Getting High

by: Long_Rifle | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 5, 2008

Female Mental AR. This is an OLD story, so the formatting is off. And the writing is even worse than my normal style. Sorry about that.

Chapter 1
Getting High

Chapter Description: Using drugs is bad. Using mind altering drugs is funny.

Getting High ? By Long_Rifle

Imagine a drug that when used correctly helped, but

when misused, or abused was just as addictive as

crack, but caused a rapid mental decline to infancy.

This was posted a while ago( a long while ago), and

never finished. ?I did a partial rewrite, and finished

it. ?Have fun. ?Also my quote, marks still don’t work

right. ?I hate writing the story and having it look

bad because of quote marks sorry .

? ? Sandy was a good student, she got mostly A’s.

When not at school she helped out around the house,

and made a little money baby-sitting on the side. She

wasn’t the most popular at school but she had a few

friends. Being 14 she was just getting curious about

the ways of the world, first was flirting, then

drinking. At her last party she had smoked her first

joint. Her head had been spinning for an hour, finally

she had been so disoriented she had wet her pants

alittle. Walking home had been embarrassing for her.

Thankfully her parents trusted her completely, and

didn’t ask to many questions. But that had been a few

days ago and now she had to get ready to go baby-sit.

She smiled to herself, this was a special one. Sara

had been born special, and required allot of care.

Which meant her parents did not get a lot of time

apart. She knew the drill, they would be gone for a

couple of days, during which she had run of the house.

She did not mind changing the huge diapers, at 5

dollars an hour, she could do worse.

At 8:00 she showed up at their door. They hugged her

and told her Sara was sleeping up in her room. They

asked if she had any questions, and reminded her to

give Sara her medication. How could she forget,Sara

loved her medicine, she would cry until she got it

then sleep for hours. Finally they had gone so Sandy

checked on her, she was sleeping. As she lay in her

cot she looked so peaceful.

Sandy reached down and slowly ran her hand thru

Sara’s hair, Then ?with a quick motion pulled her

thumb from her mouth and inserted a pacifier. Only

another hour and she would have to get her medicine.

She walked into the bathroom and closed the door

behind her, slowly she pulled from her pocket a

lighter and a roach, She wanted to light it but she

was worried about the smoke, she looked at herself in

the mirror and smiled. She felt so nervous, thats when

she saw the bottle. ?Sara’s medicine. The warning on

the side took over half the bottle. But what stood out

was the bold print. MAY cause extreme euphoria. Use

only with doctors care. ?Do not, under any

circumstances, even think of operating anything while

using this medication. ?She slowly pulled the bottle

to her face to get a closer look . “Wow,” she

thought. ? She put the lighter away and took the

bottle to the kitchen; they would never know if she

had used some. Grabbing the dropper she used on Sara,

she was about to open her mouth when she had second

thoughts. Smiling she put her hands on her face, it

was only one time nothing could happen that fast. She

would just get a short buzz; probably. All those

warnings were worse case scenarios.

The sounds of Sara’s crying brought her back to

earth. “Looks like some one is getting hungry.” She

thought. ?Sandy walked into the room and found Sara

sitting up. The smell coming from her told the story.

“ Well looks like someone needs a diaper change.”

Even though Sara was younger than her, she was

alittle fatter, since she didn’t move much. They

referred to it as baby fat. So Sandy always had

trouble moving her around. But after dropping the side

of the crib she got her to her feet and walked her

over to the pad. ?Slowly she lowered her to the mat

and undid the tapes of the dirty diaper. ?At the same

time she talked to her. “ Ohhh did little Sara have

an accident?, don’t worry mommy will clean it all up,

there!, almost done. Maybe if mommy ?had a diaper on

during that last party she wouldn’t have wet her

pants.” ?

Sara was clean and a new diaper was ready to be put

in place. She finished taping it closed ?and then

realized that was her problem. She was a afraid to

lose control again. She lifted the now clean baby and

walked her to her special playpen. They had spent

hours in their together as Sandy played games with

her. Sandy went back to the kitchen and grabbed a few

bottles of milk. And quickly placed them into the pen.

She always did this so Sara could drink whenever she

wanted. But instead of grabbing one like she normally

did, ?Sara reached out and pouted, crying and bouncing

on her butt. Sandy realized what was wrong. “Oh!!

Your drops! Let me go get them.” After giving her the

liquid she watched as Sara slowly calmed down and then

smiled as she slumped down on ?the floor of the pen.

Drool rolled slowly from her mouth as she softly


Having seen that, Sandy knew she would take the

drops, she wanted to know what that felt like. But

first she had to make sure she was safe. She slowly

walked into Sara’s room and blushing, grabbed a diaper

from her rather large pile. She felt so embarrassed as

she lay down on the diaper mat and pulled her pants

off. ?Then ?came her panties. ? As she took those off

she blushed even harder. The diaper felt odd as she

pulled it under her butt, the sound of the plastic

crinkling as she folded it over her seemed louder than

ever. ?But finally she got it taped on. Standing with

the bulk of the diaper between her legs threw her off.

The diapers were very thick, since Sara wet almost

constantly. She walked over to the mirror and looked

at herself; she looked so odd. The diaper made her

walk funny. But soon enough she was through with the

wonder of the moment and found herself in the kitchen,

the dropper in her hand. She opened her mouth and

slowly dropped the liquid into it. She quickly closed

it and ran to the pen, she jumped over the wall and

stood next to Sara. Whatever happened she would be


Sandy stood still for a few moments. She waited for

something, anything....... Nothing happened. “ What a

waste!” she thought. She reached her hands out to

grab the railing. ?But when her fingers brushed the

soft padding they involuntarily closed. Sandy looked

down at her now clenched fists. They wouldn’t open,

she tried to spread her fingers, but they would not.

Sandy heard a giggling behind her, looking down she

saw Sara laughing and pointing her finger at her; at

her diaper to be exact. “What? Whats so funny?” As

Sandy bent over to have a better look at her diaper

she heard Sara say “ Wet! You wet! You baby now!”

That’s when Sandy noticed the spot on her diaper, the

spot that was growing larger.” What the?.....” Sandy

whispered. She brought her hands down and patted her

diaper, it was warm, and bulging. What had happened?

She was wetting her diaper and she didn’t even know

it. She tried to stop. But nothing would work. “

Sandy go pee-pee!!!! You need dippees nowww!” Sara

cooed. Sandy was worried, she didn’t need any crap

from her right now. “ Stop that! That’s not funny!”

she looked back to Sara, and in the process of bending

up straight again she bent her knees out, like a baby.

Tingles were now shooting down her back and

everything felt weird. That’s when she noticed her

hands were still resting on her diaper. As if they

would only work when she needed them and would stop

working as she thought to do something else. She held

them up to her face and looked at them. Her fingers

touched to side of her face, and she seemed to

explode. The feeling was so intense, but even as she

wanted more she realized that she was in trouble. Her

hands were moving on their own. It felt good, but she

couldn’t stop. Engrossed she could only mumble as she

dropped on her diapered butt.

Both hands frantically rubbing her face as one found

her mouth. ?Suddenly she was in heaven! It was great;

the taste of her hands was wonderful. She lusted after

the very wrinkles on her hands and fingers. She lost

track of time as she sat there sucking on her fingers.

Rolling onto her back she felt something between her

legs. But her mind was in no shape to tell her what it

was, she only wanted more as she tried to push more

out. Her body rocked as she tried to move the soft

mess around. She squealed with delight as she peed

herself again. Drool rolled down her chin as she

lifted her legs up. ?Seeing that, she quickly grabbed

at her foot and started to suck her toes. So much

pleasure, her mind blanked in and out. But soon a new

feeling emerged, her toes popped out of her mouth and

she swung her hands around, she saw the padded bars

but could not focus on them. She had become very near

sighted. Anything past six inches was a blur. Sandy

was scared; she wanted up, she wanted to be warm,

mostly she wanted her mother. Which is why she opened

her mouth and started to cry, just like a baby. She

knew it was wrong. But she couldn’t stop. There was a

blur of motion, suddenly something filled her mouth.

Instinctively she started to nurse, the fluid soon

filled her mouth and she swallowed. “ Mommy!!!” she

thought, as she fell asleep.

Sandy slowly blinked her eyes. It was morning, and

the sun was shining on her face. She stretched out her

arms and yawned as she awoke. Sandy felt something

drop from her mouth. A pacifier, trying to remember

what had happened earlier,she realized she was in a

playpen; Sara’s playpen. ?THAT opened her eyes,

bolting up she saw her surroundings, that brought

everything back. ?Looking down at her ?sopping diaper

she wiggled her butt alittle. “Oh man...” she said,

obviously she had wet during the night. Slowly she got

to her feet. She had been so stoned. She remembered

the feelings, the joy, it amazed her that there was no

hangover type sickness. Instead she felt as though she

was still buzzing. Gripping the side of the pen she

felt the need to pee. She smiled as she let it flow

into the already soaked diaper. “Ahhhh” She sighed.

She lifted her legs over the railing. Even though

everything was working again, her sight and her

balance, she still felt alittle off.

Sandy couldn’t walk right, the bulging diaper stopped

that, as she waddled into the bathroom she had an urge

the get on her knees and crawl. As the shower warmed

she untaped the sides of the diaper. Wow she had

really filled it. She rolled it closed and wiped most

of the mess off. But she really felt better after the

shower. Drying off she walked thru the house to the

kitchen, she knew she should put on something to wear,

but the need to do it just wasn’t there. She saw the

drops. Instantly she was overcome with the urge to use

them. She even lost control of herself alittle.

Mistakenly she thought it was stress.

First she woke and cleaned Sara, being very gentle

with her. Then she gave her the drops. “There you go

honey. Thanks for the bottle last night!” And just

before the effects started she thought she saw

recognition in her face. Sandy sat at the table

feeding the big baby her breakfast. She wanted to use

the drops. ?Maybe not as much this time, but she still

wanted help. But who could she call that she could

trust? She decided on Karen, Sara seemed even happier

than normal today so as she wiped her clean she picked

up the phone and asked Karen to come over. She then

took Sara into the bathroom and gave her a nice warm


Sara splashed water all over. But today Sandy did

not mind. She even played alittle. Why had she stopped

playing in the tub? Well she would change that.

When the bath was finished Sandy realized Karen would

be there any minute. She quickly diapered Sara and

plopped her in to the play pen. Sandy stood in the

middle of the room, she had forgot something but what?

She caught her reflection in the mirror. “Oh,

yeah.... “her clothes, she needed to put something

on. She laughed to herself as she sprinted into the

nursery and quickly diapered herself. Sandy almost put

her own shirt on, but wanted something else. Something

in pink. She found a nice romper in the dresser and

put that on. Having baby stuff on again made her heart

beat faster, ?as she was leaving the room there was a

knock on the door. ?

The sound brought Sandy back to reality, What was she

doing, she was wearing a diaper and baby clothes. ?She

had wanted this so badly, some one else to do things

for her as she lay in a semi-conscience daze. But now

she thought different, what if she made fun of her?

She did not know if she could handle that. She walked

to the door and slowly opened it a crack.

" Oh hi! What are you doing here?"

" You called me and asked me to show up, stupid." Said

Karen" Why are you standing behind the door like that?

Are you going to let me in?"

Sandy didn’t know what to do,she wanted her to leave

now." Listen, I just wanted to know something for

school, but I found what I needed so thanks for

stopping by." ?She hoped this would send her away, but

to her dismay Karen stood there. Sandy tried to close

the door, that’s when she realized she needed to get

to a toilet soon, the pressure seemed to be building

faster than normal. Sandy felt it start to move, she

almost panicked but a voice in the back of her head

whispered, “don’t worry honey you have a diaper on.

So you can go anywhere.” This made her feel better

and she relaxed, the mess then moved from her, to the

diaper around her waist. Sandy audibly sighed, and

this caught the attention of Karen.

" What was that? " Karen laughed" That almost looked

and sounded like you messed yourself. Is what Sara has

catchy?” ?Karen laughed since she had meant it as a

joke, but Sandy blushed at the comment. She was about

to slam and lock the door but she heard the phone

ring, and again she heard the voice. “Remember always

answer by the second ring.” Who had told her that?

Her mother? “ I have to hurry she thought.” She ran

from the door and scooped up the phone" Hello?" It was

her mother!, she got so excited. She forgot what she

had been doing and talked excitedly on the phone.

Karen saw her friend run from the door and go to the

phone, “ The game must be

over she thought.” Opening the door she smelt it, she

looked over at Sara who was sleeping deeply in her

playpen. She walked slowly up to her and checked her

diaper. It was clean. Where was that smell coming

from? Karen could hear Sandy talking on the phone to

her mother. She slowly walked up behind her and

stopped, her friend was in a diaper! Just a diaper,

and a pink something. But that was not the worst, the

back of her diaper was bulging. Karen stood in shock

as she looked upon her friend, she heard something

about Sandy having to watch Sara for another week.

This seemed to excite Sandy who exclaimed " OH GOODY"

in a very loud voice, but as Karen watched Sandy

stopped all her squirming and spread her legs alittle.

Even from behind Karen knew what she was doing, this

didn’t mean she still believed it. But as she watched

the diaper turned a darker color, and slowly the

darker patch swelled even larger than the rest of the

thick diaper. Sandy then tried to stand back straight

up but the thickness of the now soaked diaper stopped

her from anything but standing there completely

bowlegged. Karen heard her say “okay, bye bye.” And

watched as it took her three times to hang up the

phone. Then Sandy turned quickly; she was about to run

back to the door.

Sandy was so excited she had almost forgot about her

friend at the door, she had stood and listened to her

mother tell her she would need to stick around for

another week at least. She had almost burst at that,

she thought of all the time she would have to try out

Sara’s drops. As she got off the phone she realized

she had indeed wet, enough that she was having a hard

time standing up straight. Sandy had an overwhelming

urge to drop to the floor and crawl to the door but

she controlled herself. She was giddy with

anticipation. As she turned around she was stunned to

see Karen already in the house and standing right

behind her. " Hi Karen!" She said, " Are you ready to

play?" And she tried to walk up to her friend, that’s

when she remembered she was in nothing but a shirt and

a diaper. A wet and dirty diaper,but Karen was about

to point that out .

" Someone smells stinky!" Karen said with a glint in

her eyes. Sandy stood still in shock, how could this

happen? Karen stepped forwards and grabbed Sandy

around the small of the back, she then used her other

arm to pull away the top of the diaper and check it."

Soaked" was the only word that she said. But that was

enough to make Sandy try to get away, "No no no..."

was the only thing she muttered as she waddled

backwards,away from Karen. Who smiled and just as

slowly advanced. Sandy was about to turn and run when

her leg stepped back and hit something it, caused her

to fall backwards and into whatever she had hit. Then

she realized what it was. Sara’s baby carrier. What

she loved to lay and be rocked to sleep in, Sandy had

to get out of it! She squirmed but it was no use.

Karen smiled down at her, whatever was going on she

kind of liked it. If sandy wanted to act like a baby

then she would let her." Well it looks like little

Sandy wants to go bedy byes, well let me get you your

bottle, oh silly me first I should strap you in so you

don’t fall out." Sandy suddenly realized she was about

to get her wish, she only half heartily fought to stop

the straps, Karen walked into the kitchen and quickly

came back. " Well look what I found, a bottle out and

ready to go!" Sandy stopped smiling, that was the

bottle with the double dose of the drops. She realized

that she was still under the effects of the first

ones, what if this was permanent? She didn’t want to

be a baby forever. " Karen wait. Please, not that

bottle. Just get me a new one. " But Karen was not

about to do that." Listen, you wanted to be the baby

so you get a bottle of milk okay? You can’t tell me

no. I’m the boss, and as long as I’m changing your

diapers you’ll act just like a little baby

understand.?" " But Karen that bottle has double the

Medicine that Sara usually gets, I took some earlier

and that’s why I’m acting so weird."

But Karen only smiled" Well then if that’s what you

did then who am I to stop you? " And at that she

shoved the bottle into Sandies mouth.

Sandy threw her hands about wildly, trying to knock

the bottle out of her friends hands. But to her

horror, she could taste the sweet formula run down her

throat. She wanted to scream but the nipple prevented


Karen smiled down at Sandy, the look on her face was

one she’d never seen before. As if she expected to

die. " Silly baby, mommy would never use a bottle she

found just laying around. I dumped the milk out and

refilled it. " The look suddenly changed form horror

to surprise.

Sandy was so happy she started to suckle with all her

strength, the bottle was quickly emptied, and even

though her stomach was filled with both air and

formula causing her to be in some pain she was happy,

she giggled loudly as she was lifted out of the

carrier. She kicked her feet as she was set over

Karen’s shoulder and slapped lightly, she was about

to tell her to stop it when she burped. That wasn’t

the worst part, Sandy blushed as she realized she had

spit up a large amount of the formula. Karen could

feel Sandy curling her toes, and trying to bury her

head in her chest. "Aww, mommy will make it all


While Sandy had wanted this, and was really enjoying

the experience she still had a feeling of doubt in the

back of her mind. So when she was let down to stand on

her own feet, she said" Karen, I really like this. I

mean I’ve always wondered what this would be like, but

it needs to stop." " Why, Sannnndy?" Karen reached out

and gently patted her on the head. " Please Karen, I

don’t know exactly what that medicine did to me but I

still feel really weird."

Sandy turned around and started to walk towards the

kitchen, again Karen had to hide her laughs, this was

her friend. But the way she was dressed, or undressed

to be exact made her look so cute, the way the diaper

made her waddle as she walked, the way her hair hung,

the crinkle of the plastic. Karen didn’t know why, but

she wanted to keep her this way. Did that medicine

really do all this? Would it really reduce her at

least for a little while to babyhood? She watched as

Karen got a small cup out and tried to fill it with

water. The way she acted it was as though she still

had the reactions of a small child. The water spilled

all over as she finally got the cup to her mouth and

drank. She did this with allot of concentration;

that’s when Karen noticed something odd, totally baby

like and it made her smile. As Sandy tilted the cup

ever higher she slowly spread her legs out, at the


Karen had seen this before, she quickly walked up

behind sandy and placed her hand on the rear of her

diaper. ?She felt the mess that Sandy had previously

“depositied” there, ?she flattened the mess out a

bit and waited. ?At first she didn’t feel anything,

and just as she was about to remove her hand she felt

the diaper bulge. And as the bulge got bigger, Sandy

seemed to sit down lower. Before long she was sitting

in Karen’s hand. Karen could feel her hand sink ?into

the mess.

Sandy had finished her water and when she felt her

friend put her hand under her butt she had felt

suddenly like sitting on it. The diaper felt odd, and

as Sandy finally sat most of her weight into the hand

she started to move her butt back and forth. Whatever

was in there didn’t feel to bad, it was warm and made

her feel, well odd. She wasn’t sexually excited but

she was giddy, that was when she felt the diaper grow

warm in the front, she knew what this was; ?she was

pissing herself. But it felt wonderful, it was as

thought the drug was back in her system. She sighed as

she started to slide to her knees, Karen had seen this

coming and had caught her.

Karen gently laid her on the floor, and noticed that

Sandy was drooling out of the corner of her mouth.

Karen looked into her eyes, and saw complete bliss.

Now she knew that the drug was responsible, it must be

an awesome trip, since this was just a small

flashback. Karen looked at her friend lying on the

floor, slowly moving her legs and gurgling like an

infant. She squatted down and gently stroked Sandys

back. The response was a muted fart, another bulge and

babyish giggling. Karen patted the diaper, she wanted

it. All of it, she didn’t care. She was sitting next

to Sandy and looked over at Sara. If that was what

might happen screw it. That would be life! Having

people do everything for you. And not having to pay

for it. ?

Sandy indeed was acting like a baby again. ?And it

was the fault of the drops. ?She wanted to get up and

talk to Karen. ?But she could not stop mouthing her

thumb, which had found it’s way between her lips.

She noticed the look in Karen’s eyes as she looked at

the bottle of medicine. ?A hunger appeared, and as

Karen swept her eyes over the two babies in the room

the look seemed to grow more intense. ?Sandy knew

Karen enjoyed being on the edge. ?She would take any

chance if she thought it would lead to some fun. ? Now

Sandy felt she knew what was about to happen.

Frantically she tried to get control over her body.

She managed to pull herself up onto her hands and

knees and vainly tried to tell her to stop.

Karen was reaching for her “salvation” when she

heard Sandy cooing on the floor. ?Karen grabbed the

bottle and squatted down next to her. “ Now honey

don’t worry, you can have some too.” ?Sandy watched

as Karen spilled a small amount onto the floor in

front of her. ?” Now you can just lick some up and

have alittle fun.” ? Karen got down on her hands so

she could get real close to Sandys face” But mommy

Karen is going for alittle longer ride. ?If such a

small amount did this to you then I bet a mouthful

will be absolute heaven.” ?Sandy did not want to lose

her friend, she could feel the effects start to wear

off. ?And with that her control over her body was

coming back. ?Very softly she started to speak, barely

able to form the words she tried to tell Karen not to

do it.

Karen could heard something but could not understand

it, she got even closer to Sandy, turning her ear so

it was directly in front of her mouth. ?When she did

the warnings became clear. ? “ Oh, I’m so touched

that you feel that way. ?But you’re not losing a

friend. ?Think of it as gaining another baby-sitting

job.” ?Then she licked the side of Sandy’s face.

Sandy recoiled at this and almost cried. ?Her strength

was rapidly returning, she tried to slap her friend.

But it merely bounced off her. ?Karen reached to the

counter and grabbed a towel, then used it to soak up

the medicine she had dropped on the floor.

“ Well Sandy, if you want to be mean then you don’t

get your drops!” ? With a final look towards Sara she

poured the entire bottle into her mouth. ?This act

actually drove Sandy to tears, she had been almost to

her feet., trying to make Karen stop, but now she slid

back down to the floor in defeat. “ Might as well

watch the show.” ?she thought to herself.

Karen licked her lips as she enjoyed the flavor of

the liquid. ?She looked down at Sandy who appeared to

have a look of pity on her face and smiled at her “

Well sweetie how long do I have? ?Should I change now

or wait for you to do it for me?” ?Sandy surprised

her by speaking very clearly “ Might as well pull

your clothes off now, it will be easier to clean you

up that way.” ?Karen excitedly pulled off every

stitch of clothes she had on. She spun around on her

toes, her arms outstretched giggling. ?Her hair arced

away from her head, and as she stopped it covered her

face. ?She wiped it away and felt that a large patch

of it was wet. ?And it was sticking to her face. ?”

What the....” ?But she didn’t say “what the”. ?It

came out “ Gaa gaa.” ?

Sandy had sat in one of the kitchen chairs, she had

felt something wet hit her arm. ?When Karen stopped

she realized it was drool. ?Now she had tried to say

something but all that came out was baby talk. ?Her

hands had shot up towards her face and felt the spit

running down and out of her mouth. ?She frantically

started to babble, looking at Sandy who just stared

back at her. ?Karen raised her arms up as if to show

Sandy the drool smeared all over them and then she

quickly wrapped them around her waist. ?Sandy assumed

she was seeing exactly what had happened to her before

but she was wrong, this was different.

? ? The medication was racing through her system,

resetting ?her biological clock. ?Her brain now

perceived itself as being a baby again. ?The first

thing it did as it started to change was check how fat

her body was. ?Then finding she had little to no fat,

it sent the signal to be hungry. ?Of course the

massive amounts of the drug in her system magnified

that signal, causing her mouth to water and then her

stomach to have hunger pains. ?Now she was reduced to

standing there, sucking her lower lip. ?She was so

hungry she didn’t care that she was peeing all over

the floor as she looked for a bottle. ?Sandy didn’t

want Karen to slip but as she reached Karen it was to

late. ?A misstep and smack, Karen was laying on her

back in a puddle of pee. ?Her brain realized this felt

right, non the less she started to bawl. ?Throwing a

tantrum. ?She knew she looked stupid but she couldn’t

stop. ?Were was that high Sandy and Sara got? ?

The massive dose had caused a total melt down,

instead of just acting like a baby and getting a great

high, it was causing her to become a real baby. ?She

was getting her wish, she would be taken care of. ?She

just would not get any pleasure out of it. ?Of course

Karen didn’t care about that right now, she was to

busy trying to roll over onto her chest. ?Sandy had to

help her, but now she felt a little better, she

stopped crying and ?tried to push herself up with her

hands. ?She couldn’t quite do it, instead she managed

to slide her body backwards a bit.

Sandy smelt something, “ Oh geez. ?Not now.” ?Karen

had made a mess, and if she didn’t act fast she would

be covered in it. ?Karen had stopped sliding

backwards,she had felt something warm smear across her

belly. ?Sandy pulled her up to a sitting position and

shook her head.” Looks like baby made a ?big mess,

time to clean you up.” ?Karen could smell it, she

slowly looked down; she hoped it wasn’t true. ?But

the dark mess told other wise. ?She didn’t want to,

but her hands found their way to the mess and started

to smack it. ?Karen felt sick, she thought she was

going to puke. ?

Sandy grabbed Karen’s hands and held them up and

away “ Bad baby, no play with your BM’s.” ?She

could see Karen was murmuring something, so she got

closer to listen. Only a repeated “no no no no no”

could be heard. ?Sandy opened her mouth to ask “No

what?” ?when Karen threw up in her face. ?It stung

her eyes, and covered her face. ?Some even got in her

mouth. ?For a moment, just a moment Sandy was glad she

hadn’t had formula yet. ?Then she realized the

medicine would still be in her stomach. ?Frantically

she started to spit, she could feel it in her mouth

but she was not going to swallow. ?She was about to

stand and run to the sink when Karen again dropped to

her back, this time her feet stayed folded up on her

chest. ?She was crying, she was cold and she was

hungry, and completely embarrassed. ?But she was not,

in any way high. ?Karen could feel everything her body

did, but couldn’t control it at all. ?She had wanted

to experience complete bliss. ?Now she just wanted her

mommy, and a clean diaper.

Sandy felt bad for her, but she needed to get her

mouth rinsed out first. ?That’s when she noticed

Karen’s feet, mostly her big toe. ?Quickly Sandy

crawled over to her and started to suck on it. ?At

first it had tasted bad, but now she was enjoying

herself. ?She repositioned herself and took the first

three toes of the foot into her mouth. ?She was in

heaven, Sandy realized she was drugged. ?But no longer

cared. ?She felt happy, but her diaper was starting to

itch. ?She made it feel better by rocking back and

forth on it. ?

Karen had hyperventilated, and was quiet again. ?All

that could be heard in the house was the soft sucking

of Karen’s toes. ?Then the front door opened, Sara’s

parents had made it back on time. ?They had planned to

surprise Sandy. ? ? They did. ?



End Chapter 1

Getting High

by: Long_Rifle | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 5, 2008


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