A bit Shorter

by: Long_Rifle | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 3, 2012

What is it about Halloween that makes people do silly things, like write stories about female mental regression diapers, and kidnapping? I don't know! But I enjoyed slapping this together.

Chapter 1
The Full Course

Chapter Description: It's a Long_Rifle story. -I- don't even know what the hell is about to happen when I start writing them. Except for female mental regression, diapers, and a not so nice ending.

A Bit Shorter. By: Long_Rifle

Well. I need to do something for this Halloween. Something SHORT. I know the longer stories are so much better. But I’m running on empty, and I’m going for effect now. Holy shit! Over 15,600 words. And done in a few days at work no less. Enjoy!

Wisconsin has never been anything more then the armpit of Michigan, of course people that live there may disagree, but honestly, do you really want to listen to the opinions of people that live in an armpit? During the summer it isn’t quite as bad as it should be, though the fall is worse. It’s that one bright spot, a certain day in October that lets everyone have a little fun. To ignore the things around them, and the messes that their lives have become to maybe be their true selves. Or maybe to be what someone else truly wants and needs.

"It’s a time to be what you want Sara. This is it. Why not enjoy yourself and do something that will leave everyone talking? Why be such a asshat, let’s go out and get a little nuts!"

Sara was sitting by the nook in their kitchen, she blew a strand of hair from her face and stood. Then walked to the counter, taking time to brush some crumbs off, and onto the floor while she let her anger fester a bit. "Look Karen, I know you just love Halloween, but this is getting old. I mean we’re not kids anymore. Why do you keep wanting to do this? Can’t you just let it go?"

Karen looked her friend over, "This isn’t about getting candy going door to door, this is about a party. A costume party. Why not spend a bit of extra time and make it something to be remembered. Come on, it’s just one night. And it will be fun. Remember, fun? That thing we did before your boss jammed that arthropod up your ass?"

Sara ran water into a cup, and started to nuke it for some Vitali-tea, but even though she was trying to stay on her more calm side she started to fume, "Like last year? Will we get puked on again? Or will there be even more fun then that? , Maybe we can wake up in a ditch, or do something that makes us look like complete idiots for the rest of our lives?"

Karen sighed, "Shit happens sometimes, I seem to remember that aside from mister puke, you had a great time. I also remember you mooing a bit as well. Maybe you were actually having some fun?"

Sara set her hands on the counter top and counted to ten, then started into her again. "I was being mooed AT. It was horrible, the costume idea was horrible, no one got it and it was so embarrassing. At least until the drinks kicked in. But that still left at least an hour of just plain horrible night. And that’s an hour to long. We can go to a regular party or club and not have to worry about it."

"There you go." Karen said as she stood and walked over to her grumpy friend. "We just need to stay away from livestock costumes this time around. We need to go cuter, something that shows some skin. Have the guys drooling all over us."

Sara was stirring her tea, "I don’t want drool either, it kind of reminds me of babies, and I’ve had enough of that from babysitting. Why don’t we just stay home, or go somewhere else, maybe just relax this year?"

"Nooo! Come on, this is the one day of the year we can do this. Please Sara!" She pleaded.

Sara took a sip, then sat down at their small table. She took a few seconds to stare out the window towards the river. A stiff wind was blowing white caps on the water, and leaves shot almost horizontally through the air, smacking into other leaves, and the occasional person. She thought about the temperature, and how it was going to be pretty dam cold by the time Halloween came around. "More skin..." She mused.

Karen mistook it as a question. "Yeah, let’s show them what all those hours in the sun gave us!" She hoped this meant there was a crack in the dam, that Sara wanted to go. "Let’s get something that shows a little butt. Maybe a lot of butt!"

Sara had other ideas though. She wondered if she could finally cure her friend of this childish obsession. She stared outside as a couple walked next to the river. She giggled as she watched a hat fly from the woman’s head, and land in the river to be carried away. It had looked expensive. "I tell you what, we can do it again this year, but I get to pick the costumes. And you have to wear it. I don’t care what you think of them. You HAVE to wear it."

Karen didn’t even hesitate, "Deal!" She jumped up and hugged her friend. "This is going to be great this year, I promise, there will be no puking. I’ll even drive, so you can drink all you want!"

Sara smiled behind her cup of tea. "I’ll take you up on that Karen. I promise. I don’t want to har any bitching."

The days went by, and the temperature outside got colder and colder. Several times frost appeared on the ground in the mornings, but it didn’t cause Karen any concern, she kept asking questions about their costumes, but she would get no answer. Instead just non committal nods and shushes. "You’ll have one, that’s all you need to know Karen. Now leave me alone." Finally Halloween night was on them and Karen couldn’t wait any longer, "Well Sara? Let’s see them. We only have an hour to get ready you know. So I don’t want to hear any more bullshit about waiting. It’s time!"

Sara grinned sheepishly at her, she had been watching the television and had hoped Karen would ask even later. "Why don’t we put them on at the party instead? I mean, what’s the harm anyways?"

Karen stomped her foot, "No! I don’t want to get there and find out you didn’t do anything. You promised!"

Sara got up and started for her room. "Fine, I’ve got them. Just wait here." She disappeared into her room for several minutes, then reappeared carrying a few bags. "I’ve got everything sorted. Mine and yours." Sara watched as Karen tore into the bag with her name on it. Her eyes looking at everything with less and less enthusiasm.

"There has to be a mistake, this isn’t a costume, this is something a person would wear any day of the week. What the hell is going on? I don’t want to wear this, I want a costume like you promised, this is just regular cheap clothes!"

Sara smiled as she upended her own bag and started to pull off her shirt, "Actually it is a costume, it’s something you wouldn’t wear, and it fits perfectly with my own, we’re a matched pair tonight! Like last time, but hopefully with less mooing."

"But I’ll look frumpy in this crap, it’s something my mom would wear!"

Sara beamed, "You got it! And if your the mother then that means-" she held up something white and plastic looking, "-that I must be the baby! Isn’t this skimpy enough for ya?"

"But I wanted to be skimpy to! What am I supposed to do now? I don’t get to show anything off. This isn’t what I agreed to Sara."

Sara flopped the diaper down on the floor as she started to remove her pants. "No, this is exactly what you agreed to. That I could pick the costumes. And this is what I wanted to go with. Sorry to burst your bubble girl, but now maybe you’ll know what it’s like to be around a spoiled brat all night. And you are driving after all. That’s kind of what lead me to this deal anyways. So you can quit your whining, this is how we’re going out." Sara squatted down, and pulled the diaper into position before sitting down and pulling it up between her legs. "Maybe you’ll find a guy that’s into single mothers. Or maybe you’ll just learn to fucking relax around this time of the year like a normal person."

Karen wanted to scream. "My one night ruined!" she thought. But with a resigned breath she decided to just go with it. Her clothes dropped off as she stripped, still feeling cheated, but knowing that at least she was going to be having some fun tonight. She happened to look up and see Sara inserting her arms into a pink sleeper dotted with hearts and flowers. The front of the diaper was exposed, showing what looked like childish designs just before it was zipped closed behind fabric. The bulge was obvious, as were the crinkles as she gingerly stepped around in her new apparel. "I’m going to enjoy watching you try to dance in that Sara. No taking it off. Unless you need a change of course!"

Sara just grinned, "I don’t think you have to worry about that, but maybe after you get those pants on you should check your new diaper bag out to make sure everything is in there. Because mother’s are ALWAYS prepared. Even if that means the bag weights a ton."

"Sara, did you do all this just to mess with me? How can I get freaky if I have a fucking bag to watch all night? Why do you even want to do this, we could both be having fun tonight. We could be a matched pair."

"Freaky? You can’t get freaky because of a bag?" Sara motioned to her waist, and it’s plastic prison, "You’ll have to deal, I’ll probably end up with some perv that wants to get into my pants just because I’m dressed like this! You should be happy you look normal."

Karen shook her head and tried to ignore the comment. She put on the included bra, dismayed when it seemed to lift her boobs a bit more then she was used to. "God, it’s like I’m ten times bigger!"

"They look nice and full now, like a mother that’s breast feeding. To bad I couldn’t afford the breast pump. You’d look great posing with it in a few pics tonight. Plus, that’s a few more pounds in the diaper bag for you to lug around."

Karen kept quiet as she finished dressing. In the end she thought she did look like her mother. Dressed practically in slacks instead of a short skirt, or even a long skirt. The diaper bag beckoned from the floor. She picked it up and swung it into her lap as she sat down and started rooting through it. "This thing does weight a ton! What the hell do you have in here? Depleted uranium?" She started in the main compartment, filled to capacity with a couple of extra sets of clothes, and several diapers. Karen pulled one out and gave it a good looking over. "This thing is huge! Where did you find these?"

Sara was fully dressed now. Including a teddy bear hanging from one hand and a pacifier in the other. "A specialty shop online. They deal with cute looking diapers for adults that are into that kind of shit."

"Into this kind of shit?" Karen said stunned waving the diaper at her, "This is basically a giant baby diaper. I’ve seen depends, these are nothing like them! How the hell would people be into this?"

Sara hunched her shoulders, "I don’t know, don’t care either. But tonight I’ll be putting some mileage on em." She reached into the bag herself and pulled out a bottle of baby powder. "I think I forgot one big part though, I don’t want to get all rashy in this thing." She reopened her suit and dumped a shot down the back and the front of the diaper, then put some in her hand and spread it all over her chest and belly. "For the full effect!" She said when she noticed Karen staring.

"You know that stuff can cause infections, since it’s basically rock, you won’t be having any sex till it’s all washed off. I hope you know that." Karen said, hoping to put a damper on her friends plans for the evening.

Sara tossed the bottle to her, "Read the label, this is corn starch. It’s fine. It won’t cause the same problems as the older stuff. Plus I smelled them both, and this stuff was way stronger smelling."

Karen tossed the powder back into the bag and zipped it closed. She took one last look at the clock and shook her head. "This is bullshit. I can’t go like this! Come on, I’d rather be a cow again this year then go out looking like this. People won’t even want to be around me. I don’t even want to be around me!"

But Sara was already going for the door after putting slippers on over her footies. "I don’t care what you think, this is what you agreed to. Remember I didn’t want to go either, but you wanted to force me too. So pick up the pace ’mom’ I want to enjoy myself tonight!"

Karen wanted to argue more, but she knew no matter what she said there would be no changing her friend’s mind, so instead of fighting, she grabbed her keys and started for the door, almost forgetting the bag on the floor. After picking it up, and making sure she had everything, she joined Sara standing by the car. "I’m going to get you for this I swear Sara. I don’t know how or when, but one day I’m going to get even. I swear to god..." But she just got laughed at in response. Karen unlocked her own door and slipped in leaving her friend to stand outside the passenger door. She motioned towards the back, "Babies in the back. You know that’s the law crinkle butt."

Sara gave her the eye before moving towards the back door,. She waited a few more seconds, till the click of it unlocking told her she could get in, "You’re such a spoil sport Karen. You’re getting your way, you should be happy."

Karen adjusted the rear view mirror so she could see into the back without turning, "Oh, we’ll see who’s happy when the night is over young lady. Just give me a reason, and I’ll spank that diapered bum of yours in front of everyone. Let’s see what you think of that." But Sara just stuck her tongue out at her.

They both kept quiet for the ride to the party. It seemed all their friends from their school years were there, and having a good time. Maybe even a few people from out of town, nothing draws in scum, and freeloaders like a big party. They crossed the grass towards the house, at the same time looking at the various people standing around talking, and even some that were drunkenly making out. The costumes seemed to run from store bought crap, to expensive props, and everything in between. It was obvious some of the women had spent some time finding the most sexy thing they could get their hands on. But now in the cold they were shivering and trying to stay warm, constantly pulling on their boyfriend’s arms to get them away from friends, and into the warmth of the house where their nipples could finally relax.

Karen pulled Sara along as well, "Into the house girl. I don’t need to be out here all night and get mistaken as a fucking real parent." Sara grumbled a reply, but she could feel the cool air through her own clothes and welcomed the idea of going inside herself. Inside it was the common madness of an all night party. Loud music, so distorted it could be anything. Smokes of various potency hung in the air. Stale beer squished in the carpets, and the occasional sound of something breaking bounced around to laughter. Karen swerved towards the kegs, but was stopped short by Sara, "What the hell Sara? I need a few ya know?"

"You’re driving, remember?"

Karen pouted, but grabbed a coke instead. "Whatever. Try not to wet your pampers girl. I swear, I’ll change our little ass right out here in front of everyone." Sara stuck her tongue out and walked towards the dance floor, her little ass already moving to the beat, pulling the eyes of a few guys towards her. "Bitch." Karen whispered as she moved away. When Sara was completely out of view she grabbed a cup, and filled it half full of something dark, and foamy. "Just a little won’t hurt, in an hour it will be out of my system anyways."

It was ten minutes later when another person walked up to her and started to talk, and it wasn’t the kind of conversation she wanted to have. "Wow, this is kind of boring isn’t it?" The woman said, "I mean my husband was drunk before we got here, the entire ride was a giant grope fest." Karen tried to ignore her, but she continued, "Why are you wasting your time here tonight, husband drag you along as a trophy or something?"

"It’s the baby right there." She said in a monotone as she pointed. "She wanted to come here and have her fun. Now I get to watch." Then she looked at the person talking to her and received a shock. It was a middle aged woman, un-costumed and looking just as bored as she felt.

"I know. Wow. She looks like she’s getting some attention tonight! I’d hate to be you trying to keep her in line." Suddenly the woman saw something else, "Opps, looks like mister beer monger has had a few to many. Good look honey. You’re going to need it to keep that little filly under control. I’d keep her little butt in diapers if I was you. Might that would keep her in the mood to listen to you, or at least keep everyone else away from her the rest of the year. Plus she does look like a little cutie all dressed up like that." The woman laughed as she walked off towards her retching husband.

Karen was shocked, her eyes followed the woman as she walked away, "I don’t look that old do I?" she wondered. She picked up the diaper bag, and went in search of a mirror. It was the third room she looked in, and only the first that was not being used where she found what she was looking for. As she studied her reflection she saw that the clothes did make her look to old, plus she hadn’t put any makeup on, thinking she might need to paint her face for a great costume instead. She felt tears in her eyes, thinking that the whole night was definitely ruined now. Karen turned from the mirror ready to leave, but the bag sitting on the bed grabbed her attention. "The bag with all the extra stuff in it." Karen said out loud. She started to smile as she walked towards the door to make sure it was locked. "Maybe this night won’t be a total waste after all."

Sara was enjoying herself. The diaper made it harder for her to dance, but she was still managing. She missed the flesh on flesh contact, but the sleeper seemed to make guys think they could touch places they normally couldn’t. And the odd fleeting contact through the cloth was driving her wild. She was sweating and hot, but that only released more of the perfume from the powdering earlier. Sara was glad for the diaper, because she was sure that had to be dripping from all the attention by now. Even with all the fun she had kept her eyes on the bar area though, and watched as Karen seemed to grow more and more sullen by the minute. Then, between glances she had disappeared. "Probably hit the bathroom to cry." Sara idly thought, before getting back into her dancing and flirting. A younger looking guy had come up to her and put his arms around her waist. He rubbed his body up against hers, and then licked the nape of her neck.

"I’d love to help you change that diaper of yours baby. Want to take a little break?" hr purred. Mimicking his cat costume.

At the mention of her diaper Sara blushed, but only for an instant. Before something else seemed to grow warmer as well. She pouted as she leaned into his embrace and looked him in the eyes, "I think I might just need a change. Daddy." She purred back as she hopped into his arms. The action caused more powder to puff out and surround her. Sara was being carried towards the back rooms when she thought she saw another baby costume towards the rear of the dance floor. She craned her neck to look but it was too late, she was walked around a corner and lost sight of her. She turned and watched as they went past several doors. Though most doors were closed, with various pieces of clothing as warnings to not bother their occupants. But her lover seemed to know exactly where he was going. He took her almost all the way to the back, then turned right, just in front of a dull white door. It opened with a creak, but closed silently. The click of the lock sounded louder then normal, but Sara wasn’t listening. The zipper to her sleeper came open easily and as she shimmied out, it landed around her feet. She crawled onto the bed in nothing but her diaper and lay back, spreading her legs wide.

"What about the diaper?" The man asked.

"Velcro tabs," She almost whispered, "Now are you going to check me or what?"

Twenty minutes later she walked out of the room, her hair in rougher shape, and a healthy glow on the skin that people could see. The diaper had went right back on, seeing as she didn’t do more then open it, and let it flop forwards. But it was more bunched up now, and rubbing all the wrong spots. She could also feel a wetness of a different sort dripping out. "Got to get me a new one..." She mused as she looked around for Karen. The silly grin on her face slowly faded as she looked for her. Not finding her planted near the bar, or any walls, she was finally forced to accept that she might have started to enjoy the night and was dancing with someone. Maybe even doing a little something-something in a room of her own. Five minutes later, after deciding the new diaper could wait, and that more dancing and flirting couldn’t, she accidentally found her. And what she was doing finished pulling the grin off her face; replacing it with anger and resentment. Karen was dancing with another woman, but instead of the matronly lady she had drove to the party as, in her place was the baby she had seen earlier. Sara stomped up to her, and swung her around.

Karen smiled as they connected, a lopsided kind of smile that almost made Sara want to slap it off her face. Alcohol on her breath assaulted Sara as she spoke. "Hey, I was looking for ya... I umm.... Changed while you were out." She wiggled her diapered butt as if she needed to prove it.

Sara stared at her, "This isn’t the dam deal Karen! What the fuck!"

But she didn’t really care, Karen just kept smiling. "Hey, there’s room for two babies here. I even found my own big momma to take care of me." she said motioning to the lady she was dancing with.

"You’re not even decent! That bib barely covers your tits! And you don’t even have shoes on! You could catch something, bring warts or fungus into the house!"

Karen ground her pelvis against the woman’s leg, "Don’t need shoes, diaper and bib and I’m all set! I told you I wanted skin! This is perfect.." She finished with an open mouthed kiss to her dance partner. The woman responded in kind.

Sara pulled her away, "Time to leave baby!"

Karen stopped pulsing and turned towards her, "Really? You want to pull this shit now, after what you did to the only party night of the year that I get to go all out on?"

She nodded, "You agreed, you backed out. And now you’re drinking. How the hell do we get home now?"

The woman passed a drink into Karen’s hand, and she slammed half of it before responding, "I can drink. I’m not drunk yet."

Sara ripped the cup from her hands and downed the rest of it. "Then get your keys and shit together. We are through here."

Sara followed her towards the front door, where the diaper bag was hanging from a peg. Karen grabbed her keys from one of it’s pockets, then stopped. "I need to get the rest of my clothes first."

"Fuck em! I bought them, you hated them anyways. Let’s go now. Get that diapered ass of yours moving." Sara almost yelled.

The temperature outside was much colder then when they had arrived, and the car seats were freezing as Karen’s almost bare ass sat down on them. She fired up the engine and slowly headed towards home. It took several minutes for the heater to warm up, and her teeth were shivering when it finally kicked on and started to warm the interior. The car was really getting warm when she thought she saw something in the rear view mirror. "Oh shit, is that a cop?" she asked.

Sara turned and looked herself. She was starting to feel off. As if she was still drinking. When she looked at first she saw nothing, then she swore she saw a cop a few miles back. She thought it might be speeding up trying to catch them before they crossed out of his jurisdiction. "Shit, do something. I don’t want to get arrested in a wet diaper!"

"Wet? What the hell did you do?" Karen asked stunned. "Did you really piss yourself in there?"

Sara smiled, feeling a pleasant buzz building, it started to build over the sudden fear of being arested. "Not that kind of wetness. But I do need to go when we get home. Plus I kind of need a shower, I think the diaper might not have caught it all." She laughed as she finished. "I guess I got a leaky diaper! Bad baby, don’t sit on the expensive upholstery!" she mocked.

Karen shook her head, then regretted it. She didn’t want to admit it, but she was feeling it as well. She knew she shouldn’t be driving. But it wasn’t far to their house anyway. She took one last look behind them, then turned down a random street. She knew Sara would freak out, "It’s to get him off our tail stupid. Let’s find a dark driveway and park."

The paved street ran out quickly, leaving them going down a gravel road. The last street light was left miles behind them. And finally it seemed the trees on either side were stretching over the road, creating a tunnel like effect. Sara was in her own world now. Her hand had crept into her diaper and was rubbing the edge of her clit. The smell from the diaper an odd mix of baby, and sex.

Karen knew she was in trouble. The trees were blurring as she passed, she had to slow to a crawl to really pay attention. Then something ran in front of the car and she swerved to avoid it. The impact wasn’t hard. It barely dented the bumper. But the car was partially off the road, and due to a ditch was resting on the frame.

Sara giggled, "You’re gonna get it now baby! Stealing da car and crashign it! You’re gonna get a pankin’!" She even had a little lisp.

"Shut up! It’s alright, I hit that midget harder last year, and he didn’t even have a broken bone!" She put the car in reverse, and the front wheels just spun. "Shit!" She screamed as she smacked at the steering wheel.

"Karen?" Sara asked meekly.

"This is okay. I’ll fix it!" She replied, trying to hide the fear she was starting to feel.

"Karen..." She asked again.

"Seriously... I’ll like... Fix it... It’s just..."

"Karen. I think they spiked us." Sara finally said.

Karen turned to her friend, "What?"

"Our drinks... I think we got slipped something. That bitch that you were dancing with. I think she tried to date rape you or something."

Karen thought about her own buzz, about how it should be gone now that she was freaked out, but instead it still seemed to be there, and was getting stronger. "Why would she do that, you do really think shit like that happens between chicks?" she asked, fear in her voice. "I mean we were just dancing you know?"

Sara, swallowed, then tried to hold her head to kep it from shaking, "Look, I’m fucking high as a kite, I didn’t drink enough to get like this. Anyone can do shit like this. Shit. Fuck... I think I just pissed myself." Sara said as she grabbed the diaper between her legs, feeling her heart beat faster as she felt new warmth pool between her legs. She pulled the top of her diaper away and immediately smelled it.

Karen looked down at her friends crotch, seeing nothing but the open jumper and Sara’s hand down inside cupping the front of the diaper. "What?" Then she smelled it as well. Something seemed to change in her, "Just a wet baby." popped lazily into her thoughts.

Sara pulled her hand free, and sloppily zipped up her sleeper. "We need to get out of here Karen. We don’t know what’s about to happen... I feel funny... Warm all over..."

Karen closed her eyes and tried to calm herself. She had never been drugged before, but knew that it was a prelude to horrible things. She opened her eyes, and looked outside her window, in the distance she could see a light. "There! We can walk there! Let’s go!" She opened her door, and was stunned by the cold air when it rushed inside. She had pulled her keys from the ignition and tried to keep them in her grip, but she could barely feel her fingers, she felt them sip from her grasp, with a clash they hit the ground and rolled into the ditch under the car. She tried to look for them, but with no light she couldn’t see anything. Plus she was sure she had also heard a splash as they rolled down. She sat back down in her car, and closed the door. "Ummm Sara. We have to go to that house over there. It’s our only hope."

She looked over to see her friend blowing spit bubbles and laughing about it, "This is cool Karen, you have to try it!" She said sloppily.

But Karen opened her door instead and pulled her out through it. Her skin turned to goosebumps as the cold air was blown over it. "Let’s go now Sara! Get your wet ass moving girl!" She almost screamed. The walk to the house was cold, and getting colder. Karen had to be careful not to step on anything sharp, a difficult feat in the dark. While at the same time trying to keep Sara from keeling over onto the ground. "Just a little further," she cried as Sara squatted down on the road next to her and started to get down on all fours. She managed to pull her back up onto her feet again but almost fell over herself. The buzz was now a full on high, and she didn’t know when it would stop. She could feel herself getting lighter, and despite the cold, warmer as well. The smell of baby powder got stronger the farther they walked. She thought she could hear laughter, e en hear her mother asking if she needed her diapee changed just like her friend did.

Sara started talking then, as they turned up the drive to the house. She said matter of factly, "I think I’m a baby." Then stuck her thumb in her mouth and stopped walking.

"You’re not a baby. You just got hammered, and really high Sara." Karen got worried that her friend was starting to trip out on her. "Relax, I’m here. You’re not a baby, really. I assure you." Karen got her to move again, she kept up the pace as well as she could, and kept her mind on her own problem. She need to keep trying to think of herself as the motherly figure that had started the party. "I’m the mommy." She whispered. But something was gnawing at her conscious, something that wanted out and to have some fun. She felt a twinge from her own diaper, her free hand moved on it’s own, first rubbing the outside, then plunging in. "Aghh!" Karen screamed as her ice cold fingers touched something that seemed to be thousands of degrees warmer. It helped to pull her out of the stupor she had been falling into.

But Sara heard her, the odd half shouted sound pushed her farther down her trip, and much closer to the bad side. She yanked hard, pulling her hand from Karen’s grip as she pointed down at her waist. "No, you’re a baby too! You’ve got a diaper on and everything! We’re both babies. It’s real. We’re really growing down!" She poked at her diaper, then pulled out of collar and took a whiff. "I can smell my pee pee! It’s all tinky!"

Karen tried to ignore it. But the comment hit her hard, her eyes had followed the finger down towards the diaper and she broke. "But... Only babies wear diapers!" A falling feeling came to her, she thought she could feel herself shrinking inside her skin. Getting smaller. Maybe even getting dumber. "Because babies don’t know nuffin’." She slurred around a finger that had found it’s way into her mouth.

Sara smiled at her. She could see she was right, they were turning into real babies. Out in the woods and alone, without their mommies around. Thinking back to the party, and the nice lady that had done this to them she grinned. Wishing she could be in her arms. "Getting my poopy diaper changed. The thought of pooping herself immediately cleared her head. But it was too late as she had already squatted and started to push. In frustration she reached behind herself, and put her hand on the little bugle she was making. The extra pressure stopped anything else from escaping. But now she was stuck on the ground, her body not willing to move till the job was finished. She called out to Karen, "Help! I don’t want to be a baby! I don’t want to go potty in my diapee!"

Karen rushed to her side, and misinterpreting her distress yanked her to her feet. Causing Sara to let go of her bum and lose control of the load that was now moving from it. "Not baby?" She asked simply. But Sara didn’t answer, the adult part of her mind was being pushed back again, letting the infantile version enjoy the feeling of filling her pants.

A single statement gurgled from her mouth, "Poopie."

"Am not!" Karen yelled. But when she smelled Sara’s mess it was too late. Her shattered mind had been looking for something to latch onto. She toppled over onto all fours and started screaming like a two year old. As her thoughts slowed and dulled, she was left to throw a tantrum in someone’s front lawn. She rolled over onto her back before slipping into an odd waking dream; along side her now smelly friend Sara.

Sometime later Karen woke up. It was a very gradual process, crawling through a dark tunnel towards awareness that found her trying to figure out how to use a simple spoon. In the span of a few minutes she grew better and better at feeding herself, till she was fully awake, and suffering from the worst hangover she had ever experienced. She was so happy to be awake, and warm that she didn’t notice the middle aged women that were sitting at the table with her. "Spoon!" She said, clearly and with pleasure. She wiggled her whole body in pleasure at being able to think clearly. Crinkling clearly coming from her bottom, though she missed that.

"That’s right baby, that’s a spoon! Good girl." Pleasure surged as she accepted the praise, but then her waking mind finally figured out it she wasn’t alone, and her head snapped in the direction of the voice. She saw two ordinary and safe looking women, that seemed to be shocked to see her acting and moving so confidently.

Karen tried to keep her wits, "Look. I don’t know exactly what’s happening right now." She said in a very raspy voice, shaking her head a bit. "But me and my girl kind of had a problem last night. I... I think you must have helped us? I mean we were outside... I think. And we were trying to get to a house. And I think Sara pooped her pants, then I became a baby too and I think I passed out?" She finished her story with an odd confused look on her face.

One of the mystery women nodded, "I’m Ms. Allen, and this is Dorthy. Yes, you both certainly did all that. If it hadn’t been for the cat, I would never have opened the door, and you’d probably be frozen out there right now. But you should relax for a bit honey. You two had a rough night, but you’re both safe now, all dry and clean. You should really wait until you feel better to talk any more, just try to eat some of your cereal baby."

Karen looked down, noticing not only the bowl of cereal in front of her, but the stained bib covering her chest. She gingerly picked it up and looked at the splotches of food covering it. Then dropped it, reaching instead for the bottom of the shirt she was now wearing, "Who dressed me?" She asked, before noticing the last thing she was wearing. "A diaper? You kept me in the diapers?" Her entire body blushed when her hand reached down and gave it a squeeze. Karen had sat enough babies, it was wet. "Fuck." She swore under her breath before she looked up at them. She decided to stand, only to be stopped by a strap that was holding her in her chair. "Woah.. Could you two untie me please? This is a bit much." She motioned towards the black fabric holding her down. "Please, I want to get up and use the bathroom. I don’t need a diaper..."

Dorthy stepped towards her, stooping down to pick something up off the floor which she held out towards Karen. "We both brought you in and changed your clothes. They were dirty and soaked, just like your little bottoms last night. We had a time cleaning you up, so while she watched you I went into town and got some more diapers for you we couldn’t find the cute type you had on but these worked." She dropped what could only be a rolled up diaper, tied inside a small plastic bag at the foot of her seat. Then her voice took on a more threatening tone, "So I think you need to relax, and sit there and eat. We’ve done plenty to show we aren’t going to hurt you, the strap was to keep you safe before you came too. Five minutes ago you were barely able to feed yourself, so now I think we all need to relax. If you had a bad night, you must be famished. Eat your food and we’ll get you cleaned up and go from there. Even change that wet diaper of yours if you need it. Okay?"

Karen stared at the plastic bundle at her feet, then at the food that covered so much of her upper body. She took a deep breath, then slowly let it out. "I’m sorry," she said to them. "I’m sorry this happened, and I’m sorry you had to spend your money like that." She pointed down at the soiled diaper, "But we went to a costume party last night, and things went a little out of hand. Neither of us wear diapers or anything. It was just something to have fun with. I appreciate what you both did... I really do, but I think I need to see Sara and we need to leave. Our car is just down the street and we need to get it before it gets towed." Her stomach growled just as she finished talking. She decided the women probably wouldn’t save her just to poison her, so she shoveled what she found to be oatmeal into her mouth as quickly as she could, "Um... Thanks for the food guys. Can we take care of letting me out now?" She pleaded softly, losing the edge that finding herself still dressed in diapers had given her.

Ms. Allen looked at Dorthy, and saw the nod. She walked over and picked the diaper off the floor, before putting it back on the counter next to another, slightly larger bag. "I guess we can let you out now that you seem to be yourself again." She started on untying the strap. "And the other one, the girl you called Sara. She’s like you as well. Not special or slow or anything?"

Karen felt better seeing progress towards her freedom. "Yeah. We went out to just get a little drunk, ya know? And then things went a little weird." Karen didn’t want to talk about the fight that led to them getting drugged, so she skipped that part. "And we ended up off the road and in the ditch a little bit." She stopped talking and stared at the bagged up diaper, she could swear it had just moved on it’s own. "Er... And I’m glad you guys helped, but we kind of need to get back home and water the cat." She stared as the bag opened on it’s own and the diaper, now unrolled slithered out, plopped down onto the floor and started coming towards her chair. She motioned down at it, "What the hell is that thing?"

Ms. Allen looked down, seeing nothing. "We don’t use that kind of language here young lady. What are you referring to?"

Karen blinked her eyes several times, then rubbed them. But each time she looked again the living diaper was still crawling towards her, like a giant plastic inch worm. "The diaper! It’s alive! Look! It’s trying to get me!"

Dorthy walked up and tried to calm her, "There’s nothing there baby. We’d never let anything hurt you honey. You should know that." She finished with a gentle hug and a soft back rub.

Karen felt something shift inside her. She could still see the diaper trying to get her, but the warmth from the woman’s hug made her feel safe. She didn’t even throw a fit when she felt a gentle squeeze on her diaper. "Just wet." Is all she could manage as she returned the hug, and basked in the feelings of love and peace that she was feeling.

"Do you want it changed baby?" She was asked. "I can do that for you. That way you won’t smell like a wet baby."

"I guess so." She said as she buried her face into the woman’s neck. "But only if you keep that thing on the floor away from me!"

The woman laughed, "Ms. Allen will be right here, she’ll stop it don’t you fret! Let’s get my baby changed."

Karen nodded. Deep down she wanted to correct them every time they called her a baby, but she just couldn’t bring herself to argue anymore. Everything seemed okay. She knew she could trust these people. She looked away from the floor as she stood up on shaky legs. Karen allowed herself to be pulled along by her hand into another room, where a pad was already laying out and open on the floor for her.

Dorthy pointed to it. "Get on the mat baby. Time for your diaper change."

The diapered woman didn’t move. She could see a toilet in the next room which reminded her she still had to go. Karen started to walk towards it. then stopped. She rubbed the outside of her diaper as a naughty thought ran through her mind. She closed her eyes, and bowed out her knees. She didn’t really think about what she was about to do, she felt an urge, and did it.

But her new friend caught it instantly, "That’s a good baby, let it all out for mommy..." Dorthy cooed. She had seen the same motions a million times before, she knew what was about to happen.

The warmth surprised her. Karen didn’t remember it feeling so nice before as the pee pooled between her legs, slowly being absorbed into padding. A sigh escaped her lips, at the same time she heard the word baby said several more times, followed by a gentle hand pushing her down on to the mat. "Baby." She whispered. It felt good to her. "Baby..." She sat down on the mat, the diaper squished under her weight, and she felt a tickle of pee escape. "Opps." She said with a giggle. For some reason the idea of being in a leaky diaper made her laugh.

"Oh, you think it’s funny that I have to clean that up do you baby? Maybe mommy needs to get you some thicker diapers huh?" Karen was still laughing as she tried to pull her shirt over her head and failed. "Let mommy help her baby with that." The shirt came off easy enough, then she was pushed back for the first diaper change she could remember. Karen found herself staring up at a ceiling filled with explosions of colour. Moving and bursting in patterns she had never seen before. All the while she was told how good a baby she was, and that mommy was proud of her. Her head felt oddly heavy to her as dizziness hit, a sudden retching and she was puking up what she had just eaten. She cried out as everything started to spin around her. With a sickening feeling of free fall she jerked on the matt, and then felt limp as she passed out.

Ms. Allen walked into the room and looked down at the pitiful woman, "Do you think it was to much?"

Dorthy was already trying to corral the vomit, to keep it off the carpet. "Maybe a bit. She needed to suffer the mental effects, not sleep them off."

Ms. Allen looked down at the sight of her, "Do you think this is right? I mean we thought they were unfortunates. And now. I don’t know. It’s like we’re stealing their entire lives."

"What lives? They almost died. We saved them. As far as I’m concerned these two deserve a new life. And I’m going to give it to them." She had used several wipes, but the puke was gone now. She moved on to the diaper and opened it, careful not to release any more urine. "They are druggies. They are probably runaways and little whores. Look, this one is smooth as a baby already, it’s like she wanted it deep down and just needed us to show her. This is the best thing for them. And for us!" She could see the doubt in her friends eyes. "Look. You feel it. The loneliness. the wish that we could have done something else? Had kids, had a real family? Well we can have it now. We’ll get those cute diapers. We’ll get us all that modern baby stuff they sell, and have our own babes. And we won’t have to worry about them leaving."

The idea of having rug rats in her life made Ms. Allen feel something she hadn’t since her husband had died. She desperately wanted to care for another person, to have meaning in her life again. She smiled as she answered, "I get to change the other one first!"

"Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of diapers to go around. Why don’t you hand me a clean one, then go and crush up more of those pills. I guess it’s a good thing you didn’t dump them huh?"

Ms. Allen beamed, "I never would have thought his old medication would be so useful. Certainly not that it would have brought such a big bundle of joy into our lives." She handed her the diaper and went back to the kitchen, she had some work to do, cutting the pills just a bit more for the right effect.

Bright light ran over Sara’s face. She yawned, and rolled over in her bed. Hands searched for a pillow to shield her face, but instead smacked against the head board. Her mouth felt like a desert, teeth gritty and funky from hours of sleep. She grumbled as she ran her tongue around her mouth, trying to loosen things up a bit. Sara pulled her blankets over her face then, hoping for darkness. Instead her feet suddenly emerged from the warmth and she pulled them back again with her toes, trying vainly to get her blankets to set right on her body. She shot up in the bed to straighten them out and finally opened her eyes. "What the fuck?" She thought as she took in her surroundings.

She wasn’t in her own bed, she very obviously wasn’t in her own room either. Instead it looked like some kind of extra room, boxes lined one wall, another filled with furniture covered and stacked haphazardly. She whipped off the blankets and saw she was naked, except for a very wet diaper around her waist. "Oh... Dam...." she thought to herself, "What did we do last night?" She reached for the diaper, but stopped. Her mind was still fuzzy, but she could tell it wasn’t the same brand she had been wearing to the party. It looked like a regular adult style diaper. Several tapes confirmed it to her. Sara was now more confused then ever. The bed had wooden rails about twelve inches high on it’s sides, and she had to carefully put her foot over one to get out. Her feet hit soft carpeting. It felt warm to her as she stretched out, at the same instant she felt very sore. As if she had been laying down for far to long, her legs protested as she started to walk silently towards the door.

Sara kept looking around, taking in her surroundings as she moved. Aside from the obvious plastic diaper there was nothing else modern in the room with her besides what looked like a baby monitor. She almost asked for help, but stopped. Something in the back of her mind told her to wait, to check things out first. That something just wasn’t right here. The first thing being that she was alone, and she remembered Karen being with her last night. She crept up on the door in her diaper. Thankful that it was the kind that mimicked cloth, and so it was silent. The door wasn’t shut all the way, and with all the speed of a sloth she managed to open it enough to move past it. Her diaper choose this point to cause an itch on her leg. She scratched it, grossed out that she could feel moist heat radiating from between the diaper and her skin. She wondered if she smelled like Karen had in the car. Then she tried to put it out of her mind. "I need to get Karen, and get back to the car. Get some regular clothes." One of her fingers found it’s way into the diaper, "Something that isn’t padded, or smells like piss would be good enough." She thought grimly.

As she moved down a hallway she could hear voices softly speaking, as if to a child. In any other instant she would have felt better to hear this, but now, in a strange house, in strange diapers it caused the hair on the back of her neck to stand up. She snuck closer and closer to the voices till they became clear enough for her to listen in.

"-eat it all up! That’s a girl!" Said in a sickly sweet voice, followed by an odd chortling giggle. "Oh, that’s it! Let mommy get something to wipe off that pretty face."

Sara checked behind her, then got down as low as she could, before popping her head around the corner to get a good look. She almost gagged at the sight of a grown woman feeding another grown woman in a large chair. The soft food covered her face, and ran down onto a towel that was wrapped around her neck, covering her naked chest. A diaper seemed to be the only thing she had on, other then the covering of sloppy food. Sara started to back away, when the older woman wiped the face clear of the mess, not wanting to see anymore, or be reminded that she to was in a diaper. but as the face was cleaned off she finally recognized her friend, Karen behind the manic grin, and drool.

Her hand went to her face to muffle a stunned "Fuck!", as the door to the kitchen opened and another woman walked in. Sara immediately pulled her head back around the corner and hid, while the two started to talk.

"She’s almost perfect." The voice of the first one said. "I think we only need to do it once more. I don’t want an infant. They aren’t that much fun to play with."

A new voice answered. "Are you sure she’s almost there? Did you let her masturbate again? She seems to be more relaxed, less fidgety, like she’s coming around. "

Sara cringed, but kept listening. "Yep, it took her a while to figure it all out, but in the end she managed to do something just before peeing all over the floor. So maybe she’s just more relaxed because all that pent up urge is gone. Plus having her diaper changed probably helped to."

Now the woman’s voice gre conerned, "Are you sure this is going to take? If it’s temporary we’re going to run out of pills eventually you know. We need to make sure we never have to worry about them growing up." Sara twitched when she heard that. She had known she was in trouble, that they probably wanted to do something to her too, but to hear it confirmed still sent a shockwave through her. She felt like tearing the diaper off right then. But she was sure the noise would be obvious, not to mention wearing a diaper was better then being naked.

"How could the little darling fake it? She was humping her blankets just before, and then afterwards she could barely rub her little diapered bum on the floor. It was so cute. And the look on her face was precious!" The sounds stopped for a few minutes, but the slapping of gums and burbling of Karen carried over. Then a question that turned her blood cold, "And what about the other one? Is she ready yet?"

Sara listened carefully now. "I’ve got the monitor on, when she stirs we’ll check her and see if she’d ready. We’ll have to be careful. We don’t know what condition she’s in. You know you can’t trust these little druggies. She could have been on anything. I don’t want another mistake, we don’t want to give her to much to soon. She needs o feel everything, especially when she uses her diaper."

"And you’re sure she’s taking to it, that she’s going to be our baby for real?" The voice asked.

The first lady sighed, "It’s like brain damage. Whatever those portions are that do her higher thinking will be shut down, then we rewire them. The drugs keep certain parts of her brain from really thinking to much, then we substitute with our things and actions, and how we treat her. If she keeps hearing the same thing, and being treated the same way on this stuff, it will be the new her. We still need more baby toys, and maybe a crib, if we can find a big one. And some cute diapers will help as well. As long as she doesn’t think to fight it, the regression should happen. Keep telling them how nice they are, and letting them experience pleasure while their brains are temporarily shut down. All we have to worry about is going to far. I want something cute, not something dull and listless. The only thing we have going for us is how horny it makes them as their hormones takes over more and more. If it wasn’t for that we won’t be able to reward them so easily. So relax, this isn’t anything to hard. We’re just doing what the TV does to kids everyday. Just in an adult woman."

"How did you figure this out?"

"I didn’t. When we found them we thought they were retarded. But when the cops came by we knew exactly what we had. I went on the internet to figure out what was going on. It’s all on there, about how certain drugs affect the mind. We’re sending them on a bad trip, the more we do it, the more we reinforce it the more permanent it becomes. It’s a psychotic episode that will never end, because she won’t be able to think to stop it anymore."

Now Sara almost screamed, she had been feeling something herself as she watched her friend be treated like a baby. But now that it had been said she could feel that she was kind of on edge, that if she was home she would be getting out pinkie and hitting a few high notes.

"Just keep the doors locked Tammy. I don’t want either of them getting out till we’re sure it’s done right. The other one only got a small dose, enough to make her receptive and calmer. But nothing really serious yet."

"Of course, I know that. I was there."

Sara stopped and tried to think of some way out now. The idea of breaking a window came to her, but she might cut her feet on the glass. She settled on an ambush. Then a quick getaway. She snuck silently back to her room, making sure to close the door again, then laid back in her bed. The diaper felt cool under her bum as she put her weight on it. She looked down at herself, and tried to block the thought that she looked almost exactly like Karen. She wondered how she would do it, Exactly how to start her escape, then settled on taking the simplest way. She threw the blankets back, and sat up. She tried to figure out how she should play it. "Well, I don’t remember what happened after I passed out, why not just go that route. Bullshit is always easier to say with a bit of the truth added." She cleared her throat, and asked meekly, "Hello? Is there anybody here?" Then she started to try to climb out of the bed. She figured it would be better if they thought her hardly able to walk, so as her feet swung over, she let her body fall loudly to the floor. "Owwww! What the hell is wrong with my legs? Why am I still in a diaper?"

She was still rubbing her rump when the door opened, and the woman from the kitchen walked in, a look of concern on her face. "Are you okay sweetie?" She asked with that same sugar sweet voice she had used while talking down to Karen.

Sara tried to act dumb, not hard to do in this case, "Ummm... I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s going on, and I don’t know why I’m in this... Umm...." She moved her hands around her crotch, as if she was to embarrassed to say diaper out loud.

"Diaper?" The woman said, getting a simple nod. "Well, I found you outside, and you had a diaper on then as well. I brought you in here, and I’ve kept you safe since. Do you know where you are honey?"

Sara wondered what the answer should be, and settled on playing dumb, "No. But I’m not at home, I know that. And I don’t think this is the party house either. Where is this?"

"It’s safe honey. Do you need a diaper change then?" She asked.

Sara looked down at the diaper she wore, it was obviously soaked. "Um... I don’t wear diapers. I think it’s just a thing, you know? We only wore then for the party last night. At least I think it was last night." Then she added as an after thought, "We went as babies. So we needed to have diapers and stuff."

"Well, I think the thing is wet, and it needs a change right? And you certainly look the part of a baby right now. If you were this cute I’m surprised they let you leave so easily. I would have kept you and coddled you all night!" She gently rubbed Sara’s back, "But now you’re here with me, and you really need help. So why don’t you let me take care of that, then we can figure the rest out. Okay?"

Sara looked up at the woman, then back down at her diaper. "Look, I know this all looks kind of weird, but I’d rather take this thing off myself, if you don’t mind. Just point me towards a bathroom, or get me a towel and some pants and I’ll do it here." Then thinking it was time for names she added, "I’m... Sara by the way. I’m really sorry about this. I’ll leave as soon as I can."

"You can call me Dorthy. And don’t worry about anything. Except maybe your wet diaper. Are you sure you don’t want any help?"

Sara thought back to what she had heard, and that this woman was trying to drug her. To turn her into something else, "I don’t even want to think about it." She thought to herself. Then she stood up, trying to look more sure of herself this time. "Yes, I think I’d rather take care of this myself if you don’t mind. You’ve already helped enough. I’m not really a baby you know."

Dorthy grimaced for an instant, then seemed to catch herself. "Of course, but until you can show me that you don’t have any problems would you please at least put on another diaper. I don’t need any accidents on my floors."

Sara almost started to argue but she stopped. " I guess that’s not a big deal, you’ve already seen everything. At least these aren’t big baby diapers, I swear it felt really weird wearing them I almost felt like I wanted to suck my thumb when I looked in mirrors. A few more minutes in an adult diaper shouldn’t be a big deal right?" She wanted nothing to do with it, but she knew to get through this she would have to offer something to keep everything flowing along easily. She waited for Dorthy to leave the room. Walking over and closing the door quietly behind her before locking it. Then ripped open the several tapes on the diaper and let it slide down to the floor. "I just have to get to a door or something. Maybe yell when I see other’s outside. That’s all." She reasoned as she opened the clean diaper and started to spread it open. She almost skipped wiping herself, but a strong smell of urine came from the nights wetness she had lay in, so she stopped herself and grabbed a few wipes from a container left next to the bed. "Just so I can smell clean, like a big girl." She said.

They were cold as she dragged them across the offending area. But they warmed quickly. When she was finished with them she was smelling much better. "A bit babyish, but better then smelling like a big wet baby I guess." As soon as the sentence had left her lips she thought of Karen. Now trapped in a drug induced state again, and prisoner of two crazed perverts trying to make her their own personal and permanent baby. "I’ve got to get her out of here." She thought. She tried to come up with ways to help them both, but being that she didn’t believe in personal defense she was left with nothing. "Dam it! I lived my whole life preaching that it’s better to be part of the noble victim class then to defend yourself. And now this is like one of those horrible movies." She pushed the thoughts of escape out of her mind as she set herself down on the diaper and pulled it over herself. She had to change tact. "Just like I have to change my diaper." She said giggling from the absurdity of the idea. She sighed and yet back to finishing up taping the diaper on. "Wow, these things are ugly. I’d rather have the cute ones, even if it meant being that much closer to their goals. " When she was done she stood up and walked to the door. "Time to shine." She whispered. Then the light bulb finally flashed on. "Fuck this! They always get caught in the movies because they won’t leave their friends behind. Shit, I’ll leave, and come back later with the cops. That’s the smart thing to do. Get the hell out of here!"

The door opened easily enough, she popped her head into the hallway, then started to go towards the kitchen area. She wanted to spring past it, towards what was probably the front of the building. Then she would do whatever she needed to do to get out. She plodded silently towards the front. She kept her pace at a bit of a waddle, just to throw off the crazies if they saw her. Sara got closer and closer to her goal. She stopped just opposite the door to the kitchen and waited. When she didn’t hear anything but soft music she took a deep breath and put her foot out towards freedom.

"Oh, there you are! I was wondering when you would come out. Why don’t you come in here and get something to eat?" The voice sounded different from the last one. More cheerful, like Betty White in the Golden Girls. To happy to be all there mentally.

"I can probably get past her..." Sara said to herself. She turned into the kitchen then stopped in alarm. Karen was now on the floor, her legs sprawled out in front of her, and playing with what looked like clay. "What the hell is wrong with Karen?" She said, not having to fake her concern.

"The little darling is enjoying herself." Ms. Allen said matter of factly.

Sara felt some anger at the simple way she was being treated, "She’s not a baby! She shouldn’t be on the floor like that, why is she still so out of it anyways? Did she get hurt?"

The voice of Dorthy came from behind her, "No. She’s fine. As fine as she was when she came in. Apparently she hasn’t woke up yet. Why don’t you just relax while the pants I just threw in the dryer get freshened up? It should only be a few minutes."

Sara knew the danger, but she was on her guard, there was no way she would drink or eat anything from these two. And she really didn’t want to leave the house in nothing but a shirt and diaper. "Sure. I guess I can wait." She squatted down next to her and looked in her eyes. They were glassy, the lids almost halfway down. She was obviously drugged. But she couldn’t let on that she knew what had happened. "Karen? Are you in there?" There was no response. The college student just sat, and mashed the clay between her fingers, giggling and laughing as she did.

"The poor dear has been like that since she got up. I thought with those cute diapers you babies were wearing you were something special." Dorthy said.

Sara stood and looked her in the eyes, "Don’t call us babies. Don’t even say it. She doesn’t need to hear things that could mess her up, her trip is already bad enough. She shouldn’t even be in diapers still."

Dorthy put on a stunned look. "Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t know enough about drugs to understand that. And where’s our manners... Why don’t you sit down and I’ll make you something to eat. I bet you’ll feel much better after you eat."

"Bingo." Sara thought. Then spoke, "I’m not really that hungry. I’d rather just get dressed and make a call for the car, get it pulled out of that ditch." Knowing this might make them jumpy she added, "And there’s more of those cute diapers in the car. If Karen is going to act like that, she might as well be styling huh?"

Ms. Allen softly laughed, "Where did you get those anyways, they certainly aren’t from around here."

"Oh, the internets."

"Ms. Allen shook her head, "Oh, well we don’t have that out here." As a liar she wasn’t really that convincing. But Sara kept calm.

"I just ordered them through my phone, and you have to have service. This isn’t that far from the city."

Dorthy cackled, "Baby, you’re 2 hours from the nearest town. You must have really been out of it last night."

Karen choose that moment to start making noise. "Ugh! Ugh!" She grunted. Then she started to rub her diaper. When that didn’t do the job she started rocking back and forth, and settled on constantly bouncing as she moved.

Sara thought she smelled pee, unconsciously her hand moved down and checked her own diaper to be sure to wasn’t her. "What’s wrong? Is she having an attack? Does she need help?" Sara said concerned. She dropped down and put her hands on the pulsing girl, "Karen! I’m here! Sara’s still here!" She turned around and stared daggers at the two would be kidnappers. "Well you’ve got to do something! Help us!"

Ms. Allen blushed and Dorthy put on the kind of smile one gave to a small child who didn’t understand something, "She doesn’t need help. She’s just exercising. Give her a few minutes she’ll be fine."

"I’ve never seen any exercising like this! What’s wrong with you two, help!"

Dorthy got closer to her, then spoke. Her voice barely above a whisper. "She’s just a bit excited. She’ll have her little finish and be good in a few minutes." The new information put everything into perspective. She could see it now. Karen was trying to get off, right in front of her. She pulled her hands away, shocked more so then she had been when she first realized what these ladies plans were. Dorthy continued, "The little minx has been at it all morning. I thought it was part of her condition. Honestly we thought it was kind of cute."

Anger surged in Sara. "She’s trying to get off in a pissy diaper! This is disturbing. This is sick. We need to get her help, we need to stop this shit!" She was openly angry that these two women thought this was funny, but inside she realized this is what they wanted for her. as well To be a drooling idiot, forever humping the floor, or pissing herself for their own needs. While they laughed and pointed at her. She wanted to punch someone, she wanted to just destroy them, to see them rot in jail. She turned her head to tell them off just in time to see something move towards her shoulder.

The jab of the needle wasn’t as painful as she expected. The odd tingle wasn’t what she expected either. Sara slapped it out of Dorthy’s hand, but it was to late, every drop was in her already. "What the fuck!" She scrambled to move to her feet but they weren’t moving. Her entire body felt heavy, to hard to move. Her head became to heavy to keep up and it flopped forward, the sudden change in her balance caused everything to fall forward. Her entire body hit the floor. Sara was still awake and aware, but completely cut off from her body. Her head had landed between Karen’s legs, giving her a real whiff of her saturated diaper, she could smell her arousal as well. Sara raged with emotion at what had been done to her. She tried everything she could do to move herself. But it didn’t accomplish anything.

"Well. That’s that. I guess we can finish this up right now." Dorthy said as Sara felt her legs being grabbed, her body was shifted over and she was lain out on her back. She was looking up at them now. Dorthy sneered down at her, "Couldn’t have taken the food could you? We could have done this the easy way. You could have slipped away and joined pissy missy over there. You could have enjoyed yourself. Now we have to try something else."

"She’ll be fine?" Came the voice of Ms. Allen.

"More then fine, that’s the anti seizure stuff. It relaxes the muscles. Since she wasn’t having a seizure she’s just really, really relaxed." She held up another syringe. "And this is going to give her another little ride. But instead of to the floor, it should be back to babyhood if we do everything right."

Sara’s anger evaporated, turned to icy fear. Terror that she was about to end up like her friend, an adult forever locked in diapers. Then the needle was in her arm, and the plunger was being pushed. She could feel it. A warmth spreading through her. Joy, and love. A high like after the party, except almost instant. She would have been smiling if she could control her muscles any longer.

It was almost nightfall when Karen’s coos and gurgles started to become something closer to words. She stopped crawling around on the floor, and used the couch to stand. She smiled to herself as she toddled towards her mother, "Mamamamamamama!" She yelled almost at the top of her voice. Then she let herself fall into mommies arms.

"Here you go baby! Take your bottle for mommy." Ms. Allen said.

Karen started to nurse immediately. The warm formula, thickened with rice cereal filled her stomach and relaxed her. "Thank you mama." She slurred around the nipple.

"Oh, your a little talker again? I guess we have to move up giving you your bottles huh?" Ms. Allen said sweetly.

Karen smiled and nodded. She thought there was something wrong. She wiggled her hips and found her diaper felt okay. She didn’t know wet or dry, but it felt comfortable so that wasn’t it. She picked her nose, but that wasn’t it. She grabbed at her toes and pulled them, but that wasn’t it either. The bottle was done and she saw a clear bag being brought to her face. That was it. She didn’t know exactly what it was, but she knew it was good.

Ms. Allen carefully held the bag over the woman’s nose and mouth, and smiled when she took several deep breaths. The bag came away then, releasing sharp fumes. But most had entered Karen’s lungs and were now going to her brain, depriving it of oxygen, and adding just a bit more damage to what had already been done.

Dorthy walked in just as she was setting Karen down on the floor, she had waited ten minutes to make sure she wouldn’t stop breathing before totally relaxing her hold on the large baby. "Dorthy, I swear I’m already in love with them. I don’t mind any of it, the feeding, the puking, the diapers. I hope this all works out. I really do."

Dorthy sat down next to her and watched as Karen twitched and moaned on the floor, "The puking will stop after we let off on gassing them."

Tammy nodded, "So that’s what causes it? Are you sure?"

"Yes. Apparently when you’re burning out your brain cells huffing it leaves you dizzy afterwards, with a bad headache. But it’s going to give us the affect we want. Loss of memory, loss of intelligence, and a careful meek attitude. By this time next week they won’t remember their names, or even how to talk. It’s perfect. We’ve got plenty of drugs to open them up to suggestion till then. And I ordered those cute diapers, and some other stuff, so it’s going to be perfect!"

"Thank you so much for this Dorthy. We’re going to be the perfect parents."

Sara awoke in a flash. One second she wasn’t there, the next she was aware and feeling something that she hadn’t expected. Sexual pleasure. She had come to while she was rubbing herself on the floor. "Like Karen." She thought. An image of Karen humping the floor came to her, to be replaced by her own face furiously trying to get off. "Oh god! I must look just like that right now!" The last thought and image came to her just as she went over the edge. Her body seemed electric as she twitched in ecstasy. At first she didn’t feel it, the thrill was so intense, but as she came down she was aware that she had wet herself even more during the act. And that she was still dribbling even now. Sara looked down at the diaper she had now thoroughly soaked, and ripped it open in disgust. She didn’t notice that it was no longer the adult style, but was back to the infantile version she had ordered before when Karen had taken her to the party..

"Karen!" She said to herself as more thoughts came back. She tried to piece everything together, but something was wrong. Everything seemed jumbled, it was hard to concentrate. Images of diapers and babyish items kept popping up instead. A strange urge to stick something in her mouth or vagina came to her mind just as she wondered what day it was, and how long she had been down. But through it all one thought stood out, "Time to leave." She pushed herself to her feet, startled at how hard it seemed, then started walking towards a door. She didn’t know where it led to, but in her addled state she didn’t think about it. Doors meant out to her now, and she was going to use it. The knob turned, but it seemed that it was still locked. She pushed as hard as she could but it just would not open.

"And where are you going young lady?" A voice said behind her.

Sara turned towards it and put on her silliest grin, "Got to go out!" She said. Hoping to fool her.

"Oh, so now that you’re all humped out you want to go outies? Well let’s get you dressed up then, we can’t have you leaving like that right?" Sara watched as the diaper she had left behind was picked up, and then smelled. "Well I think you did a number one, and a little something else in this, are you sure you don’t need to make a BM for me before you leave?"

Sara shook her head, but she honestly didn’t know. She thought she might have owned a BM before, and maybe that was something adult to do. "Out." was all she said as she slapped at the door. But even as she said it, something warm tickled her feet. She looked down and saw that she was leaking something. "Pee pee." She said matter of factly. She knew it was wrong. That it was a sign of how far she was gone, but she still felt like giggling.

"Yep, you just made pee pees on the floor. Why don’t we get you cleaned up, and then I can clean this up okay? I mean you can’t leave smelling like stinky pee pees right?"

Something about that sounded right to her, so Sara nodded and let herself be led away. She passed the kitchen and saw a new highchair pulled up to the table. In a corner of the living room she saw a large playpen, with several baby toys. The room she was led to was the same room she had been in before, but now she tried to remember if it was the same. She remembered squares all over, but now they were gone, a large dresser was left behind, and even more babyish toys littered the floor. She was still checking the place out when something was set in her hands. She looked down and saw it was a wet diaper. She could smell the pee. "Pee pee." She said again, not thinking why.

"Good girl! That’s a stinky pee pee diaper, let’s throw that away." She pointed towards a garbage bin, and waited. Sara got the hint, she toddled over towards it. And tossed it in to loud cheering, "Such a smartie! Come here and lets get you cleaned up."

Sara walked towards her, when she was handed another diaper she took it without caution, most of which no longer existed in her mind anyways. She held the diaper open, just as it was handed to her. As she watched the woman opened a container of something and poured it into the absorbent padding. A slight whiff of it hit her nose, causing primal fear to awake, but just as quickly another primal urge awoke. She let one hand wander down between her legs, as the other brought the diaper to her face. Several deep breaths later she was out again.

She had been staring at the TV for several minutes before realizing she was back. Sara could heard the TV, and even knew that they were speaking english. She let that all sink in before she started to take stock in what had changed. She could remember that she was in danger, and that Karen was with her. It took a few seconds for her to piece together what had been happening to them, that a couple of crazy ladies were trying to regress them into babies. She could feel that there was something on her chin. Something wet and cool. She tried to wipe it off, but her arms wouldn’t move right. She glanced down and screeched at the condition they were in. Almost skin and bones. There was no muscle tone at all. "How long have i been out?" She wondered to herself. She opened her mouth to scream for help. But even her tongue felt different, plumper like it hadn’t been used for talking in a very long time. She was still frantically trying to say something when a shadow fell over her.

It was Dorthy. And from the smile on her face Sara knew it wasn’t going to be good. She took a keen interest in her eyes, then picked up one of her arms, Sara weakly tried to pull it away, but barely managed to move it. "I see someone is up? Is baby back?" Sara seethed at being called a baby. Which is what Dorthy was looking for. "Yes! I see you’re back Sara. You’ve been gone a very long time. But I hope you’ll stick around a bit longer this time. I want you to see what we’ve been up to. And maybe you can see your sister if I can get you to stick around long enough."

Dorthy moved out of her sight, and then the world jumped. "She’s picking this whole chair up and moving me?" Sara wondered. She wasn’t fat by any means, but she shouldn’t be picked up so easily. She watched the world go by fast, before being set back down again. By the smell of stale pee and baby powder she was sure it was the nursery. The walls were a delicate shade of lavender, with colourful cartoons running back and forth. She could see a crib to her right, and something else to her left. It looked like a low basket. A sound drew her eyes towards a play pen in the corner. She gasped when she caught site of Karen. Chewing on the fingers of her right hand as if it was the best thing in the world.

"It’s been months since we last caught you awake. You’ve both changed so much. Little Karen has turned out to be perfect." Dorthy walked to the playpen and picked the woman up, then preceded to walk her closer, and set her down on the floor in front of her. Karen’s face had changed. Her eyes drooped. She looked to be missing several teeth. Her perfect finger nails were chewed and raw looking. She sat on the floor, hunched over, letting her head hang slightly. Making wistful movements with the fingers of the hand she wasn’t sucking on. Her onsie was stained with food on the top, and what might have been pee stains closer to her diaper. A large patch of drool coated everything from the chin down. "Isn’t she amazing? The perfect baby. She won’t suffer from SIDS, she won’t grow up, so we don’t have to worry about clothes sizes. And almost all her teeth had come loose. We’ve got her feeding down so she’s pretty regular on the diaper changes. And after we stopped with the treatments she stopped trying to hump everything in sight!" Dorthy gently rubbed the top of Karen head, causing the infantile woman to mewl softly in response. "She’s our big baby now." Then she squatted in front of Sara, reaching out and touching the chair she was tied in. And you’re our little baby!"

Sara wanted to lunge at her. But the ability to move was still beyond her. Though the rage she felt was visible as her face turned red.

"Careful baby... If you strain to much something stinky might happen."

Sara’s hand twitched in response to the impulse from her brain telling it to slap that grin off her face. But an instant later her tormentor was proven correct when something soft and mushy slid into her diaper. Sara’s mouth dropped open as she felt her mess start to spread out between her cheeks, it didn’t seem to be very solid as wet heat oozed from the rear towards the front, looking for someplace to go. She tried to not show it, but the smell was obvious.

"See? now you made poopies. I’ll have to change you. Oh yes I will! I love changing my littlest cutie!" Sara watched as the straps were loosened and she was gingerly picked out. Dorthy talked to her as she worked. Though the cute lilt to her voice was gone, replaced with derision. "It took a while to find the carrier. But in the end it looks almost exactly like a larger version of an infants. And it does the job like one." Shock went through Sara. What had they done to her? "Plus all the weight you lost sleeping all the time, and being drugged up. You’re barely 45 pounds now. A bit heavy, but not to bad to carry around." She was out and on the floor now. She could feel her diaper sagging and shifting under it’s load. Her head carefully cradled in Dorthy’s grip, otherwise her neck might get hurt from the dead weight. The floor was cool under her, yet welcome. "Honestly, it was a plus really. Those diapers were expensive. Now that you can fit in size 7 baby diapers they’re cheaper."

There came a ripping sound, and Sara felt cool air on her vagina. Then something was held up in front of her. "Fuck! It is a real baby diaper!" She scramed inside her head, then started to bawl out loud as well.

"I see maybe there’s a bit of overlap even now baby, you sure sound like one right now that is." That caused Sara to stop her crying but she still had tears in her eyes. "It’s just a diaper silly. You go through six or seven a day. I try to change you so you don’t get rashy."

Sara tried not to think about what was being done to her. She managed to get her head to flop over to one side, which allowed her to see Karen, now playing with a toy ball shaking it, and then trying to eat it. "They did it. She’s really just a big dumb baby. She doesn’t even know any better any longer. Oh god they want me to be like that. I don’t want to be a baby! I don’t want to look like that! It’s pitiful..." The cold of the several wipes over her bottom brought her attention to the fact that she wasn’t much better off. She started to listen to Dorthy again.

"So that’s why we had to move. Now the people don’t even know we never had you. And of course that means no one comes looking. Wait till you see your sitter Sara. She’s so good at her job. And only a few years younger then you. Well at least originally huh?" The fresh diaper was on, and Sara found herself being set back in her carrier. "Just an unfortunate that will never grow up" She felt her carrier picked up again, but the trip was over quickly.

She found herself in front of a mirror. She stared at the image in horror. Her boobs were almost completely gone. Reabsorbed into her body. She could see ribs, but that wasn’t the worst. Her legs were merely boney spindles. No longer used for anything they had atrophied. And even now were crisscrossed under her diaper. Her hair hung from her head in loose short curls. It was her face, her face that she could barely recognize. The droopy eyes, dopey expression, it wasn’t Sara. "I look just like her! I look like Karen, what did they do to me?!"

Dorthy watched the emotions run across the woman’s face. The anger was gone, now replaced by shock and maybe fear. "What’s the matter dear? Worried that this is it? That now we’ll get the meds out and do you again? Totally erase you from that ruined diapered husk?" She could see terror now. "Well, I wouldn’t worry BABY. There’s nowhere for you to go. And nothing that you can do. The changes to your body are more or less permanent. We don’t give you much calcium so your bones have lost density, and shrunk. And without months of therapy you’ll never even crawl, much less walk. So why bother?" She waited and let that sink in. "You are trapped. You can never leave. You’ll be our little infant from now on, just our little poop machine. You’ll never be more, and we’ll never expect more. And so what if you’re in there? That’s just icing on the cake. I love that look in your eyes. I hope you never leave again. I’ll love changing you, maybe I’ll even give you a bit of a rubbing, but I’ll stop before you can get anywhere."

Sara’s diaper warmed under her. "I’m pissing and I can’t stop! I can’t even change it, or ask to be changed!" Sara screamed in her head, she started to hyperventilate. "This is wrong! This is so wrong! I just wanted to stop Karen’s stupid habit. This isn’t right! This isn’t fair!"

Karen looked over at Sara and smiled. She knew she was different. That she had been a big girl at one time. She even knew that Sara had been as well. Her reading and math were gone. Her ability to control her body was weak. But she was still her. She was still there. The huffing had just glazed over most of it. She smiled as she watched Sara cry. Under it all she knew it was wrong, knew that she shouldn’t be here, or be in diapers. But she didn’t care any longer. She laughed as she snuck her hand down her diaper and into the wetness inside. It tasted salty. The old her would have been grossed out. But now, behind her vacant grin she thought it was the best thing in the world.

Sometimes you get what you want, sometimes you get what you need. And still other times you get a chicken sandwich, even if you ordered a cheese burger. It looks like chicken for them.....




End Chapter 1

A bit Shorter

by: Long_Rifle | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 3, 2012


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