Tales of Regression

by: TheFurEffect | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 25, 2023

A collection of short regression stories written by me simply for my love of writing and the AR genre. No connection between each story other than the AR genre. Also, no connection between the liking of writing and the AR genre as a whole. Will add tags as needed.

Chapter 1
Computer Commotion

Chapter Description: A tech savvy mother and her 17 year old son seem to be disagreeing on how he lives his life. Can a mysterious command terminal command fix the situation? Feedback is appreciated, even if I don't respond right away or if ever. This ain't my first writing rodeo, but my first official AR rodeo, so I'm trying.

Inside a dimly lit bedroom sitting on a computer chair sits a glossy eyed teenager, 17 years to be precise. In front of him glows a computer monitor he’s transfixed on, eyes glued to the colourful anime on screen. The sudden opening of the door brings in fresh light from the outside world into the dark dungeon of a teenager’s room.

Mom: Jeremy, I know it’s summer, but can’t you find anything better to do than spend all day watching cartoons?

His concentration is broken just enough for hum to pause and take out his earphones.

Jeremy: It’s not a cartoon. It’s anime, or Japanimation as they probably called it in your day. I’m almost done with the latest season of this series. Then I’ll come out and get some sunlight.

His gaze never leaves the monitor as she puts a basket of laundry on his bed.

Mom: I expect your laundry to be folded and put away before dinner in a couple hours.

He nods before putting his earphones back in and unpausing his show. The door closes, causing the same dim lighting to appear again.

2 Hours Later:

Both Jeremy and his mom are at the dinner table in the kitchen, dishing up bowls of the Asian inspired soup she made.

Mom: Did you get your laundry folded and put away?

Jeremy: …

Mom: I’ll take that silence as a definite no.

Jeremy: Huh? Sorry, I kinda zoned out.

Mom: Jeez, can you at least try to pay attention? I asked if you got your laundry folded and put away.

Jeremy: I got started on it when you called me down. I only got a few things done.

Mom: Sigh, if you didn’t insist on finishing that cartoon or whatever you call it then you’d have gotten your work done. Sometimes I wish you would take the initiative and just get work done instead of always relying on me to help. You won’t always have someone to help you and do things for you. You won’t be able to always watch your shows when you’re living on your own. I’m worried that you’ll just be a lazy bum mooching off of others, watching your shows.

Jeremy: I… I know. I promise I’ll try to get better about this.

Mom: You said the same thing to me last week and the week before. You’ve told me every week for the past couple of months.

A look of confusion washes over his face.

Jeremy: I have?

A look of pure annoyance rushes over her face.

Mom: Yes! You have! Jeez. Until you can learn to be a bit more mature, I’m limiting you to only a couple of hours on your computer every day.

Jeremy begins to feel a crippling wave of despair cascading over him as she says that.

Jeremy: You can’t do that!

Mom: Oh, yes I can! I payed for all the parts for you to build that computer, so I have the right to limit your access. If you got the parts with your own money then I’d have no rights, but that’s not what happened.

She gets up off her seat and starts power walking towards the kitchen entryway. Jeremy gets up, but a cold stare from his mom sits him back down immediately. She gets up to his room and boots up his computer.

Mom: If he really thinks that I can’t limit his time because I use a different Linux distribution, then he’s crazy.

She logs into her admin account to find she has an unknown, unread calendar notification.

Mom: Huh, what’s this?

The notification says something about running a new command she learned a few weeks back to help his son with his problems. It also says to make sure his computer isn’t in the room when it goes off.

Mom: This command doesn’t make any sense. And what is this whole “Age Regression” thing it mentions?

She decides to wait for tomorrow to try this command and in the mean time sets up the timer on her son’s account. Afterwards she logs out and waits for the next day to run the command.

Next Day:

Jeremy is busy trying to get the timer off his computer as his door swiftly opens. He quickly closes the command terminal to make sure she doesn’t see his, albeit failed, attempts.

Mom: My laptop is acting up and I can’t get the printer to work with it right now. I need to borrow your computer so I can print off something I need for work.

Jeremy: Why don’t you bring the printer in here then?

Mom: Because I still need to move the file to your computer. I could get in serious trouble if the document gets leaked because I sent it to myself via email.

Jeremy: Sigh, then take my computer and monitor.

She takes the computer and monitor into her office room. It takes her next to no time to move them to her office and set it up. She signs into her account and reluctantly opens up the command terminal and the calendar notification. She copies the command and enters it after opening the root terminal. After entering the command and a bunch of lines of code running an unknown process fill the terminal it tells her to enter a number for age.

Mom: I shouldn’t do this without understanding what it does. But curiosity is getting the best of me.

She enters 14 in the terminal and reluctantly presses enter. The terminal then prompts her to confirm her choice. After confirming it, she sneaks to Jeremy’s room and peeks in, cracking the door open a little.

Jeremy: Uggh, I don’t feel so good.

He lays on his bed as his mom watches him lose about 3 inches and around 30 pounds. He loses his more mature features for his features right before he started entering puberty. His voice becomes higher as well, going through reverse puberty. Mom steps in as it finishes, his room also changing similarly to how it looked when he was 14 and just entering high school.

Mom: I thought I heard you not feeling well and thought I’d check up on you. Are you okay?

Jeremy looks up at her, feeling his energy drained.

Jeremy: Yeah. I just have a bit of an upset stomach and a headache and need some rest. That’s all. Can you wake me up when dinner’s ready?

She nods as she exits and goes back to the computer. Worried about what she’s done, she retraces her steps and tries entering 17 to age him back up. It only responds with “Error:Invalid_Number” as she hits enter.

Mom: I don’t think I can…

Suddenly her brain starts to buzz around in a frenzy as if it’s real itchy. If she makes him younger, she can mold her son into a better person. To fix that itch, she enters 11 and hits enter. Again she sneaks over to his room and watches him become even younger, his body becoming even shorter and more like that of a prepubescent tween. All traces of puberty or any signs of him ever looking like a teenager vanished in less than ten minutes time.

Mom: Alright, just a little more. Then I’ll stop. I don’t want to make him too young. As it is, I wouldn’t have the time to take care of him if I turned him into a baby. Even if I’m working from home right now.

Reluctantly she enters the command for a third time and sets it to 6 years and fires the command. After another confirmation she quickly goes over to his room. There’s no indication that even a 9 year old lives in the room; only a cherubic 6 year old. His clothes even match, being something that a 6 year old would enjoy wearing. He is peacefully napping on his twin sized bed with cartoon bedding. She feels as though she’s in a fantasy setting seeing his teen, almost young adult, losing a little over a decade of his life to a program that can turn him younger and younger.

Mom: Maybe just another year wouldn’t hurt.

She quietly shuts the door and shuffles back to the computer. Right before she finishes the command she heads to the bathroom. After returning she finds her son in her seat, looking at the computer.

Mom: What are you doing? I thought I told you not to play with mommy’s computer.

Her natural parental instincts kick in almost immediately. She walks over to him as he presses a button on the keyboard.

Jeremy: It asked for a number. I put 0.

She looks worried as her son starts to get younger. She moves him off her seat and gets to trying to stop it. First he becomes a year younger as she tries canceling the command, but that fails. Another year goes as she tries to kill the command terminal. Yet again another as she tries to log out and shut down. After the third year his pants disappear and are replaced with a pair of training pants. She starts to freak out as he becomes 2 years old and his shirt disappears too. Before he can lose another year she unplugs the computer, leaving Jeremy as a 14 month old baby in nothing more than a diaper with cartoon designs on them. She sighs as she looks over at him, not knowing if inputting 0 would have made him disappear. A look of worry washes over her face.

Mom: Looks like I have to find a way to reverse the command.

She starts to re-plug the computer and reboot it so she can try to fix her mistake. Meanwhile Jeremy pops on the ground and starts banging his tiny, pudgy, uncoordinated fist on the carpeted floor in boredom.



End Chapter 1

Tales of Regression

by: TheFurEffect | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 25, 2023


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Mr. D · Feb 11, 2022

This chapter feels a little incomplete. I feel like this ending would work as a cliff hanger for the next chapter, but knowing it's meant to be a stand-alone chapter it feels like the mom should either come up with a solution or accept that she has to reraise Jeremy and maybe she shouldn't play around with technology she doesn't understand. Good read though. I enjoyed it.

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