya shit yerself? Fuck!” He wiped his fingers off on his wife’s shirt, as he finished he started getting sprayed in the face with something warm. Just as he realized he was pissing in his own face he didn’t seem to care anymore. He grabbed it, and pointed it over towards the side window, laughing as it went everywhere.

Down wind from the car a window fan drew some of the mist into a nursery room as a big sister was getting ready to change her infant brother. Donna carefully removed his sleeper, making sure to cradle his head carefully as she worked, as she set his clothes in a hamper she thought she smelled baby powder drift past her face. Donna didn’t dwell on the sudden smell, she bent down and blew gently onto his stomach, getting happy cooing from him. She reached out to take off his diaper and stopped. There was something wrong. She looked carefully at the diaper, knowing she had changed him dozens of times, but now, for the life of her she couldn’t figure out how to get the diaper off.

Donna tried several times to get it free, but no matter how much she pulled or tugged it was stuck tight. She wiped sweat from her forehead and did the only thing she could think of, “Hey mom! I got a problem in here!”

Her mother walked in, she was naked from the waist up, she looked at her grown daughter, and then down at her son. A horrible smell told her right away what the problem was. “Another dirty diaper huh?” she said as she bumped Donna out of the way with her hip. “Honestly girl, you’ve got to grow up. It’s not a big deal.”

Donna didn’t answer, she watched as her mother quickly peeled tapes back from the front of the diaper, and grabbed a wipe to clean him. She concentrated on watching every little thing. But even as she tried to remember, the knowledge slipped away almost as fast. Her mother grabbed the front of the Pampers, and pulled it down, wiping as she went. But when she pulled the diaper away, there was no dark smudge of mess. Nothing but a wet diaper.

Donna’s mother felt very confused, she turned to her. “Did you already change him or something?”

But Donna shook her head, “No. I couldn’t get his diaper off.”

Now her mother stopped and stared. “Look, I’m tired of the crap. That is not even funny. Just stop being so silly about all this. I wiped your ass hundreds of times when you were young, the least you could do is help me when I need it. And not make a big deal over it.”

Donna looked hurt, “But I didn’t change him yet! I don’t know where that smell is coming from!”

Her mother looked at her, tired of the games she grabbed Donna by the arm then whipped her around, “I guess I better check your bum then huh?“ She grabbed the top of Donna’s pants and pulled them out. “Donna! How dare you!”

Donna pulled away from her, “What?” She reached behind her, and felt the bulge from the back of her pants. Her face went red. “But I didn’t.... I don’t.... Mom!” She screamed, then pointed to the crotch of her mother’s pants, and a dark stain that was growing and running down the inside of her legs.

Her mother looked down, her mouth opened in shock, then her breasts swung into view. She felt a powerful urge to feed. And as her daughter watched she dropped down onto the floor and started to suckle from her own breast.

Donna felt confusion. “Mom?” She asked. But her mother didn’t respond. “Momma?” She asked quieter. But again she didn’t get an answer, she dropped down to her hands and knees. And looked her right in the face, “Momma?...” she said softly. She reached forward to touch her face, instead her hand gravitated to the other breast. She only stared a second before she leaned in and latched on. As the sweet milk rolled down her throat she felt all other needs and fears dissolve. She felt her own pants grow warm and wet, but before she was done she didn’t even know the difference anymore.

A middle school girl awoke to find her body seemingly paralyzed. She opened her mouth to scream but heard only an infants wail come from her mouth. She kept wailing till her door swung open.

“What’s the problem Katie?” her mother asked. She stepped into the room and caught a faint perfume-like smell before smelling a very wet bad. “Oh Katie... Did you wet your bed?” Before Kate could answer her mother stopped walking forward. She looked down at her feet, willing them to move her forward, but couldn’t remember how to walk. She carefully swung one foot forward, but fell hard on her ass. Her tears came quickly and didn’t stop. Her crying slowly devolved from screams of pain, to soft mewling gurgles. Kate felt terrified. She couldn’t get up to help. And as she started wailing again. Ten minutes later she heard her sister call out for help just before hearing something fall down to the floor outside her room.

A group of joggers came to a stop next to a street light. A driver waiting at the light watched them, he always wondered why they kept running in place. He turned to check his light, then looked back. To see them now standing still, one by one they dropped down to the ground. Several crawled away in random directions. One of them lay down on her belly and started pounding the ground like a child throwing a tantrum. He rolled his window down to ask if she was okay, as he took a breath to yell, and coughed when his throat suddenly itched. He tried again, and his voice came out childish, and silly sounding. Before he could call out again the car rocketed forward as he forgot to keep his foot on the break.

A medical student was walking to her first class of the day. Listening to her Zune. She could see a group of kids playing with chalk on the side walk. As she got closer she saw they weren’t little kids, they looked like teenagers. She thought it was silly, but as long they weren’t causing trouble who cared.

As she got closer she thought she could smell something horrible. “Oh god... It smells like a hundred babies shit their pants.” she said to herself. She was only 20 feet away when she looked closer and saw several college age people among the teens. She saw one reach into the back on her own pants, then start drawing with something on the ground. “No she didn’t....” she said as she stepped close enough to gently grab her and turn her face towards her. It was a friend of hers from school, “Tali? What the fuck is going on here?” She looked down as her friend, one of the top ten students in her year, smiled at her, then went back to smearing her own mess into a blob on the cement.

She knew something was badly wrong, she took a step back and slipped in something. She caught herself with her hands, feeling small pebbles imbed themselves into her skin. “Awww fuck.... What did I slip in... Piss?” She looked at one of her bleeding hands, and smelled it. She vaguely wondered what it would taste like, then slipped her fingers into her mouth. She giggled, then crawled towards her friend. It looked like she was having fun.

Fen and Beth had finally made it back to the house. Fen unlocked the door, and they both went in. Beth was careful to lock the door behind them. She walked behind Fen till she got to the bathroom, “Hey Fen, I’m gonna take a quick rinse. Can you put some clothes outside the door for me?”

Fen called back from her room, “Sure. Hurry up.”

Beth didn’t want to take a long shower, just something to get the smell of pee off her. The water warmed quickly as she stripped out of her shirt and Pull-Ups. She sat down and peed into the toilet. She smiled to herself as she listened to the sound of pee hitting the water. “Maybe I’ll beat this thing.” she said. When she saw steam, she hopped into the shower, and let the water run over her, before soaping up, then rinsing off. Beth had never taken such a quick shower before. “I wonder if Fen even got me any clothes yet.” she wondered.

She turned off the shower, and dried off. She wiped condensation from the mirror, taking a quick look at her reflection, before running a brush through her hair a few times. She looked down at the Pull-Ups sitting on her shirt, and kicked it into the wet shower. “Fucking bullshit.” she said. She swung open the door and saw a neat pile of folded clothes on the floor just outside. She leaned out and grabbed for them, just as a brief flash of light caught her eyes. She stopped for a moment then laughed, “Geez, how long till I stop jumping at every little dash of light?”

She set the bundle on the sink, then opened the shirt to see if it would fit her. “Sure looks like a good fit to me.” She said, then she pulled open the pants. There seemed to be way to much material. Something fell to the floor, but Beth was to busy holding the pants up to look at it. “Bib overalls? Is she nuts?” Beth dropped them back onto the sink then reached down for what had dropped, her hands touched something smooth and plastic. “What the...” she said as she grabbed it and looked at it closely. “A diaper?” There was no mistaking it. It looked just like the Huggies she had used as a babysitter back when she was younger. “Fen!” she yelled. “That wasn’t funny!” She grabbed the diaper and walked towards Fen’s room.

She kept swearing as she walked down the hallway. “Dammit Fen! I’m serious! How’d you like to be pissing yourself?” As she finished saying that one of her feet stepped down into a wet patch on the carpet. She stopped for a second, a voice of concern whispered in the back of her mind, but she ignored it. Then started walking again. “Fen! I’m talking to you out here!” She saw clothing bundled up on the floor in front of her. The voice in her head became louder. “No! She said. “It’s not here. Not happening. Fen?” She said, the anger gone from her voice. “Please answer....” But there was no reply. Beth’s heart was beating fast, she was feet from Fen’s door. There was an odd smell in the air, and it looked like something white was rolled tightly closed, laying just outside the doorway. Fen could hear a light soft nursery rhyme coming from inside, she reached down and touched the wad of plastic. She knew it was a diaper. And it looked well used. Her heart beat in her chest, her ears buzzed as she thought about running, but she couldn’t leave Fen. She couldn’t go now. She picked the diaper up in her free hand, now seeing the diaper from before as much to large for a regular baby, everything started to go in slow motion as she turned into the room. She could see a woman, not much older then herself sitting next to a low bench.

Beth stared at the lady, who just smiled and shushed her with her finger. Beth stepped into the room, she kept staring at her, it was easier then looking at the low table, with the odd red light hanging over it, and the person she knew had to be laying under it. Timidly she walked up and held out the soiled diaper. The lady smiled at her as she took it. The smile reminded Beth of a mother patronizing a young child. Then Beth held up the still fresh diaper she had found. The woman let her hold that, then pointed down at the low table. Beth cringed and felt like throwing up as she looked down at her friend.

Fen was naked. Beth could see that. The diaper was loosely taped on, her belly bulged oddly above it, as if it was obscenely full. Her arms lay folded next to her body, and her legs were sprawled like a frogs. The light was a heat lamp. Beth swallowed, and felt adrenaline surge through her as she looked Fen in the face. Much of it was obscured by a bottle of formula held in her mouth by the stranger. Beth could see her eyes, eyes that showed fear and terror. Eyes that did not belong to a diapered new born. And next to her on the opposite side was another low table, with another heat lamp already warming it.

Beth squatted down, still naked next to Fen and the woman. “She’s a newborn isn’t she?”

The woman nodded, then wiped some drool and milk from Fen’s chin. “She was a bad girl. Running like that. This is what we do to them.” The bottle of formula made a sucking sound as Fen drained the last of the milk. The woman motioned towards something behind Beth. Her body tensed, she expected the lights any second, she turned, keeping her eyes closed, then opened them. Instead of a flash she saw several bottles of milk in a warmer. She grabbed one, and turned back. The warm bottle felt ten times heavier then it should have. Beth was about to offer it to the woman, then stopped.

“Can I please?”

“Of course.” The woman watched as Beth got up on her knees and gently placed the nipple between Fen’s lips. Beth smiled as she watched Fen start suckling. She stroked her hair gently. Tears fell from her eyes, and splashed onto Fen’s checks. The bottle was half empty before a soft wet sound started to come from inside Fen’s diaper. Beth sat back on her haunches as she listened to Fen fill it. Beth closed her eyes, and cried in silence as the smell surrounded her. The sound of the bottle emptying again caused her to look up. The woman took it from her, then smiled at Beth. “That makes three. She should be good for now. We’ll need to use the heat lamps till she gets a layer of baby fat on her.” She reached over and grabbed another thick diaper. Beth started to move so she could get at Fen. But the woman stopped her.

“This is your diaper Bethy.”

Beth’s body sang. She had been waiting for it. “But this isn’t fair.” she whined. “I want to be a big girl. I don’t want to be a baby.”

The woman smiled again, it made Beth feel warm, “You won’t be a baby silly.” She gently guided Beth to her feet and set her on the empty low table. Beth laid back on her own. As soon as she stared up at the light she couldn’t look away. Her body grew tense as she felt calm start to fill her. “That’s right Bethy. It’s in the warmer. Don’t struggle, it won’t take long, lift up yer bum please.”

Beth did as she was told, her lower body felt way heavier then she could ever remember. She couldn’t keep it up for long, and when she dropped it back down, it landed on a thick diaper. Her eyes ran as the light streamed into her. Her hands started to twitch as the nerves that controlled them in her brain were destroyed. Her toes stretched, then relaxed permanently. Finally her tongue felt alien to her as her speech centers were unwired. She screamed in her head as her body slowly left her control. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as the light pulsed one last time.

“It’s okay baby, it’s over now. Why don’t you blink to clear your eyes?”

Beth couldn’t see, but she was sure her eyes were open. She blinked several times, her dry eyes stung with pain. But slowly vision returned. She could move her eyes, but beyond that she was immobile. She could hear plastic crinkling. She opened her mouth to speak, but only a soft cooing came out.

The woman looked over at her, “Hold on baby. “I’m just changing little Fen. Then I’ll get to you.”

Beth relaxed. She stared at the light for several minutes, listening to the sounds of Fen’s diaper change. Then when they ended she felt someone sit down next to her and a nipple was inserted into her mouth. She couldn’t stop herself from sucking if she had wanted to. Warm sweet formula poured down into her stomach. And as she drank the woman talked.

“Sorry about all this girls. You were never meant to have this happen to you. It was supposed to be like the others. A little party, and before you knew it you would be back in Pampers, full time. Your little brains would have been as empty as any other babies. But it seems our other agent got a bit careless, and to hurried. So now you two have to get the full experience.” The bottle in Fen’s mouth gurgled empty, and was replaced, “We found this stage first. It was hard to tailor the virus, but after several months, and thousands of tests we’ve got it under control. I’m sorry to say that you girls are going to wish you hadn’t escaped. The next several months will be torture, until you finally snap. On average you’ve got 4 months. Though sometimes it only takes weeks. And we had one guy go over a year!” She stopped talking and looked at her watch. “Opps, time for my soaps!”

She flipped on the TV, but instead of her soaps, the local news was on. There seemed to be some kind of riot or something. The woman turned up the volume, as a female news caster came into the frame. “Hello? We’re on? Hello! This is Martha Evans! For local seven news. You can see behind me the chaos that has erupted as people scramble to get out of the quarantine zone. There aren’t many people left here now. These are the last of them. The military has been called in, and is starting to ring the entire city. It’s an oddly scary site here. The smell or urine and feces fills the air, with the sounds of wailing children and adults assaulting the ears. We don’t know why this has started. Or exactly what’s going on. We’ve been assured that it’s a mass hysteria of some sort.” The camera panned down, and focused suddenly on the reporters feet. “Hey! Jim, get me in frame buddy!” But the rest of the viewing world watched as a dark ring spread under her. Liquid could be seen running down her stockings from under her dress. She finally looked down herself. And started reporting on her own condition. “I seem to have wet myself.” She pulled up the front of her skirt, and put a hand between her legs. “Yes. I’m going pee pee right now. It feels odd. The embarrassment I know I should be feeling isn’t happening.”

Her face took on a look of concentration as she spread her legs apart and bent as her knees. “Ahh... I think I’m going poopies now.... “ She smelled at the air. “Yes, that smells like poopies, but it’s hard to tell if it’s really me.” She reached behind her, and brought out an obviously dirty hand. “Yes. I’ve made poopies. I think I need a diaper.” She wiped the mess off on her lapel, “Yes... I umm... I need to find my mother. Wait.... Something else now.... I feel really warm... I think.... I need... Mommy...” She closed her eyes tightly as she concentrated, “I don’t.... Thinkkk.. Dis is .... Halu...cinatin... I’m going.... Stupid.... Momma.....” Her eyes popped open. “Noooo!! Notta baby!” Even as she said it her face slackened, and took on a dumb grin. She dropped the mic and staggered towards the camera.

The camera man backed away, then swore over the air. “Shit...“ The camera dropped to the ground, the image fuzzed out and went to black, but his whimpers could still be heard. “Nooo! Not me. Mom! Mommmm! Mamaaa! Mamaaa!” Then his voice regressed into confused wails.

Beth and Fen lay still in their cots, even the woman was silent for several moments. She finally muted the TV and pulled out a cell phone. She dialed a number from heart, waited several rings, then punched in another, even longer number. Finally there was a beep, then the line picked up.

“What the hell is going on there?” the angry voice on the other side almost screamed.

“I don’t know. I have the loose cannons diapered and fed. I don’t know about the rest.”

“Well it’s obvious someone fucked up. Alpha isn’t responding.”

The woman caught her breath, “She must be busy. She’s got a full house there. It can’t be anything else. We’re inoculated right?”

The voice hesitated, “We think older subjects may need multiple injects for full immunity.”

This took the woman by surprise. “Fuck.”

“There’s more. We believe the virus has broke free of our controls.”

“You mean the lights don’t work?” The woman’s voice sounded scared now.

“Errr.... Preliminary reports show it’s unlocked, and doing all phases of damage based on individual bodily responses.”

“Oh god.... Conscience only then?”

The voice wavered, “There’s no data. We can assume it’s like stage A groups. Those asleep may keep their memories, but lose all abilities above just borns.”


“Hurry up and wait I’m afraid.” The voice softened. “We don’t know the status. Stay there, keep an eye on the local population. Push the red button if you feel your self falling. Understood?”

The woman’s shoulders slouched. She had just been written off. “Yes.” She clicked the phone shut, then looked down at her charges. “Looks like we’re going to be seeing a bit more of each other then I thought.” She grabbed the empty bottles, and stood up. “Gonna go make more formula for you two. Don’t get in any trouble.”

Beth tried again to talk to Fen, but nothing happened other then soft coos, or gurgles. She stopped trying after she felt her diaper warm again. “Dam.” she thought to herself as she started to feel really bored despite her fear. There was a screech of tires, and a sudden loud bang as a car hit something in the road, and swerved into a tree in the front yard. Beth strained her ears as she heard the woman open the door to investigate. Several minutes later she came into the room all smiles. Several bottles in her arms. She dropped one into Beth’s useless arms, and one into Fen’s. Neither of them could close their fingers around one, or even push them away.

“Here you go girls.” She sat down and Beth thought she smelled something new in the room. “Oppsies... “ she said. As she dropped the rest of the bottles to the floor instead of putting them in the warmer. “She squatted down on her haunches and started looking between her legs. “It wooks wike I gots a tail!”

Beth couldn’t see her, but she knew it wasn’t good. She fought as much as she could to turn her head. But it felt like concrete. The smell from before got worse. Beth felt tears run down her face again.

Suddenly the haughty looking face of the young lady hovered over Beth, “I gooder giwl! I not baby wike you! You poopie!” She brought her hand up and smeared something over Beth’s chest. She couldn’t look down at it, but knowing what it probably was, did the trick. She started to gag, then puked up much of the last bottle. The smell of sour milk mixed with the stench of the woman’s mess. “Ewww! Baby make mess... Baby.... Need mommy! Mommy?” The woman dropped out of sight onto the floor. “Mommy? Maaaaa!”

Beth closed her eyes as the woman’s voice died down into soft cooing. She didn’t cry though. She was filthy, in a wet diaper, and unable to help herself. But all she could control was her tears. And she would keep that control as long as she could.



End Chapter 1

Best Friends

by: Long_Rifle | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 21, 2009


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