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by: Long_Rifle Last updated Jul 15, 2022

What happens in the diaper dimension when you want to be regressed? Female mental regression

Cute and Wholesome

by: Long_Rifle Last updated Dec 6, 2007

Female MENTAL regression. NOT a "fair" story. No deaths, but NO "happy" ending. This one is posted for those that LIKE this kind of story.


by: Long_Rifle Last updated Oct 31, 2014

Something for Lyn... Thank you baby. I hope you find that special someone.


by: Long_Rifle Last updated Jul 8, 2022

Well, what happens in the Diaper Dimension when a little is a botanist? This is horror. Mental regression, and vengeance.

Four the Archive

by: Long_Rifle Last updated Dec 30, 2007

Female MENTAL AR. A few girls learn the hard way that hypnotism and diapers don't mix well. Contains some sexual content.

Getting High

by: Long_Rifle Last updated Aug 5, 2008

Female Mental AR. This is an OLD story, so the formatting is off. And the writing is even worse than my normal style. Sorry about that.

Halloween 2011

by: Long_Rifle Last updated Oct 30, 2011

It's the day before the 31st and a group of young women have some fun. Though maybe not ALL of them. Female TF, IN, VR, UB, MC. Not a fair ending folks, This is a bit dark.

Halloween 2013

by: Long_Rifle Last updated Apr 7, 2014

Repost. This was lost due to backup shenanigans. Female mental breakdown. And riding of the crazy train.

Halloween 2021

by: Long_Rifle Last updated May 24, 2022

Well you know. Female mental regression and size change. And a dark ending...

Hermione's Gin

by: Long_Rifle Last updated May 31, 2009

Female mental regression, transformation, death, and vore. NOT a fair story. NOT a fair ending. Seriously. You guys should know this by now. Don't read this and whine later about it not having a happy ending. I won't care.

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