by: Long_Rifle | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 21, 2022

Chapter 1
The whole thing baby.

Chapter Description: You know the drill it’s not going to be good for anyone

Nightmares. by:Long_Rifle
This is inspired by an awesome story by Mr. Personalias on Cushy Pen.  It’s worth the admission.  Well, many of them are.  Inspired, no where near a direct copy.  Or even that good.  But this is what it is.  Better then nothing.

Jenny stared down at the thing in her hands, stressed, embarrassed, and confused.  “Why the hell is there a fucking diaper in here?” she said to herself.  It had been laying on top of her dresser, on top of the last batch of clothing she had just pulled out of the dryer and folded like it belonged there.  She had finally decided it was time to actually put it all back in her dresser when she had walked in and seen the plastic surprise.  “I didn’t even know Pampers made them this big!”
She flipped it over in her hands several times and stared at the cute designs covering its cloth-like plastic shell.  When she actually flipped it open the air filled with the smell of lavender baby powder.  “This thing could probably fit me...” she said, just as her mother walked in the door and looked at what she was holding.
She had a silly grin on her face, “Have a problem I need to know about Jen?” she asked as she stared at the giant diaper her daughter was holding. 
Jenny blushed and shook her head.  “It was just sitting in here on my dresser, you didn’t put it there?”
In a flash her mother grabbed it and started to turn it over in her hands.  She tried to see if there was a name or something written on it somewhere, “Maybe you need to talk to your friends then.  Someone’s either playing a prank, or you’ve got an issue and I don’t think it’s just wetting the bed.”
Jenny stepped away from her mother and crossed her arms in front of her, “What other issue could it be?  Trusting the wrong person to go in my room?  Because I’m not a bed wetter, and I think you’d know if I was shitting my pants at any time.”
Her mother scrunched the giant Pamper in her hands before opening it up again and staring at it while nodding her head.  “Size 8?  Do they even make a size 8?”  She finally got tired of looking at it and tossed it back to her daughter.  “Dad will he home in a few days.  Try to be here when he shows up alright?  It’s been a long trip for him.”  She waited a second then added, “Try to make sure you’re Pampers are dry at least.”
Jenny rolled her eyes and playfully flipped her off, then stared down at the diaper in her hands and nodded.  “Sure, I’ll do what I can mom.”  She waited until she was gone before finally tossing the thing in the garbage can next to her door.  “I bet it was Trish.  She’s weird enough to think this kind of shit is funny.”  She sat down on her bed and sent a quick text telling her friend to keep her diapers to herself before finally going downstairs and grabbing some coffee.  
The return text wasn’t what she expected.  “What the hell are you talking about?  What about diapers?”

She typed away between sips, “Like you didn’t put that giant Pampers in my room?  There’s a person just randomly putting adult sized diapers in peoples houses?  You were the last person in my room, and I think I’d remember picking up something like giant Pampers at a store.”
Almost immediately her phone rang and she answered it.  “What Trish?”  
“I didn’t have anything to do with that thing.”  She seemed to spit the sentence out like it was poisonous just to say it.  “I’d throw it the fuck out and lock my doors if I were you, because if your mother didn’t do it, then someone else did.”
Jenny laughed, “Whatever.  You can lie if you want, but I’m not seriously accepting you had nothing to do with sneaking adult sized Pampers in here.  Where the fuck did you find them anyways?  When did Pampers start making adult diapers?”
Trish sighed over the phone, “Don’t know.  Don’t care.  Call me later, unless your mystery diaper service comes back.”  There was a click, and she was gone.
Jenny stared down at her phone and shook her head.  She didn’t know why, but she had the urge to show Trish her little joke had failed.  “Got to just roll with it and she’ll just drop this shit.  Otherwise I might find diapers in my locker at work, or something worse.”  She thought.  But she didn’t know what she should do with it.  “Fuck it.  Let’s see what she thinks about me wearing her rip-off Pamper clone.”
Her shorts slipped off, followed by her panties.  Jenny then carefully set the large diaper out on her bed, before sitting down and sliding over it.  The padding quickly warmed under her and she wasted no time pulling it up and over herself.  Thankfully the Velcro type tabs allowed her to readjust several times.  She had to stand to finally get a tight fit, “Damn, this thing is huge.  It’s up passed my belly button.” she said as she looked at herself in her mirror.
Jenny’s mother choose that exact time to pop back in with some more laundry.  “Hey you left these in the dryer. Make sure you-“ she stopped as soon as she saw her pampered princess, standing in front of her mirror.  “Looks like you’re busy...” she said as she set the basket down and stared with a slight smile on her face.
Jenny managed to smile back, “Getting Trish back.” she managed to say with a straight face.  “Got to stay cool so mom doesn’t do anything stupid.” she thought to herself.  “Hey, why don’t you take the picture for me?  That way it looks more normal?”  
Her mother’s face took on a look of surprise, but she still nodded and took the phone.  “Just you standing there?”  She asked.  “You really want to take of a picture in that, your shirt barely covers your...  diaper?”  
“If I don’t show her that it doesn’t affect me she’s going to keep up the stupid diaper thing.  This way it’s over, and the jokes on her.”  Jenny said with her tongue sticking out.
Her mother rolled her eyes, “It’s your life not mine.”  She said and snapped a quick image.  Then she smiled coyly and pointed at the diaper, “Maybe you should suck your thumb or something.  Maybe bend your knees and make it look like you’re shitting?  I can pull up some of your first baby pictures if you want to get the look right.”  She laughed as she said it.
“Very funny mom.”  But even as she said it she bent her knees out and stuck her fingers in her mouth.  Before she got a chance to do anything else she heard the snap of another picture being taken.  She pulled her fingers from her mouth as she stood up and reached for her phone.  Her mother held it out to her, but not before she sent both pics to her own phone.  “So cute...” she said.
Jenny immediately saw what her mother had done, “Really mom?  This is a joke I didn’t mean for you to have copies.  Delete those!” Jenny almost yelled when she saw her mom mom shake her head no. 
“No way, these are going on your baby album sugar.  My little, well...  I guess my big pampered princess!”  
Jenny stomped over and pushed her mother into the hall and closed the door behind her.  Giving herself the privacy to take the stupid diaper off and throw it out.  She slid her shorts back on and sent the second image in a text to Trish, “Putting them to good use.” Was the caption she went with.
“You’re so weird.” was the only reply.
The rest of the day went by normally.  She dressed, relaxed around the house, went to do her shift at Borks and Books, and came home to shower and relax before going to bed.  Trish hadn’t texted her once since the diaper pics had been sent, and the adult diaper was long since tossed out and forgotten.
She was sitting in her room, on her padded antique chair, looking at her phone when she got the feeling that someone was in the room with her.  “I know you’re there.  Here to leave another diaper?” she called out to who she was sure was Trish or her mother.  ”Sorry, but I’m still awake, you’ll have to hang out until I hit the sack Trishy.”
She turned slowly and stopped when she saw nothing.  She was still alone.  Then a voice, one she hadn’t heard before seemed to fill the room. “Wrong.  Wrong twice, twice wrong and you don’t even know why.”  It sounded far away, and close at the same time.  Dry throat, and dry lips.  Cracking and bleeding just to speak.
Jenny didn’t care, “Well whoever you are, piss off.  I’m not in the mood for anymore games today.”
A chuckle and a wheeze as another breath was forcibly taken.  “It’s tomorrow already baby.  And I think you might want to check if you’re really awake or not.”  It sounded closer, or maybe stronger.
“I’m definitely awake, you crazy bitch.” she said.  But when Jenny turned and looked at her bed she saw someone laying in it, and a quick peek told her it was her.  She sighed, “I’m dreaming then?  And crazy voice shit instead of sexy Dave shit. Great.”  Most people would be scared at this point.  Especially in old horror movies.  But Jenny had liked the idea of lucid dreaming in the past and had enjoyed the experience.  Enjoyed it enough to constantly grow better at it and know she had some control over what happened in them.  “Well, I guess I’m going to get up and fuck Dave in the living room.  You can stay in here and keep an eye on my twin if it makes you feel better.  Maybe use some lip balm while you’re at it.”
She got up to move and felt an odd coldness over her entire body, she looked down and discovered she was suddenly almost naked.  “What the fuck...” she muttered as she looked down at the only clothing she had on.  A dream version of the diaper she had found in her real room earlier, “Nice.  I guess he can just pull this off if that’s how it’s going to be.  I hope dream Dave is a perv...”
There was a sudden noise, almost like nails across a chalkboard, followed by tinny, choking sounds.  “Sorry, just clearing my throat Jen-jen .” the voice croaked.  “That diaper is my seal!  My proof of the hold I have over you.  And you’ll suffer for what your parents-“ it sounded rehearsed, like she had said it hundreds of times, Jenny cut her off mid sentence with a bored looked wave of her hands.
Jenny wasn’t really listening anyways.  She was already at the door and opening it.  “Whatever.” she said to the apparition as she smiled down at Dave.  He was already naked.  Laying on a bed that just barely fit in the hall, thankfully Jenny knew that dreams didn’t have to make sense, or that might have pulled her out of it.  She ran her eyes over his chiseled body down pat his face and the reason she was so hot, suddenly Jenny’s smile slid from her face.  “Why the hell are you in a diaper?”  she asked.  That was finally enough.  Whatever was going on she didn’t need anymore diaper related anything.  In her life or her dreams, ”Fuck this.  Okay, wake up!  I’m done with this shit!”  Normally she would immediately find herself back in her bed, yawning and getting up to piss, instead everything seemed to get hazy, then popped back into focus.  “Okay.  What the hell?” she asked.
The dull tinny laughing seemed to come from everywhere. “Awwww, is baby tired of playing already?  Does she need a nap?  Maybe a diapie change?”  
Jenny felt herself get angry.  “Eat shit!  This is just because of that stupid prank!  I’m not scared of you!”  But she did feel something.  Something like fear at the back of her mind.  A soft noise, like dozens of children crying slowly rose in volume until it sounded like they were just down the stairs.  But it sounded off, the voices sounded forced.  Like adults pretending to cry like babies.
“My midnight nursery Jen-jen.  Why don’t you take a look?”  It came from behind her now.  Causing the hairs on her neck to stand up.  “Why don’t you stay?  I’ll even put you and Davie in the same crib tonight.”  Jenny didn’t want to do it, but she had to know what was behind her.  She turned her head and stared at what looked like steam.  It moved and swirled, but still stayed in the shape of a very tall woman.  “Ready for a change baby?” It asked as the Spector seemed to tower over her.
Jenny felt something move behind her.  She jerked and almost screamed when she felt a warm hand on her back.  She turned and saw Dave up on his knees, a confused look on his face.  “Are you seeing this shit?” She asked him, not expecting an answer from a figment of her dream.
“Yeah.  And it’s the craziest shit I’ve ever dreamt up.  I mean, 15 foot tall babysitter?  Okay.  But what’s with the stupid Huggies?  Why the hell did I think that shit up?”
Jenny stared at him, she didn’t know what to say, and let the first thing she thought of come out of her mouth.  “They’re not Huggies, they’re giant Pampers.”   She set her hand on her own and pointed to the brand name on it.
Dream Dave didn’t seem to care.  “Whatever.  Are we going to have sex, or is all that noise a problem.  I think it’s kind of perverted myself, but this is just a dream so who cares, why don’t you take that diaper off and we can have some fun?”  He smiled as he reached down and grabbed one of the large tabs on his own diaper and pulled it free.  The instant it came loose he plopped back down onto his butt and stared slack jawed for a second.  He moaned softly, then his eyes locked onto Jenny’s and he looked up at her like he was confused.  “Wait...” he muttered.  “Hold on...”  He was talking, but it felt like he was talking to himself. 
Jenny forgot about the giant ghost behind her, and ignored the sounds of crying from whatever the midnight nursery was and stared down at the fleshy thing that was peeking out of Dave’s half open diaper.  She wanted it so bad.  “Maybe a little hummer before the real thing?” She asked.  She knelt onto the bed and got closer to him. Putting her hand on the last tape and slowly opening it.  “Let’s see if my baby needs a change.  Maybe I need to clean that big pecker of yours...”  she tried to sound sexy.  But it didn’t feel right.  “Maybe my diaper can come off too?”  She purred.  Dave tensed and seemed to understand something.  He tried to stop her, but with a soft tug she popped the tape open and the diaper folded away from his body.
Warmth sprayed her face.  In the instant it took to recognize she was being pissed on she had already moved back and away.  “What the fuck!” She screamed as the acrid pee burned her eyes slightly.  “Why the hell did you do that?”  But Dave didn’t answer.  He started to cry, then wail like an injured child.
“No!  No!  Noooo!”  He screamed as he flopped onto his back, piss still spraying out and over him.  
“Fuck this!” Jenny said as she turned her body to get off the bed and suddenly felt herself falling.  She screamed and flailed her arms and legs wildly.  Warmth flooded her Pampers as she fell into complete blackness.  Surrounded by cackling laughter.  
She woke up on her floor.  Next to the bed she had fallen out of.  She was still trying to figure out exactly what had happened when her light flicked on and her mother stepped inside, “Fell out of bed?  Are you okay Jen, you didn’t break anything did you?”  She sounded frantic and out of breath like she had ran to her room as fast as she could.
Jenny groaned and pushed herself up onto her hands and knees. “Yeah.  Just a weird nightmare.  Sorry about that mom.”
Her mother took several deep breaths and calmed down.  “No problem.  It’s late enough anyways.  Why don’t you toss that wet diaper and come down for some breakfast.   Unless you want me to change you?”
Jenny pivoted onto her knees and looked down, the diaper between her legs was so full it sagged.  She lunged for the tabs.  Ripping them free as she screamed.
And woke up for real.  Laying in a pool of sweat under her sheets.  Her hand shot to her crotch.  She sighed when she felt nothing but her normal cotton panties.  “It was just a dream.”  She said.  “A nightmare.  Fuck.”  She sat up and yawned.  But something on her dresser immediately caught her attention.  A small stack of what looked like large diapers.  She nearly flew out of bed she moved towards them so fast.
It was the same type of impossible diaper as yesterday.  Except there were more of them now. “What the hell is she doing?”  Jenny was sure it had to be her mother now.  She grabbed the entire stack and walked it into the kitchen.  She glared at her mother as she tossed them all into the garbage.  “Really?  These things have got to be expensive.  Are you really okay wasting so much money on them?”
Her mother’s eyes seemed to stay glued to the diapers longer then they should have.  Then she blinked and went back to reading something off her phone.  “More diapers?  Are you sure there’s nothing you need to tell me? I’m your mom, I won’t care.”  
“Eat a dick mother.  I know it’s you, Trish would never wake up early enough to sneak them into my room in the morning like this.” she swore that next time she was going to push her chair against the door so her mother couldn’t do it again.  Jenny grabbed her coffee and hit the bathroom to get ready for her shift at work.  The only odd thing was her accidentally spilling some coffee on herself when she tried drinking it.  “Fucking great start today.  Really sets the tone for the rest of it.” she growled.
Work was normal.  She hit the bathroom as soon as she got there and went straight  into the stock room to fold clothes.  But the stupid dream and the diapers would not leave her thoughts.  “I need to see him.  Get that dumb diaper dream out of my mind.  But noon came and went and he didn’t show up for his shift.
Jenny found her manager and asked if he had traded shifts or something with another employee.  He only looked surprised when she asked.  He shook his head and said, “Dave who?  We don’t have a Dave that works here.  Are you sure that’s actually his name?”  Jenny didn’t know what to say.  Her manager didn’t have a sense of humor.  And the way he said it was certainly serious.  Jenny was about to ask again, when the guy looked her up and down and smiled warmly at her.  “You’re a little squirmy sugar.  Do you need to potty?”
Jenny felt like smacking him, but before she could do or say anything she realized that she did actually need to pee.  That she was almost hopping from foot to foot the urge was so strong.  She dashed away, not caring what it looked like as she bolted into the bathroom and barely made it in time.  She sat in the bowl and stared down into her lap,  “Okay.  That was fucking weird.”  She tried to sit there and think of a good reason that Dave apparently never worked with her, or that she had forgotten she needed to pee until reminded to go.  But nothing really seemed to click.  She sighed and wiped herself.  “What the hell is goign on with me?” She wondered.  But something felt odd on her skin as the paper moved between her legs.
Jenny looked down at the toilet paper in her hand and almost screamed.  A tiny squeak still made it out of her mouth as she stared down at the mass of hair that was on it.  She spread her legs and saw a clean, hairless area going over her mound.  As if there had never been any hair in the first place.  “What the hell is this?”  she wondered.  Then she gently touched herself next to the bald spot and pulled the finger down, amazed to see all the hair under its path come away easily.  “What the fuck!”  she screamed.  She tried again next to her leg and the hair seemed to fall away like it had never been part of her.  “Okay, fuck this, I’m going home.”  she pulled her pants up and told her boss she had a problem and needed to leave.  On the way home she tried to think of a reason why she was going bald between her legs.  But while scratching her leg at a red light she pulled her fingers away and found out it was happening on her legs as well, the short stubby hairs were completely loose and falling out.   She was trying to ignore the itching on her legs and between them as she drove home.  She was almost to her last turn when she suddenly decided on a quick, and itchy detour.  
She could feel sweat pouring down her skin as she drove up to Dave’s house.  She had followed him home once, hoping to eventually find a reason to ask to see him.  There was a man that looked like an older version of Dave mowing the lawn, “I guess that’s his dad.” she thought as she parked and got out.  “Hey, is Dave home?” she asked as soon as she was close enough to be heard over the noise.  The man nodded and pointed towards the house, never even bothering to slow down.  
Jenny stepped up to the porch and knocked.  While she waited she squeezed her legs together to rub some of the itch away.  The woman that answered the door immediately waved her inside.  “Sorry, just came over to see Dave.” Jenny blurted out, she felt nervous, something didn’t feel right.  She took a few sniffs and felt the hairs on her neck stand up as she realized that there was an earthy smell in the air, like a well used nursery.  She idly scratched her inner thigh, something was still making her itch.  She had a suspicion it was more loose hair.
The woman, who Jenny assumed was Dave’s mother smiled, “Sure thing.  He’s in his room, first door on the right.   Are you from the school?”
Jenny nodded, figuring it was easier then saying she was a stalker.  “I just want to make sure he’s not sick or anything.” as she got closer to his room the stale smell seemed to grow thicker, until the smell of used diapers was too obvious to ignore.  “Does he have a little brother or anything?” she asked, suddenly very nervous and afraid about what she was about to see.
The woman shook her head, “Nope.  Just him.  He’s our first and only born right now.”
She nodded to her, “I see.”  The door in front of her was closed.  But it was easy to see the baby proof door knob cover over its door knob.  She swallowed hard and looked at a door across the hall.  It had a similar cover.  “Family bring kids over a lot?” she hoped to get a yes.  Something to make the pit in her stomach go away before she opened the door. 
“Not really.” was the response.
Jenny closed her eyes, counted to three, and pushed the door open.  The air inside the room seemed cooler.  But that didn’t help the smell that fell out into the hall and wrapped around her; stale messy diaper.  It told her everything she needed to know, but she still couldn’t accept it.  “That’s not possible.  It’s not real...” she said under her breath.  She stepped inside and saw a large playpen.  And inside it a large toddler was sucking on one of his hands.
“He was a little fussy earlier.  But once we fed him, and got him changed he seemed to settle down.”  the woman said.
Jenny put her hand over her mouth and stared.  David.  The chunk of man meat she had wanted to bone for months was sitting slumped over in a giant nursery.  She stepped closer and tried not to notice the baby toys littering the room.  Or the large changing table.  She especially ignored the entirely too large diaper genie that was next to it.  “Dave?” she asked softly as she got closer.  The person inside the netting didn’t react.
“Oh he’s just so into his little toys.“ the woman offered before stepping up herself and tussling his hair.  “Someone’s here to see you!” she said brightly like what he was dressed like, or doing was normal.
As he turned on his butt the air filled with plastic crinkling.  He looked angrily up at his mother before noticing Jenny standing next to her.  Jenny raised her hand and waved sheepishly.  It was all she could do with how terrified and confused she was at that moment.  She stared at the almost naked man in front of her and the wet diaper he was wearing.  “Pampers.” She said out loud as she instantly recognized the look from her dream, and the actual ones in her room.
“We tried a few others.  But we either had leaks, or they cost too much.” his mother said.  “But do they look so cute on him!”
Jenny nodded, she kept her eyes locked onto his.  They looked different,  not as focused or intelligent.  Like there wasn’t much going on behind them.  “I need...  I need to talk to him...” she managed to croak out.  
His mother giggled, “Sure, hop right in and ask away.  Maybe he’ll settle down a little more afterwards.”
She was able to step over the mesh netting easily, her feet sank into the soft padded floor of the baby cage.  She squatted in front of him and smiled.  “Do you remember me Dave?” she stopped moving and stared at him.  He looked at her like he was looking past her.  At something miles away.  Then something changed.  He slapped his hands down and leaned forward onto them and put his face inches from hers.  Like he was studying the Mona Lisa.  “Dave?  Are you still a big boy?”  she asked.  His head cocked like he was about to answer, she could see some of the light coming back.  His face seemed to harden as his lips slowly parted.  Her breath caught in her throat, “Dave?  It’s me, Jenny from work!” she said excitedly, not caring that his mother was right there in the room with them.  He smiled at her and seemed like he was about to say something.  Almost as quickly, he let out a grunt, and grimaced as his face went red and he tightly closed his eyes to the sounds of more grunting.
“I know that look.” His mother said.
Jenny hoped the woman didn’t say anything else, that she didn’t accidentally pull David out of whatever breakthrough he was having.  She stayed in her squat and reached out to touch his shoulder.  As soon as she made contact his eyes flew open and he moaned; she shook her head in shock as soft popping and crinkling sounds came from inside his diaper.  Jenny stared into his eyes as his face lost any look of intelligence.  As the light faded completely from his face the smell of his mess finally hit her nose. 
“This is impossible...” she said.  Sudden fear and embarrassment for her coworker overcame the shock of what she had seen.  She scooted away from him and found her body pressed against the mesh.  “It can’t happen!  People don’t just become retarded over night!” she said it loud enough to be heard by his mother.
His mother was already moving, helping him out of the playpen and guiding him towards the table.  “He’s not special, he’s just shy around other people.  You should have seen him the other day when he managed to get his diaper off.  He was running around like a champ.” she had him up on the table and tickled him, causing his legs to thrash around while he giggled and laughed.  “Of course having such a full load would slow anyone down.” she kept tickling and laughing with him, a wide loving smile on her face like nothing was wrong.
Jenny felt like she was back in her nightmare.  She pinched herself until the pain was too much to bear.  Then actually bit the inside of her cheek to force herself awake.  The metallic taste of blood filled her mouth, but nothing else changed.  She was in a mad house, watching her crush get his shitty diaper changed.  “This is too real,  but it can’t be.” she said, still squatting inside the play pen.  She finally stood up and stepped out, “So... Er...  Dave likes this kind of thing?” she asked.  Hoping maybe it was a fetish, and he was a good actor.  “A really good actor.” she thought.
His mother looked confused for a moment, “Likes what? A fresh diaper?  Don’t all babies like them?  Instead of sitting in their own mess they can have a nice clean bum.”  then she stopped talking and seemed lost in thought.  “Though I thought he liked being naked more.  I always caught him naked whenever his girlfriends were over....” she stopped talking and stared down at the brown coated ass of her adult son and blinked rapidly.
Jenny had already been moving towards the door.  She stopped and tried to figure out where the woman was going with that thought.  “But if he’s a baby he can’t have girlfriends....  so he wasn’t always like this, right?” it was logical, and whatever problem these two were having it should be obvious now.  “Did something happen last night?” there she had said it.  She could barely stand the smell coming from him and tried to cover her nose, it seemed to be getting stronger and she almost felt like gagging.  
Dave’s mother stopped blinking and seemed to have locked up.  Like her brain had stopped working.  Jenny was about to step towards her and do something when the woman suddenly laughed and went back to changing his diaper,  “Of course he was naked.  And so were his little girlfriends in their strollers.  Except for their own diapers.” she turned to Jenny, a strange look on her face.  A look no mature adult would ever want to see, “Are you wet?   Does Jen-Jen need her diapee changed too?”
Jenny stared at her as the familiar sensation of hairs standing up over her body followed brief embarrassment.  For an instant she felt herself start to nod.  Her right hand crept towards her crotch, then she stopped and regained control,  “Fuck this shit!” she yelled as she bolted for the front door and her car.  The man mowing the lawn waved and smiled at her as she shot out of his driveway and into the street.  
Jenny pulled over and parked a block from her house.  Then sat in her car and tried to reason her way out of everything that she had seen.  “Dreams don’t affect reality.” she said, that much was obvious.  “It was that stupid diaper prank that made me dream about them.” that was fair.  Jenny could remember real life affecting her dreams enough.  “Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe Dave never really worked with me and he was always like that.” she shook her head as she thought that.  She knew she couldn’t be that crazy.  “And that doesn’t explain the giant diapers.  Or her asking if I needed my diaper changed.  Fuck.” she scratched at her crotch, it felt like a hairdresser had dropped a handful of freshly cut hair in her panties.  “Okay..  home.  And a shower,  then I’m calling Trish and reaming her out again.”
She blew through her front door without stopping and aimed straight for the shower.  Her mother had started to say something but Jenny just waved back and started stripping before she was even in the bathroom.  Her shirt was in her hands as she grabbed the door knob and closed the door.  The itching seemed to have spread completely down both her legs, she had been busy scratching the entire drive home.  And now as she pulled her pants off she knew why.  Almost every hair on her legs looked like it had come loose.  It covered her skin in shed follicles.  “This is just bullshit!” she yelled as she grabbed her panties and pulled them down.  She kicked them off her feet and started the shower.  Her eyes felt drawn back to where they had landed.  Something was off about how they were laying.  
She stepped over to them and hooked the waistband with a finger to lift them off the floor.  “What the hell is that?” She asked herself.  The fabric hadn’t fallen and bunch on the floor like it should have. Then it hit her as she saw how thick they were.  “Training panties?!” she said shocked.  “These look like fucking training panties!” it was stupid to even think.  But she could see several layers of cotton, with a disturbing coating of her hair all over them.  Jenny shook her head and let them drop to the floor, she knew something was going on now.  Something that nature couldn’t explain.  “I put my little devil panties on this morning, I know that.” she had seen them at work when she took her piss, had thought they felt better then the diaper she had found the day before.  She remembered being worried that Trish might not delete the picture she had sent.  “Am I going crazy?” she thought as she sat down roughly on the toilet seat.
The sudden sound of liquid running into the bowl pulled her out of her thoughts.  “I’m peeing!” she shouted.  Which wasn’t really the issue.  She was peeing without thinking about going.  “Like I just sat on it so my body went?  What the fuck are you doing up there brain?” she thought.  She felt like maybe she needed to goto a doctor or something, but the steam finally filling the room told her the shower was warm enough.  “Maybe I’m just stressed out.  A shower might help.” it sounded reasonable enough to her as she stepped in.
She didn’t even have to use soap to see how fast her hair ran down her skin and into the drain.  Everywhere her hands touched the hair came away.  Crotch, legs, arms, pits, in fear she ran her hands through her scalp, but found at least some relief when that hair stayed put.  “So I don’t have to shave for awhile, okay...” she started to smile as she ran her fingers up her hairless legs.  They had never felt so smooth.  Then her brain started to connect the dots from her dream, infantilized Dave, her suddenly thick panties, and the happy accident that was her hairless legs and pits.  “Shit, how the hell can a dream do all this?” it was impossible. And she knew it.  “But what happens if I dream about it again?”
As soon as she was out of the shower she checked her dresser and found that the rest of her panties were still normal.  Though there was another stack of giant Pampers in the drawer with them, she was sure she could smell the perfume from the Pampers on the pair of panties she pulled out.  Jenny was busy soaking them in a bucket full of water as she made up her mind, “Fuck it.  Reread everything about lucid dreaming.  Make sure I’m back up to 100 on that.  Hopefully I can nip this shit in the bud immediately if that thing shows up again.”
She made sure there were no more diapers in her room that night before throwing her pajama bottoms on, and locking her door.  At the last second she also placed a few towels down under her on the bed, “just in  case.” she thought darkly.  Then she sighed, laid down and closed her eyes.  “Time to end this nightmare.” she whispered
Jenny was laying down and staring at her ceiling, bored and unable to sleep several minutes later.  “Great.  Now I’m stuck awake and that freak can’t even show up.  Nice job Jenny.” she said to herself.  She wiggled under the covers, and then rolled over onto her side to the soft sound of crinkling plastic.  She stopped and wiggled her butt again, hearing the same rustling sound.  “The fuck...” she thought as she reached down and felt the thick disposable diaper she was now wearing.  “Damn it, I must have fallen asleep and another diaper fucking appeared.  Great.”  She tried not to think about it actually being on her this time.  And definitely ignored the reality that things don’t just appear without everything she knew about reality being wrong.
Her hand slipped further over the fake fabric cover and pressed, she felt warm wet pulp inside.  “It’s wet?” she whispered.  Jenny couldn’t believe she would ever actually do that.  “It has to be water.” she said and slipped her fingers inside.  Her skin felt too smooth as they slid over her hairless mound down between her legs and the padding.  She blushed when she felt an urge to go further, “Diaper off, then play.” she thought as she pulled her hand out and brought it to her nose.
Piss.  Mixed with baby powder and something a little more adult.  “Shit.” she said out loud.
“I don’t think so.  That’s just a little tinkle, baby.  Poopy goes in the back.” the sinister voice from the night before said.  Even through the rough grating voice, it sounded like the tone an adult talking to a young child would use.  “Unless you made a little mess and you need a change already.” it added with a cackle.
Jenny kept her eyes closed and pulled the blankets tighter around her.  It sounded less tinny and weak now.  Like it was in the room with her, instead of miles away in a dead forest.  Stronger.  “I’m already asleep then, and this is a dream?” she asked.  Though she already knew it had to be true.  She imagined being fully dressed, and in an instant she felt she was wearing clothes.  Though a little wiggle fold her the diaper was still there.  “At least I’ve got a little control then.” she thought as she sat up and looked out into a black void instead of her room. there was a bright light shining above her bed near her feet.  “Well, let’s get this over with.” she said.  
The bright mass laughed, then started to expand until it looked like shadow of an extremely tall woman.  “Oh, ready for the cradle already?” it asked.  The void somehow seemed to spin before the world snapped into place around them.  Leaving a large nursery with nothing but the bed out of place for an oversized baby.
Jenny felt the fear in her grow to terror at what she was seeing.  Everything seemed so real.  “This is just a dream.” she said out loud to help calm her nerves.  She looked down to make sure she was still wearing clothes, then slipped off the bed and thought about shoes.  A pair appeared on her feet, she looked down and smiled when she saw they looked like her regular daily pair.  “Now for the rest of this baby shit.”
The thing smiled and shook its head, it’s image almost seemed to get clearer.  “Do you really want to use those words in here baby?  Nanny doesn’t like them.”
“I can say whatever I want!  I’m a big girl!” Jenny screamed back at it.  She crossed her arms in front of her and actually pouted, before realizing what she was doing and uncrossing them.  “I mean I’m an adult you weird freak.  I can say what I want.  This is my room anyways.  Now cut the diaper shit and leave.  And fix Dave before the door hits you on the ass while you’re at it.”
The hardened shadow coiled and moved.  More features appeared out of it and then as she watched, weathered face formed and looked out at her, kindness seemed to shine from its eyes.  Then the lips turned up in a vicious smile.  “Your room?  And you’re an adult?” she looked around at the giant nursery, her smile growing more wicked by the second.  “Why don’t we dress you properly for your room sweetie?”  A buzzing sound seemed to come from everywhere at once as she said it. 
Jenny actually shook her head.  Through all the fear she was feeling she knew she had to fight.  “You have no power here bitch.  I can make the rules in my own dreams.”  A handgun appeared in her hand to demonstrate.  “Now leave.  Before this gets messy.”
“Messy?”  The word seemed to bounce around inside Jenny’s head.  “I can’t wait for this to get messy.  But let’s stop wasting time and get you ready for the rest of your life.” she snapped her fingers and faded into mist again.
Jenny pointed the gun and pulled the trigger,  but nothing happened.  Suddenly the gun was pulled from her grasp and popped out of existence before even hitting the floor.  “Eat shit and die!” Jenny screamed.  Then she felt something tugging at her shirt.  She reached down to keep it in place, but it was easily torn off her body and shredded into particles of twinkling light.  She looked down and grabbed for her pants.  Ashamed to see the ring of plastic above them, “This isn’t happening.” she thought and imagined a tight pair of suspenders over her body to hold the pants on.  As soon as she saw them appear she ran for her door.  It opened easily and she sprinted away towards the kitchen,  “I’ll grab a knife and force myself awake with a little pain.” she reasoned.
“Naughty baby.  Why don’t you want your diaper changed?  Does Jen-Jen like her wet diapers?”  Jenny cringed when she heard it.  She reached down as she moved, checking her diaper.  It was still wet, but now another warm tingle had started.  And as she ran the padding was rubbing and causing it to become a completely different sensation.  
She blushed as it grew stronger.  “What the hell are you doing freak?  Trying to get me off in a wet diaper?  Fuck off.” but the suspenders she had imagined on herself were getting tighter.  Pulling the wet padding closer to her skin, and the sensation of pleasure was growing stronger as well. She had to slow down and take small steps to stop from panting and thrusting into her giant wet Pampers.
The mist appeared in front of her and congealed into the tall monster again.  Her cracked skin was now softly wrinkled.  Her hair less grey and frazzled and more black and straight.  “Looks like baby can barely walk,  maybe you should get down and crawl.” she managed to look concerned and threatening at the same time. 
“Maybe you can eat a dick!” Jenny yelled.  The kitchen was in view, but movement in the living room pulled her eyes away.  She saw another woman, normal sized.  She was doing something to another person.  “Diaper change.” went through her head at the same time she realized the legs on the baby were too large.  “Now what?!” she said in frustration.  The woman changing the big baby turned to face her.  It was Trish.  “Of course it’s you.” Jenny said.  She turned back to the horror behind her, “Going to make her shit her brains out too?!”
“Such a mouth on you baby, enjoy those words while you can.  Nanny knows how to get them out.”
Jenny made a move to grab her.  The fear and terror she felt was easily overwhelmed by the thought of losing someone so close to her.  But as she moved she felt hands under her armpits.  Before she could react they had her up and off her feet, dangling in the air. “-the fuck?!” she said, before noticing it was Trish holding her.
“Well she’s right.  You’ve always had a potty mouth little lady.”  Trish said as she swung her around and started walking towards the center of the room and Dave, who was laying on a soft mat.  “And by the looks of that diaper you’ve got on, that’s not the only dirty part.”
Jenny stared at her, humiliation at being seen in a used diaper made her blush.  “Trish.  This isn’t a dream.  This is real.  Put me down and we can both beat the shit out of that thing behind me.”  she was about to say more, but a sudden cramp in her stomach told her things were about to get worse. “Oh shit Trish, set me down, I have to go!” she kicked her feet for emphasis.
The nanny monster clicked her tongue, ”Sounds like someone’s about to fill that diaper up.” she laughed as she said it.  “What was that you said about shitting brains out?”
Jenny almost screamed when she heard it.  “Set me down!  Set me down!” she yelled.  She could feel it.  As soon as the monster had spoke she needed to go, not in minutes, but seconds.  “Trish! Hurry!”  
Trish rolled her eyes, “You’re almost as bad as the real Jenny.  Just go and I’ll change you, just like Davie over there.”  
Jenny could feel herself losing control, the padding felt greasy against her skin as she finally managed to stop it.  She was almost panting, “Okay, okay.  Let me down. I probably only have a minute or two to make it to the potty!” she tried to push herself out of her friends grip.  “Just let me go god damn it!”
“Fine. Whatever.” Trish answered and literally dropped her onto her feet.  Jenny managed to stand for half a second before flopping down onto her diapered ass.  “Yeah.  You want me to get you out of your baby reins too?  Or do you want to fill those giant Pampers first?”
“I’m not a baby you ditz!” she slapped her feet off the floor and felt a fart slip out.  “This shit is real!  Dave’s a fuckin’ tard in real life.  That thing isn’t just a dream!  We need to stop her before we’re all wearing Pampers!”
Trish smiled again, “Oh yeah.  Just like the Jenny I know.  I bet you’re wearing the same Pampers too aren’t you?” she got down on her knees and pushed Jenny down onto her back.  “Why don’t you just get this over with baby?  Then we can watch some cartoons!”  
Jenny was about to sit up and slap her when a wet slurping noise came from her right side, she looked over to see Dave laying next to her, in nothing but a diaper.  A mindless wet smile on his face.  He had his entire right hand in his mouth and was licking each finger like they were candy.  “Ewww, gross.” then she tried to think back to when she had came down the stairs, and how she had gotten so far into the room.  “Wasn’t he way at the edge?” she wondered, before Trish pushed her onto her back again.  “Hey watch it bitch tits!” she yelled.  She started to get up again when the cramps came back, worse then before.  She could feel the mess start to come out as she looked up and saw the sneer of glee on the nanny’s face.  She felt light headed and was sure she was literally pooping her memories out when she felt hot pain in her hand and blacked out.
She woke up on the floor of her room.  The pain from her hand still radiating from her wrist.  She blinked away crusty tears in her eyes and tried to pull herself to her knees.  That’s when she finally understood what had happened, “I fell off the bed and handed on my hand...  shit...” she finally managed to sit up and rubbed it carefully before slowly flexing it.  There was still pain.  But it didn’t feel broken.  Jenny didn’t want to, but she looked down and saw the bulk she felt between her legs was a wet pair of Pull-ups.  A closer look let her know they were actually bed wetter pants for older kids.  “Yeah, that’s better huh Jen...” she said to herself.  She pulled them off by ripping the sides just like regular sized Pull-Ups and groaned when she saw how immature she still looked down there. Especially now that she was covered in stale piss.
She tossed the wet padding on her dresser, happy to see zero diapers on it.  “Something right at least.” she thought and sat on her bed, “Okay...  now what, should I call Trish and see if she’s still all there?”  She checked her clock and saw that it was still early, but she shouldn’t be screamed at if she did call and her family picked up instead of her.
Four rings in and Jenny was getting nervous.  Finally on the sixth ring the call connected,  “Hello?  Trish?”  She asked, hoping she hadn't lost her in the crazy dream world they were getting sucked into. 
“Jenny this better be good.  I don’t need to deal with your attitude this early.”  Trish said.
“That wasn’t a dream.” Jenny said.
The line was silent while Trish tried to figure out if she was being serious.  “What wasn’t just a dream?”
Jenny decided to go for it.  “You changing an adult baby Dave’s diaper.  And then I came down the stairs with that sick bitch behind me.” she took a deep breath, “Then you picked me up and set me down next to Dave on his mat.  Well you dropped me.  And then I....  then I woke up...” she decided to ignore what she was about to do just before waking up.
Trish was shocked over what she was hearing.  But she laughed when Jenny suddenly forgot the best part.  “Then you shit yourself and I was changing your cute Pampers when I was woke up by your call.  Yeah that sounds familiar.”
Jenny blushed, “Unless you want the privilege of doing that every time I need a baby sitter you might want to help me.  Dave’s already shitting his pants.”
Trish felt sick to her stomach as she remembered the stories Jenny has told her about her crush, and at the same time also remembered wiping his ass for years.  “Okay....  what the fuck is going on.” she said as she rubbed her forehead.
“Trish, everyone else sees him as normal.  Like he’s been like that his whole fucking life.  And he had that dream with me before.  And now you’re in it with us.” she looked over at the ruined bed wetter pants.  “And every time I wake up a little different then when I went to bed.  I had fucking trainers on when I woke up this morning.”
Trish felt confused and angry.  She started looking down at herself, then ran to her mirror when she didn’t really see a difference.  She stared at herself as she talked to Jenny, “Well I guess I’m good to go, maybe you woke me up before the change...” but something looked different to her, she slipped her night shirt off and stared at her chest.  She gently cupped her breasts.  “They’re bigger!” She said out loud. 
“What?  What’s bigger?”  Jenny asked concerned.
Now it was Trish that was blushing, “Some shit in my room,  I think I’m wrong anyways.”  but in reality she was rubbing and cupping her chest, she could tell they were obviously bigger.
“Fuck this.  I’m coming over!” Jenny said.  
“Whatever.  I’ll be waiting girl.”  Trish felt miles away as she kept rubbing, one of her hands started to slip lower as she stepped back and laid down on her bed, “Just a quickie...” she thought with a soft moan.  
Jenny felt like screaming, as soon as she got off the phone and looked up she saw that the diapers were back.  But the worst was pulling open the dresser drawers and discovering all her panties replaced by Princess Pull-Ups and Goodnights.  “Fuck!  I’m not wearing these!  There have to be panties that she missed.” Jenny looked under her bed to verify, only finding another slightly used Pull-Up that had already dried it had been there so long.   “What the fuck is going on with this shit?” she wondered while she tossed it out.  She was reaching for the one on her dresser when her mother popped into her room.
“Up early today?  Did you leak or something?” her mother said as she opened the bedroom door.  “I told you we can go to something thicker so you don’t have to worry about it.”
Jenny screamed in frustration, she barely managed to take a breath before tearing into her mother, “I do not have a bed wetting problem, and I definitely do not need anything thicker!  Especially if you mean fucking diapers mom!  I’m not a fucking tard!”  she felt the need to scream or throw something, instead she sat down on her bed and stared at her mother.
She shook her head and stepped towards her.  “Well someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  But let’s get something straight.  You live in my house.  And number one; I won’t have you denigrate special needs people like that.  Don’t use that word like that again.” Her mother said it and turned towards the dresser, she grabbed the sodden goodnight and held it up.  “I guess Trish left this laying here the last time she changed you right?”  Jenny tried to interrupt, but she cut her off, “Two, plenty of girls your age have potty problems at night.  So don’t make this any more then it is.  Something you’ll grow out of.”  She flipped the wet padding over and noticed a dark smudge.  “And three, you either need to wipe better or you’re having messy accidents now too, which definitely means you need something thicker, and if that means diapers, I’ll pamper your ass myself if I have to!”
“Wait!  No!  I didn’t-“ Jenny tried to explain.
Her mother sighed, “I don’t care honey.  Just try to use the potty before you go to bed.  And toss out your Goodnights, I don’t need the house smelling like a nursery.”
Jenny felt nervous about how her mother was treating her issue, “Wait, just how old do you think I am?”
Her mother stared at her for a second.  “Fifth grade, when you had that.... accident....” she looked and sounded lost.
“Mom!  I’m like, 20!  I have a job!  I have a car!  Seriously?”
She blinked and suddenly blushed, “Oh.  Exactly.  Why don’t you use it to get better protection at night?”  She squeezed the wet Goodnight in her hands and left in a hurry.
Jenny shook her head as her mother left.  “At least she took that thing with her.” she said.  “Fuck this. I’m not ending up like Dave.” she stood up and sneezed.  Twice.  Then decided on a quick shower before seeing Trish.  As she took a step towards the bathroom her crotch felt slick and wet.  She put her hand down towards it just as something started to dribble down her inner thigh.  “Did I just piss because I sneezed?  That’s something old ladies do...” as she thought that she noticed she was moving from foot to foot.  “Why am I-“ the sensation of a full bladder seemed to come from no where.  “What the fuck-“ she yelled as she ran for the toilet and sat down on it an instant before she had a full blown accident.
She cried into her hands as her bladder emptied.  Images of Dave drooling while he shit his pants floated through her head.  Then she saw herself, dazed and dumb.  Laying in her own mess.  “Not going to happen!  I’d rather die!”  she didn’t bother to wipe as she jumped in the shower and let the cold water warm while it ran over her.  She shivered and felt her skin pucker from the temperature, but in seconds the water was already slowly warming.  The cold needles of water felt painful though as it did, “Don’t care.” she thought, ”I’ll take a cold shower if it gets the smell of piss off me.”
She took her time scrubbing herself.  Especially where the cold clammy padding had been touching.  As her fingers moved a familiar pulse of pleasure ran up her spine.  Her knees buckled slightly as she kept rubbing.  Then she remembered her dream.  “Ugh, fuck.” she felt sick to her stomach.  She stopped playing and went back to cleaning.  Though no matter how much she tried to ignore it, the pleasant pulse from her little button didn’t seem to fade.  If anything it felt like is was getting more intense.  As she soaked, her thoughts kept going back to almost peeing on her floor.  “Why is it still getting worse?  How can dreams affect reality?  And why does it feel like I haven’t got off in three months? Fuck!”
Trish was just barely awake, and sipping on a cup of needed coffee when she heard a knock at her door.  She got up and walked over, kicking a random shoe out of her way.  “The perk of living alone.  I get to leave my shit where ever I want.” She idly thought.  She unlocked and opened the door with the same hand.  The person standing on the other side looked like she remembered from the weird dream.  “Well come in.  I don’t need you shitting on my porch.”
Jenny shuffled in, taking short steps and trying not to move her body too much.  “Trish, it’s getting worse.” she said.  There was a blush on her cheeks, and sweat on her forehead.  “We need to figure this out and stop her.”  she shuffled to a stop in the middle of the room and turned to face her.  She saw the look on her friends face, and tried to regain her composure, “Seriously Trish.  Do you want to end up like Dave?”
Trish rolled her eyes, “I don’t think I have to worry about a fucking dream demon nanny turning me into a retard.  He probably ODed or something and now his family is acting like he’s just their baby.”
Jenny shook her head, “Trish, I was talking about boning him a week ago!  You have to remember that.  You have to remember the picture I sent barely three days before then.  A person doesn’t over dose and turn into, whatever he is in a week or two.”  The look on her friends face told her she still wasn’t buying it.  “And what about us having the same dream!  That’s impossible!”
Trish finally nodded at that, “Okay.  So something weird is happening.  Dave is apparently a giant baby, I’m changing his diapers, and what about you?  What’s getting worse for you?”  She looked at her up and down trying to see if her own boobs had grown or something.
She didn’t want answer, “Her control over the real world.” she said. Jenny was about to sort of explain when an alarm on her phone went off.  “Shit, I need to piss, hold on...” she scampered off towards the bathroom, and almost slammed the door behind her.
Trish waited just long enough to hear the tinkle of pee into the toilet before rapidly unlocking the knob and swinging the door wide open.  Jenny tried to move, but she wasn’t fast enough.  “Those are cute panties Jen-Jen!” Trish said as she stepped closer.  She was trying not to laugh, then she saw what they actually were.  “Holy shit, are those training pants?  Are you wearing Pull-ups?  Seriously?”  she moved close enough to wrap a finger over the top of the padding and give it a little pull.  “What’s that little dark spot Jen-Jen?  Did you have an accident?”  She said laughing.  “Did you really set a potty alarm for yourself!”

Jenny tucked her legs in tight and pulled the trainers free, “I told you it was getting worse!  What the hell is so funny,  you think you aren’t going to end up posing or shitting yourself?”  she grabbed for the toilet paper to wipe, “Maybe join Dave in his crib while you go crazy rubbing against your diaper?” she was starting to regret even giving Trish the chance to help.  “Maybe she deserves to be regressed by that bitch.” She thought to herself.

Trish finally stopped laughing when she felt her chest tighten.  She actually felt like it was getting harder to breath.  “Wait... Jenny...  shit.” she said while pulling her shirt over her head and then trying to pop her bra free.  When she couldn’t get the hooks to open she motioned to Jenny for help.

Jenny didn’t understand what was going on, only that Trish was suddenly starting to struggle and it looked like she was having a hard time getting her breath.  She popped up and grabbed at the bra strap and forced her bra hooks apart with a popping sound.  Destroying them but releasing the constricting fabric from Trish.  Immediately the woman started taking huge gulps of air, after a few moments she turned to face her.  Jenny gasped as she stared at her,  “Holy shit!  Your tits are huge!”

Trish looked down at the sudden mountains of flesh hanging from her.  Maybe they weren’t double Ds, but going from barely bumps to what she was looking at now was still huge.  “Holy crap!  I mean....  Wow!  They’re perfect!” she held them both in her hands and squeezed them.  Then looked up to see Jenny staring at them as well, “Like what you see Jen-Jen?” she asked.

Jenny blinked a few times before finally realizing a question had been asked.  She tore her eyes away from the chest in front of her and looked away towards the wall, “Yeah.  They look delic- I mean nice.”  she couldn’t stop herself from sneaking another peek when she thought Trish wasn’t looking.  She felt drawn to them.  She wanted to feel them, to lick them, to latch on and and suck on them.  She felt an odd hunger that she couldn’t place.  Her stomach growled and all she could think about was eating.  Jenny finally stood up and shook her head,  “No fucking way!” she said as she pulled her training pants up and then her actual pants.  “We don’t have time for this shit.”  Even after wiping she could feel wetness against the cooled padding as soon as she stood.  “Shit, I need to... sort this out or find a frat house...” even as she thought of it, the joke didn’t make her laugh.  She wasn’t excited for a good pounding.  She wanted something else, and it scared her.   She tried to keep from staring at the chest in front of her as she made sure the top of her trainers weren’t showing.

Trish stared at her for a second before rolling her eyes and picking her shirt up, “You keep staring like that I’ll stick one of them in your mouth.”  As soon as she said it Trish could see herself doing just that.  She smiled as the image of herself with her tits hanging out, and Jenny stuck on one of them made her feel warm and turned on.  She moaned softly as she thought about spanking her.  Then she saw herself changing Jenny’s diapers.  In an instant she was grossed out.  Disgusted with herself.  “Shit, it felt like I wanted that...” she said.

Jenny mistook it for something else.  “Yeah.  And it gets worse.  It started with just finding that stupid diaper in my room, and now I’m waking up wearing them and horny as fuck over the thought of using them.  I don’t even know how long Dave was affected before he was changed in my first dream.  I tried to go talk to him and he was too busy filling his pants.”

Trish kept quiet and didn’t correct Jenny about what her own feelings were.  Even then, she didn’t want to end up her mother.  “Okay.  So you’re here, what do we do?”

“Well I have books and stuff that can help you control your dreams.  It sort of helped me last time.  But I kept getting distracted.  Or there was something that kept making me forget about it being a dream.  We need some kind of focus to keep us alert.  I figured if we were both there and we stay alert then we can beat her ass.”  Jenny swallowed as she leaned back against the sink and waited for a response.

Trish stared past her as she thought about what she had heard. “So we figure out how to tell if we’re in a dream and then we can fight it, like in that movie with the spoon hands guy?”  She waited for a nod from Jenny.  “But didn’t the good guys still lose against him?  Didn’t he still spoon them to death even though they could control their dreams?”

Jenny threw her hands up, “Look, I don’t know what else to do!  I know what I saw.  I know what happened to Dave.  And I know I don’t want to be sitting around shitting my pants for the rest of my life.”

“What about him?  Are we sure he’s completely gone?  What if he can help us too?”  Trish asked.

Jenny shook her head, “The guys a rug rat,  you should see him.  It’s just sick.”

Trish started to move towards the front door, “Yeah, let’s go see him.  I want to talk to him.”  She grabbed her car keys and looked back at Jenny, “You coming or are you afraid Dave’s going to pee on you?”  Jenny looked like she still didn’t want to move.  Trish smiled and pointed at her crotch, “Would it help if I promised to change your Pull-Ups when you have an accident baby?”

Jenny scowled at her and started walking, “Fine, let’s waste even more time.  You’ll see he’s not going to be much help,  his parents probably won’t even let us in.”

Except when they went there his parents had let them right in.  Whatever force had been affecting everyone seemed to want them to see.  So after a nearly silent ride over they both found themselves inside the house that Dave was now trapped in.  Trish had stayed quiet as they entered.  She obviously didn’t want to think about the stale smell of used diaper that lingered in the air.  Or the baby toys that littered the living room.  “Shit.” was the only thing she said as she stared down at the giggling form of the adult baby Dave as he stacked blocks together in his nursery.

“I told you.” Jenny replied.  “He was like this after my first dream.  And his parents think it’s completely normal.”  She swallowed and let her voice get quieter, “And the last time his mom asked if I needed a diaper change.”  She kept looking behind her, expecting the woman to sneak in and try to do just that.

Trish knelt down next to the reduced man and touched his back.  She could tell his diaper was soaked, and a strange urge was coming over her to change him.  “He’s soaked.” she whispered as her free hand slowly started to touch her thigh.  She could smell the stale pee coming from between his legs and it made her feel like she had before.  Like she liked it.  “Okay, this is kind of messed up.” she said as she stood up and tried to stop thinking about diaper changes and nursing.  “I guess he is gone.” she said as he looked at her face with a drooly smile.

Jenny unconsciously checked that her shirt was hiding her Pull-Ups before kneeling down next to Dave and giving him a gentle wave.  “I told you.”  The acrid scent of pee was enough to make the terrible “itch” she had between her own legs get worse.  She had to constantly think about not sticking her hand in her pants and fingering herself.  “I’m sure he’ll show up tonight, but he’s not going to be much help.”  She crawled forward to get in front of him, the padding seemed to bunch up between her legs and rub her just right.  She almost moaned from the sensation.  

Trish was staring at her, trying not to notice her panting when she saw something else that suddenly grabbed her attention.  “The blocks!” she said and pointed at them.

Jenny had to turn to look at them.  As soon as she saw them she shook her head and smiled, “So you’re still in there after all Dave...”

He nodded and giggled wildly as he clapped.  He had managed to control his body long enough to spell out “help” using the wooden blocks, but now in his excitement the control was slipping away.  

Trish stared down at him suspiciously, “So you were in the dream last night?”  Dave stopped giggling and moving long enough to look at her and move his head.  “You were there while I wiped your ass and changed your shitty diaper?”  He nodded sloppily again.  The skin on her face blushed red as she thought back to touching his penis, and gently wiping the mess from his ass.  “I wiped your fucking ass while you giggled and cooed?”  she looked visibly angry now.  “Why didn’t you say something?  Why didn’t you stop me!”  

Dave’s body stopped moving, his eyes appeared wet and he forced himself not to cry,  he reached out and tried to use the blocks again, but they constantly fell from his grip.  He started to sniffle and pout as his control slipped more and more.

Jenny could see the tantrum coming and carefully grabbed his hands to stop him.  “It doesn’t matter. We’re all aware now.  When we sleep tonight we can all fight her.  Three against one means we can win this.”  she motioned for Trish to sit down and started going over what they needed to know to keep control when they went into the dream.  “We need to be careful.  We need to keep our wits.” she said.  “Remember we’re adults, and we can’t really be hurt by her.  If we all stand up, and keep each other focused we can win.”

Trish crossed her arms, ”And we’re the first to ever think of this?”  She still looked angry, “So all of us including the Pamper Packer and the Pull-Uo queen can take her down huh?”  she pointed at Jenny, “Maybe throw your wet training pants at her while we’re at it?”

Dave looked over at her, a manic grin spread on his face as he pointed and laughed.  Jenny walked over towards the door and flipped them both off, “We’re all in this together.  One way or the other we either help each other out tonight or we all end up having play dates together.” she walked out of the room and left.  Deciding to walk home alone, she tried to use the time to figure out a plan.  But the longer she walked, the more her urges and needs grew stronger.  

She was only halfway home when the padding between her legs seemed to thicken and get warmer.  Only two steps later and she was on the verge of orgasm.  “Shit...  I need to get home, fucking now.” she said to herself as she stood still and waited for the sensation between her legs to die back.  

“Hey sugar, do you need some help?” a kindly voice asked from behind her.

Jenny couldn’t turn, she could barely keep her knees locked together.  “No...  No, just a cramp is all.” she said through clenched teeth. A tiny ripple of pleasure ran through her body as she spoke.

“Do you need to use the potty? Or did you have an accident?”  Jenny stayed quiet as her skin took on a rose colored blush.  “If you had an accident that’s okay.  Everyone does. We can just get those pants off you and have you dry in no time baby.”  Her voice sounded like a grandmother.  Nice and ready to help with a wipe or maybe even a cookie.

The idea that she was being talked down to made Jenny want to beat the woman with her own torn off arm.  But she could barely string together a sentence as her base instincts started to take over and she did everything she could to prevent herself from jizzing in nothing but a large pair of disposable training pants.  “No...” she tried again,  “Just give me a.... second.”  Jenny felt the sensation of warmth pouring out of her again.  It mixed with an almost electric pulse of pleasure that ran up her body into her chest.  She could feel another small orgasm coming and was trying to keep it small when she felt a hand on her back lift her shirt up slightly.  “The fuck?” was all she had time to think before she felt the top of her padding grabbed and pulled away from her slightly.

“Oh dear.  I thought that’s what it looked like.  You’re soaked sugar.  But at least you’re not messy.” the kind voice said.
Jenny spun on her feet and stared at the old lady that was smiling  warmly at her,  the sudden surprise diaper check had given her the anger she needed to control herself and forget about everything else.  “What the hell are you doing?  You can’t just grab another woman’s ass like that!” she yelled.

The older woman stepped back, sudden shock and fear on her face.  She stared at Jenny, then did a double take before looking down at the wet padding she was obviously wearing.  “I... I don’t know why...” she seemed and sounded confused,  “I’m sorry, I don’t know why I did that.”  she rubbed her eyes and looked again at the person before her.  Obviously an adult, but something told her to coddle her and make sure she was dry and safe.  “Sorry, I just...  Thought you were a little-” she tried.

Jenny wanted to scream and yell that she was a big girl, that she didn’t need anyone to check her diaper.  She actually stomped one of her feet before catching herself and realizing what was happening to her.  She took a deep breath and forced herself to relax.  “It’s fine.  I understand.  And I hope you have a nice day.” she managed to say before turning away and walking as fast as she could away from her.

“It’s like she’s affecting my mind.” Jenny thought to herself as she walked away.  “Is this what it’s like for Dave?  Is he still fully aware all the time but trapped behind what she wants him to act like?” the idea of being treated like a baby while being fully aware terrified her.  “Jesus fuck.  His mother probably takes him out like that....  She probably changes his diapers in public.” the thought disgusted her, at the same time she knew she was going to be different.  “Not me.  I’m not ending up like that.”  she was still arguing against turning into Dave’s twin in her mind when she finally stepped into her house and almost ran into her mother.  

“Are you going to take care of that, or do you want me to handle it Jen?” she asked without clarifying what she was talking about.

Jenny understood immediately though.  She blushed as she shook her head and squeezed her legs together enough to feel the wet padding between her legs.  She felt emotionally exhausted from everything that had happened.  And almost felt like letting her mother take care of it.  “Let her get used to it, she’s going to be doing it soon enough.” she thought darkly.  She padded into the bathroom and slipped  her clothes off to take another shower.  The last thing she wore was the distended and discolored pull-up.  She stared down at it before giving it a tug and letting it slide down to the floor.  

Thankfully it didn’t leak, she picked it up and tossed it in a nearby garbage can.  Something didn’t seem right to her, and when she looked inside she was surprised to see many others tossed there as well.  “Wait..  what the...” she thought as she looked closer.  Several wet pairs of Pull-ups met her gaze.  But what drew her in closer was one object.  It looked more plastic like, and it was balled up on itself.  The visible decorations on it looked very familiar. She fished it out and stared wordlessly at the obviously used giant Pamper in her hand.   She grabbed one of the tapes and it almost popped open on its own.  The entire thing unrolled and filled her nose with the sharp smell of ammonia.  She shook her head and let it drop to the floor,  “That is not mine!  I no need diapees!” 

Her hands slapped over her mouth in shock at the infantile outburst.   She felt like she wanted to sit on the floor and cry until someone came and made it all better.  That thought made her even more upset, “This can’t get any worse!” She wailed. 

Then it did.  “Does my big girl need a hug?” Her mother asked as she opened the bathroom door and stepped inside.  Jenny stared up at her from the floor, the wet diaper completely forgotten as her bladder choose that time to empty itself onto the floor.  “Whoops.” her mother said as she scooped her daughter up onto her feet and plopped her onto the toilet.  A stream of pee spraying out of her the entire time.  “It’s just a matter of timing, you’ll get it right.” she finally noticed the discarded diaper, “Is that the problem?” she picked off up and balled it closed again.  “I told you, staying dry at night is hard.  That doesn’t mean you need diapers, that just means your body needs more time to grow and learn to wake you up when you need to pee.”  Jenny kept her eyes closed as she she listened to her mother and dribbled into the toilet.  She finally opened them to tell her to leave, but caught her cleaning up her puddle on the floor and decided to stay quiet.

Her mother looked up and rolled her eyes at how dramatic her daughter was being about the whole thing.  “Hey, relax Jen.  At least you’re not pooping yourself.  It could always be worse, right?” 

Jenny felt like crying.  “Why does everyone keep saying it could be worse?!” she said.  “I’m not some little kid!  I shouldn’t be pissing myself like this!”

“I know you’re upset, but I don’t want to hear that kind of language from you little lady.” Her mother said.  

“Little lady?” she said back.  Jenny stood up and spread her arms wide, “I’m taller then you mom.  I’m fucking old enough to vote.  Just because some fucking monster is making me piss myself, it doesn’t mean I’m a big baby!”  

Her mother looked angry for an instant as Jenny stood up.  Then her eyes narrowed as she looked up into her daughters eyes.  “I told... you...” she started to say.  But whatever hold the monster had on her wasn’t enough to overcome Jenny’s outburst.  She blushed as she stared at her adult child, and tried to figure out why she had felt like she was talking to a kid just a moment before.  “Wait.” she said as she looked down at the pee soaked towel in her hands.  “Why the hell are you peeing on my floor?  Are you sick or something?” she said hoping for time to figure out what was going on.

Jenny could almost see the sudden change coming over her mother.  It was as if a soft cloth had been covering her eyes, and suddenly it was gone, and she could see clearly.  “It was an accident mom.  I’m trying to see a doctor as fast as I can.” she saw her mother glance over at the trash bin and it’s contents.  “And until then I’m being a mature adult and wearing protection so I’m not peeing all over.  Like that.”  she said pointing at the wet towel in her hands.

Her mother nodded.  It sounded like the mature thing to do to her.  “Well... good job.  Just let me know if you need anything, or if it gets worse.”  The memory of the diaper in her hands came back to her in a rush.  “I guess it can’t really get much worse....” Jenny groaned when her mother said that, causing her to feel bad about her choice of words. “Sorry about that.  But I am proud of you for doing the right thing Jen.” she kissed her on the forehead and left the room.  Taking the pee soaked towel with her.  

Jenny stood there in front of the toilet for several minutes.  Trying to decide whether to do a massive garbage run and sterilize the house of baby stuff.  Or just leave it to hopefully change back after they beat the demon nanny.  She almost didn’t bother to shower.  Jenny felt so bad about her mother cleaning up pee and all the other diaper shit she was dealing with that she had stood in front of the toilet until she was completely dry.  “But I probably smell like piss.” was the only thought that made her finally slink into the tub.  If only long enough to rinse her bottom half off.  The washcloth going over her skin felt electric as she rubbed.  “Not going to happen.” she said to herself as she felt the need from before raise it’s ugly head.  “Not like this.  Not ever.” 

It had to be a record.  Five minutes and she was out, dry, and ready to lay down.  “First one asleep so I don’t get there after those two morons lose..” she thought as she sat on her bed.  She looked up at her dresser to see a stack of Pampers once again laying on top of it again.  She shook her head but was done trying to get rid of them now.  “Kill the bitch, and her little curse shit goes away she thought idly to herself.”

She stared at the diapers as she thought about what she needed to do.  The first thing on her list was wearing something to bed, but she immediately remembered she no longer owned any panties.  She stood up and walked to the dresser and ripped open a drawer.  Dozens of Pull-Ups and dozens of Goodnight style sleep pants stared back at her.  Jenny gingerly picked up one of the thicker sleep pants and pulled it open.  It was obvious they were little more then slightly thicker training pants.  Which were already nothing more then thin diapers with no tapes anyways.  “Fine.  Whatever.  Hopefully this is the last time I see any of these anyways.” she thought as she stepped into them and pulled them up her legs.  A loose shirt was yanked over her head and she was ready for bed.

She smiled wickedly as she laid back down and pulled a blanket over herself.  “This time you lose bitch.” she said as she closed her eyes.  But the uncomfortable bulk between her legs kept bringing her attention back to what else she had been feeling all day.  Jenny moved her legs back and forth over her her bed.  Slowly massaging the padding against her.  One hand ended up pushing against the front of her Pull-ups, adding pressure and more stimulation.  “Maybe just a quickie...” she whispered as she finally moved to touch herself after trying to ignore it for so long.  

Her skin felt odd to her.  Too smooth and slick as her fingers danced lower.  It almost felt like the first time as her fingers slowly crested and teased her hood.  It felt amazing, she barely managed to control her moaning as she went further, deeper. Only the barest tip of her finger slipped inside and she was done.  She bit her lip as she shook in pulses on her bed.  Her finger grew slick and warmed as she felt herself leak, as it ran down between her legs another smaller orgasm danced through her body.  

Minutes later she was still tingling from what had happened.  She smiled and stretched under her blankets,”Almost worth it.” she thought as she curled her toes.  “Almost...” but the plastic crinkle from her disposable undies reminded her that if she wasn’t careful she’d be stuck doing it in padding a lot longer.

Jenny’s eyes blinked open.  She stared across at her dresser and saw the stack of diapers had doubled.  “Is this a dream or not?” she wondered.  She sat up and let the blanket fall off her as she glanced around her room. Everything seemed the same, but it was too bright.  Too cheerful.  Like somehow the emotion of happiness was a physical aspect of her room.  “Okay...  Dream world then.” she said as she tossed the blanket off, finally noticing that it was now decorated with poorly rendered animated ponies.  “Definitely a dream then.”  she said as she swung her legs over the edge of the bed and tried to ignore the bulge between her legs.

When Jenny finally looked she was surprised to see she was still in the bed wetter pants and not a full blown diaper.  “Praise the dark lord for small favors I guess.” she said as she stood.  “Well time to take a look and see if the other two are here yet.”

“The other two?  You mean three with me baby?” the haunting voice of the demon nanny said from behind her.

Jenny kept still and tried to ignore the shock of adrenaline that ran through her body.  She turned to face her and actually managed a smile.  “You can’t beat three of us.  You didn’t even beat David.  He’s still in there.  Still able to communicate with others.  It’s only a matter of time before we toss your ass back into hell.  Or whatever shithole you came from.”  She let her smile grow wider at how strong she suddenly felt.

But the thing in front of her only returned the same manic grin, then let it soften to barely a smirk.  “Jen-Jen, do you think that’s what I do?  Leave little brainless sacks of meat to be fed and changed for decades?” she stepped closer, her lower half disappeared into the bed like she, or it wasn’t there.  “Little Jenny.  Tiny, helpless Jenny.  He’s exactly how I left him,  still all there.  With his frustration at being treated like a toddler.”  Jenny actually shook her head slightly as she listened.  The monster in front of her stepped closer, within range to grab her, but Jenny stood firm.  

It leaned closer and whispered, “When his little peepee needs relief but no one helps.  Till he finally makes a little sticky in his diaper.” she leaned closer, Jenny felt the air in front of her face cool as it moved against her warm cheeks.  “Just like you baby.  He was just like you.” she actually kissed her on the forehead, just like her mother had.  Then leaned away and laughed.  “Oh you should have seen yourself.  You barely had the control to get your finger inside before you came. And the little look on your face.” she suddenly had a large folded diaper in her hands.  “Well let’s just say you looked like you needed a proper diaper change afterwards.”

Jenny flipped her off.  “I was horny.  I masturbated.  Nothing wrong about that at all.  If it wasn’t for your fucking diaper thing you’re doing, I would have rubbed one off in the shower like normal.  Now why don’t you do what I said and fuck off!”

The nanny looked almost hurt or offended, “You don’t get it.  But that’s okay.  You’re just a little baby.  Maybe I should-“ 
“Maybe you should leave before you get hurt!” Jenny screamed, cutting her off.  She was done with it all.  She grimaced and lunged towards the towering woman.  “Eat shit!” she screamed as she threw a punch.  It connected with nothing but frigid air.  The nanny laughed and playfully rubbed the top of Jenny’s head.  Then suddenly let it pass through.  Past her face and into her body.  Jenny gasped and stepped away as she felt a wave of cold everywhere the hand touched.  “I’m not afraid of you!” she screamed as the ghostly hand popped out of her chest.
The image in front of her almost seemed to become more solid.  She leaned down at Jenny and tisked, “I don’t want you afraid of me baby.  I just want you where you belong.”
“I belong in pants!  I belong at work!  Saving up for college, fucking hot guys.  Not shitting in diapers in front of my fucking mother.” Jenny yelled at her.  “I refuse to be your toy you fucking demon!”
In a blur of motion it struck, picking up Jenny and settling her on her hip like she weighed nothing.  “You belong in my nursery Jen-Jen.  Why don’t you just let go and enjoy it?”  
Jenny wanted to argue.  She tried to pull her hands away from grasping at the dress covering the nanny, but they would not release.  Then as if her own body was against her she felt a sudden need to pee and the electric tingle of something else.  Something that she did not want to associate with being diapered or babied.  “Put me down!  You can’t do this to me!  I refuse to be your-“ Her breath caught in her throat as a spurt of pee left her and her clit sang like it was being massaged by her wand. Her thighs squeezed against the cool monster as each pulse of pleasure was followed by another release of warm liquid, which caused another wave of electricity over her body.  She groaned as she tried to control herself, but each accident grew larger, and each orgasm grew stronger.  
The nanny stayed quiet until she felt her newest charge drooling on her shoulder while she humped her thigh.  “That’s a good baby.  Let it all out, nanny will change you after.”

“I’m... going... too...” Jenny tried to say what she wanted to do to the monster.  But her body didn’t care.  She was no longer able to hold back and a body shaking orgasm rolled through her while she freely peed in her padding.   She didn’t even care that she was probably peeing herself in real life.  It felt better then anything she had ever experienced in her short life and it was amazing.  She felt the warm heat between her legs slowly absorbing into the Pull-ups she was wearing.  Could feel the wetness being pulled farther up her back and front as she filled it.  “If only someone else was here to watch me...” she thought without wondering why.  

The demon waited until she was done.  Until she stopped quivering and pulsing.  Until she could think longer then a few seconds straight, and softly patted her soaked bottom, “I told you to let go baby.  And enjoy yourself.  We could be done already and you could join your big brother.”  she said it all with a warm smile as she talked to her.

Jenny tried to get her body back under control.  It helped that her bladder was empty and she had finally stopped pissing herself.   She took deep breaths and eventually felt herself relax enough to try and release the death grip her hands had.  When that worked she opened her eyes and stared up at the reason for her current predicament.  “What the hell are you doing to me?” she asked as she wiggled her bum to see how soaked she was. 

“Exactly What I promised.  What I give each of my charges.”  The ghostly woman said.  “Freedom to do what you want.  But at a cost.” she carefully lowered the captive woman to the floor and stepped back to give her some room.  

Jenny could still feel the echoes of what had just happened to her.  Her toes curled into the plush carpet at the thought of having it happen again.  She actually wanted to Squat onto the floor and do it again.  “So Dave...  And Trish....?”

She smiled, “Dave lost the first night.  And Trish is a special case.  She’s not quite there yet.” she reached out and tickled Jenny’s nose.  “But you.  You’ve held out so long.  Even nights you don’t remember.  It took days to get physical.  I wish you could remember the nights you had with Dave.  But you’ll have plenty more.”  

“I don’t want this...” Jenny whispered.  She hooked the elastic on her Pull-Up and pulled it down, letting them plop to the carpet.  The warm air against her smooth wet skin immediately reminded her what she had just done.  She blushed when she imagined herself sitting in a diaper next to Dave and Trish.  Pissing and cumming for the rest of her life.  Jenny stared at the wet thing on the floor and shook her head trying to excise the thought.  She looked up at the demon nanny and was surprised to see a motherly looking figure staring down at her.  She could immediately feel warmth radiating from her.  She knew she had to say something, “I’m not your plaything.  I don’t want anything to do with your nursery.  Take Dave and Trish if that’s what they want...” she felt bad giving up on them, but they made the choice themselves.  

The motherly figure smiled down at her like she was already mentally regressed, “Child, you haven’t even felt what changed their minds.  That was just a taste.  Wait until you properly fill those Pampers of yours.  If you can say no after that I’ll let you go.”  She put her hand out, and Jenny Looked at for a few seconds before she took it.  “Then it’s a deal.  If you don’t tell me to stop it after that, you’re mine baby.”

Jenny smiled up at her and tried to sound as mature as possible.  “I can control myself.  Maybe the others couldn’t, but I’m not going to willingly join your little shit show.” she smiled as she thought about that.  Then frowned when she imagined what all the adult babies trapped in her nursery were doing at that instant.  The wailing and crying she had heard before suddenly seemed to sound different in her memories.  It wasn’t the crying of trapped adults.  It was the begging of addicts for another wet diaper, or worse.

She turned her back on the once horrifying thing in front of her and stared out her window at a featureless black that seemed to swallow everything.  “I won’t lose.” she said softly and disappeared as she woke from the dream.  

The kindly looking nanny smiled.  Showing her crooked yellowed teeth. “See you tonight sugar.” she caressed her chest and the twin mounds under her clothing.  “I can’t wait.”

Jenny blinked in the bright light of the morning sun.  The shade she kept down was open and sunlight beamed into her room.  She stretched under her blanket and scrunched up her eyebrows as she realized something felt different.  It took her too long to understand that she wasn’t wearing any padding.  She popped out of her bed and stared down at regular panties.  “Holy shit.”  she said to herself.  She ran to her dresser and ripped the drawers open.  “Panties.  Shorts.  Shirts.  Everything is back to normal!”  Then she noticed there was no diaper laying on her dresser either.  “Shit, did I already beat her?”  

She almost felt like singing as she dressed normally and left her room.  She was almost upset to see her mother had already left for work and decided to have a cup of coffee before taking care of a little business herself.  Jenny hummed as she poured it into a travel cup and took off for a house she’d already seen too much of.  Wondering if anything had changed there.  

She was sipping the last of her coffee fifteen minutes later as she stared down at the diapered form of her secret lover David.  “He looks the same.” she said.

“Well what did you expect?  For him to grow up and be a big boy overnight?” his mother jokingly said as she started to rouse him from sleep.  “I actually think he likes his diapers left wet sometimes.  You should see the fit he throws when I change him.” 

Jenny looked down at him, no longer embarrassed that he was trapped in diapers.  But that she knew he choose them because of pleasure and lust.  He looked up at her and something like humiliation seemed to flash over his face.  “Look at that.  It looks like baby Davie knows what we’re talking about.  How is that diaper mister stinky?  Did you like it more then wiping your own butt, or walking?”

“I think you know the answer to that more then anyone else here.” Trish’s voice answered from behind them.  “I’ll take care of him, thanks for calling me again.  I’m sure you’ll get the job this time.” 

“Thank you Trisha.  It’s been so long, but I’m ready to finally get back to work and exercise my brain again.” she tickled Dave’s foot, “I don’t want to end up all silly because I didn’t want to work after having you!” she listened to his giggle, then kissed him again and left.  

Jenny stared for a few minutes while Trish carefully opened the adult babies diaper and changed him.  “I know about him.  And about you Trish.” she said quietly.  “I know you guys chose this.  And maybe you two want to be perverts in diapers.  But I’m not doing it.”

Trish stayed quiet for a moment while she finished diapering him and then started to ball up the used diaper.  “You know.  I recall you started this whole thing by sending me a picture in a diaper.  That you put on yourself.  What does that say about your big girl status?” 

She tried not to stare at the large balled up Pamper that looked suspiciously like the one she had seen in her own bathroom.  “It says I know when to joke, and when to be serious.  When to make the right decision.”  She looked Dave in the eyes and felt almost sad for him.  “That the idea of throwing away your adulthood for an orgasm, or giant tits, isn’t exactly a smart decision.”

Trish moved her chest, exaggerating her new assets.  “You noticed huh?  I was wondering if you had diapers so much on the brain that you couldn’t see my own changes.  It’s not all about getting off you know. There’s way more behind it all.”  The man in the crib suddenly went red and started to quiver.  Trish rested her palm on his diaper and smiled as she felt it warming under in.  “Though for some of us theres not much more I guess.”  

Jenny shook her head.  “You’re sick.  Both of you.”  She could see the reaction Trish was having.  Her nipples were almost poking out of her shirt.  “Look, I don’t care.  You guys can have all the diaper stuff you want.  But I don’t want to see another oversized Pamper for the rest of my life.”  She looked down at Dave who lazily looked up at her, lost in a post finish haze.  “We’re dome guys.  At least one of us won.  I guess you can enjoy your weird fetish.  Together.”  

Trish nodded absently and rubbed one of her breasts, “Whatever.  You think you’ve made the right choice, but you might regret it later.  Here.  She said to give this to you.  Kind of weird now that you said no more giant diapers, huh?”  

Jenny looked down at the folded rectangle in her hand.  “This is a regular diaper?  Like for a real baby?”  She flipped it over and saw it was literally a size one Luvs.  “What the fuck?” 

Trish had already picked up Dave and was carrying him towards a chair in the corner.  “Don’t know.  I was told what to tell you, and give you that.  Something about game over.  I don’t know anything else.”

Jenny tossed it to the floor and turned to leave.  “Enjoy your little games.  I’m sure being big babies won’t get boring.” she said as she left.  

She had planned to go straight home.  But after so much stress she decided to enjoy her adulthood and do alittle shopping.  “Something flirty.  Something I can’t wear to work.” it was a chain store called impact,  a cheaper version of a Targete store.  Some food loss leaders, with mostly clothing to make huge returns.  She had already grabbed a few curve hugging pants, and a pair of invisible panties when she smelled the too familiar scent of cheap diaper perfume.  She glanced over at the baby section and grimaced, thinking of Trish and Dave.  “I can’t believe they choose that over this!”

Jenny went back to her shopping, but kept stealing glances at an isle that seemed off, it kept pulling her eyes back to it.  “What’s wrong there?” she wondered as she stared at the diaper isle.  Then her eyes finally focused on the end cap and she froze.  Large packs of diapers filled the shelves.  But the image on the plastic packs was what pulled her in.  She walked slowly towards it, blush on her cheeks as the image went from maybe to definite in her mind.   It was her.  She was on the pack.  Laying on her back and naked, except for the comically large and thick diaper wrapped around her waist.  “What the fuck...” 

“She’s a little cutie isn’t she?  I wonder if her mommy gets free diapers for the right to use her picture like that.” a woman said next to her.

Jenny stared for a few seconds longer.  Then turned to look at the woman.  She was in a store uniform and had a forced looking smile on her face.  “Does she look familiar to you?” Jenny asked her.

The worker laughed,  ”Don’t they all look similar at that age.  Cute little wiggle worms and all that?  She’s probably already a couple years older then that anyways.  Probably hasn’t needed diapers in months now.” 

“I guess.” Jenny said.  Her tits were visible in the image.  A slight sheen of drool on her lower lip.  “Nothing looks odd about that at all?” she asked again, turning to stare at the person, making sure she saw her face clearly.

“I mean I’m a cloth diaper kind of person myself.  But there’s nothing wrong with disposables.  Even if they are the cheaper ones.” the worker gave another soft smile, hesitated just a moment, and slipped away.  Hoping she could make it to the back room and hide for at least a few minutes from more customer interactions.

Jenny nervously reached out and touched one of them.  Expecting to be zapped by electricity or something.  But when she did, nothing happened.  She carefully pulled it off the shelf and flipped it over.  Everything else looked just like a regular package of Pampers size one.  But these ones were huge.  “Big enough to fit me...” she said.  Another image of her laying on her belly with her arms and legs tucked under her graced the back, just over the bullet points on scent, absorbency, and leak guards..  

She looked over her shoulder to make sure no one or nothing was watching her, ready to pounce, and then finally set the thing back on the shelf.  Memories of the sensations from her dreams pushed her to grab it, to have some fun at least.  But she shook her head and walked away.  “Better not even take the risk.” She thought.  Though she didn’t understand why Trish had handed her a baby sized Luvs.  “Why the different size and brand?” she wondered.

Back home she tossed her new purchases on her bed and started to kick off her shoes.  There was a soft knock on her door frame behind her and she looked to see her mother standing there.  “Hey mom.  What’s up?”

Her mother held up something white and rectangular.  Jenny felt herself lurch a little when she recognized it.  “Looks like Trish decided to pop by again.  You know this was on top of the coffee maker?  Like she wanted me to find it first.”

Jenny took it and immediately went to toss it out.  “Thanks mom, I don’t think she’s going to bother us again.” 

“I heard.  She’s going to be too busy changing that boy down the street.” Her mother said.  “Good for her, I’d hate to be chasing him around all day.  You know boys love to play in their diapers.  I’ve heard horror stories.”

The reminder of David immediately pushed Jenny’s buttons.  “Yeah... you have no idea how much of that is true.” she actually laughed.  

“Maybe Trish likes it, I heard there’s people that like diapers.  Maybe sitting him is the closest she can get to exercise that part of her.”  Jenny’s mother said.  

Jenny rolled her eyes, but having her mother back to normal let her know her nightmare was over,  She smiled and looked at the diaper in her hands, “Why don’t we send her a little reminder like the other day.”

Her mother looked at her and rolled her eyes.  “Careful girl, I don’t need you running around in diapers.”

“Mom, you have no idea how much I hate these things.  It’s going in the trash as soon as I’m done with it.” Jenny pulled her pants and panties down as she spoke.  Then realized she was getting naked in front of her mother and it didn’t really bother her.  “Er, can you give me a second mom?  It’s already bad enough that you’re going to see me in a diaper.” she sounded nervous as she said it, figured it was something left over from the last few dreams.  “I guess I need to watch myself for a few days.  Don’t want to do anything too embarrassing.” she thought to herself.

“Like I haven’t seen you in a diaper before.”  But she still turned and went into the hallway.  “Last one. I’m not dealing with a giant toddler, or paying a sitter.”

Jenny let the diaper hang open in her hands and almost missed that it wasn’t a size eight, but a huge size one instead.  She looked at it closer, “Why is the smell so damn strong, and way is it decorated different?”  It even felt thicker to her. She finally noticed a name, “It’s a Luvs?  Like the one Trish gave me but sized for me?  Whatever.” She thought.

Jenny stared at it and shook her head.  “This must be her little test.  A trap to get me diapered and stuck.  Ain’t gonna happen.” she held it behind her and reached between her legs to grab it and pull it forward.  She caught sight of her hairless and almost featureless sex and grimaced.  “I guess that’s got to grow back in.” She hoped it was how she was standing that made it look like something a toddler would have.  But she didn’t want to be around the diaper any longer then she had to be and pulled it up tight between her legs.

Her mother choose that point to come in and laugh.  “Holy shit, that thing is so thick I bet you couldn’t even crawl in it.”  She came forward quickly and started to help put it on.  “Here, no... Wait.  Just spread your legs... a bit and hold this right....” but no matter what, the diaper seemed to move and flex the wrong way every time.  “Fuck this.  Lay down and it should be easier.”  She playfully slapped Jenny on her thigh.  Jenny rolled her eyes and laid back on her bed, and picked her legs up onto her belly.  It was then that she remembered what she looked like own there.  But her mother was already in action, she ignored her lack of hair and slapped her thigh again, “Bum up girl.  Let’s get this over with.”

She lifted her bum off the bed and rolled it back down onto the diaper.  The muffled crinkles filled her ears as she looked over into her mirror on the wall and saw something that almost made her scream.  “I look like that fucking picture on the pack!”  She started to feel terror, then realized she still had her shirt on so it wasn’t really like she had suddenly changed.  But just in case she looked between her legs at her mother and said clearly, “I don’t want it.” 

Her mother slapped the last tape down and cocked her head slightly, “Don’t want what?  For me to take the picture?  Sorry, but that ass of yours is too cute for me to miss this.”  She patted the front of the thick Luvs and stepped back.  Before Jenny could get off her back she heard the snap of a picture being taken.  She looked at it for a moment and laughed, “Alright stinky, I’ll send it to you, and you do whatever you want with it.  But I’m putting this in your baby book with the other one.”

Jenny heard the ding of the message coming from her phone and tried to sit up.  She struggled,  it was impossible to even touch her knees together.  But eventually she sat up and got her feet on the floor, then slowly stood with her legs bowed out obscenely.  “I don’t want it.” She said again.  Just in case she needed to.  She looked around her room and saw that nothing babyish had appeared, and everything looked normal.  She even felt normal.  “Embarrassed and weird is pretty normal.” She thought as she waddled closer to the mirror.  She pushed her door closed and locked it with a click as she stared at her reflection.  

“Shit, it might just be easier to get down on the floor and crawl.”  She thought as she stared, her legs were getting tired the way she had to stand on them.  Jenny cocked her hips and looked at the thick padding. It crinkled loudly as she moved her body.  Her belly button was hidden underneath the plastic and pulp the diaper was so large.  She blushed as she thought about actually sending Trish another image.  Even adding one of her standing in front of the mirror.  Then thought better of it and sat back down on her crinkly butt.

“It’s like a thick pillow under me.” She thought as she reached for her phone.  She held it up to take a pic and stopped to stare at what she saw on the screen.  She was sitting with her back hunched over and head lazily angled forward.  She managed to catch a little dribble of spit that almost fell out of her mouth while she straightened herself out.  “Okay, this is going too far.” she snapped a quick picture and started to send it to her friend.  “Well, former friend I guess.” she thought as she sent it.  She stared at her phone for a moment then looked back into the mirror.    Something seemed off.  She had to look closely, but she finally caught a slight ripple going up her walls.  The paint beneath it seemed more pastel and soft compared to what was below it.  “I don’t-“ she started to say.  As the words left her mouth the ripple stopped and started to recede.  She nodded,  “I still have control of it.” she said to herself.  The room seemed to stay still as she kept staring.  But after a few moments the weird ripple started again.  A soft ring from her phone pulled some of her attention away as she answered it, “What Trish?”

She laughed, “Looks like someone else discovered she’s just a big baby after all.”

“Or maybe I just wanted you to have something to masturbate about when you’re trapped next to David in a crib.  I don’t know what she promised you but-“ 

Trish cut her off, “You don’t know the half of it sugar tits.  Enjoy your little tease.  I’m sure mommy will be calling me to watch you soon enough.  See ya diaper girl.”  The line went dead as she ended the call.

Jenny almost wanted to call back, but she looked at her room and saw the ripple was back to speed.  She stared, transfixed by the changes around her.  Not noticing that the more her room changed the more a certain feeling between her legs became obvious, and harder to ignore.  Her bed seemed to melt and sag, before rising from the floor and becoming a padded table.  Her dresser grew taller and slimmer, it’s drawers no longer as deep, but a few more appeared to take up the slack.  Jenny stared at it all as she unconsciously grabbed her feet and pulled them closer to her face.  Before she knew what she was doing three toes were in her mouth and she felt her butt completely roll off the floor as she flipped back into her back.

She popped her toes free and stared at them.  Before realizing she was a little more limber then before.  She pulled at her feet and legs, rolling her bum up off the floor and ending up with her diaper easily rubbing against her face.  “Woah.” Was all she could say as crinkly plastic filled her vision.  And the lavender smell of diaper perfume filled her nose.  “Holy shit. If it wasn’t for the diaper, my crotch would be rubbing my nose!”  

There was a soft clicking sound from something in the room behind her, she managed to stop staring at herself long enough to see the knob on her door had changed.  The locking button from it was gone, the only thing on it now was a plastic cover designed to keep babies from using it.  “Shit.” she thought to herself.  It was one thing to “baby out” when she was behind a locked door.  But the disappearance of the latch told her she needed to get up and out of the diaper before it became more public.  She let her bum flop back onto the floor with a crinkle, and sat up.  Only to have an intense rush of need fill her.  Electric waves ran up her spine and seemed to wrap around her breasts.  Ending in her sharply erect nipples. 

She sat still for a second.  Hoping it would fade.  But as the seconds ticked by it didn’t go away.  “Fuck.  Just my weight on the padding is enough.” she said as she rolled forward onto her hands and knees and tried to stand.  Her shirt dragged across her nipples and caused her sensation to peak from simple need, to almost being edged.  She went completely still and closed her eyes to try and get herself under control.  But the feeling of edging quickly gave way to the need to use the bathroom.  “When the hell did I piss last?” she wondered.  It felt like she’d been holding it for hours suddenly and she was about to pop.  “Not going to use this thing....” she muttered before a sudden spasm caused her to leak a little.  

She squealed from the intense sensation coming from her diaper.  It caused her to finally lose the crawling battle and flop onto her belly.  Her legs went wide to either side to put more pressure on her diaper.  “I... I... don’t....” but it was too late. Jenny knew she was riding a dangerous line.  “It was almost addictive itself, the danger that if she wasn’t careful she’d lose everything.  It was a rush that added to what she was feeling, that one mistake could be the end.  But she kept reminding herself that all she had to say was she didn’t want it, and it would all go away.  It was that final thought that pushed her to let go.  She registered the tingle of liquid leaving her, and a sudden rush of warmth before the orgasms started.

Jenny barely breathed as her body filled and overflowed with pulses of pleasure that seemed even stronger then the dream.  Spit ran from her mouth as she feebly humped and rubbed against the floor.  Crinkles and her heartbeat seemed to be the only sounds she could hear in her ears.  Until finally it slowed and then stopped.  She left her eyes closed as she slowly breathed on the floor, “in and out, in and out” she thought as she just laid on the floor and took stock.  

“This is too dangerous.” she finally muttered, ”Too much.”  She knew the diaper had to come off, knew she needed to say the words.  Jenny managed to push herself over, onto her back again and spread her legs wide enough to minimize pressing her sensitive parts against the soaked padding.  She reached down to grab a tape when her door popped open and her mother walked right in.  There was something in her right hand but Jenny didn’t quite catch what it was.

Her mother looked down at her and smiled.  “Okay.  I know it’s stupid.  But I wanted to add one more picture.  And you’ve still got that thing on.  So would you let me try it?”  She smiled sheepishly down at her daughter.

Jenny’s cheeks burned bright red.  The hand that was about to grab the tape was forgotten.  Instead it reached down and grabbed a foot and pulled it up towards her face nervously.  “Mom....” she started to say.  Then she saw what was in her hand, “Is that a baby bottle?  Where the hell did you get that?”  she was going to say more but spit suddenly seemed to fill her mouth.  She had to swallow or she would start drooling.  “This isn’t good.” ran through her head, but the sudden need to have something in her mouth was almost over whelming.  “Wait ma...” she said and wiggled to move.  Only to have the wet padding cause another rush through her body.

“No, no.  I’ll be quick.  I just think this would look cute.” she said and walked towards her.  She knelt down next to her and slipped the nipple into Jenny’s mouth, “Do you want to hold it for me.  Let me get this pic real quick?” she asked.  Jenny took the bottle with both hands and started to greedily suck from it.  Her mother smiled and framed up for a picture, “I’m going to send this to David’s parents.  They need the laugh, how do you think they feel having a twenty year old baby to take care of day in and day out?  They need a little humor.”  

Jenny was lost in babyish sensations of pleasure.  She ran her tongue over her teeth, rolled it over itself, and finally lapped at the rubber teat as she sucked down the milk inside the bottle.  Her fear had been pushed away by soft orgasms from her wet Pampers, and the humiliation of her mother sitting right next to her and feeding her a bottle.  As soon as the words her mother spoke registered the fear came right back to the surface.  She managed to pull the bottle out long enough to ask her, “Twendy yeaws old mama?” It was slurred, and she didn’t mean to add mama like that.  But before she could say anything else her hands had taken control again and the nipple was back in her mouth.  “This is bad.  This is bad... this is bad.” she thought to herself as she started to squirm more.  

Her mother looked down at her and smiled warmly.  “Well you would know.  How old is he?”  She snapped a picture.  But kept kneeling next to her.  She suddenly sniffed the air and looked down at her daughter, “Pee, I smell fresh pee.  Jenny, why do I smell baby powder and wet diaper?” she asked.  Her eyes slid towards the diaper and she could tell right away it was soaked.  “Are you wet baby?”  she asked.  She felt a sudden tightness in her chest.  Electric shocks running from her back to her brain.  “Did you seriously... use that?”  she barely managed to actually say it.  Something about the situation felt wrong to her.  Something about Dave and diapers and everything seemed wrong.

“Shit.  Shit. Shit.” Jenny thought as she tried to rip the bottle from her mouth and say the words.  She had to force her body to lay still as any movement caused more edging and tiny orgasms.  She could see the far away look in her mother’s eyes and knew it was getting worse.  But she couldn’t get her body to stop suckling.  She knew the tiny bottle had to be near empty and hoped it would be soon so she could end everything.

“I think my baby needs a... diaper change?” her mother finally said.  She looked and sounded confused.  “No, you’re not a baby.  You’re a.. a.. big kid?  No.  That’s not it.  Why are you in a diaper Jen-Jen?”  she stared down at her before feeling something warm drop onto her belly inside her shirt.  She sat down on her legs and pulled it away from herself and saw both her nipples had leaked something into her shirt, and started to dribble.  “Am I... lactating?  What the hell is going on?” she pulled the shirt completely off and touched one of her nipples, giving it a gentle squeeze and watching a soft stream of milk arc away from her.  “Jenny?  What’s going on with me?  Why are you a baby?” she felt sick to her stomach.  One second her adult daughter was laying on the floor.  The next instant she saw her as a perpetual infant.  One that had never went to school or even stood on her own.  “No.  This is all wrong!”  She yelled.  “This isn’t right.  You’re not like Davie!”

Jenny was still trying to get control of her hands.  “I just need to pull it out and say the words!” she screamed in her head.  But her motor skills seemed to have regressed past that point.  A sudden shadow fell over her and she actually stopped sucking as she stared up and into the face of the last person she thought she’d see again.

Trish looked down at them both with a warm smile and actually waved at Jenny like she was a real baby.  “I guess it’s a good thing I made it a little early huh?” she said to Jenny and her mother.  

Jennys mother stared up at Trish  with a tit in each hand, “I’m leaking and she isn’t supposed to be like David!  I don’t want to be chasing her around.  She promised it would be different!”  

Trish rolled her eyes, “It will be different.  You just have to wait and see.” then she looked down at Jenny and shook her head,  “Little miss, too big for her britches.  How do you feel now?” she squatted down next to her and snaked a finger into her padding, “Oh, pretty wet.  But I don’t think that diaper is quite full is it?” Jenny scrunched up her eyebrows and tried to motion to Trish to her help pull the bottle free.  But Trish didn’t notice, or worse, ignored it.  “But I bet I know what’s going to happen now that you’re feeding.  Are you going to make us a present?”

The instant the word left her mouth Jenny felt something.  Like a switch had been turned on or off.  Her stomach cramped as she shook her head and desperately sucked at the nipple.  She felt air enter her mouth a few times, and stopped sucking.  She felt her hands relaxing and the bottle fell to the floor.  “I don’t-“ she managed to say before another cramp hit her and the edging grew worse.  It felt like something was trying to force its way out of her and she clenched to stop it.  But the sensation of something pushing at her opening made her feel like she was about to go over the edge.  Then she felt something slowly tickle out of her, she had the time to think, “Oh shit-“ before the waves started.  Her eyes crossed as her body reacted to pooping in her diaper like her entire nervous system was orgasming.  

Trish smiled down at her as she twitched and quaked on the floor.  The bulge in her diaper growing larger and more obvious by the second.  “That’ll do pig.  That’ll do.” she said as she looked at the faces her newest charge made while her diaper slowly filled with her accident.  “When you’re done with that we’ll see what you think of stopping.  You don’t want to leave poor David all alone do you?”

At the mention of his name Jenny’s mother stared up at her.  The look of confusion still on her face.  “I didn’t want another David!  She promised I wouldn’t have to deal with that!”  As she said it her breasts started to throb painfully.  She bent over at her waist and moaned, “Why do they hurt!”  She yelled.

Trish reached down and squeezed one, literally like a melon.  “They’re full.  You know what to do.”

She stared over at her daughter, who was still wiggling in the throes of ecstasy.  “But she’s still a...” 

Trish pulled the woman up and onto her feet.  Just sit in that chair over there.  And I’ll take care of the rest.  She waited until Jenny’s mother had stood up and walked to the chair to squat down next to Jenny again.  “Well let’s see how you’re doing there baby...” she said as she set her hand on the woman’s diaper, then slid it down to cup the massive bulge her mess was making.  “Oh wow.  Looks like it’s not going anywhere without a little help huh?  Don’t worry.  A few weeks on titty milk will soften that right up.  In and out basically.” she laughed at her own stupid joke.  “But you’re probably barely hanging on in there after all that right?”  She gently moved Jenny’s head to face her and the adult baby opened her eyes and stared.  An instant of pleasure and agony was immediately shared.  Anyone that saw the look would take pity and try to help her,  “Well, anyone else.  Let’s get you sorted out stinky!”

She picked the gurgling woman up and carried her too easily towards the mother that was sitting in the padded chair with her tits out and still complaining that this wasn’t part of the deal.  As soon as she could Trish dropped the large baby in the woman’s lap and pointed at her own chest for emphasis.  When the woman still didn’t seem to comprehend Trish grabbed Jenny’s head and moved it so a nipple dragged across her lips.  Like a starving tick she latched on and started sucking.  Even while her mind was  filled with passion and pleasure she couldn’t stop herself.  Trish playfully smacked the lump in her diaper a few times before finally smashing it flat with her palm and moving away.

Jenny’s eyes bulged as the rest of her movement came out.  She wailed and undulated without thought as she tried to keep from passing out.  Her mother looked down at her, understanding what had just happened, but slowly losing interest in what her adult daughter did to herself.  

Trish kept quiet, only a smirk on her face as she watched everything fall onto place.  The mother looked up at her, the look of confusion was gone.  Admiration and love covered it.  Trish smiled back.  “You can’t just use magic against people.  Especially curses.  Especially permanent ones.” She said as if the woman was listening.  

She looked at Trish with a question written on her face, “What are you talking about?”  

Trish shook her head.  “Nothing you have to worry about.”  She stepped closer again and looked into the face of Jenny.  Her blush was back, but now instead of her hands holding the bottle to her lips they were massaging and trying to stuff the whole boob in her mouth.  Her eyes blazed with humiliation and anger, which made Trish shudder in anticipation.  “You have to have permission, agreements, a deal.  The whole thing might take weeks, or months.”  The look on Jenny’s face grew more stern, more angry looking. “It might take two spells on different people to finally come together.  At just the right moment.  Like the bonding moment of a mother feeding her new infant daughter.”

Jenny wanted to punch that grin off her face, she wanted to kick her across the room.  But until the tit was out of her mouth there was nothing she could do about it.  “Just wait.  I’ll say it and this all goes away.”  The pleasure had been enough to be addictive, and she knew she would never feel anything like it again,  but her anger was enough to push that aside for the moment.  She was going to be depressed the rest of her life, but Trish was going to be stuck with a size 9 shoe up her ass.

Trish could see it.  “Oh, baby looks like she wants to say something.  What is it baby?  What’s so important?” she reached down and easily pulled the nipple free.  “What is it diaper girl?  What do you want to say?”  

Jenny took a deep breath and screamed it out, “Agga doow waaaa gaaa!”  She smiled, knowing that she was free.  Then she realized what she had actually uttered.

The smile on trishs face turned manic, “What was that baby?”  

Jenny screamed again, but this time it was more of an infants wail then any kind of speech.  “What the fuck!” She thought.

Trish hooked a finger into the poor woman’s mouth and moved it around.  “Well I’m not a doctor or nothing.  But it seems like those teethies you loved so much have taken a holiday.  Maybe it’s harder to talk without them?  Or maybe it’s the loss of fine motor control that makes it harder.  I don’t know.”

Time seemed to slow down and stop for Jenny as she took in what had just been said.  She shook her head so softly that no one could perceive it.  “No... that means...”

Trish saw it, had been waiting for it.  “There it is.  You’re not exactly the smartest baby, but you got there.  

“No!  I don’t want this!  You know I don’t want this!  Take it back!”  Jenny screamed in her mind.  

Trish smiled down at her before speaking again.  “Hold on.  Let me pause this for a second.”  In a flash Jenny’s mother slumped in her seat, like she was out cold.  Jenny almost tumbled onto the floor but somehow she found herself wrapped in a soft blanket and being held by her former friend instead.  “You don’t like this?  You don’t want to be cumming and on edge for the rest of your life while everyone else around changes your diapers and pities your mother and her special adult daughter?” 

Jenny could feel it.  She might not have the control to stop it, but she was about to pee again, and the sensations were starting to build.  She shook her head no and hoped she was about to be spared.

“Well, a deals a deal.”  Trish said and snapped her fingers.

Instantly the sensation of pleasure was gone.  Jenny actually giggled.  But a moment later she felt her diaper growing warm as if she was still wetting herself.  She looked up at Trish with the question plain on her face.

“I told you I’d help.  The constant pleasure and teasing is gone.  You’ll just poop and pee like any other infant now.” she waited for the answer to sink in and started walking her swaddled package back towards her mother.  Jenny wiggled inside the blanket, but there was nothing she could do to stop it.  Her control and abilities were capped at mere weeks old and she didn’t have the ability to walk or crawl, much less the power to do anything to get out of her swaddling.  Trish stopped and turned towards the changing table at the last second and set the infantilized adult down on it.  “How about a diaper change before I go?”

Jenny felt a cool rush as the blanket was pulled open and her limbs simply slapped onto the table.  “I told you no no one gets away from my nursery.  Now look at yourself.  A big dumb baby for the rest of your life, and another big baby for my nursery afterwards.”

Jenny’s eyes popped open and she finally connected with what was being said.  She feebly shook her head, then as a sick joke Trish took that ability from her as well.  “This can’t be real!  This is a dream!  Wake up!” She yelled in her head.  

Trish laughed.  “It’s not a dream baby.  That comes tonight when I can really play with you.”  She ripped the tapes off the front of the diaper and let it roll down and open. “Wow, you did a number on this,  it looks like a record! But don’t worry.  Once that milk kicks in it’s going to be wet smudges and occasional blow outs from now on.  And since your sexual side is turned off I’m sure you’ll get plenty of time to think about it.”

Jenny started shaking, almost violently on the changing table.  It felt to her like she might have peed alittle, but she wasn’t sure.  Trish slapped her lightly on her ass and rolled her eyes, “I told you Trish was special.  She’s already in the nursery.  Taking care of my little ones.  You’ll see her tonight. Along with little David.  The poor thing has had such a bad time, ever since you stopped sucking him off every night.  But I’m sure he’ll be glad to see again.  Even if the only things you’ll be sucking is my titty.  He gets so confused, you should see the little tent he pitches in his diapers while he watches others feed.”  

She stopped talking, and Jenny finally noticed the change was over and she was back in another diaper.  Trish started to wrap her up again and finally picked her up to give her back to her mom.  “”Enjoy yourself little one.  When this life is over the next one is even longer.  I can’t wait to get you on the other side permanently.”  She set her in her mother’s lap so the other breast was now in her face.  “Eat up!  Those diapers won’t fill themselves.”

Time started again.  Her mother grabbed her and before she could even raise a hand her lips were on a nipple and she started to suck. Jenny closed her eyes and tried not to cry as her diaper warmed again.  Her mother smiled down at her and then up at Trish.  “She’s perfect.  The daughter I always wanted.   Where did you find her?”

Trish shook her head. “ She’s yours to take care of now.  I’ll make sure you don’t have to worry about anything more then changing her diapers.”

Jenny tried to ignore them, tried to wake up from her nightmare.  But her mother shook her gently, “Did you hear that Jen-Jen, you’re mine.” 

Trish smiled as she started to walk away.  “Forever.  Don’t forget that part.” 

The new mom looked down at her adult infant daughter and beamed with joy and delight.  “Forever.  You’re mine forever.”

Jenny could no longer shake her head, instead hef body trembled in its wet diaper as she realized exactly how fucked she was.  Wet milky drool coated her lips and chin while she noisily suckled.  She tried to ignore it, but then the scent of wet diaper poofed into her face from inside her blanket.  She sneezed as the warm air seemed to bring a dusting of baby powder with it.  “Not like this...” she thought.  “I don’t deserve this!”  

Her mother cooed at her, softly moving her leg up and down and bouncing her adult infant.  “Maybe you can sit up for mommy today?  Why don’t we see how you do Jen-Jen?”

She cringed at the pet name.  But finally felt her lips come off the nipple.  And she was moved until she was leaned over a shoulder.  She knew exactly what was about to happen.  “I don’t need to be burped!” She wailed in her mind.  But the gentle pats came anyways and she felt and tasted a bubble of had rise up and out of her mouth,  “Oh shit! It tastes like sour milk!”  

“There we go.  Let’s get that diaper off and get ready for the day!” Her mother said in sing song as she stood and carried Jenny towards the changing table.  It was cold, but the blanket she was wrapped in protected her.  Once again her limbs barely moved as they were unwrapped.  Flopping and randomly moving next to her as her ankles were picked up and pulled up towards her face.  “At least you’re not stinky this morning baby.” Her mother said as she popped the tapes free and pulled the wet diaper open.  “Better hurry in case you try to give me a shower!”  

“Just do it already mom...” Jenny thought.  “This can’t be it.  I can’t be stuck like this!”  Her frustration actually seemed to connect to her body.  Her legs rose into the air and dropped her heels angrily onto the padded table.

Her mother laughed.  “Is someone cranky because she didn’t get her way?”  She stepped back and crossed her arms in front of her.  Something about her attitude had suddenly changed.  “Do you think I wanted to wipe your big ass for the rest of our lives?”  She pointed at the wall and drew Jenny’s attention to her reflection.  “Here we are, at least the first time I knew you were going to grow up.  Now we’re stuck.  You in diapers, and me changing them.  What will gramma think when she comes over?”  She started to cry into her hands.  Shaking her head like she wanted something to go away.  “I just wanted to help your dad.”

Jenny stared at her reflection, her legs seemed to randomly move, but mostly they stayed down against the mat on either side of her.  It was her face that drew her in.  The face of someone that had major brain damage, or had never had thoughts to begin with.  Then she caught what her mother had just said, “A foo?” She gurgled.  

She couldn’t understand Jenny, but she could hear the question in her tone, “Your dad has, well, had cancer.  The deal was we gave up a little freedom and his cancer goes away.”  She stepped towards her infantile daughter and rubbed the front of her diaper.  “I told that thing I didn’t want us to end up like David and his family.”

Jenny couldn’t pick up her head, she watched her mother touching her diaper in the mirror.  It bulged obscenely between her legs and away from her butt.  “Just like a real fucking baby...” she thought.  She tried to ignore what she was looking at, but part of her didn’t care about listening,  but the idea of saving her dad made her blink.  “I’m like this because she wanted to help dad, and didn’t even ask me?”  She didn’t know what to think.  She loved her father, but that didn’t mean she wanted to be cursed.

Her mother kept going, “I remember all this from before.  I think it wants me to remember everything.  Everything I do, and the way I act with you the rest of the day.”  A tear rolled down her face.  “But only for a few minutes.  Then I see you like everyone else.  I’m sorry Jenny.  I know you’re in there.  I’ll talk to you tomorrow...  sorry.”  She could feel it, the slow change to her mind as everything clouded over and she was just a mother to a daughter that never grew up.  She slowly smiled and gushed at her baby.  “Time to get up sugar!  Plenty to do today!”

Jenny wanted to scream, she wanted to throw things.  But mostly she wanted to forget like her mother.  “Don’t make me remember all day!” She thought.  It was a complaint she would have for a very long time.  



End Chapter 1


by: Long_Rifle | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 21, 2022


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vended · Aug 5, 2021

Such a great read! Deliciously dark and well paced, with several nicely done side characters who make it not too much repetitive and keep ghe plot going. I just don't understand at all her reasoning for wearing the diaper for a photo shoot the second time when knowing what it did the first time.

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Love it!

Brittney · Aug 5, 2021

Amazing as always, I just wish she could still feel the pleasure when she goes. But I understand the decision to take it away. Makes for a good twist and makes it darker than it already was! Keep it up, I love your work!

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Pierry pimentel · Aug 5, 2021

Excelent story ! Hope there more ? Really love your stories

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Ambrose · Aug 7, 2021

A great story! Really love the changes beginning small at first, only to become large and inescapable!

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