Velma’s Mysterious Halloween Mystery

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Chapter 3
Velma finds the facts

Chapter Description: Jinkies!

Down in the lab, Velma was totally engrossed in the contents of her file folder, she read tidbit after tidbit of information concerning cellular aging in various animals. Then she found a small chapter on various experiments with their cells, their chemical composition, a formula to extend their life from several hours in a petri dish to several days and then several years! Augustus was obviously a meticulous scientist and as she read on, the formula took on new branches here and lost a few blind ends there, finally culminating in the last page of the folder holding a complete formula for what she could only describe as a rejuvenation compound!

An electric thrill began to build up and work its way from her genitalia to her spine and traverse it as she read the next folder from the set and saw photographs of full-grown dogs that went to puppies in sequence. At first, she thought that they were reversed, but the dates, times, and notes on the back of each one convinced her that Augustus Sr. had made great progress with his "elixir vitae".

As she continued to read the detailed notes and ogle the old black and white pictures of animals that aged in reverse she didn’t notice a small panel behind her chair that quietly opened up. A small nozzle protruded just the slightest amount and hissed out a very fine spray. As it made contact with her bare legs, it raised a few goose-pimples. It heightened her shuddering, but she ignored it as she was still felt the electric thrill of what she was reading. The nozzle withdrew and the panel quietly shut as Velma reached the final experiment of Augustus Miller and saw the gray-haired, balding man as he appeared to grow younger and healthier. She came upon the final photograph of him in his prime at age 25, a very handsome young man, and closed the folder with lightly shaking hands. She’d have to tell the gang about this, immediately!

Going to the kitchen, she found Shag and Scoob passed out with happy, blissful smiles on their faces. She attempted to wake them but all they did was stir around and fall back asleep. She left the kitchen in exasperation and left them to sleep it off. A shadow detached itself from the corner and approached the two with a small perfume bottle that had a long stem with a squeeze bulb on one end and a small nozzle on the other.

As she climbed the stairs and came to the top, she heard Fred and Daphne “investigating” the guest room rather loudly. She noticed that the door was open and went to tell them of her great discovery. Fred was currently checking for clues in a private area on Daphne with a personal probe when she busted in on them.

“Jinkies, guys, put a lid on it right now! It’s very important!” she exclaimed.

Fred pulled his tongue back into its rightful place and Daphne looked over to Velma with a “this better be good” look on her face. Velma related the contents of the folder and explained in simple terms what Augustus Sr. had accomplished. The doubtful looks on their faces turned to incredulity as she showed a few photo sequences and the final picture of Augustus Miller.

After putting the folder down on a nearby lampstand and adjusting the clasp on her skirt a little tighter, she asked Fred what they should do next. Fred said that they should stop the investigation at that point and report what they found immediately.

Velma argued that what they had learned could cause entire nations to fall and economies to collapse, not to mention the effect it could have on the world population! She felt this discovery needed more careful consideration.

Fred thought about it for a moment, looked over to Daphne who was dressed in a dark green silk corset, wore matching silk panties over her garter belt which was attached to the tops of her silk stockings, and decided to put it off until morning. He suggested Velma find a place to sleep and they’d discuss it further in the morning. As she left the room, the door shut behind her and she heard Daphne giggle loudly from behind it.

“Jinkies!” said Velma as she traipsed down the stairs almost slipping and falling as her foot popped out of the inside of her shoe nearly causing her to lose it. She cursed the shoe and tightened the strap as far as it would go, only to find that her skirt was slipping down over her backside. “Jinkies! What’s going on here? I just adjusted it upstairs and now it’s loose again?” She carefully made her way down the rest of the stairs and looked for a mirror.

When she found one, she was shocked to see her reflection. Her baggy sweater with sleeves that normally went to her elbows now seemed to engulf her, the puffy sleeves threatened to swallow up her arms and her skirt hanging precariously on her hips gave way falling to the floor draping itself over her shoes. Velma now looked like she was 12 years old, she explored her breasts and found that they had shrunk up on her chest to little puffy nubs. “Jinkies! They’re molehills again!” she thought. She stepped out of the ring of her skirt and pulled off her shoes leaving her very baggy socks still on her feet.

Her bulky sweater covered her from shoulder to mid-thigh, she figured that’d do for now. She went back to the kitchen and found Shag and Scoob still sleeping. Scoob was a small puppy and shag had shrunk down to a small toddler with his head peeking out from his t-shirt. Velma couldn’t do anything for them so she ran back upstairs to warn Fred and Daphne.

When she got to the guest room, she heard arguing from the other side of the door. “Yeah, well girls have cooties! So there! NYAH!” yelled Fred with his now childish voice. She opened the door to find Daphne still in her corset, bunched up over her smaller prepubescent body, her chubby little legs still in her silk stockings going no further than the upper thigh area. “Well, boys are just plain icky! Go away and leave me alone, you doo-doo head!” retorted Daphne.

“Jinkies! Fred, Daphne! We must have come in contact with the formula! We’ve all become children!” She said excitedly. Fred fell on his behind and started spouting baby talk. Since he was now a one-year-old, it made perfect sense. Daphne fell back on the bed and waved her arms and legs in a rhythmic synchronized motion, she wasn’t old enough to even babble at this point.

Velma thought at that moment that it was all over! The bad guy had won and now the Mystery gang would have to pay the ultimate price. A hidden panel slid open from inside the walk-in closet and Augustus Miller Sr. stepped out. Velma looked at him as he stared at her.



End Chapter 3

Velma’s Mysterious Halloween Mystery

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 20, 2021


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