Candy Raver

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This is only EDITED for format by me. It was written 9 years ago, and posted anonymously. It contains Female regression, as well as male regression (mentioned not main plot)

Chapter 1
Candy Raver

Chapter Description: Female and male mental and physical regression. drugs.

Candy Raver By: Anonymous

Edited for format ONLY by: Long_Rifle

I asked for this for several years before getting a copy. I did nothing to this except edit it for formating. Any spelling errors were left in place. I did not want to change anything the author of this story wrote. Enjoy!

Contains Female Regression

Candy liked hanging around Diggy’s Records, mostly because the DJs that shopped there were so cute. She also got the first word on the big raves that sprung up. She was almost a vampire now, she realized with amusement. Ever since her seventeenth birthday, she had been doing raves 2 to 4 times a week, dancing between the hours of 11PM and 9AM.

Diggy tolerated the girls like Candy, who would loiter on the steps of his shop - they were good for business in their own little way. He fussed around his records and got the invites and promotional cards ready for all the raves this week. He noticed that one of the upcomers was called “Daycare.” He shook his head. This whole child-trip was going a little far... adults on scooters, teenagers with pigtails... raves just weren’t the same anymore.

Candy and her friends gathered around the new cards Diggy had put on the counter. Candy snatched up the Daycare card.

“Check it out! Wow!” The card was really cool, pink and cut in the shape of a teddy bear, with tiny computer art baby toys. The promoter of this party was pretty damn slick.

“DJ Hotcha’s playing it!” Said Melissa, Candy’s best friend. “And it’s only 10 bucks!”

“Yeah... IF you wear pajamas??” added Susan. “What the hell?”

The card said the rave was 20 dollars, unless you brought a can of food for the foodbank, and wore PJ’s.

“Awsome!” Said Candy. She liked playing the little girl. Life seemed so much easier back then. She wasn’t failing grade 11 (Again), and her parents weren’t breathing down her neck with lectures about the dangers of drugs. “I’m hittin’ this one for sure!”

“Seems pretty stupid to me,” piped Susan. “Why does it matter what you wear?”

“It’s all part of the scene Susan, live a little!” Said Melissa.

“I’ll take the $20.00 price and wear my normal clothes, thanks.”

“B-o-o-o-r-r-i-n-n-g!” Candy said, rolling her eyes. “Sometimes you are s-o-o-o-o anal!”

Saturday came quickly, and the girls got dressed up. Candy had been to a second hand store, and had managed to find a set of old Smurf pajamas. The ladies at the store obviously had no idea how valuable these clothes were, as they sold them to her for $1.50. She put her blonde hair up in pigtails, and brushed a light coating of sparkle on her cheeks. Melissa wore the Pooh nighty she usually wore to bed, and put her hair up into two buns. She completed the theme by sporting a Pooh backpack. Of course, both wore soothers on long ribbons around their necks. Ecstasy did strange things to one’s mouth, and having something to suck on was an asset at any rave.

They jumped in Candy’s car and picked Susan up. She was simply wearing bellbottoms and a tank top.

“You guys look absolutely silly” She remarked. “I sure hope for your sake that a few more people decided to save the cash!” She figured that nobody would be stupid enough to dress up in PJ’s for a rave.

“TTHHPPTH!” Said Melissa, sticking her tongue out.

The world’s largest doorman was waiting for them at the entrance to the old warehouse.

“Well hello girls! You ready for a good time?” Said the 7 foot 4 giant.

“Golly, we sure are Sir!” Said Candy in a mock little girl tone. “Is this much enough?” She said, holding out a crumpled ten dollar bill in both her hands.

“Why sure little girl, just drop your can of food in the bin, and enjoy!” He said, pointing to the donation box. “And what about you? Are you the designated babysitter?” He said to Susan.

“I’d gladly pay $20.00 to keep my dignity” Said Susan, reaching into her purse.

“You know, I think you should have a look inside sweety - you’re the only one dressed in street clothes here!”

Boy had Susan made an error in judgement! She had never seen so much flannel in her life! There were about 4 people out of 200 dressed in daytime clothes. There were some of the coolest guys from school wearing Power Rangers and Batman Pajamas.

“Ok, I’m outta here!” Said Susan, “I’ll just walk home, Candy. We’ll see you at school on Monday”

“Party pooper!” Melissa shouted at the leaving Susan. The girls entered the gig, being careful to get some Ecstasy from the dealer standing by the donation box.

“Now, this is REALLY good stuff, girls... don’t be surprised if it changes your whole outlook!” The guy said with a grin.

The girls wolfed down a good helping of the drug and smoked a few joints in the corner for a while, bitching about school, and commenting on how cute the boys looked.

’Hey what’s with the super-tall attendants?’ Said Melissa, pointing out a really tall woman with a ’Staff’ shirt on. ’Did they hire a basketball team, or what?’

The Ecstasy was starting to kick in, and Candy’s world seemed to get just a “little bit better.” The colors of the lasers came alive, filling every corner of the dark room. Candy bounced and swayed to the throbbing bass. This was the party of the century! Melissa was grooving and smiling with her eyes closed. The DJ’s were masterful on their stage, tweaking and mixing five records at a time.

“You know,” Candy yelled at Melissa over the music “I’m surprised they haven’t done the room up a little better! If this was my party, I’d at least have a few stuffed toys kicking around!”

“There are a few!” Melissa yelled back, pointing at a few big teddy bears in the corner.

That’s odd, thought Candy. I was just sitting over there, and I don’t remember them. She figured that someone must have recently put them there. She left the floor to go to the bathroom, and discovered that it wasn’t the easiest place to get to. Asking a few people, she was told to go down the small hall, and through the mellow-out room with the couches in it. Of course the place was quite crowded, and she had to forcefully push her way towards the can. The chill out room looked like a fun scene. Some girls were drawing on a chalkboard easel, and there were a few toys scattered on the floor. One boy had brought a remote control car, and was sending it back and forth across the room with a big grin on his face. He was looking about as high as everybody else. One girl was in the corner rocking back and forth with a soother in her mouth, her eyes rolling back in her head.

The bathroom was well equipped with seven stalls, which was a bonus. Bathroom trips were a frequent part of every Ecstasy trip, and most parties were plagued by long bathroom lineups. There were a few odd things about this particular washroom however. First, there were no mirrors whatsoever. Second, the toilets were bigger than most. They must be some old model or something, reasoned Candy. It was an odd sensation to sit on them, her toes barely touching the ground. This is just like when I was little, she thought with amusement. On her way out, she almost bumped into a girl that was desperately running for a toilet, her hand clamped between her legs. Candy laughed to herself. She had been there more than once!

The chill out room seemed different when she came out. It seemed a little bit brighter (or maybe she was just a bit more stoned). The boy had stopped using the remote for his car, and was sitting on the floor pushing it around. The girl in the corner was now sleeping in a fetal position on some cushions that someone had laid out for her. Candy now noticed the Disney posters on the wall. Had they been there a second ago? There was a faint but somehow familiar smell in the air, but she couldn’t figure out what it was. Everybody was playing with the toys, and the two girls were actually fighting over the chalk at the easel. Furthermore, two guys were playing patty cake, which was just TOO weird, even for ravers. Candy decided that these folks were a little too far into the role, and went to join the main party. On the way, she discovered that the once-empty hallway had alphabet letters strewn down the walls. Now she knew for sure that the party promoters were adding little bits to the theme as the party developed. Still, she wondered how they had done it so fast...

The main room had been subjected to the same kinds of changes. Now there was a small pile of stuffed toys in the corner where there had been 2 or three. There were new posters and alphabet letters on the walls. Balloons were hung throughout, and the large video screen had a tele-tubbies video playing. People were playing with hoola hoops and writing on the walls with crayons. This party was turning out to be pretty wild after all. Candy’s reaction was to just go with it; she wasn’t going to let anything spoil her trip.

She found Melissa coloring in a rather large coloring book, she had taken her hair down, and it was covering her face.

’Melissa!’ Candy yelled ’This is pretty cool hey? Where did you get the coloring book?’

’Oh hi Candy!’ Said Melissa, looking up ’I just found it on the ground with some crayons... wanna color with me?’

’Sure!’ Said Candy, grabbing a piece of floor. Tonight, she was going to play the part of a little princess, and ride the trip as far as it would take her. The girls swiftly became absorbed in coloring, enjoying the vivid greens, blues, and reds that the crayons provided. The drugs were REALLY good tonight. Everything seemed so magical and perfect. After an hour of coloring, Candy got up to go to the can. She had been holding it for quite some time, wanting to finish the page she was working on. When she stood up, she realized that she was in desperate need of a bathroom. She started walking really quickly towards the washroom, trying not to have a pained expression on her face. The hallway was the same as before, except the walls were pink!

’How the hell?’ she thought as she dashed on, too engrossed by the need to pee to stop. By the time she entered the chill-out room, she was forced to walk with her legs crossed, as undignified as it looked. The kids were all sitting on the floor now playing with baby toys... the couches had mysteriously disappeared. There were a few people sleeping on mats that somebody had laid out for them. There was an attendant walking around, keeping an eye on things. Once again, she was gigantic! Candy had never seen a woman as tall as her! She almost pitied the woman, how looked to be over 7 feet tall. After all, it must really limit the amount of men she could date.

Candy peed a little. Even with her legs crossed, she had just pushed her bladder too far. She grabbed her crotch and made a dash for the washroom.

’Better hurry up!’ the attendant said with a slight smile. Candy would have punched the woman if she wasn’t so big. She made it into the washroom, and got control of herself as she sought out a stall. Something was different about the door of the stall... the knob was... higher? She opened the stall door, and immediately knew something was wrong.

The toilet was bigger. In fact, it was HUGE! Candy almost peed herself out of pure shock. This was not possible! The toilet seat was higher than her waist! She had to use it really badly though, and she climbed up on it to sit down. She had made an error, however: she still had her pajama bottoms on. The mouth of the toilet was so wide that she had to support herself with both hands to stop herself from falling in. She hesitated for a split second, trying to decide what to do. She lost control and peed again, this time quite a bit more. She jumped off the toilet, whipped her pants down, and huffed herself back up on it, enjoying the relief of emptying her full bladder.

’Shit!’ she whispered to herself, looking down at her well-dampened panties and Smurf pajamas. How the hell was she going to get out of this one? The coolest people in town were outside the bathroom door, and she had wet her pants! Her eyes welled up with tears. What was going on here?

’Hello?’ came a voice from the other side of the stall door. It was the attendant woman. ’Are you ok in there?’ she asked, knocking lightly on the door.

’I’m fine, please leave me alone’ said Candy, her voice quivering a bit from fear. She did not want to be seen like this!

’You don’t sound ok...’ Said the woman. ’I’m coming in...’

Candy reached out to push the stall door closed, but it was too far away!

’Oh my goodness, it looks like you’ve had an accident dear!’ Said the woman, opening the door and looking down at her wet and not-so-Smurfy pants. ’Do you want me to grab you a change of clothes? We have quite a few spare pairs of pajamas kicking around.’

Candy felt like a toddler. This was incredibly humiliating, and her face was red as a sunset from embarrassment.

’Uh, sure...’ she said, looking down at the floor. At least this woman was the only person who would see her like this.

’Ok, you wait right here,’ she said leaving.

After a few minutes, she came back with some pink pajama bottoms and sailor moon panties for Candy.

’Here you go dear, I’ll just get rid of these...’ She reached down and pulled the wet pants off of Candy’s legs. Candy could have died.

’What’s going on here anyway?’ Candy said. ’These toilets are huge! They weren’t this big last time I was in here. Is someone running around and changing things or something?’ The woman looked down at her with a concerned look on her face.

’My name’s Vanessa, what’s yours?’ She asked. Candy told her.

’Candy, have you been taking any Ecstasy tonight?’ She asked. Candy nodded, pulling the new pants on.

’Well, the only thing you need to know is that everything is ok.’ She said, bending over and looking deep into Candy’s eyes. ’Everybody running this party is cool, and you can trust us. If you need ANY kind of help, we will be there for you, ok? This may look a bit strange to you, but I haven’t done any drugs, and this bathroom is absolutely normal-looking to me.’

Candy was floored. She had never experienced this level of visual hallucination before. Oh sure, colors were enhanced, but having to climb onto a toilet because it seemed to be five times the size? Intense drug, thought Candy. Nevertheless, she was comforted by the fact that this woman was looking out for her, and relieved at having the mystery partially solved. Vanessa said she would let her friends know that Candy was having a very ’special’ trip tonight, and needed a little ’extra care.’

The talk with Vanessa eased Candy’s mind, and when she went back to the main room, she grabbed Melissa’s hand, and led her to the dance floor. The girls danced furiously for half an hour. Candy felt a bit awkward dancing, maybe because she was so messed up. She couldn’t seem to keep the beat as well as she usually did. Everybody on the floor seemed to be fumbling a little more than usually. Probably on the same stuff, thought Candy. She noticed a lot of little subtle changes: the DJ was mixing in bits of children’s songs, the toy count was up, and there was a long poster on the wall - one of those height measuring things with smiling babies and toddlers on it. Melissa noticed it too.

“Hey Candy, check this out... it says that I’m “almost a big girl!” Melissa said, using her hand to match her own height with a notch on the poster. According to this poster, both the girls were around 4 feet tall!

The whole scene was changing, bit by bit. A lot of people had left, and there were only 20 or so kids hanging around. The lasers were gone, and the wall decorations were getting more and more babyish. What was an alien head was now a toy train, what was a cool poster was now a height measurement thing. It was brighter too, someone had turned some low watt lights on, and it took away from the whole “party” atmosphere.

The people dancing were looking more and more like little kids. One boy was standing in one place, bouncing up and down in a hyper fashion by bending his knees, completely out of time with the music. The music itself was getting worse by the minute. The loud booming bass was getting quieter, and “dinky.” It now sounded more like a little kid’s dance record. Candy couldn’t believe the kids were actually enjoying what was coming out of the speakers.

One girl had pooped in her pajamas, and was crying and holding her bum as one of the attendants took her by the hand to help her get changed. Candy looked at the girl. There was something really strange about her. She was a little bit chubby, and her seemed just a bit larger than normal. She in fact looked like a large toddler!

“Melissa, I don’t think I want to stick around much longer, this party is pretty lame.” She was trying to act casual, but her heart was beating a bit faster. She turned to Melissa, but her friend was making a full sprint for the bathroom. She ran after her.

The chill out room was totally altered now. There were a group of kids at a massive picnic table, playing with wet clay. Other kids were playing ring around the rosy. They all looked like the girl who had poohed herself: chubby and baby-like. The girl in the corner was snuggled up to a teddy bear underneath a pink blanket. She caught up to Melissa, who was pushing on the washroom door. It was too big and heavy for her to push! Candy got beside her and started pushing with her. They budged it a bit before Melissa froze with a ghost-white look on her face. She bent over slightly, bunching the front of her nighty into her crotch. Pee started gushing out between her fingers, making a puddle on the floor. Her face twisted up in a confused fashion, and “something” changed in her. She started bawling, not like a teenager, but loudly, like a baby. Right before Candy’s eyes, Melissa started getting chubbier like the rest of the kids. Her hair became lighter in color, and thinner. An attendant came over to help her.

“There there, Melissa, let’s go get you cleaned up...”

“Leave her alone!” Shouted Candy. She grabbed Melissa by the hand “We are LEAVING this party... NOW!” She said firmly.

The attendant just backed off, and let the girls head for the front door in the main hall. Melissa was still crying, stumbling along with Candy. She could tell in the hallway that the music had been turned off.

Entering the room, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Everything rave-like was gone. The lights were on, and the curtains were open, shining the bright morning sun across the formerly dim dance hall. The room smelled like baby powder, and everything was painted in pastels. The DJ show was now a puppet show, and the kids were bouncing up and down with glee. The show was just ending, and the kids applauded loudly.


“Ok, everybody, the show is over, and it’s naptime.

“Awwwwww...” The kids said in unison.

Vanessa came over to Melissa and Candy. She was at least 3 times taller than the two girls now.

“Melissa, did you pee your panties again? You know what that means...” She admonished.

“No!” Said Melissa. “No diaper! I won’t do it again!”

“Now, now child, Candy’s the same age as you, and SHE wears a diaper!” Vanessa pointed at Candy’s pants, which were beginning to thicken in the groin area. Candy felt a bloating sensation, as her fingers, stomach, and legs got fatter. She ran for the front door in terror. This was too real, too freaky. She resolved that she would never do Ecstasy again.

But there was no front door anymore, just a poster on the wall.

“Candy, it’s nap time! Come on, you can play after...” Said Vanessa, who was diapering Melissa on the floor. Candy was having no part of it, and she ran back towards the washroom. Two Attendants caught the scared little two-year old and tried to console her, telling her that everybody needed a nap.

Candy fumed and ranted, stomping her feet. She was NOT going to lay down for a nap! She had to do something to get out of this! The two attendants were kneeling down to talk to her, telling her that she could play again after her nap. They were also saying things to each other, but it almost seemed to be in a different language - so fast and complicated. Candy started weeping. She was a little girl, wasn’t she? Every last bit of her former life was gone. She looked at her stubby hands. They seemed big to her, but she knew that the world had been altered to make them seem small. The room was so big now! There wasn’t a shred of the former party remaining. She was standing in the middle of a daycare. Regardless of what she knew or said, she was for all intents and purposes a 2 year old baby in a daycare, refusing to take her nap. She was getting tired of fighting, and resolved to figure the whole thing out after sleeping for a bit. She was sooo sleepy. She yawned.

Vanessa laid out a mat for her, and gave her a bottle and a teddy bear with her blanket. Candy gratefully laid down on the mat, and let Vanessa cover her up. The curtains were drawn, and the little girls and boys fell fast asleep.



End Chapter 1

Candy Raver

by: Long_Rifle | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 21, 2009


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