Holiday Tails

by: TheFurEffect | Story In Progress | Last updated Dec 31, 2022

Where holidays come and go, so should short age regression stories. This is going to be a collection of holiday themed stories meant to be able to be quickly read in a few minutes and revolve around a major US holiday that I celebtrate in some form or fashion and involve me and/or someone else I know. Each chapter comes near the time each holiday is supposed to happen.

Chapter 1
Click! A Halloween Story

Chapter Description: <p>Just a real brief story about a camera. <br>Note: I do not have an aunt Janice as far as I know. <br></p>

Knock Knock Knock

As I pause my Beetlejuice DVD I get up off the couch to answer the door. I'm not expecting anything or anyone since it's not even ten o'clock on Halloween day. Trick-or-treaters shouldn't be arriving until around four today. Upon opening the door I see a plain cardboard package with tape. Inside I sit back down on the couch and begin to open it.

"Definitely wasn't expecting a package.”

"What's that?" Adler, my significant other, asks as she comes out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body and hair.

"It looks like an old camera and a note. Let's see what it says. Dear nephew, I have sent you the same camera your grandparents bought back in nineteen fifty eight. With it I want you and your significant other to take a picture of yourselves in your Halloween costumes at exactly three o'clock. This has been an old tradition since this camera was bought over sixty-four If there isn't any film left then please have the film developed and sent to our family historian. His address is on the back of this paper. I also want you to send this camera off to another family member next year along with a note about what to do. Sincerely aunt Janice.”

"Huh, that's pretty cool. Are we going to keep this tradition alive?" As I pull out the camera I look it over.

"I don't see why not? It's just a harmless camera, so there shouldn't be any problems. Anyways, would your brother know how to work this camera because I have never really worked with this type of camera." Adler takes a moment herself to look it over.

"Yep. He has one like this and taught me how to use it last Fourth of July. So I can take the picture.”

"Alright then, it looks like we're set." After setting the camera back in the box I put it off to the side and continue my movie, which Adler doesn't like, as she goes to get dressed.


"Are you ready?" Adler asks as I'm getting my fifties greaser costume all set. "It's almost three o'clock.”

"Just tying my shoes." It's the last thing I need to do. As I finish I walk out of our room to see Adler in a fifties nurse outfit, holding the camera. "Hello nurse." She looks absolutely beautiful in her costume.

"I really dig the look daddy-o. Why don't we bug out of our pad later and head to that radioactive malt shop later for the Halloween sock hop?”

"Only if you be my birdie biker in my buddy seat. Compared to me, when you dance you're cooking with gas. I'll slay you with my skills on the road." I don't actually have a motorcycle or know how to ride, but that doesn't matter. We both laugh as I come over for the photo. Fifties slang can sure be pretty weird.

"Say 'cheese'!" Adlee says as she angles the camera and is about to take the photo. As she does there's a quick flash and it looks like some skrt of blue dust comes flying at us. As it does I start to feel dizzy, like the room is spinning around me. It also looks almost like things around me are growing.

"Don't worry, this will only last for the night." a soft and motherly mysterious voice calls out to me. "There is now only enough film for three more photos. Have a fun tonight and don't worry. You will return to normal, I promise.”

"Thank you for agreeing to take my son trick-or-treating with you, Adler, and Samantha." As I look up I see my dad and Adlers' dad talking. I'm super excited because Halloween means candy! And I can't wait to go trick-or-treating!

"It's not an issue. We already had plans to bring one of Samanthas' friends with us, so bringing one of Adlers' friends isn't a problem."

"Daddy, when are we going?" Samantha asks. I look behind me to see her princess costume, her friend in a cowboy costume, and Adler in a girl doctor costume. All of my friends say Adler is icky and has cooties, but I think she's cute. They all have cool pumpkin buckets to hold their candy. Some day I want to be a big kid like Samantha...



End Chapter 1

Holiday Tails

by: TheFurEffect | Story In Progress | Last updated Dec 31, 2022


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