Velma’s Mysterious Halloween Mystery

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Chapter 6
Halloween at last!

Chapter Description: See? I didn't lie. Here's the Halloween part of the story.

It was late October and Velma was dressed as a Dizney princess. “Well now, Velma, my dear! Are you ready for some Trick or Treating? You’re certainly dressed for it!” Augustus was his usual charming self, clearly looking forward to enjoying the occasion with his favorite surrogate daughter.

“Yes, Augustus,” replied Velma with a flat, uninterested tone to her voice. She’d rather be down in the laboratory working on the antidote but she knew that to disappoint Augustus was to risk getting younger again. She’d already crossed him twice and went from 12 to 11 and then 11 to 10. He was a strict disciplinarian.

“You don’t sound enthusiastic, Velma. Just think of all that candy you’ll get by going door to door and showing off your princess costume!”

“Oh, I am Augustus, I am! Jinkies! Let’s go!” said Velma, putting on a fake cheerful face. She had figured out a month or two ago that Augustus suffered from bouts of mania. They were mercifully quick, and while she could put up with the cheerful ones, it was the depressive ones that she dreaded. They were often followed by Augustus blaming her for his depression and she had already lost a year to one of them.

“Jinkies, Augustus! It wouldn’t hurt to see a psychiatrist for – never mind!” she cut off her suggestion as he started to give her a stern warning stare.

“Now come my little princess! We had best be off as the nearest neighbor is about 10 miles away.”  

They stepped outside to a waiting limousine, despite the roomy interior, he insisted that she sit on his lap. “Oof! You’re getting heavy, my dear! Perhaps we should fix that. I think an ideal age for lap sitting would be 5 or 6, don’t you?”

Velma did some fast thinking and glib speaking. “We-l-l, not to be contrary, Augustus, but wouldn’t that interfere with our chemistry and biology sessions? I’m already going to bed at 8 o’clock and a girl of that age would probably need afternoon naps too, right?”

“I’m just toying with you, dear Velma! I think that the age of 9 is just perfect, don’t you?”

“What!? I’m 10 ye--” blurted Velma before she realized that it was a verbal trap. She regretted it instantly.

“Now, now! We’ll have to take care of that problem when we get back. Heh, heh!”

Augustus’ cat and mouse game with Velma delighted him to no end. Would he make her 9 when they got back? He’d have to flip a coin. For now, he was curious to see how well she could handle the situation. He pulled her a little tighter to his chest, enjoying her warmth and company.

The Trick or Treating went well enough. Augustus encouraged Velma to get a little more into it. He had her twirl while holding the sides of her dress for the first few houses. The cheesy smile that she wore while doing it soured the ritual for him.

“Sing ‘Trick or Treat, smell my feet! Give me something good to eat!’ for the next one, dear!”

“Yes, Augustus!” she replied dutifully. After singing the song in front of a bunch of other kids who laughed at her, she really started to hate Halloween. Augustus just roared with laughter at her embarrassment.

Velma got a break when Augustus had to relieve himself. “I’m going to that public restroom over there, Velma. Wait for me until I get back.” Velma knew that if she were to run for it now, the four lives that were depending on her back at the mansion were forfeit. She sat down on a park bench and waited.

Some bigger kids came over and sat down next to her. “Hey, Cinderella! How’s the Trick or Treating tonight?” asked a teenager. He looked old enough to shave except for the massive amount of zits on his face. Velma knew what was happening here and hoped that Augustus would finish his business soon. If these kids stole her candy, he’d have a fit! She didn’t want to be around him if that happened. She might end up back in diapers!

“Oh, it’s just fine!” she said with as much innocence as she could muster, “I got some real-sized candy bars from that house over there!” she pointed at a random house.

“Wow! That’s good to hear! Say, how about you share some of your treats with us? Us older kids aren’t allowed to go Trick or Treating!”

“Jinkies! I’d like to, really I would!” she pulled out all the stops on her act, “But Augustus doesn’t want me to! He’d get all mad!”

“Who’s Augustus?” asked pimple face.

“Just take her candy and let’s go.” said the second member of the group.

“Hang on, Jimmy! I wanna know who Augustus is. His name sounds cool!”

“If you don’t wanna do it, then I will!” said the second teen as he grabbed at the treats bag. Velma pulled it to her chest and bent over.

Augustus finally showed up. “You boys! Why are you talking to my little princess? Do you know her or something?”

“Well, shit. I’m outta here, guys. I’m gonna look for some other kid to steal from.” Jimmy got up to leave.

“Wait a moment! I think you boys should get some candy. It’s Halloween after all, isn’t it? Come with me over there and I’ll see that you get a good trick!”

Jimmy looked over to his friends, Zit face suggested “There’s 3 of us, and one of him.” the trio went with Augustus to huddle under a streetlight for a few moments. As he was walking back, the three boys were already getting younger. 15 became 10, then 5.

“You boys shouldn’t be without an escort this late at night! You go home now! Git!” demanded Augustus. The boys all pulled their baggy pants up and waddled off as fast as their legs would allow them.

“Jinkies! How did you get them to hold still long enough to douse them?” asked a curious Velma.

“I injected them with a syringe that’s attached to a ring I carry for such emergencies. It’s so small, they never felt it. Didn’t you see me pat them on their shoulders as we walked over to the street light? Now, how about some gratitude? Don’t you think I deserve it?”

“What? Oh, um, yes! My hero! Thank you for saving me from those bad teens, Augustus!” she burbled in an attempt to appease him.

“I really am thinking of making you a younger age, you know. Hell, 3, 4, or 5 what’s the difference? They’re all good ages for lap sitting!” Augustus' voice took on a hard edge as he said it.

Velma couldn’t think of a thing to say. She stared at Augustus like a mouse confronting a cat. “Jinkies!” was the only thing that came out.

“Hahaha! I’m kidding, Velma dear! You’re at just the right age to talk and sit on my lap. Maybe we could do both? He put his arm around her shoulder, “Let’s go home! I think we’ve had enough Tricks tonight.”

The two arrived at the mansion. Velma sat in Augustus’ lap for the whole trip back. No words were spoken between the two during the trip.



End Chapter 6

Velma’s Mysterious Halloween Mystery

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 20, 2021


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