Lower Decks: Tales From The Creche

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Nov 12, 2022

The crew is called in to clean a sister ship and make it ready for turn-in to Starfleet. Along the way, they find out something very interesting.


Aboard The USS De Leon, NCC 76777

The Lower Decks crew is called in to clean up a sister starship.

Oct 1, 2022


A fine day for rabbit holes!

Boimler trips, but in a good way.

Sep 30, 2022


Mystery solved! Or is it?

Team, meet Kate O'Reilly!

Oct 1, 2022


Truth And Consequences!

Mariner and her fellow Lower Decks companions solve the mystery of the "regressed to impress" crew.

Oct 1, 2022


Facing the music part I: “I won’t back down”.

Mariner faces the captain and a deep-seated fear.

Oct 2, 2022


Facing the music II: Brahms Lullaby.

Mariner and her mother become further apart.

Oct 3, 2022


Dizney Land (Tales from the holodeck)

Mariner checks out a special Holodeck program that claims to let the user experience the real Walt Dizney Experience from back in the day. Genie wants to play too!

Oct 27, 2022


The Invasion Of The Carpet Critters

Beckett relaxes on the Holodeck and gets caught out.

Oct 28, 2022


Carpet Critters Aftermath

Beckett makes a boo-boo.

Nov 5, 2022


Fun Times On The USS Vancouver, eh?

Becky wants a play date, and Boimler doesn't.

Nov 12, 2022

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