A Brief interlude

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Female Mental AR. Mild drug use. Continued use may cause itchy purple scrotum.

Chapter 1
A Brief Interlude

Chapter Description: A young lady gets her wish.

A brief interlude between longer stories.

By: Long_Rifle

This is a short story written after a dream. It’s short, and quick. It may have errors but it’s better than nothing, I DO have a much longer story in the works, one asked for and assisted by a fan of mine. Her story started out as a 12 pager, but has bloomed into my longest one so far. And by longest I’m sure it will be twice the length! Alas, life has a tendency to give us the whammy when least expected, and even an old crusty wizard can have this happen. I hope to have the other story done soon, but refuse to rush something, or to post it half done as that leads to me NEVER finishing it. This should at least help sate those that like my “stuff”. And please I’m ALWAYS looking for ideas. You KNOW what I like to write about, if you have something you think I might dig send it to me. If you have an idea to send your female ADULT associates to an early bedtime and a wet diaper, send it! If I use it you will be properly mentioned. Don’t worry about a complete storyline, I just need fresh ideas.

Thanks again, now on with the show:

I’m not a bad person. I know some would call me a bitch for what I’m about to do. Hell, I’d call myself a bitch, but I’m not doing this alone. I have to take someone with me. Even if I didn’t have to do it this way, I’d want another there anyways. I know it’s selfish, but who cares?

My name is Penny and I’m a teen baby. I like the wear diapers and act like a toddler. I’ve tried everything, slept in large crib-like beds, ate baby food, and even dressed as a baby in public on every Halloween. But this wasn’t enough. After years of frustration of getting close but not close enough to babyhood I’m prepared to do anything to get what I want.

Recently raves have come into popularity, and with them childish dress. I’ve been spending most of my nights high, and looking like a large toddler, dancing and sucking on a pacifier.

I stood out among most of the ravers. I dressed as childish as possible, I didn’t use gaudy makeup. Babies don’t wear make-up, neither did I. And the diapers, only a few of us wore them. And only I used them for their purpose. It seemed I might be the only senior with a desire to go down a notch or two in life.

I partied and enjoyed the public acts, sucking on bottles, dancing in a soaked diaper, but as things do, the parties started to change. The music wasn’t the same, and the ravers didn’t seem to like the childish clothes anymore.

Of course I still had my click and they still dressed down along with me, but over the past few weeks the girls I hung out with have started to stop appearing at raves, or even leaving halfway through them. Earlier tonight I caught two of them talking to some fresh dealers. I didn’t catch the whole conversation, but I watched as they went outside and followed as they walked over towards a small house.

I stayed outside and waited, about 10 minutes later the dealers came back out alone and laughing, I watched as they got in a nearby car and drove off.

I made sure they weren’t coming back immediately and inched my way up to the back of the home. The door was locked when I tried it, but I could see there was an old cellar door to the left. There was a brand new padlock on it. But the wood around the hinges was dry rotted. I carefully pulled the door up and watched as the frame came up with it. I managed to flip it over and see what looked like dim light coming from inside the cellar.

I looked and was surprised to see the steps going down were cement blocks. I gently crawled down the dirty steps; the only sound was the gentle crinkling of my diaper. I was stopped by a door at the bottom, but the lock on it was backwards. Whatever was down here, they didn’t want it getting out. I turned the knob and cracked the door open. I smelled stale piss and heard a lullaby playing.

I waited a bit then silently entered the room. I could see several cribs to my right and gasped as I looked inside them. My missing ravers were lying inside, gently cooing and drooling around pacifiers and thumbs. A quick look also showed me the two that I followed here weren’t down here. But another staircase up and into the house itself drew me further forwards.

This staircase had some thick padding on it. And the door above was not locked. I opened it and found myself in a kitchen, two occupied high chairs faced away from me. My pulse quickened as I stepped closer to the girls. I could tell these were the ones I followed here. I could see they were eating something messily with their hands, and the rank smell of a messy diaper got worse the closer I got. As I was about to walk in front of them I stepped in a warm puddle. I quickly ducked under the girls and saw the one know as ?lil pumpkin had been wearing a cloth diaper and had filled it, urine ran down her legs and dripped to the floor.

I stood up in front of the girls and was surprised at their lack of reaction. I looked at their eyes and saw no comprehension in them. They were either really high, or been turned into my fantasy. I watched as they grew more and more clumsy. They had been easily if messily been feeding themselves when I entered, but now, most of the food was dropping into their laps. One of them squealed when she managed to get food in her mouth, but it just fell back out covered in spit.

?Lil pumpkin yawned loudly and slapped her tray with her hands. A wet rumble came from her diaper and the smell in the room grew worse. But neither girl seemed to care. I felt my own diaper grow warm and wet as I realized I had found exactly what I needed.

I frantically looked through the cabinets and chests, but found nothing that could have done this to the girls. I went back down stairs and starting looking there as well, but other than a full changing table and a stinky diaper pail there was nothing. I got ready to leave when I saw that I had missed. The cribs where actually brand new hospital beds that had full enclosures. And four of them were empty.

I was still looking when I heard footsteps upstairs and voices. I got behind the door downstairs and listened as the voices of two women grew loud.

“I don’t care, I need two more, if not WE may be the ones shitting ourselves.”

“But I can’t just go back there. I must have been seen leaving with little miss pissy pants here.”

“Those kids are so high they don’t care what’s going on. Now go get me a couple more cuties or we’re dead meat.”

That was fifteen minutes ago, I waited till they left and raced back to the party. I normally have a short skirt on over my diaper but I totally removed it when I got back. I looked at myself in a mirror and noticed my diaper was drooping from my earlier accident. I was watching for the dealer to come in while I also tried to find someone else to go with me.

I was frantic by the time I saw Colleen by the bar. She was new to the scene and really wasn’t into the drugs and music. She had been dragged to an earlier rave by a boy friend and had kept coming when I came onto her. Now she laughed and giggled at everything I said, and tried to keep me out of trouble when I got to high.

Now she’s going to help me one last time. Like I said, I know it’s wrong, but I need this.

“Colleen, I think I need a change, can you help me out?”

“I guess. You have a spare here?”

“No, I was thinking you could do it at home...”

Her eye’s opened wide, then narrowed, “You.. Want me to... Really?”

I leaned in and kissed her, “I’m ready, are you?”

She couldn’t speak she just nodded. As she grabbed my things she asked, “Where’s your skirt?”

“It got stained; do you think I’m cuter in just the diaper?”

“Penny, you know what I think of you in diapers. I’ll take you either way.”

I looked up in time to see the woman walk in the front door; her face had a flush to it. She also had a pink backpack over one shoulder. I grabbed Colleen and walked as fast as I could over towards her.

She actually smiled when she saw me. I smiled back and added a waddle to my gait. I made sure she saw me looking at her pack and stopped in front of her. “I think I need a little something, got anything special for me and my friend?”

She looked at Colleen, and then down at my diaper. “I think you’ve had enough, maybe you should go find your mommy and have her change your diapey?”

Colleen took offense at that like I knew she would. “Penny, let’s just go home. I’ll get you nice and clean myself.”

As we walked out the door I hoped my gamble had paid off. At first I thought I had made a mistake. Then I saw the shadow dart from the party. “Wait!” She softly called. “I think I do have something for you.”

Colleen groaned and turned around to face her. “Look, we’ve got things to do. Go find another customer.”

But I stepped away from her and hungrily smiled at the woman. “What ya got?”

She looked at Colleen and then back at me. “It’s some good stuff, but I don’t want to sell out here. Let’s go to my place, it’s just over there.”

I grabbed Colleen and turned her towards the house she pointed at. “Let’s go. This shouldn’t take to long.”

The woman stepped in front of us and briskly walked towards the home; she briefly turned and looked at me again. ”So, do you wear diapers all the time? Or is this just a party thing?” She asked.

Colleen answered for me, knowing I loved the humiliation. “No, she just likes wearing diapers; raves are the only place she can really get away with pissing herself in public.”

I felt myself blushing even more than I already was. Colleen didn’t know how right she was. And she didn’t know she was only minutes from permanent diaperhood herself. The thought was driving me crazy.

As we entered the house I could still smell the mess from the previous girls. The woman pulled her pack off as Colleen walked into the kitchen. “Penny, take a look at this!”

I walked in and saw her staring at the chairs. “Woah! Weird, what’s with these?”

The woman walked in behind me and pulled a pocket door closed behind her, it stopped with a soft click.

“They help with a few party games. They kind of fit the theme of so many ravers you know.”

I laughed. Then sat down in one and pulled the tray closed. The woman looked at me and a sly smile crossed her face. “It sure fits with that diaper of yours. You’re not leaking are you?”

I slapped at the tray, “Not yet! Where’s the party favors?”

I watched as the woman first pulled a diaper out from her backpack. “Why don’t you relax while I get your friend ready first?”

Colleen turned and looked at me, “I don’t really want to be in diapers Penny. Why don’t I just watch?”

“Please! Just this once for me Colleen? You don’t have to use it.”

Colleen looked like she might refuse then she shook her head and dropped her purse. I watched as she dropped her pants and revealed she didn’t have any panties on. She reached out for the diaper but the woman pulled it up between her legs and held it there while Colleen taped it closed.

Colleen slowly turned a circle and modeled the diaper for me. I felt excited, and wanted to kiss her. I motioned for her to lean in for a kiss. She waddled towards me and edged in for the kiss. I felt her weight on the tray and closed my eyes in anticipation.

Our lips met in a sloppy kiss. Colleen started to turn her head and I felt some tongue enter my mouth when she stopped and just moaned softly.

I opened my eyes to see her stand up with a surprised look on her face as the sound of pee rushing into her diaper filled the room. I could see the woman standing behind her, a syringe in her hand. “One down, one more to go.” she deftly spoke. Colleen suddenly lurched forwards and the woman caught her and guided her towards the other chair.

“Colleen!” I yelled. “Colleen..... Come on” She lazily looked at me and smiled.

I turned angrily to the woman. “What did you do? She was in the middle of making out! What the hell, you should have waited!”

“Don’t worry, in a few minutes she won’t even know how to kiss, much less about love.”

In terror I screamed to let her go.

The woman laughed. “Really? Before the big rush?” But before I could reply she added. “And what’s the matter? Just a second ago you were getting off on her being in diapers. What’s so different now?”

“You shot her up, we don’t do that. Please. Let her go.”

Then I heard “Penny!...”

I turned to Colleen and saw her smiling and waving and me. “Enny! Made pee pess!” Then she laughed.

I started to cry as she stuck her hand in her mouth and sucked happily on it. “I’m SORRY Colleen, I’m sorry. Please- Ow!”

The cold poke of the needle was followed by warmth quickly spreading down my body. My head feels so warm...... So warmmmmm....



End Chapter 1

A Brief interlude

by: Long_Rifle | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 11, 2008


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