Smart girls, Stupid Teacher

by: Sidora | Story In Progress | Last updated Jan 8, 2022

Chapter 9
DAY 3 (Part 2)

Chapter Description: The Day of the Greatest Humiliations has just begun. Tom has been spanked and regressed... again, and now he's a toddler living with his students. Will he manage to show he deserves to be this age, or will he shit the bed again on front of them?

The door creaked as Sandra opened, and she caught me and Juliette from behind, taken by the hands and looking at the mirror. I noticed how she giggled, most than likely because of the sight of me naked, turned into a chubby little toddler and with my cute buttocks bare and still more than a little red.

“Heeey, what are you doing you two?”, she saluted enthusiastically, as she walked to us.

She stood next to me and patted my head, as I briefly turned to see her. Juliette also turned to her with a grin and then we all saw ourselves into the mirror.

I loved how our bodies contrasted so much; Sandra was so slender and tall, she was wearing a yellow blouse, beige Capri pants and flip-flops that day, no makeup and her hair dressed in a casual manner with a clip and half a ponytail, with sunglasses rested on her head.

Juliette was plump and shorter, and she completely looked like a mother, in hair, makeup and outfit.

I… well, I was something like a doll to them; I was naked and I was a little toddler boy with a tiny peepee that could only pass off like a toy.

“Mr. Greer, you’ve grown up!”, Sandra said theatrically. Her line and tone made it feel more like a joke.

I wasn’t sure how to feel, if she was mocking me or it was simply the usual non-serious, condescending tone we use on children. I didn’t feel offended whatsoever.

“Mr. Greer and I had a confrontation”, Juliette said, but cheerfully.

“Oh, I’m so sorry about that”, Sandra said, in a slightly more serious tone, but not truly worried.

“It’s ok now…”, Juliette added, and made me a caress that went from my head to my check and then almost to my neck. “Isn’t it, Tom?”

I turned to see Juliette, with a stupid expression from the limited range my new baby face allowed me to.

She then turned to walk me out of the room as Sandra followed us. I saw how my punk-rock student had a glance at my man briefs there in the floor, and made a soundless laugh. Juliette noticed too and made the same with a grin, and in our way to the door, she squatted on the sly, picked my tighty whities up and threw them to the closet before standing up effortlessly and continued walking.

Before we went out, Sandra stood in our way and standing on front of us, she spread her legs and took out something of her waist bag. It was a pair of tiny tighty whities, completely new, white and without any picture on it, that she stretched a couple times in front of our faces.

“Gotta dress the big boy up?”, she asked, looking straight at me, without any particular expression.

Sandra crouched and spread the briefs with her fingers, on front to my feet, as Juliette helped me to rise my foot to step in. Then Juliette, slightly lifting me, pulled the whities up and adjusted them to my waist.

—There yo go, baby —she said, giving me a soft affectionate swat in the butt, which was already fitted to the tight briefs.

Then, we continued walking. I must admit I felt a little better than they were not diapers that time, but comparing them with my regular, big and rough male briefs, and despite of any color or drawings, these were definitely kiddy. Compared to my adult briefs, they were one third of the size, and made out of a way softer and more flexible fabric, that made them feel different, a really weird new sensation.

Anyway, we entered the kitchen. I looked up to see the clock and I saw it was 9:30 a.m. I realized only about 5 minutes had passed since I met Juliette as a 26 years old adult that morning, until my regression and my spanking that ended me up as a 4 years old toddler. Yeah, I was that quick to lose any kind of authority to her and reveal how truly childish I was.

Juliette picked me up by my waist and sat me in a chair, then went to the oven as Sandra took a seat. Juliette had the breakfast almost ready and after serving Sandra and herself, she moved something in the saucepan and served me a bowl of oatmeal, or cereal or something like that. It was Sandra who put me the bib and we started to breakfast as the girls talked about important things.

I found my own hands to be really clumsy to pick up the spoon but I did the best I could to feed myself. Juliette had to help me sometimes, though, either by holding my hand so I could aim the spoon right into my mouth, or cleaning my cheek with a napkin. All this without stop talking, in complete calm and control, with Sandra. Sandra herself helped me too with that a couple times.

The breakfast ritual extended for about 30 minutes. I couldn’t force myself to finish the meal, both because of my clumsiness and because I think I did get full. The girls took their time to finish their eggs, bacon and sauce and coffee, and even after they finished they kept talking. Gosh, they had so much to talk.

After we finished breakfast, both girls stood up and picked up the plates, turned to the sink and washed the dishes together, helping each other. I was left in my baby chair like an idiot, admiring them from behind. I loved so much about those girls, from their voices to their waists, to their rears or simply her napes and hairs.

They finally ended and Juliette came to me with a smile. She cleaned my face with a wet rag and then got me off the chair.

“Ready, Tom?” she asked me cheerfully, with the tone of voice one uses on children. “You wanna watch some tv?”

I realized I was speechless, so I simply nodded with my mouth open. We all went to the living room and as I saw the TV I instantly threatened to run to it. Juliette gave me a soft swat in the buttocks and giggled as I ran and sat in the rug on front of it. She really must have thought I was a good boy.

As the women sat in a couch, Juliette turned the TV and put in Disney Channel. I was completely hypnotized by the colors and funny voices of the characters, but my mind was so numb I couldn’t laugh at Mickey and Goofy not even once. I was completely immersed in the show nevertheless, but I couldn’t have told you anything the show was about.

My students, sat in the couch and, as always, they kept talking, talking and also checking their phones, without paying any attention to me.

It was like 30 minutes after we started, when I felt something was wrong. I knew I was familiar with the sensation but I didn’t know exactly what it was, I only knew it was causing me discomfort. I kept guessing and guessing but I didn’t know what it was. So for 2 or 3 minutes, and I sat there, uneasy and worried, without knowing what to do. Also, I was so absorbed by the TV I didn’t realize it was becoming urgent.

Finally, when I felt my belly growl and something very weird happening in my bottom, I got up like a spring and went to the couch. I stood on front of the girls and found my own legs had begun to tremble, feeling more and more the urgency to go.

The girls didn’t instantly notice me but as they saw I had started to do some so-called nervous ‘potty dance’ with my little feet, while covering my crotch with my hands over my briefs, they finally looked at my worried face, and got serious.

Juliette tried to get up but her phone instantly rang. She looked indecisive for a couple seconds, but Sandra quickly got up and gave me her hand.

“I’ll take him”, she said to Juliette, who made a ‘thank you’ gesture and turned to talk by her phone.

“Ok, Mr. Greer…”, Sandra said, walking me to the bathroom, with not that much urgency to be true. “Nature calls”.

I got really nervous when we went through the door and she started to prepare the toilet for me. The sensations of this little body were weird; I realized I probably would have to start sweating profusely, if my odorless little boy’s body was fitted for it.

As Sandra turned to me with a determinate face, I practically run up the two little stairs to the throne, instinctively spreading my arms. To my disgrace, with a sly move of her finger, Sandra pulled my briefs down to my thighs, leaving my penis completely exposed to her. Then she lifted me by my armpits, turning me and raising me until my butt got over the throne.

“There you go, Mr. Greer!”, the skinny girl said, letting a moan as she unloaded me on the toilet.

After she sat me in the toilet, Sandra squatted on front of me, her face at sheer centimeters of my knees. And waited.

And I waited.

Now I was where I should be, but I was completely aghast to be sit in the toilet, with my penis completely exposed to my student. My butthole was now completely tight and I was terrified. I hope that she maybe would leave the bathroom and let me do my duty, as the grown up man I was… only, I wasn’t. But in that moment, I would have given everything to be one.

I tried to lean forward, maybe to tell Sandra something, to ask her to get out, or to complain about something, but I almost fell of the toilet, or maybe inside of it. But thankfully, Sandra got it, she was quick to hold my knees with her hands so I could recover balance, and looked at her face, blushing a little.

All that time, she was looking me right into my eyes. She looked serious. Not overly serious, but it was intimidating enough for me, on top of the overall situation. This 19 years old wasn’t embarrassed at all to have to take her 26 years old male teacher to the toilet, and take complete care about him.

Suddenly, I struggled to control my sphincter. The pain was coming back, exacerbated by the pressure my student started to put over me with her stare. It was getting shaky, trembling, as I shut my eyes and tried to control it.

My bladder was completely full too, by the way. I felt like I began to sweat, only, again, I didn’t sweat, but I had to clinch my teeth and almost bite my lips to prevent something from happening. I was trembling, and it was evident Sandra could notice it.

“Shhh… shhh…” I heard her whisper next to my ear, trying to calm me down. “It’s ok, Mr. Greer”.

A little fart slipped, nervously, even when I did everything in my power to help it. The sound was a loud and sharp “ffffrrrrt”, quite funny, so I blushed; well, saying that was an understatement. My face was maybe completely red.

“It’s ok”, Sandra said again, this time in a loud and clear voice, that somewhat forced me to peek at her face with one eye. I met with her serious, impassible face. “Let go”, she said.

I closed my eyes again and struggled to relax, but eventually, a thin stream of pee started to come out, doing what I thought the most limpid and loudest sound of liquid I had ever heard.

This time, Sandra said nothing. She only waited there, squat on front on me with her fist on her chin, as I, with closed eyes, kept relaxing my bowels. I hadn’t finish urinating when a blast of quick and loud funny farts accompanied the opening of my butt. And then, quickly, one by one, some bodies began to fall in the water making loud splash sounds.

When I ended I was exhausted of sorts. My stomach was still hurting and unstable, and I had to breath deep. Sandra was very empathetic and she rubbed my knee a couple times with her hand, then caressed my hair.

“It’s alright, it’s alright”, she said, in a conciliatory voice. “So…? You finished?”

I held myself from the toilet and without opening my eyes yet, I nodded twice, emphatically.

Sandra then gave me her hand and helped me to get up. I opened my eyes and began to relax. Only, I felt something uncomfortable again. My rear felt… wet. If you know what I mean.

Sandra pulled some toilet paper from the roll and cut a couple then handled them to me. I took them and I knew what I had to do, but I was barely tall enough to stand in the floor and bow down on front of the toilet at the same time, and my briefs were still rolled up at my thighs so it was easy to lose balance. Also, my hands were very clumsy, so I think I wasted more than half of the paper with a couple bad wipes.

With patient hands, Sandra took my wrist and guided it to move the paper along my crack, effectively making me feel like I was getting clean. The last one she took the paper herself and gave me a final wipe, rubbing it very firmly to make sure I was completely dry and clean before throwing it to the can. (Gotta say, at least the feeling a brand new ass, with no hairs or anything else interfering there, felt quite comfortable for taking a wipe).

“There you go, Mr. Greer”, she said finally, helping me to get up and pull my briefs up, then she gave me a soft swat in one buttock, in a manly gesture.

There she helped me to tip my toes and reached the sink, covered my hands with hers and washed them together. And then, we went back to the living room.

Juliette had finished her call and was waiting for us; she received us with a smile.

“Mission complete”, Sandra said jumping down the final stair, as I rigidly walked next to her.

I was embarrassed, yes, but I was still thankful because I knew without Sandra helping me it would probably have been a complete mess.

Not that I didn’t know better, but these were my best students, and I was so proud.

“Ohh, so good…”, Juliette said, and received me with a kiss and a hair rub. Instinctively, I sat next to her and between Sandra and her.

And so, the girls kept talking. They talked about Juliette’s phone call, which was someway related to the trip to the water park they had planned for that day.

I had completely forgotten about it but everything came back suddenly. So, that was the final nail to confirm me that, effectively, everything that had happened in my “nightmare”, and I mean the last two days, had been real and completely true. Well, either that, or I was still dreaming. It didn’t matter at that point.

It was still early, though. 11 a.m., and the trip was planned for 2:00 p.m.

So, we sat there for more time while they talked and I watched tv. I was getting impatient little by little. Being a toddler can numb your mind for a while, but you also grow uneasy very quickly, I guess. An hour had passed and they were still talking.

And then, suddenly, I had become so impatient I had to do something. I pulled a sleeve of Juliette’s blouse and looked up to her, hoping she would pay attention to me, but she was too focused on her conversation. Then I looked at Sandra, and she was the same (perhaps she glanced me briefly once, but didn’t mind me at all).

I was impatient, but I didn’t know why. I had to get up. I had to do something else. I had to…

Then, suddenly, I jumped out of the couch and stood on front of my students. As the little, barefoot, tighty-whities toddler I was because of them, I expected them to take me seriously.

The girls noticed it and turned to look at me, completely startled. I just stood there, looked at their eyes, and then I simply freezed.

“Uh…?”, Sandra said.

Half a second of silence.

“Tom…?”, Juliette added, then.

A quarter of second.

“You have something to tell us…?”

I looked at them for another second, then my sight wandered. I opened the mouth but no words were able to come out.

And then, a tiny stain of yellow liquid began to surface on my briefs, extending at a steady rhythm.

“Jesus…!”, Sandra exclaimed.

“Oh, my God…!”, said Juliette at the same time, as both jumped out of the couch and moved back when they saw the stain was about to begin to form a puddle in the rug.

Everything was like a nightmare, a disaster in quick motion. The women didn’t know what to do and I could only stand there without doing anything other than urinate myself. There were sort of panick yells all over and I began to panick too; I started to shiver and sob, terrified.

And as I noticed, my body began to shrink again. Soon I was definitely not 3 years old, as 2 or 3 inches went by, and I kept shrinking.

Whatever happened, it didn’t take more than one and a half second, but for me, it was a complete three acts, nightmare. But the girls were actually quick to action. I felt Juliette taking me by my hips and raising me from the floor, trying to evade the urine, while Sandra crouched and began cleaning the puddle of pee from the rug with a wet rag.

Meanwhile, Juliette rushed with me to the changing table at her room. All the way I was still shrinking, getting younger, and I still reduced 1 or 2 more inches when Juliette laid me down in the table, raised my legs by the ankles, took my now way too loose peed briefs off and tossed them aside.

Then everything turned into a sort of operation room, as Sandra and Juliette stood above me, looking me down, and using some wipes they began to wash and dry my skin.

Once my butt and genitals were completely dry, Juliette raised me by my waist and lowered me with care, holding me by hands. Sandra held me by the ankles and aimed my feet to the floor. I shook my legs erratically until my baby feet touched the warm floor, and I realized I was still able to stand and also walk without much of a problem.

As Juliette and Sandra looked to each other, like they were deciding what to do with me, I wandered naked around the room until I reached the full-body mirror. I saw myself on it. My face had become even rounder and my features cuter, my teeth were smaller and my body was chubbier and I was way too small. I was like a human cushion, completely plump and soft.

The girls arrived soon to the mirror, and once again I compared to them. While they were still the same, mature and confident women, I was now even younger than a few hours ago. I calculated now I had become more or less a 1 and three quarters years old boy. I felt embarrassed to have lost those couple years by not being able to control my pee, but I also remembered Juliette had warned me beforehand. And she was always right.

What would happen to me? I had no idea, and I could do nothing but stare at us in the mirror. I was deeply concerned about getting younger and younger, but at least, I knew my students got me and I would probably be safe under their care... if I didn’t screw it up again.



End Chapter 9

Smart girls, Stupid Teacher

by: Sidora | Story In Progress | Last updated Jan 8, 2022


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