The Roommate

by: Ambrose | Complete Story | Last updated May 22, 2021

Celine isn't the best student or roommate. Can the drug trial her friend Kathy wants them to take part in make a difference?

Chapter 1
Life together

Chapter Description: Eager student Kathy and party girl Celine are childhood friends whose time as roommates in college made them grow apart. Can the test of a new youth-drug help them to mend the rift or will it make their differences even larger?

“Wake up!”

Celine tried to ignore the voice and sink back into warm slumber, but someone pulled away her blanket. Automatically she kicked out, but missed the person.

“It is noon already,” the voice insisted, sounding frustrated.

“Sure mom,” Celine mumbled and opened her eyes, just to look in the rather pissed face of her roommate. “This look on your face will give you wrinkles.”

She tried to sit up, but needed two tries. The party yesterday she had had with her boyfriend had left her weak. Wasted, as Kathy would say for sure.

“I thought we agreed to no more parties except we all say yes,” her roommate continued. “We also agreed to no more weed here.”

“It was only some friends coming over,” Celine defended herself. “Besides where should we make party if not in college?”

“You said the same in High School. At some point people have to learn and finish at least some classes, also …” Kathy stopped herself, knowing this speech would bring the same results as the dozens or so before. “Just stand up and take a shower, so I and Mike can clean up the couch.”

Deciding it was easier to be obedient for once, Celine slowly walked in the bathroom, past empty bottles she couldn’t remember emptying. There she took a shower and then she looked at herself in the mirror. She looked good, though she admitted maybe not as good as she had in High School. The constant parties were wasting and the additional stuff her friends offered her maybe a bit too hard. Still, she found herself looking better than Kathy, always had, despite the latter now having a boyfriend and she not.

Celine looked at her right arm and wondered if she should get herself a tattoo. Kathy had been strongly against it, when she had mentioned it to her, but it would be fun to see her freak out! Her childhood friend had always been the one worrying, even more now that her own parents had died. It seemed to her she saw herself as the adult now.

“Mommy Kathy,” Celine said to herself in the mirror and smiled. “You worry too much!”



A bit later, Celine joined her roommate and Mike at the kitchen table. It was breakfast for her and late brunch for them she guessed, as she fixed herself a salami sandwich.

“Sorry about before, but I’m worried,” Kathy began, as Celine had taken place. “Have you checked your finances?”

“Uhmm … yes,” Her roommate mumbled. “It should be enough for at least two semesters, but you know college is expensive.”

Celine could see the anger flare up in the other girls’ eyes. She had to admit she had at last partially lied. The money her parents had left her would have been enough to bring her through college, especially if she had minded to take a small job and change her large room for Kathy’s small, so her boyfriend could properly move in. Even now, it might, would she push it.

Yet, Celine saw no need to do so. Even if the money would dry up – in a semester rather than six if she would have the fun she hoped for – life would go on. She had never been too keen for college anyway, trying it only because her parents had expected it from her. Now Kathy seemed to. Her friend should have something better to do, really. She had a cute, nice boyfriend, an aspiring student already hired in a big pharma giant and Celine was … practically an orphan, but still her friend was the one who couldn’t relax.

Kathy sighed, looking for a moment as if she had come to a decision. “Mike has a proposal to you.”

“My company is running a study for a new drug,” he began, drinking a bit of coffee. “Pretty new and secret. We are searching for testers and you two are perfect.”

“A drug for what?” Celine asked.


Celine starred at him, but obviously he meant it seriously. “I don’t think I need this, yet.”

“Sure,” Mike shrugged, “but you might need the five thousand dollars you get.”

“5 K?!”

Mike nodded. “Each.”

Celine looked at Kathy to see if this was a kind of joke, but her friend looked serious, even more so than normally.

“What is the catch?” She asked. “And how young?”

“The catch is that you two stay here over the weekend while the drug runs its course,” Mike explained. “As for how young: We have to see.”

“Sounds risky.”

“If something goes wrong, I will give you an antidote.”

“I don’t know …” Celine started.

“I know that I need this money,” Kathy stopped her. “It is better than the night shifts at Walmart and if I don’t get this, I will have to look for a cheaper apartment.”

Celine looked at her friend, realizing she was serious this time. Her mind worked. Mike wouldn’t risk giving his girlfriend a dangerous drug. 5 Ks were nice and if something went wrong, she could still sue the company.

“Okay,” Celine gave in. “Seems you dragged me to work again.”

“That is what best friends are there for,” Kathy replied the smile.


Just a few minutes later, Kathy and Celine had signed some papers which the former already seemed to know and the latter hardly glanced at. Mike then handed them some pills and a glass of water.

Celine looked at them skeptically. Did they really weight as much as she felt they did? She glanced at Kathy. Her friend didn’t hesitate, but just threw them in and swallowed with a bit of water.

“Well, at last I will lose weight,” Celine commented and followed suit.

“You two might make history,” Mike commented.

I just want to make money darling!, Celine thought.


Following Mike’s instructions, both girls instantly stepped on the scale. He made notes about the results and quickly began measuring them. Celine didn’t complain, but smiled, as he touched her. He was cute! Still he wasn’t as cute as that she would help him, when he told them he had to carry up a large box with stuff for their test. After all she was supposed to stay right here for the test, wasn’t she?

Kathy of course helped her boyfriend. Together they brought the box in her room only then joining Celine to watch Netflix in the living room.

Time dragged on. After an hour, Mike weighed and measured them again. Both had lost some pounds. Celine didn’t sense anything different on herself though, nor on Kathy, but she did feel slightly tired, something which for sure came from the celebrating last night.

“I have a lie down,” she declared.

Before anyone could protest, she rushed into her room and let herself fall onto her still untidy bed.


Celine awoke to the sound of her cell-phone ringing. She so much wanted to continue sleeping, still feeling groggy, yet a look outside told her it was bright day and wouldn’t Kathy complain again? Moaning she grabbed the cell phone and checked it.

It was a message from Carlos.

Hey baby! Slept out? Really had fun yesterday. Mind if I come by tomorrow morning?

Celine pondered a moment. Kathy would object of course, but she had a friend around, too, so what was the big deal? She quickly tipped:

Yep! Bring good stuff! 😉

Satisfied Celine placed the cell-phone back on the table and stretched. She felt the desire to go back to sleep. Would have, but something was strange. It cost her a moment to realize that her shirt felt oddly baggy. Confused she stood up, only to have her short trousers and panties fall down. Feeling the dread, she rushed to her body-sized mirror. What she saw made her scream.


Moments later her friend and Mike came rushing in her room. Celine starred at them, seeing the shock in their eyes, but not nearly as much as in her own, as she looked back at herself in the mirror. She had the body of a High School Girl of around 12, her lean body showing few signs of the beginning of puberty.

“What did you to me?” Celine asked furiously.

“You knew you could lose some years,” Mike replied.

“Not this much!” Celine touched her breast and felt barely buds.

“The papers said it could go down to two,” Kathy noticed. “Haven’t you read them?”

Celine wanted to tell her friend where she could put the document, when she noticed something.

“You didn’t get younger,” she noticed.

“The drug didn’t work with her,” Mike explained. “As I said, it is a test.”

“The test is over!” Celine replied angrily. “Give me the antidote.”

“You know we need the money,” Kathy reminded her. “Think rational.”

“Fuck the money,” Celine screamed, feeling slightly rough in the throat. Was her voice changing? Was she really sounding like a child? “I’m an adult!”

Her friend looked at her, for a moment looking as if she was going to argue, then she slumped her shoulders.

“Sure,” Kathy said in a defeated tone. “Mike?”

Her boyfriend nodded and walked out of the room, only to come back a bit later with some pills and a glass of water.

Celine took the pills and drank half the glass. “How long until I’m my age again?”

“Tomorrow latest,” Mike explained, taking back the glass. “If not, we go to the hospital.”

If not I will sue you!, she promised herself.

Celine nodded and looked at herself in the mirror, realizing for the first time she only wore an oversized shirt and nothing else. 12, no doubt. She vaguely remembered how proud she had been on her look back then. Now it only looked cute, but not in the way she wanted. She was a goddamn child!

“Do you have any clothes which might fit?” She asked Kathy.

“I have,” Mike answered and added to her surprised look: “We prepared for the test.”

With this he left the room.

Celine again threw a look at herself in the mirror, turning around to get a look from all sides. Her blond hair spinning. Not too bad, really. Then she looked at Kathy, who seemed frustrated.

“Look, I’m sorry it didn’t work out,” she explained honestly. “But no way I will go through puberty twice.”

Her friend gave her a long look, then she sighed.

“I understand your shock, but you lose sight of the big picture. You always tried to avoid working for things. If you had just once …” Kathy stopped herself. “It is okay. Let us not talk about it anymore.”

Celine was okay with that. The last thing she needed was one of these talks while being barely the age of a teenager. Already Mike came in and laid a small bag of clothes on the bed before leaving again. Celine quickly put off her shirt and dressed in what he had brought her without much checking first. It mostly fit, but she was such still surprised to see herself in the mirror.


“Well,” Kathy smiled. “Since you don’t have your old cheerleader uniform lying around anymore.”

Celine glared at her. She now wore a shirt of the local White Lion High School, showing a fitting white lioness and short. No doubt she could have mixed in a crowd of pupils and no one would notice. The other children would have taken her just as another freshman.

“He could have asked,” she pointed out.

Kathy shook her head. “Just watch tv with us.”

Her friend looked at her and nodded. Better than just lying on the bed, despite herself feeling tired again. She followed her in the living room and grabbed some chips from the bow, eating them automatically without true hunger. Watching some old episodes of Married with Children, she dozed off on Kathy’s shoulder.


Celine woke up lying curled on the couch. The tv was off and the light outside slightly dimmed. Rain clouds hung over the houses on the other side of the street.

How long did I sleep?, she wondered.

Becoming fully awake, Celine noticed, that she was covered in a blanket. She kicked it off and sat up, feeling for the first time that something was amiss. The room looked different somehow. Larger. Celine looked down on herself and noticed that her shirt had gotten larger again, only this time it covered her like a tent. Unbelieving – hoping against reason that Kathy had played some sort of prank on her – she pulled at it, only to notice how small and pudgy her hands seemed.

Panicked, Celine jumped off the couch, landing on all fours due to a total lack of coordination. Ignoring it, she stood up again and raced to her room. On half of the way, her feet stepped on the oversized shirt and she fell to her knees. She uttered a yelp more out of frustration than pain, before standing up again and continuing her way with the same speed.

Celine arrived at her mirror breathing hard, but what she saw robbed her of the last air. Had once a young teenager greeted her there – little more than a child – now she saw just a toddler in a totally oversized shirt with a white lioness on it. As the toddler looked at her, the wide eyes in the round face only helped to emphasize its natural cuteness. She had to be around two years old.

“AHHH!!!” Celine’s scream sounded more like a wail.

She raced out of her room to the apartment’s door. She didn’t think much, but that she needed to find help. An ambulance. The police. Anyone!

Celine had only made half of the way, when suddenly two gigantic hands packed her from behind and lifted her in the air. Celine squirmed, but the arms held her impossible firm and pulled her into an embrace. She wanted to kick, but stopped as she found herself starring into Kathy’s large face.

“Shhh …” Her friend cooed. “All will be fine. Don’t be afraid.”

“Nothing is fine!” Celine screamed at her. “I’m a baby! The antidote … how …”

“The antidote didn’t work.” Celine turned around in her friend’s arms to see Mike coming out of Kathy’s room. “We noticed it while you slept and contacted the hospital. They have another sort of antidote, but they are already closed. We have to go there tomorrow.”

Celine looked at the clock near the entrance. It was a bit past 6:00 pm. What were they thinking?

“I want it now!” Celine screamed.

“Shhh …” Kathy cooed again.

This only fueled Celine’s anger and frustration. She began to scream, kick her legs and hit her friend’s shoulder with her hand. It was a tantrum, though she did neither realize nor care. Despite the toddler’s weakness, Kathy had to finally set her down. Celine hit the floor with the heels of her bare feet, lost in a tantrum, until a strange feeling stopped her at once.


It felt suddenly cold between her legs. And wet.

Celine looked down at herself, seeing a black spot spreading on the shirt where it covered her lower body. Open mouthed she looked up again, starring at Kathy and Mike who now seemed like giants. But giants or not, they looked as surprised as she felt.

Feeling the wetness spread to her butt finally made Celine act. Clumsily she stood up, raced past the adults and into the bathroom, leaving little yellow puddles behind her. The moment she shut the bathroom, she got out of the tent of a shirt. Having to fight, Celine climbed on the toilet, needing to prop herself on the toilet seat, not to fall in and completing her humiliation.

With a tinkle the last bit of urine left her bladder.


After what felt like a long time, Celine left the bathroom again. She did so with as much dignity as she could muster while wearing only a towel wrapped around her waist. Barely noticing that the puddles she had left during her flight were gone, she walked into the living room, where Kathy and Mike sat snuggled together on the couch. Outside it had begun to rain.

“Feeling better?” Kathy asked concerned.

“I need clothes,” Celine replied icily.

“We have something prepared.” Mike said.

Kathy looked at the living room table. There was a yellow shirt with a cute white kitten playfully approaching a blue butterfly with her paw. As sickening as this looked to her, it was nothing compared to the diaper with a smiling Elmo on the front next to it.


“It is no reason to be ashamed,” Mike tried to explain. “Being this young simply means your body now lacks some neuronal connections and …”

Celine didn’t care for their medical explanation.

“I want real underwear!” She threw the diaper on the floor, followed by the kitten-shirt. “And something better to wear, too. I’m no baby!”

“The company only send us those,” Mike replied in a calm voice, clearly not to upset her more.

“Then you better go and buy me something.”

Mike looked at her, then at the window, where it still poured and now had begun to rain, then back at her.


Giving Kathy a hug he stood up and quickly left.

Hearing the apartment’s door shut, made Celine feel relieved. She still had power. She was in control about this part of her life at least. Satisfied she turned to go to her room, when she felt something grab her arm like a turnscrew. As she turned to look, she saw it was Kathy. Her friend looked pissed.

“You little entitled brat!”

Celine was shocked and more than a bit scared. “Kathy?”

“What do you think gives you the right to order my boyfriend around?”

She wriggled, but her arm stayed locked in Kathy’s grasp, even when she tried to get free using her other arm and lost the towel in the process.

“Let me go!” Celine demanded.

Instead, Kathy took up the towel, laid it over her knee and then – to Celine’s absolute horror – pulled her now naked friend over it.


Still holding her in position with one hand, Kathy brought the palm of her free hand down on Celine’s bare butt with such force and speed, that the regressed girl was hearing the sound of the smack before feeling the pain.

“Ah … Kath …”

“You have been an entitled brat all your life,” Kathy declared.


“NONONonono …” Celine protested and tried to wiggle free, but the grip was iron.

“Always I had to help you in school.”


“Always you rather stayed with your friends instead learning.”


“Friends you never defended me against.”

“Kath …” Celine tried, but never got to more.


“Always partying.”

“I …” The regressed girl now felt tears run down her face, knowing she was one step away from wailing.


“Wasting the inheritance of your parents I respected!”


On and on it went. All Celine could do was curling her tiny hands into fists while she felt like her butt was set on fire. She wouldn’t bawl, but she already felt her bladder releasing what was left of its content. Even the satisfaction of peeing on her tormentor was denied to her, as it was soaked up by the towel.

“And don’t think I will ever forget how you kissed Mike!”


Had Celine still the strength left in her, she would have protested that she had been completely drunk back then and that Kathy had said she had forgiven her the day after … obviously a lie. Instead of telling her that, the toddler tried to steel herself for the next smack, but it never came. Instead, Kathy took her from her knee and placed her in front of her. The slight dimmer of hope, that her friend was sorry about what she had just done, was extinguished by the iron look in her face.

“You will stand exactly here on the spot!” She told her, starring straight into her eyes. “If I find you have moved only one foot when I come back, I will continue. Do you understand?”

Celine nodded. She knew that if she would answer loud, she might start bawling, so she just nodded, noticing the tears falling from her cheeks. Kathy stood up and went out of the room, leaving her friend without an explanation and supervision. The pain in her butt seemed even to grow.

I could run out of the apartment, Celine thought, rubbing the tears from her eyes and face.

Quickly she disregarded this idea. She remembered how Kathy had grabbed her from behind the last time and how very large her legs were now compared to hers. Even if she managed to reach the door and run down the stairs to the street, then what? Any adult would return a naked toddler to the house she had come from and there was no way they would believe her story over whatever Kathy was going to tell them. If she even admitted knowing her and didn’t just leave her to her fate meaning foster care.

Celine didn’t move a foot. Instead, she tried to steady herself against what might come next. Suddenly she registered that she was sucking her left thumb. It had wandered there when she had rubbed away her tears without her even registering it. Just as it had been when she had been this age before. Back then she been nearly four until she dropped this habit. Celine was disgusted, but at the same time it felt right there. Soothing. Celine found she hadn’t the strength, mental or physical, to let it go.

After what felt like an eternity, Kathy came back with something in her hand. She knelt down and without a word unfolded it next to her. Celine’s horror only grew, as she recognized it as a changing mat. A box with diaper wipes and diaper cream were quickly put besides it.

“Kathy no!” Celine wanted to say, but it came out indecipherable around her thumb.

Her friend didn’t understand or didn’t care.

“Sit down on the mat,” she ordered.

Celine didn’t move, feeling frozen by the horror that awaited her.

“Now!” Chilling coldness in her voice. “Or you will get another spanking.”

Seeing no other way, Celine obeyed. She slowly stepped on the changing mat, feeling its softness under her little feet, before sitting down in its midst. As soft as it was, when her butt touched the ground she winced, feeling she was one step away from crying again.

“Lie down.”

Celine obeyed again, feeling relieved, as the pressure and thus a bit of the pain vanished from her butt. A moment later Kathy grabbed her regressed friend’s ankles and lifted them and the butt in the air. Instinctively the toddler balked. It wasn’t much, but enough for Kathy to react.


“No wriggling!” Kathy commanded.

Celine bit painfully on her thumb as the pain of the slap raced through her little body, but managed to obey. Her friend began to put cream on the reddened skin and after a moment of being increased by the touch, the pain subsided a bit as her butt began to cool. Next came a small cloud of powder, which had a smell Celine found strangely calming. Despite it all, she suddenly found it strange how securely Kathy did all this with one hand still wrapped around her ankles. She herself had never changed a diaper in her life, but now she remembered that her friend had babysat frequently to save a money for college and stuff.

The bottom and groin being properly prepared, Kathy grabbed the diaper, opened it and placed it under her regressed friend. The latter looked away, feeling suddenly more humiliated than even by the spanking. Still, she felt the soft texture on her sore skin, as Kathy let go of her ankles and then over her hairless slit, that was left of her vagina. There was pressure, as the front of her diaper was pressed down and finally the tapes were fixed on it.

With this down, Celine hoped for a moment of peace. Kathy seemingly wouldn’t give it to her, for she grabbed the little girl under the armpits and lifted her to her feet. It was a strange feeling for the latter. The ground was soft and the diaper pressed her legs apart, rustling as she moved them in an effort to maintain balance.

“Thumb out of your mouth and arms up!” Kathy’s voice was still void of any sympathy.

It cost Celine most of her willpower to let go of her thumb, feeling even smaller as she raised her arms over her head. Her friend meanwhile had grabbed the shirt and quickly pulled it over the toddler. For a moment there was only silence. Celine guessed Kathy took her time to admire her work. She had a good idea how she would now look in the white-kitten-shirt with the diaper visible. The regressed girl refused to look up to her, instead focusing her gaze on the tv. Muted, an episode of Friends was running, had the whole time. If only she could focus enough on it to believe the last minutes … the last day hadn’t really happened!

Kathy obviously had other ideas, as she grabbed Celine by the left wrist and half pulled her over the corner of the living room. There she placed a small, decorative table next to her.

“You will sit here in the corner and look at the wall. I want to hear no words from your dirty lips!” Kathy ordered. “As you do so, you will think about what a spoiled brat you have been. When Mike comes back you will tell him how sorry you are for sending him out in the rain. Have I made myself clear?”

The threat in the voice was clear. Against her will, Celine looked up as her friend, who seemed so much bigger than just a few minutes ago. Still, she tried not to show any fear.


The words should have come out hard and angry, instead they sounded sulky even for her own ears. Still, Kathy seemed satisfied. She took her up and put her firmly on the table, before walking away without a word. Celine didn’t look around, because she didn’t want to, she told herself, but had to admit it was rather because she didn’t dare to. Even the memory of the spanking made her shiver and her butt still hurt even when seated padded.

Looking down Celine studied for the first time the details of her diaper. Curious against her will, she touched its front, felt the softness and heard the crinkle. It was decorated by Elmo. As a kindergartener she had loved the red plush and the whole Sesame Street with it, making this feel even more like a mockery. Even the white kitten on the shirt seemed to tease her in her innocent play.

Celine looked up, seeing only the wall, remembering how she had chosen the green tone and felt even more depressed by it. Her thoughts wandered to her friend. Kathy had seemed so big, so in control. Mature, maybe more so than she herself had ever been. Did she deserve this? Had she been a brat? Should she feel sorry? The world suddenly seemed so large. She could smell the diaper cream. It bothered her, but compared to the smell of urine she had smelled on her before it was nearly heavenly. Needing comfort, her thumb again wandered to her mouth, but she stopped it half on its way, looking down at it with sudden disgust.


These were the instincts of her toddler-body influencing her mind. She was no toddler, but an adult and had to think like one. Kathy had been wrong in what she had said and even more in what she had done. It was her fault. Hers and Mike’s. she would sue them! Sue them for the drug-trial, the spanking and everything. Kathy complained that she didn’t give them her room? They would soon sleep under a bridge!

Determined, Celine crossed her arms in front of her flat chest, feeling suddenly very mature, despite looking like a defiant toddler.


As Celine continued to look at the wall, she could hear Kathy being busy elsewhere in the apartment. She would have loved to look, but knew better than to turn around. After what seemed like an eternity, she could hear the apartment door being opened. A moment later, Kathy was by her side and put her from the table to the floor.

“Remember to apologize!” She told her sharply.

Obviously not expecting an answer, Kathy pulled Celine to the apartment’s floor. The regressed girl had grave problems following her, for not only her small, pudgy legs meant she had to make nearly two steps for one of her friend’s, but the diaper forced her to change her movements to more of a toddle. They stopped in front of Mike, who had let a large plastic bag fall besides him and whose clothes were indeed very wet. His sour face changed to surprise, as his eyes fell on Celine.

“Celine had another accident, so she accepted she really needed a diaper,” Kathy lied, still holding her friend’s hand. “She also wanted to tell you something.”

With the last words, Kathy’s grip tightened around Celine’s hand to the border of being painful.

“I’m sorry for sending you out in the rain,” Celine said, trying to sound honest.

Mike smiled. “Well, the changes must have been a bit overwhelming to you. At least we have something for you to wear tomorrow.”

Celine showed a weak smile and nodded, thinking inwardly how the man responsible for her state would look homeless in the streets.

“You are the best,” Kathy said and gave her boyfriend a kiss, before turning to her friend. “Sleep time.”

The regressed college girl looked at the clock hanging on wall near the entrance, showing barely 8:00 pm.

“But …” Celine’s protest was cut short by her friend painfully tightening the grip around her hand.

“You had a very long day and need to be fresh tomorrow.” Kathy’s voice was barely concealed iron. “Other little girls your age are already in their beds. So, go brush your teeth and don’t fuss.”

As her friend let go of her hand, Celine remembered all the time they had argued because she had partied until late in the night, while Kathy wanted to sleep. A playful slap on the back of her diaper made clear who had won the argument for now. Clenching her hands to fists, Celine toddled to the bathroom, only throwing a look back to see the adults embracing and kissing.


Brushing her teeth took her longer than normal. Celine wouldn’t even have reached the sink if not for the step-stool Kathy – always prepared – had already placed there. Even standing on it, she didn’t reach the mirror, but had no intention to look into the face that wasn’t hers. Instead, she tried to distract herself by thinking of other things. Her teeth for example. She clearly had baby-teeth now, so what had happened with her old ones?

Her contemplation was stopped by Kathy entering.


Celine spit out and nodded.

“Arms up.”

Knowing better than to ask why, Celine simply obeyed, allowing the adult to remove her shirt.

“Keep them up,” Kathy ordered, as she put the shirt away.

Feeling dread, Celine obeyed, noticing how her friend grabbed something behind her, she couldn’t quite see. A second later, her arms were pulled through holes and then her head, after which Kathy pulled something down which could only be a nightgown, reaching nearly to her feet. It was pink and had some motives on it. Which she couldn’t see and didn’t care to. Kathy obviously did, as she lifted her regressed friend up to stand on the sink, so she could see her in the full light of the bathroom-cabinet.

Against her will, Celine looked in the mirror, too, proofing her worst fears true. Not only was the nightgown pink, it had puffs and the motives were sleeping teddy bears, stairs and the moon. Cute enough for Celine to get caries, despite having just brushed her teeth.

“Just perfect!” Kathy voiced her opinion. “You must really thank the people of the company tomorrow for buying you such a lovely night-gown.”

Celine bit her lips, not to respond truthfully. A moment later, Kathy carried her into her room. The regressed girl was thankful for this, for while the diaper felt odd and her butt ached even now, she at least would be in her own room. The place she could at last feel safe. Thus, she was totally aghast to find a travel-crib placed in the middle of it.

“I don’t need …”

“You don’t need an oversized bed just for you. Especially one you could fall out of,” Kathy stopped her, as they approached the crib. “You do need one with firm walls to contain a wild, immature little girl like you.”

With this she placed her regressed friend so that she sat right in the middle of the crib. Celine looked around, finding her view of her room impaired by the mesh-net surrounding her. Even worse, she discovered Mr. Bling sitting in a corner. Her old teddy bear which she had only kept as a near forgotten memorandum on one of the shelves.

We are crib-pals again!, the dark, polished eyes seemed to say. Isn’t that great?

Furious beyond words, Celine looked up, glaring at Kathy who had obviously done her best to humiliate her. The adult only smiled.

“Are you done now?” Celine asked. “Let me sleep.”

“Not quite yet.” Her friend replied.

Before Celine could ask her, she could hear steps from the floor and soon saw Mike entering, carrying something which she couldn’t identify due to it being concealed by Kathy’s body.

“Everything good here?” Mike asked.

“Everything is fine,” his girlfriend replied, giving him a kiss and taking the object. “Wait for me on the couch, I will come soon.”

Mike left and Kathy turned around, allowing Celine to see what she held. It was a baby bottle.

“No!” The little girl protested, standing up in the crib, even when she had to first go on all fours. “No way. No. No. No.”

Kathy looked down on her unimpressed.

“There are two reasons for you to drink. Your body needs this to start up again. You have not noticed, that you lacked hunger today?” Celine flinched. “Thought so. This is the adult reason. But you are no adult anymore and maybe never were, so here the reason which is important to you.” Kathy leaned over the edge of the crib. Her large face icy. “Because I say so.”

Celine looked at the bottle. Giraffes and elephants decorated it. The white content was clearly visible, as was the plastic nipple she was supposed to drink it from. Celine made a small step back, despite knowing the futility of it, causing her friend to sigh.

“Listen carefully. There are two ways this happens. Number one: I pick you up, carry you to the chair there, lay you over my knee, pull your nightgown and your diaper down. Then I spank you until you stop being a brat. Then I cradle you and feed you the bottle, like I would normally do with babies half your age.” She showed two fingers. “Number two: You take your ba like a good toddler girl, lie down and drink it all up while I watch … Your choice.”

Celine hated both options, but knew which would at last leave her with a spark of dignity. Cautiously, as if it could bite her, she took the bottle from Kathy. It was warm and felt rather heavy. She laid down, by falling on her knee in a sudden failure of coordination. Luckily aside from her padded bottom, the mattress was pretty soft, too. The toddler laid on her back, head on a small pillow and looked at the nipple. The thought of drinking from it was so disgusting, still what choice did she have? She put it in her mouth and began to suck.

“It doesn’t work!” Celine complained after a while. It sounded too much like a whine for her, but her sucking wasn’t rewarded by much.

“Turn the nipple around,” her friend said, still standing unmoving on the side of the crib.

Celine scowled, believing to hear belittling in her voice. Yet, she followed the instructions and was rewarded with a steady flow of warm milk through her mouth straight into her stomach. After a few seconds she found the most efficient and oddly calming rhythm. As Celine got more comfortable drinking this way, her eyes didn’t leave that of her friend. No way she would give her the satisfaction of looking comfy. She starred at her as her belly got fuller and her eyes got heavier and heavier and …


Celine awoke from a wild dream. She had been a baby again and living home with her parents who watched her, as she played on living room floor wearing only a diaper. The dream left her confused, a confusion which seemed to be lifted when she realized she lay in a crib and spotted Mr. Bling next to her.

I’m a baby, she thought and grabbed her teddy bear to hug him.

This thought came with relieve, for it meant that all the bad parts – her parents being dead, her being mistreated by her supposedly best friend – were just a bad dream. As she hugged her bear, Celine smiled and relaxed, until she suddenly felt her groin growing warm, as her bladder released its content. She knew she wore a diaper and part of her which was still in the dream told her it was okay and completely natural for little girls like her. Her rational part had none of it and suddenly she was completely awake. Instead of accepting it, reality broke down on her with the force of a waterfall and she sat up.

In an effort to close her bladder again, Celine tried to cross her legs, but the swollen front of her diaper prevented it and any effort only gave her a squishy feeling. Finally, she managed to stop the flow, but she could already feel the warm wetness spread to the back parts of her diaper. Part of her wanted to cry and she instinctively hugged Mr. Bling tighter, while sucking a thumb. Feeling slightly better, she looked around through the mesh-net and over the edge of the crib.

It was her room, even when it looked gigantic now and she couldn’t see much in the twilight light coming from the street lamps outside. Still, being in a known place relaxed her. This and the rhythmic sucking of her thumb slowly made her doze off again, even the warmth of her diaper being in a strange way comforting. Suddenly, probably by the light of a car being reflected from outside, the room became brighter and Celine could see in the large mirror near the wall. There she discovered a toddler girl in a pink nightgown, holding a teddy bear and sucking her thumb.

This isn’t me!, she told herself. This is what Kathy wants me to be!

Angrily she pulled her thumb out of her mouth and threw Mr. Bling in a corner of the crib. Her stuffed friend came to lie on its side and looked at her accusingly. Celine didn’t care. All she cared for right now, was getting out of this dirty diaper, no matter what Kathy would say or do. Maybe she could manage to escape. Even the dark streets seemed to her suddenly better than the crib.

Celine tried to stand up, but found it harder than normal due to her smaller limbs and the weight of her diaper on her hips. First, she got on her knees and then with the help of her hands in a crouching position. Something went wrong then. A pressure in her bowels she had noticed since waking up, but had easily ignored, suddenly made itself known with a force as horrible as undeniable. The instincts of her young body teamed up with its weakened muscles and as her toes curled, Celine grunted as she released her bowels.

Warmth filled the back of her diaper.

When she was finally done, she tried to stand up to remove the diaper, only for the weight of her behind making her lose balance and fall on her butt. It could have been worse, or so the rational part of her mind told her. The squishy mass she fell on prevented her butt from hurting. Still, this feeling coupled with the smell was enough for Celine’s mind to bury any adult thoughts under a wave of infantile emotions like horror, humiliation and the feeling of total helplessness. She began to wail unhindered and in doing so barely felt that her bladder, now free of any mature control, released the rest of its content.

What followed was broken, more nightmare than reality, as Celine’s mind was no longer grounded by adult rationality. She believed to see Kathy rise from her bed and pick her up. Next, she believed herself on the changing mat in the living room, the bright lights glittering above as she saw them through her tear-filled eyes. At the same time, she felt something wet being used to clean her butt. After this she found herself in Kathy’s arms, who walked up and down the floor as Celine still cried inconsolable despite her friend’s soothing noises. Then there was the feeling of warmth, as she lay in Kathy’s lap, with the latter holding the bottle Celine drank thirstily from.

The last memory of this night was her lying on her bed, but between Kathy and Mike. She wore a new, clean diaper and saw Mr. Bling next to her. Celine knew she should be upset for many reasons, the newest being her friend and thus boyfriend had taken over her bed, but found she didn’t have the strength to do so. Instead, she looked at Mike. She had always been envious of Kathy for having such a reliable, good looking boyfriend with a bright future. Maybe she had even been not as drunk as she had wanted to admit, when she had kissed him back then. Yet, she would never have tried to steal him for her childhood friend. She had boundaries, despite all what Kathy said, even when it had become obvious that their view of life was too different for their own good.

Still, being such close to him and that due to their own fault, meant she could at least enjoy it. She snuggled a bit closer to him, looking at his shadowy muscular form, his stubbly face, smelled shaving foam and the slightly musk smell of masculinity and felt … nothing. The feeling of sexual attraction she would normally have felt wasn’t there. In its place was a feeling of warmth and security. It cost Celine a moment to recognize it as shades of the same sort of love she had felt for her father and felt the slight urge to be hugged by him.

Disgusted she turned away, looking at Kathy. It was too dark to make even out if she was awake, but Celine was suddenly sure her friend smiled, knowing exactly what had just happened. With a feeling of defeat, the little girl grabbed her teddy bear and hugged him, slowly sinking to sweet, dreamless sleep.


Celine awoke with a yawn.

There was no confusion this time. She knew she was an adult, though in the body of a toddler. Still, she fought the dread by remembering there were three positive things. Frist she was alone in her bed, Mike and Kathy having already left. The bed was way too large for her now, but she had always loved the freedom of a large bed. Second, her diaper was still dry, no small feat, considering the empty baby bottle she noticed next to the bed and vaguely remembering Kathy feeding her with it. Third, it would be over soon. A view on the clock showed that it was half past nine, meaning they would soon go to the hospital where she could be turned back into an adult.

Satisfied, Celine hopped to the side of the bed, where she let herself carefully slide down, until the tips of her small feet touched the floor. It had been too high for her – she had to admit Kathy had been right with that – still, as she walked past the mobile crib, she glared at it and her supposed friend in mind. The regressed college girl vowed to walk to a lawyer the moment she was biologically an adult again.

When Celine reached the kitchen, she found Kathy and Mike already busy preparing the table.

“Look who is up! I just wanted to wake you,” Kathy noticed cheerfully. “Sit down. We are almost ready.”

Celine did so, climbing a chair and getting enough height by sitting on her knees. For a moment she didn’t know if she should feel thankful or not for that the company had not provided them with a high-chair. It felt strange. Not just her size, but that they would sit at the table together for breakfast. Normally she woke up, when the two had already left the house for their seminars.

Finally, Kathy provided her with a salami-sandwich, which she ate with surprising hunger. Her stomach might be small, but seemingly empty.

“When will we go to the hospital?” She asked after she was halfway done with her sandwich.

“In an hour,” Mike explained. “Don’t worry. I already sent them an E-Mail. They will be prepared for you.”

Celine nodded. They better were.

“I wanted to say that I’m sorry that things got …” Kathy searched for the right word. “Out of hand yesterday. Let us try make things better today.”

Celine glared at her. This was how she called it? Her butt had felt like Kathy’s hand had hit every time.


“Well, let us begin by getting you out of the diaper and into big girl underwear.” Kathy suggested. “Seems okay since you are dry this morning.”

“Okay,” Celine replied, not being able to bring a thank you over her lips.

“Okay,” Kathy repeated with a smile. “Let’s finish eating, then you go to the potty, then into the bathtub. You sure want to be all clean and pretty for the hospital and when you are big again later.”

Celine nodded. She hated the way her friend gave her a schedule, but at last she had something to look to for. Not having to go outside wearing a diaper seemed especially promising.

The rest of the breakfast seemed to last forever, as Mike and Kathy talked about the courses, they wanted to take next semester and the latest college gossip. It bored Celine to no end. Not only did she not take part in any of these, but the way the two talked made all of this insanity look normal. Finally, they stood up and began to clean up. Celine wanted to go to the bathroom, but Kathy’s voice stopped her.

“One moment. I fear the adult potty is too big for you. You risk to fail in.”

Celine turned around, knowing it to be at last partially true from her experience yesterday.

“What do you suggest?” She asked skeptical.

Her friend walked past her, into her own room, where she obviously went through the company’s box and came back with a yellow training potty.

“No way!” Celine said.

“Are we bratty again?” Kathy asked, her voice suddenly having a chill.

Celine didn’t respond, so Kathy grabbed her firmly by her hand and led her back into the kitchen, where she put the potty on the ground. Next her friend removed the nightgown and then undid the tapes of the diaper, so it fell on the ground between her feet. Celine looked to Mike, who stood at the sink, doing the dishes with the back to them and her hands wandered in front of her vagina.

“Nothing much to see for him,” Kathy commented. “Sit down.”

Celine just starred at the yellow plastic potty and tried to overcome her reluctance, when Kathy sighed and lifted her on it.

“See,” she commented. “The plastic front protects you from any view. It also prevents little boys from playing with their wee-wee and drops of tinkles from falling on the ground.”

“I still can’t do it,” Celine protested. “Kathy I …”

The doorbell rang and Mike went after it.

“Nonsense,” Kathy replied unimpressed. “I babysat many little boys and girls starting potty training who were afraid of the potty, too. Just sit there and it will open.”

Celine was about to say something, when she heard a voice from the door and froze.

“I want to speak to Celine.” It was her friend Carlos.

“I’m afraid she isn’t here,” Mike replied.

“She told me yesterday she would be and that I should come,” Carlos explained.

From above, Kathy gave Celine a look she didn’t like.

“Let him come in,” she called them.

“What are you doing?!” Celine whispered.

Kathy just gave her a wide, nasty smile.

Already Carlos entered the kitchen, obviously confused by the scene.

“Hello Carlos,” Kathy greeted him kindly. “I’m sorry Celine isn’t here. She got a surprise visit from an aunt. They went on a walk and will probably eat something together. She also left her cellphone here. No idea when she is back. You know her.”

“Mhh,” he replied reluctantly, looking down at Celine.

“This is Susie. She is Celine’s cousin. I babysit here while she and her mother are gone,” Kathy lied, looking down at her friend. “Say, hello to the nice man Susie.”

Celine didn’t respond, feeling like frozen.

“Be nice Susie.” Kathy’s voice remained sweet, but there was a certain hardness Celine recognized.

“Hello,” Celine said, her voice breaking.

Carlos looked down at her a moment longer, obviously noticing a certain resemblance between the toddler and the woman he had already slept with, but then shrugged, seemingly guessing it was familiar resemblance.

“Okay,” Carlos said. “When she comes back, can you …”

Suddenly he looked down again, having heard a popping sound. It came from something leaving Celine’s relaxed bowels and falling into the potty. Their eyes met a second and she could see sudden realization, followed by disgust. This made her bladder release itself, too, clearly audible by a tinkling sound. The little girl turned her eyes away, while her thumb automatically found its way into her mouth.

“You did caca?” Kathy cooed from above. “What a big girl!”

Celine tried to ignore her. Instead, she looked on her legs. They were little legs, perfectly fitting for the potty. If she just starred at them, she could tell herself, that everything was okay, that there was nothing wrong with her sitting here and using the potty. Maybe she could even pretend her friend wasn’t watching from above.

“Yeah, I’m off.” Carlos told them, turning to leave. “Just tell her I was here.”

“Sure. Have a nice day,” Kathy said. “Susie, wave the nice man goodbye.”

The little girl didn’t even bother to look up and Carlos didn’t care to linger, so a few seconds later Celine heard the door shut. When she did look up, she saw Kathy smile down on her and realized that she was still sucking her thumb. Angrily she let go of it.

“Did you have to do this?” She asked.

“Did you have to invite him?” Her friend replied.

Celine knew she had no answer for this. “I’m done.”

Kathy nodded and without warning lifted her friend into a standing position. Then she grabbed a paper towel and cleaned Celine’s front and behind.

“Throw it in the grown-up potty and then climb in the bathtub,” Kathy ordered.

Wordlessly Kathy obeyed. As she entered the bathroom, she noticed that someone had already begun letting water in the bathtub. She threw the content of the potty in the toilet, flushed and turned to the bathtub. There was already a respectable amount of foam on the water. She would have preferred a quick shower, but knew arguing would be useless, so she tried to climb in, but failed in the first try to lift her leg over the edge. She never got a second try, as Kathy came in, grabbed her from behind and put her in.

“Sit,” she ordered.

Celine did and quickly tried to hide her most private parts from her friend with foam, despite the many times she had to have seen it by now.

“I could have just showered,” she complained.

“Look up and tell me you could have reached it,” Kathy replied.

Celine did look up and found the shower head far, far above.

“Besides bathing is better for such young skin,” Kathy added. “Don’t you like the warmth?”

Against her will, Celine did, feeling it soothing her body and relaxing it.

“Just imagine this beautiful skin would be spoiled by a tattoo,” Kathy said, as she grabbed a sponge.

“It is my decision,” Celine reminded her. “Why do you always criticize me?”

“Because you make the wrong decisions,” Kathy replied, beginning to rub her friend’s back. “Like not studying.”

“Maybe I will not leave college with a degree,” Celine admitted. “But who cares. Many don’t and at last I had a good time. My grades in High School weren’t too bad, so I won’t have too many problems finding a job.”

“Your parents would have cared.” Kathy cleaned her friend’s front. “What jobs would you do anyway?”

“Drugtester?” Celine asked cynically. “Seems to be well-paid.”

Kathy made a sour face, looking not convinced.

“Besides, you know it were my parents who wanted me to study in the first place,” Celine noticed, giving in as her friends made her extend her arm. “Your way isn’t the only one.”

“It is the easier one,” Kathy argued. “Secure.”

“I had much more fun on mine so far.” Her friend noticed. “Ever thought that I make more of my life and your studying doesn’t make you happy in the end?”

Kathy remained silent, proceeding to clean Celine by shampooing her hair and finally emptying a cup of water over her. When finished, she put her on the step stool and dried her off with a big, fluffy towel, before blow drying her hair. When the warm air caressed her sensitive skin, Celine couldn’t suppress a giggle during this.


Dressing up was considerably less fun. Not just that Kathy insisted to help her on every step, the panties were decorated with a kitty image and the while the dress was in a simple white, it screamed of an innocence Celine didn’t want to hide herself in. Still, it meant she was one way closer to be an adult again and finally wearing the clothes she wanted.

As they let the apartment complex, Celine turned left, but Kathy’s hand on her shoulder stopped her.

“Where are you going?”

“Mike’s car?”

“Mike doesn’t have a child-seat,” Kathy told her.

“So?” Celine couldn’t see the point. “It is hardly five minutes to drive.”

“We do not want trouble with some nice police-officer, do we?” Kathy asked. “Besides it is hardly fifteen minutes to walk through the park and it is a lovely morning.”

Celine knew she couldn’t argue with her friend. And after all, she had been through so much, that these minutes more would hardly make a different. The entrance of the park was on the other side of the street. It wasn’t a busy street, but Kathy insisted of taking her hand as they walked over it and wouldn’t let go, when they entered the park. Celine tried to ignore it, as she tried to ignore the cyclists, pedestrians and joggers, passing them, who could of course see nothing in her but a little girl being walked through the park by … her young parents?

Celine’s stomach grew cold by this thought.

They passed a man walking his German shepherd. Suddenly the dog turned in her direction, tail wagging and tongue out, as if it wanted to lick her face. Luckily the dog’s owner pulled it back before it could come anywhere close and so it trotted away with a disappointed whine.

“The nice doggy only wanted to say hello,” Kathy commented.

Celine realized that she had grabbed her friend’s hand harder.

“I was not afraid!” She lied, easing her grab.

Kathy just smiled and Celine swallowed the comment of how she would like to be approached by something the relative size of a bear.

They went on, until they came to a playground. Celine wanted to go past it without looking at it, but Kathy stopped and so forced her to do the same.

“Look the children there.” Kathy pointed to the three kindergarteners climbing a small hill with a slide. “They for sure can have fun without alcohol or other nasty stuff.”

“They also think playing in the mud is fun,” Celine replied dryly. “Please stop preaching and …”

She stopped as she noticed a woman pushing a stroller approaching them. Kathy didn’t see her and wanted to say something, but Mike gently pressed her other hand.

“Someone wants to talk to us,” he warned her.

Kathy turned around to greet her, meanwhile Celine took a look at the occupant of the stroller. It was a little girl, around two … her age, as she realized sourly. The girl had brown, curled hair, freckles and curious brown eyes which seemed to see straight through Celine. The latter had always hated this way little children looked at her and found it now even more unnerving. She also wore a green Princess-Snowwhite-shirt and blue fabric shorts.

“Oh hello,” the woman greeted them. “I didn’t want to disturb you, but I just came her and wondered if your daughter wanted to play with mine. There seem to be no other children their age around and Judy loves to play with others.”

“Oh, Celine isn’t our daughter, but the niece of a friend. We babysit her a bit,” Kathie lied with a smile, while pressing Celine’s hand harder. “She just told me how much she wanted to play here.”

The regressed college girl glared up at her friend, knowing there was little she could say, especially since she also risked sounding too mature.

“Wonderful!” The woman said, taking her daughter out of the stroller. “Do you want to play with this nice girl?”

The other girl nodded smiling, never leaving her eyes off Celine.

“Let’s swing!” She said, grabbing Celine’s hand and began pulling.

Celine resisted at first, but Kathy gave her a playful slap on the bottom which made her jump.

“Don’t be shy.” Her friend said with a large smile. “And play nicely.”

Celine threw a last angry look at Kathy and then gave in. As she half followed, half was dragged over the playground, she nearly instantly felt sand in her sandals. Looking at Judy’s bare feet she realized that the other girl didn’t care, just like she seemingly didn’t care that most of the playground equipment were nearly too large for them. Especially the climbing tower practically loomed over them like a two-level building.

Finally, they reached the swings. These were clearly made for toddlers, being as close to the ground as possible, still they seemed too high for Celine. Yet, Judy managed to climb on one and with a bit of effort, so did Celine. Further proofing her experience over the latter, Judy then managed to move the swing first by pushing her legs, something Celine reluctantly imitated.

As her swing reached a certain speed, Celine felt oddly satisfied. She lifted her feet and let the sand run out of the sandals. Though she had to grab the ropes not to fall down, she felt safe on her seat. As much as she hated to admit it, she had fun.

This lasted until she got a look at Kathy. She and Mike had set on a bench with the other woman and were talking intensely with her, laughing from time to time. Celine just knew they were talking about them. Sharing stories about their little girls, true or not. Suddenly Kathy turned, noticed her regressed friend on the swing and waved smiling.

Having enough of this humiliation, Celine jumped off the swing and fled into one of the little wooden houses which had just the right size for her. Angry she clenched and unclenched her fists. She would make Kathy bleed for this somehow.

“Wanna pway hous?”

Celine looked up. Judy had followed her, looking at her with the same innocent curiosity as before.

“No,” the regressed woman answered angrily, hoping the girl would take the hint.

“Me be mommy and you baby,” the girl replied, ignoring her. “Cause me older!”

Celine glared at her. “You are not!”

“Am!” Judy insisted. “Me wear training pants.”

With this she lifted her shirt and lowered her shorts to proudly reveal she wore indeed training pants with Princess Cinderella on it.

“I’m grown up!” Celine explained and lifted her dress to reveal her kitty panties.

She knew this was a childish reaction, still the way Judy suddenly looked at her with admiration seemed worth it. It somehow reminded her the way Kathy had looked at her when they were younger and the latter so obviously envious of Celine’s natural grace and social skills.

“Wanna slide?” Judy asked, suddenly a certain tone of submission in her voice.

Celine didn’t want, but even less she wanted Kathy coming to look after them, also Judy was hard to dislike. She nodded gracefully.


Judy raced on and Celine quickly followed her up the nearby green hill, where the slide was built on to. Arriving there the girls found the start of the slide blocked by the same three kindergartners Celine had seen before.

“Then he flew off …” The first one rose his hand high in the air.

“No, Cyborg is stronger,” the second said. “He builds all these cool machines.”

“No Aquaman,” the third replied. “He can dive forever.”

“Excuse me?” Celine knew such discussions could go on forever. “We want to slide.”

The nearest boy – number two with brown hair and a green shirt – looked at her and scowled, maybe for a moment surprised by the language skill displayed by such a young girl. Then he quickly turned back to his friends, making no effort to move.

Celine glared at them. The kindergartners were maybe more than double her current age and had one third more weight, not to mention at last a head more height, but she wouldn’t let them push her around. Angry she tried to get past them, only to find her way now actively blocked by the nearest boy making a step sideways. He made it look as if he hadn’t noticed her, continuing the discussion with his friends, but Celine could see him smile.

“Wanna sand-play,” Judy said, tugging at Celine’s dress, clearly intimidated by the older children.

“Yes,” the first of the three boys told them. “The slide isn’t for babies.”

“You are the baby!” Celine shouted, not caring the slightest how much more articulate she sounded compared to Judy.

“Bet you still wet the bed,” the first said.

“And suck your thumb,” the second added.

“And … sleep in a crib!” The third added, obviously searching for something.

Celine felt her cheeks grow hot. This was too close to the truth for her comfort. Judy still tucked at her dress and part of her mind told her it would be the best idea, the most mature idea to just turn around and walk away. Still, her pride and anger didn’t allow her to do so. Instead, she tried again to push past the nearest boy – number one –, only to have him push her.

It wasn’t a hard push, but it disturbed her balance enough for her to fall on her butt. The landing wasn’t hard either, the ground being soft grass, but the shock of being treated this way by a kindergartener hurt her more than she could describe with words. Still, she swore herself not to give in and was about to stand up to attack the brat who shoved her, only to noticed a by now familiar warmth between her legs.

“No …” She whined, looking down only to discover a growing dark spot on her white dress.

“The baby made a mess,” the first boy said.

Celine looked up at him. She tried to glare, tried to shout, lash out, tried to look mature despite everything, but he suddenly seemed so very big and she could feel the warmth between her legs still spreading. Spilling tears of anger and embarrassment, Celine stood up and by instinct alone walked into direction of the benches, Judy following.

What followed next she went through like through fog. As they approached the grown-ups who were still busy talking, she broke into a run. Once there, Celine felt unable to say anything, all her concentration being focused on the wet spot between her legs. It was Judy who got their attention and told them in the best way a two-year-old could what had happened. Her mom and Mike went in the direction of the kindergarteners, who had been clever enough to try to hide the moment they had seen where the girls were going, but clearly lacked the room to do so.

Meanwhile Kathy put Celine out of her wet dress and panties, causing her to stand naked on the bench for everyone to see. Strangely the regressed adult this moment didn’t feel ashamed, though her thumb again wandered into her mouth. The by now accustomed feeling and sucking calmed her, while Kathy cleaned her with baby-wipes she had taken out of her backpack. She also didn’t feel much by seeing her friend take out a changing mat, placing it on the bench and then putting her on it.

It was only when Celine saw the diaper being pulled out and spread, that she uttered a whine of protest.

“I know,” Kathy said, true sympathy in her voice. “It wasn’t your fault, but I packed no other underwear.”

Celine looked left, away from the act of getting another diaper, only to notice Judy. The toddler stood by the bench and watched it all curiously. By the time the diaper was taped firmly on the regressed college girl, Mike and Judy’s mother came back, also the three kindergarteners along with their unhappy parents. Kathy placed Celine, who still wore only a diaper on her knees. Normally the latter would have protested being presented this way, but now it allowed her to look down on her tormentors.

One by one they excused themselves under the stern looks of their parents and one by one Celine nodded, blissfully uncaring that she still sucked her thumb. When they were gone, for sure facing further trouble back home, Kathy gave her friend a soft hug.

“Now you can slide,” she told her.

“No,” Celine protested, finally noticing she had still sucked her thumb.

“Don’t let those three meanies ruin the fun for you,” Kathy replied and stood up, her friend in arms. “This looks like an amazing slide. I would love it if I were your size.”

Then ask your boyfriend for it, Celine wanted to scream, but Judy and her mother walked next to them, so she could only helplessly watch as she was carried back to the slide on the hill. Kathy placed Celine on the start of the slide, though the latter had no interest to use it. Not just she had only wanted to go on it for Judy’s sake, but the slide suddenly appeared long and very steep. Even less than being keen to slide she was keen to being seen by the others as a scared little girl though, so Celine sat down. The feeling of the fabric of her diaper on metal made it all even odder than it already was, but she overcame herself and moved slightly forward.

The slide was quick. Maybe it was due to her diaper, maybe it was simply the normal speed, Celine couldn’t say, but the feeling of speed and the wind on her except for the diaper and sandals naked body made her feel exhilarated and more alive than before. No way she would repeat it, but as she looked up the slide while stand in the sand she was tempted.

Judy followed her quickly after. The toddler squealed in excitement and on reaching the ground quickly embraced Celine.

“Let play house!” She suggested. “Me mommy you baby.”

“I’m not a …” Celine stopped and looked down on herself. Naked but for the diaper there seemed to be no point in arguing, especially with Judy being the one wearing training pants.

“What are you girls plotting?” Kathy asked, as she walked down the hill.

“We play house.” Judy explained cheerfully. “I am mommy and she baby.”

Kathy looked down on Celine and smiled, for which alone the latter wanted to murder her.

“Sounds nice,” the adult replied. “But little Celine still has another appointment, so we need to cut it short.”

Judy’s shoulders slumped in visible disappointment. Kathy and her mother exchanged a look.

“Well,” Kathy said. “Maybe a round of see-saw is still in.”

“Ya!” Judy replied, rushing to the equipment.

Celine had to be pushed to it, but finally took place on the one of the two seats held down by Kathy, as Judy already sat on the other one.

“Hold tight girls,” Judy’s mother told them.

Celine found this suggestion belittling, until her seat went up and she found herself in a height of at least her current one. Instinctively she grabbed tighter.

“And down it goes,” Kathy said besides her.

The feeling of falling made Celine press harder on the feet-handles. Up and down. Up and down. Against herself she enjoyed it. Not as much as Judy, who squealed every time the seat moved, but it was definitely her high point today. It ended when both girls were lifted out of their seats and carried back to the benches, where they were made to say goodbye.

“Bye Celine!” Judy said, waving while already seated in her stroller.

“Goodbye Judy,” Celine replied.

She didn’t wave, feeling above such juvenile gestures, but had to admit that she felt a tad of disappointment of seeing the little girl being driven away. Her enthusiasm had been catching and she had been a much more comfortable companion than Kathy lately.

“Arms up,” her friend ordered.

Celine obeyed without much hesitation, feeling something being pulled down her arms and then her head. As she looked down on herself, she noticed that she wore the shirt with the playing kitten.

“Trousers?” Celine asked without much hope.

“I have forgotten any of these.” Kathy admitted. “But it is only a short walk from here.”

A short walk where everyone sees me wearing a diaper, Celine thought sourly.

Knowing there was nothing to be done about it though, she took the hand her friend had extended and walked between her and Mike the way to the park’s next exit. There they crossed a street and arrived just at the hospital’s entrance. Celine felt relieved that they had reached their goal, but also a bit intimidated, as they passed the entrance door and encountered so many strange adults. Also, the surrounding looked strange, clearly not made for her size, so she couldn’t see on the counter of the reception. Kathy still held her hand, as she led her deeper into the building, until they reached a part reserved for research.

Celine had never taken any interest in where her friend worked besides studying, but the way some of the staff nodded to her it was clear they knew her. It was also clear the way they looked at her, that they knew she was not just an ordinary toddler … or even a toddler.

“Dr. Helm will come any moment,” a female doctor told Kathy. “You can drop her at room 316.”

Kathy nodded and led her regressed friend to the mentioned room. It was only when they entered, that Celine realized something.

“What did she mean with drop?” She asked.

Kathy smiled, picked her friend up and put her on the examination table. The feeling of its surface consisting of paper protection and the plastic below on her diaper felt strange.

“I and Mike have a seminar starting soon,” she told her. “It means you have to wait here a bit until Dr. Helm come to you.”

“Alone?!” Celine couldn’t believe it. “Don’t you think this is a bit more important than a seminar?”

“Learning is very important,” Kathy replied, her voice having the sad tone of someone having to explain something to a child again and again. “But don’t worry. Dr. Helm is very nice, also you don’t have to wait alone.”

With this she put her backpack on the examination table and unpacked Mr. Bling whom she put besides Celine.

“Not funny!” Celine replied dryly.

“At least he gets a bit of fresh air,” Kathy commented, shrugging, as she put her backpack back on. “We will visit you soon. Promised!”

Celine believed to see a glimmer in her friend’s eyes, but she had already turned away, before her regressed friend could get a second look and quickly left the room.

“Until later,” Mike told her, as he followed his girlfriend and closed the door behind him.

Stunned Celine half raised her hand to wave goodbye, only to drop it again as the door fell in its lock. She suddenly felt very small again and had to fight with herself to prevent her thumb from wandering into her mouth. Briefly she looked at Mr. Bling, who sat beside her. The presence of her teddy bear did help, as much as she didn’t want to admit it.

Her eyes wandered around in the room. It looked huge, though it was probably small compared to normal medical examination rooms. There were cupboards, most likely filled with stuff Kathy would know, but she had no clue of and some growths-charts hanging on the wall, one being from newborn to adult for both genders. It was boring, especially since Celine had never been interested in any medical stuff, so she watched her legs swinging back and forth. As crazy as it was, she suddenly wished herself back to the playground with Judy. At least this had been slightly funny.

Kathy wasn’t. Kathy liked studying more than anything and … there was something off and it needed Celine a moment to realize it. If the seminar was so important for her, why had she then planned two days for the drug-test? Maybe it wasn’t such important at all and she would have called sick for the test … but not for her friend.

This was quite a thought.


To be continued …



End Chapter 1

The Roommate

by: Ambrose | Complete Story | Last updated May 22, 2021


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Great story!

maniac78 · May 25, 2021

Thanks for sharing!

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