A Perfect Solution Teaser

by: sonofsheila | Story In Progress | Last updated Jan 11, 2022

This is just a portion of my first story, heavily inspired by Jennifer Lorraine. All diaper stuff included so avoid this if you don't like that. Criticism is very welcome, go all in.

Chapter 1

Chapter Description: Critcism Welcome

When I woke up from my morning nap, I was disgusted by the cold wetness around my crotch. I tried to turn over onto my stomach only to realize my thumb was glued to the roof of my mouth. Shelia’s diatribe about my mental decline rang true in my head as I lay in my own piss. An intrusive urge to wail boiled up from my core. My soul needed mommy, I mean Shelia, but I kept it down. I forced it deep into my mind and focused on golf and work and smoking a nice cigar. Yet the coldness left my body more and more needy and right as the urge was reduced to smaller than an atom it exploded and I erupted in wails. Once it began it wouldn't stop, tears rolled down my face like waterfalls and an uninterrupted scream left my toothless mouth.

 Sheila walked into the nursery beaming at my perceived suffering. As her gigantic form imposed above me she said, “Look who’s finally awake, did mommy’s baby wet? Come to mommy we are gonna change that old diaper and get you some lunch. She heaved me from the crib as I tried to protest but easily brought me over to the changing table. I grimaced while she changed me ignoring her silly faces as she powered my rear and put a new diaper on me. With me lying on my back she crouched down under the changing table and into the drawers “Mommy has a little surprise for you baby boy.” she cooed with a smirk on her face. She stood up with her back to me quickly turning around to show me her surprise. Said surprise was a gray onesie with a piece of poop with eyes on it surrounded by words. The words were alien to me for a moment, but the fog subsided and I read “POOP! There it is!” with a large arrow pointing towards the baby’s diaper. To my adult mind it was comical but that only lasted a minute as I realized that onesie would be on me, and said poop would be in my diaper. Witnessing the dread on my face Shelia seemingly read my mind “That poop is gonna be in your diaper!” she said while laughing.

I squirmed while she attempted to put the humiliating onesie onto me. Using one hand my wife, who was once tiny to me, held me down and put the onesie onto me. “Stop frowning sweet boy we both know you have to go poopy! You haven’t pooped in two days and mommy is worried.” Lifting me up in front of her she pouted and gave me puppy dog eyes, a vain attempt to try and get me to shit myself in front of her. When I did not, her cute pout turned into a scowl and she snapped “Fine. If that's how you want to be you won’t be leaving my sight until you poop like a good boy for mommy.” My petite wife then swung me onto her hip and marched me to the kitchen, where, to my horror I saw a large plastic paw patrol high chair.  Again I tried to squirm but it was fruitless.

After buckling me in and putting the puffiest plastic bib on my Sheila went to the cabinet and returned to me with two jars and a plastic baby spoon. “Alright pookie mommy is gonna give you your lunch and then you are gonna poop for mommy okay?” I attempted to shake my head but because I did not have the neck strength, I could only bob it around. After my lack of response Sheila opened the jars and began to shovel the light brown slob into my mouth. To my astonishment the baby food tasted delicious, it was a sweet apple cinnamon that danced on my tongue. I attempted to swallow but without teeth my lunch began to slip out of my lips. Sheila didn't miss a beat; she used the spoon to shovel the excess into my mouth on top of a second spoonful. This continued until the jar was empty and my tiny mouth and bib were covered in the baby food. Next she opened up the other jar and began to feed it to me, this time the taste was of pork and broccoli. “Yucky!” I thought to myself. This slop, I  allowed to leave my lips, but mommy wasn't having it. She shoveled every last bit into my mouth until I felt my stomach expand and push my diaper and onesie out to touch the tray of the high chair. 

WIth my lunch finished Sheila went to the microwave and put something in there, and to my horror she returned with a baby bottle. She grinned as wide as she could while walking over to me, probably because she could see my shell shocked face. “Alright sweetie it's time for you bottle, this should be good for your tummy.” I shut my lips as tight as I could, but Sheila stuck the nipple in my mouth. Once it was there my baby instincts took over and I began to suckle and suckle. I thought the apple baby food was good but this stuff is amazing. As the warm sweet liquid rolled down my throat my belly expanded even more and my baby body began to coo and squirm as a warm feeling of pleasure expanded through it. Eventually I opened my eyes and they were immediately drawn to Sheila’s breasts. As an adult I loved Sheila's tits. I stared at them constantly and here while she fed me my bottle I noticed that they had swollen. Overnight they had developed veins and seemed to sag down and push out on her tight white tank top. These thoughts of mommy, I mean Sheila's breast evaporated as I realized that my time with the bottle was over. Once the nipple was removed from my mouth my stomach began to grumble and subtly cramp.

Sheila noticed this and said "Come on now sweet boy go poopy for mommy." I refused, I held my bowels and sat in my chair. A stare down began and I refused to give up I WAS not gonna prove her right. After a couple minutes of me squirming she sighed and picked me up. "Fine, I can wait, now its time for baby to go on a shopping trip with mommy. We gonna go to Target and get my little prince some new clothes and mommy is gonna get some stuff for herself."

The car ride to the store was awful. With my small body trapped in the car seat even the tiny bumps jostled me almost releasing my hold on my bowels. Little farts escaped along the ride but I refused to let loose and eventually the cramps progressed. Once we got to the store I thought the worst was over, but it only got worse. Sheila paraded me through the parking lot seemingly trying to show every mom and expecting mom my stupid onesie. Some laughed and one pregnant woman even came up and tickled me, making my struggle even harder when I couldn't help but giggle and squirm when she did so. Mommy of course had to talk to her for what felt like hours, rubbing her belly and discussing how she is planning for baby number two. I thought this comment was ridiculous, but I quickly forgot about it to focus on resisting my own body's needs. 

Eventually we finally made our way into the store and Sheila placed me in the large baby seat cart and we made our way to the baby clothes section. This baby section would live in infamy. Sheila began taking every little boy's onesie and bootie off the shelf and placed them in front of me to see if she liked them. Time ticked by and eventually Sheila heard one of my farts and quickly whipped around to see if I had caved, but I hadn't. That was until Sheila saw Marie. Marie was one of her cocktail party friends, and was the most insufferable woman I've ever met. Her and Marie talked and talked and talked and as time went by the farts got louder and more frequent. Marie and Mommy giggled and giggled and eventually Mommy decided to call my bluff and started tickling me. I squirmed and squirmed holding it in so hard I couldn't even giggle. When that didn't work she began tickling my feet, while pushing them up and towards my chest, and that's where the dam finally broke.

A gigantic fart erupted out of me and I felt my anus open up. A wave of pleasure went from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. I crinkled up my face and balled up my tiny fists as my body couldn't help but push. The pleasure was so great I wanted to push I did, I filled my diaper with warm mushy poop, and once it was full I kept pushing. I blew out my whole diaper and my poop was rolling down my legs and I was loving it, I was giggling. My adult mind was horrified but my baby mind was loving every moment. When it was all done I was horrified.

Sheila and Marie's jaws dropped as Marie pointed at me and said "Poop! There it is!" Her and Mommy laughed and laughed until eventually Sheila got really close to me and kissed me. Her words were as sweet as sugar and said "Such a good boy pooping for mommy. Mommy is gonna take you to the bathroom and change you okay? Then you are gonna get another bottle for being such a good pooper."



End Chapter 1

A Perfect Solution Teaser

by: sonofsheila | Story In Progress | Last updated Jan 11, 2022


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Ambrose · Jan 10, 2022

An amazing teaser! Makes me wonder how he got into this situation and if Marie knows. I hope you finish the rest of the story.

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Ouroboros · Jan 10, 2022

Good job so far! My writing was inspired a good deal by Jennifer Loraine's work as well. Keep it up!

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