DiaperDayz Daycare

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Diaper Days Daycare is a place where adults get to be toddlers for a while to relax and get over the stresses of there adult lives the workers there are trained to treat them as if they are actual toddlers as to keep them in a little mindset as to allow them to relax more. Slice of life, Age regression, Male and Female regression, physical regression, diapers, daycare setting.

Chapter 1

Chapter Description: Brent and Camila take a vacation but is Camila ready for what she's signing up for.

There was a young couple named Brent and Camila. They had been married for a while and were deeply in love. Brent had heard about a unique vacation spot called the Diaper Days Retreat, but he didn't give Camila any details about it. He knew that Camila had been going through a lot of stress at her office job and thought a relaxing weekend away would do her some good.

So, Brent planned a secret vacation for the two of them to spend the week at the Diaper Days Retreat. Camila was excited when Brent told her they were going on a surprise trip, but she had no idea what to expect.

    When Brent and Camila arrived at the what Camilla thought was the vacation spot, she was a bit confused. The building looked like a string of medical offices attached to a single building and it wasn't what she had been expecting. Brent explained that they needed to get some shots before they could begin their vacation, which set Camila's mind at ease. She knew Brent wouldn't have brought her to a medical office for vacation and realized how silly it seemed to assume he would.

As they entered the building, they were greeted by a friendly blonde woman working the reception counter. She handed them some forms to fill out and Brent quickly took them, saying he would fill them out for them so as not to ruin the surprise. This made Camila a bit curious and she asked Brent what could possibly be on those forms that would give away their vacation location. Brent simply replied that if he told her, it would ruin the surprise. Camila was a bit frustrated but understood his reasoning.

As she waited for Brent to finish the forms, Camila couldn't help but wonder if they were there for some kind of vaccine to go to a different country. She thought back to if Brent had asked about her passport, but then realized he should know she already had one so maybe thats why he didnt ask for it. She went back and forth like this in her mind for a bit until Brent finished and handed in the paperwork. He then sat back down next to Camila and told her that it shouldn't be too long before they called their names.

As they waited, a person came out from the back carrying a small and sleeping child wearing a diaper and a t-shirt that read "DiaperDayz Daycare." Camila was confused, as this didn't seem like the kind of place that would treat toddlers, but she figured that if all they did was give shots, she could chalk it up to that. Eventually, their names were called and they made their way to the back.

As they entered the office, a nurse came in and checked them out, taking their usual vital signs such as weight, height, heart rate, and blood pressure. She even checked their tongues.

    The nurse finished her examination and left the room, informing them that the doctor would be in shortly. Brent began to tell Camila how much she was going to love this vacation and how it would be the most memorable one they would ever have. This got Camila excited again, but she still wished she knew what she was in for since all Brent had told her was that it would be great. Brent was about to clear up her fears but was interrupted by the doctor entering the room.

"Afternoon you two, how are you this evening?" the doctor greeted them. They both responded with a good, as one does. He confirmed that they were there for a shot and, fortunately for Brent, the doctor had noticed the note he put on the form explaining his situation, so he didn't spoil the surprise. Brent said, "That's correct sir, just here for the shots then we're going on vacation." Camila then added, "Yeah, I have no clue where we are going or doing, but knowing this guy, it's gotta be something crazy." Laughing at the end as she said it. The doctor joined in on the chuckling, but only for a moment, before saying it was time for the shots. He then said to Camila, "Why don't we do you first?" She hesitantly agreed, and he injected her with the mysterious liquid. She started to feel light-headed and passed out.

Brent sighed a sigh of relief, "Nice, I kept the surprise, from this point on I won't have to keep this a secret anymore, not that I could if I wanted." Brent laughed to himself and the doctor then asked if he was ready for his shot. Brent said, "Yup, do it up," while holding out his arm. It was done, and before Brent knew it, he was knocked out too. By the time Brent was asleep, the nurse was already in the room, diapering the newly regressed Camila. She removed her grown-up clothes and put a fresh DiaperDayz t-shirt over her.

    The nurse then made her way to Brent, who was now also a toddler, and began performing the same procedure on him. After they were both dressed, she picked them up and walked to the building next door where she provided the receptionist with their names and information. One of the caretakers at the facility received the two children and brought them to a room where they were put to bed. They were both placed in the same crib and left there to sleep, as the regression process usually left them knocked out for an hour or two on average.

  Nearly another hour passed when Camila began to awaken. She immediately noticed that she felt good, and said to herself "Wow, I slept like a..." But she was cut off by her own thoughts and said, "Wait, when did I fall asleep? I was in the doctor's office." She opened her eyes to see a babyish sight. A mobile was above her, with a bunch of stars spinning around on strings. She then sat up and immediately felt that something was off. She first noticed that she had no pants on, which she was definitely wearing before she fell asleep. Her bottom felt like she was sitting on something squishy, and she looked down to see that her legs were chubby, and her panties had been replaced with a wet diaper.

She then looked around and saw that she was in a crib with another toddler who was fast asleep. She stood up and looked across the room, when she saw the same toddler from earlier that she saw in the doctor's office. They were also standing in their cribs, looking around the room through the bars of their cribs. That's when a daycare worker came in and picked up the other toddler, leaving her alone again.

   She then heard rustling next to her, it was the other toddler she was sharing a crib with, "he's waking up."  She said to herself, he wakes up still very groggy and says, "Oh Camila is that you?" She responds with "Brent!?" He shyly says "Yeah." This sets her off. "Brent, you promised me a great vacation didn't you?" He says "Yeah." "Well then, do you care to explain why I'm in a diaper!?" Screamed Camila. He just stared with a blank look on his face, not really sure what to say. That's when a daycare worker came in and said, "Looks like someone woke up cranky. I bet you just need your diaper changed." Camila's eyes went wide and she tried telling them that there's been a mistake, that she's not really a baby, but the daycare worker said, "It's OK, the first ones always the hardest, sweety." She was then picked up out of the crib and brought out of the room, leaving Brent to process her response to their great vacation.

Camila was brought to another room where she was placed onto a changing table and strapped on while the daycare worker started to untape her diaper. Camila then asked, "What is this place?" The daycare worker said, "Oh, this is Diaper Days Daycare. I thought you'd know about it since you're here though?" "My ex-husband signed us up for it with the promise of a great and relaxing vacation. Please, I don't wanna be here. Can you reverse this?" The daycare worker just gave a look of pity and said, "Sorry, there's no antidote, and your chart said you're here for a full week." "A week!" Yelled Camila. "That's right, a whole week, hun. Sorry, but you're stuck like this till then.

   But on the bright side, your diaper is changed. I bet it feels better now that you're all nice and clean," said the daycare worker. Camila had a look of absolute defeat on her face. She couldn't believe that out of all the vacations Brent could have had them go on, he thought she would want to spend it peeing herself and finger-painting. "That man is an idiot!" Camila yelled

   Camila was so mad, until the daycare worker said something that really struck a chord. "You know, it seems like your husband really loves you. He felt like this would help you and, while it's not really my place to say, you haven't even given it a chance. Don't forget, he's also here and he's also little like you are. So, maybe you should give it a go instead of getting mad. Who knows, you might have fun." Camila felt embarrassed that the lady who just changed her diaper was telling her she should try to enjoy herself. While she didn't like the idea of being a toddler, she didn't give it a chance and the least she could do was try to have fun for her husband's sake. "OK, I'll give it a try," said Camila.

The daycare worker then picked Camila off the changing table and placed her on the floor, saying "Great! Wait here and I'll go get Brent." She walked out of the room and shortly returned with the toddlerized Brent. She placed him on the changing table and began the same process. She then asked Camila, "Would you like to help me change the baby's diaper?" Camila laughed and said "Yeah, yeah." She immediately blushed at her babyish response. Brent also blushed and said, "I don't think that's necessary." The daycare worker said, "I don't know, this is a pretty soaked diaper little man. I think I need some help."

Camila was then lifted up and placed on an adjacent changing table where the diapering supplies were and was asked for each item as needed while the change was happening. Right as she opened the front of the diaper, they were met by a stream of pee. Brent blushed even harder and said, "I can't control it," and started to tear up. The daycare worker quickly covered the stream with the diaper and pointed out how accidents happen and it's no big deal. After the diaper was changed, the daycare worker placed them both on the floor and said, "Well, I know your names, but you don't know mine. Hi, I'm Jen. It's nice to meet you." They both shyly looked down and said, "Nice to meet you, Jen." Jen then said, "Why don't you two follow me to the playroom so you can get situated with the daycare.

    They were led into a room full of toys and activities, with toddlers all dressed in the same orange t-shirt with the daycare's logo and a diaper. Some were sucking on pacifiers, others had bottles or sippy cups, and some were fingerpainting. Everyone here looked like they were having the time of their lives, but Camila was still hesitant about this. She had a good reason: what happens when she needs to go to the bathroom? She can't just go in her diaper and what if it's more than just pee next time? The thought of a messy diaper frightened and grossed her out. But she tried to put it out of her mind. She and Brent had been holding hands since they got put on the floor. Camila then looked at Brent and said, "I'll give this a go, but if this ends up as a terrible experience, I'm never letting you choose where we go on vacation again. In fact, I might not let you choose ever again anyway." Brent simply nodded, happy that she wasn't mad at him anymore. Jen said, "Go have fun whenever you're ready. I'll be around." She then bent down and whispered, "Sorry, but from this point on, you're just a couple of babies now. No more grown-up talk is allowed after your first change." Brent nodded, clearly already knowing the rule, but Camila was pretty upset over that. She didn't know that they would also treat them like real toddlers. Jen made her way to care for other children while Brent and Camila stood together, holding hands, mostly ready to face the daycare and all it holds!



End Chapter 1

DiaperDayz Daycare

by: coolpbj | Story In Progress | Last updated Jan 29, 2023


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Great start!

GeekoBear90 · Jan 29, 2023

This is a cool story so far! Seems like Camilla is a little fussy over this. Maybe she might be getting a pacifier in the future? I think she and Brent both need one to get the full toddler vacation experience. Keep updating! Your stories are always great to read!

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vended · Jan 29, 2023

You absolutely have to return to the line befor and after a ligne of dialog! That's basic story writting to make it pleasant to read.

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coolpbj · Jan 31, 2023

Ahh ok that makes sense yeah it felt like I was doing something wrong with that when I wrote it but it was actually the first time I tried writing it that way normally I preference them with X said or X announced etc I'll probably just stick with that next time but it just felt like this was more dialog heavy then my previous storied so I wasn't sure exactly how I should have wrote it.

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