Jungle Jim The Adventurer

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Chapter 3
On the subject of being a father and a brother...

Chapter Description: Jim experiences all kinds of love.

A gray sat in his executive chair behind a mahogany desk. Across from the alien sat Jim with Linda on his lap. Linda seemed to observe the two as they conversed, her head moving back and forth from speaker to speaker with the occasional distraction while her mind focused elsewhere for a few seconds.

Jim absentmindedly fondled a lock of hair on Linda’s head, the little girl didn’t seem to mind, she liked it on Jim’s lap. If you took her off his lap she’d fuss and eventually break out in a full-blown tantrum. She was a tiny queen sitting on her comfy throne and she liked it like that.

“How are we supposed to fulfill the contract with her like this?” asked Jim “She won’t budge unless it’s her changing time, nap time, or feeding time. You’d think she’d be bored just sitting there, but she finds things to keep her occupied and never gives in to the toys around her that should get her curiosity stimulated.”

“Well, Jim,” said the alien “we could age her up a bit and see if that breaks her current infatuation but that’s not on the program. She asked what it was liked to be regressed and she hasn’t asked what it’s like to get older.” he turned to Linda “Isn’t that right, sweetie? Do you want to grow up? Hmm?” Linda just ignored him.

“Linda,” asked Jim catching her attention “do you want to grow up now? Aren’t you a little tired of being a baby? Who’s running your empire while you’re away?” Linda looked at Jim seemingly as if she were considering what he said, then put her thumb in her mouth and cuddled up more closer to him as if to say she was happy with her current arrangement and that her empire wasn’t a concern.

“Look, could you just age her up to the point where she can communicate verbally?” asked Jim “at least then, we would know for certain what her intentions are.” Linda stopped cuddling Jim at this point and looked up worriedly with the look that she might break out in tears soon. Jim took this as a sign that she might need to be changed as it wasn’t lunch yet and took her over to the changing table after excusing himself from the conversation for a moment. “Motherly duty time” muttered Jim.

Her royal highness Linda lay back on the changing table and enjoyed Jim’s ministrations. First, he undid her snaps at the lower part of her onesie and pulled the flaps up to her chest. Then he popped the tabs on her slightly soggy diaper, and while gently lifting her legs by grabbing her ankles with one hand, pulled the diaper off and put it to the side. Grabbing a baby wipe, he thoroughly cleaned her front and back while expertly laying out a fresh diaper with the back just at navel height. Putting a light sprinkling of baby powder on the diaper and lowering her legs with a liberal amount on her crotch, he followed by putting the front in place and held it with one hand while his other hand expertly put the tapes in place from left to right and running a finger along the leg stays to ensure a good watertight fit. Finally, Jim pulled down the onesie and put the snaps back together, grabbed the used diaper, rolled it up, and tossed it into the diaper bin.

Task completed, Jim wiped his hands with a moist towelette, tossed it and picked up the happy freshly diapered Linda, and returned to the conversation with the alien. Jim wondered aloud “I just don’t see why she wouldn’t want to grow up again. It doesn’t make sense.” The alien just gave a smile tinged with a touch of smugness. “You’ve got me there, Jim” was all he said.

The movie set was decorated as an elaborate jungle setting. Jungle Jim, aged 21, clad only in a sky blue diaper as a camouflage one wouldn’t be as visible, used various ropes disguised as vines to go from tree limb to tree limb following the poachers as they made their way to their base camp.

Watching from her baby carriage just off the set, a baby girl clapped her hands and chortled at the athletic acrobatics that was taking place in front of her. Pausing to drink from her bottle, she lay on her back and thought about being in daddy Jim’s lap before falling asleep with a contented smile.

Jim finished his shoot, hit the showers, and emerged as a pimply-faced teenager. His clothes consisted of a t-shirt with a famous guitarist on the front, an Abena diaper sized for youths, baggy jeans, cotton socks, and Nike Airmax Tailwind sneakers. Joining Linda for dinner, he enjoyed some chicken tenders with French fries and ketchup while she was fed strained carrots and pureed chicken in her high chair by an attendant android.

She watched Jim as he enjoyed his tenders with a look of desire.

“Did you want a tender, Linda?” she nodded and held out her hands “Here you go” he said as he handed her one. She couldn’t chew on it as her teeth weren’t developed well enough yet and it seemed to frustrate her.

“You know, if you aged up just a little bit, you could join me in this meal of chicken tenders, right? Aren’t you a little tired of baby food? Wouldn’t a slice of pizza taste good right now?” teased Jimmy.

Linda’s face contorted and she made a grunting sound as her bowels emptied. “Oh, well. I guess you don’t understand me, huh?” said Jimmie. Rolling her eyes and sighing, she made up-up motions with her arms to the attendant and was picked up and taken away for a bath and diaper change.

Later that night, Jimmie was under his covers reading a comic book by flashlight. He didn’t have to, but it was fun to pretend that he was violating curfew. There was a knock on the door and after opening it, Jimmie looked down to see a 4-year-old Linda. She was wearing a set of pajamas with colorful cartoon bugs on the pants portion and the words “Snug as a bug” on the top portion. In her arms, she cuddled a teddy bear.

“Jimmie, I’m scared. Can I sleep with you tonight?” she asked seemingly innocently. “Sure, sure. But the bear can’t come with you.” said Jimmie “There isn’t enough room in my bed for it and you both.” Linda put the bear on a chair next to the bed in a position to allow it to watch and scooted under the covers.

After Jimmie joined her, he asked “You don’t have bed-wetting problems do you?” the reply was “Nope! I’m wearing my big girl princess pull-ups just in case, though!” they snuggled for a bit, and just as Jimmie was falling asleep, she asked, “Jimmie, are you awake?”

After an hour of pillow-talk, Linda fell asleep with Jimmie shortly thereafter.

The next shoot of “Jungle Jim The Adventurer Explorer” added little Linda in a lightly humorous sketch where she talked about going after the bad guys and beating them up so that they wouldn’t be bad guys anymore. Her outfit consisted of a cloth wrapped around her chest that looked like a big leaf and a Pampers Diaper with Big Bird on it. Her endearing childish antics while swinging on a vine and landing in the thick of the poachers only to escape by ducking between their legs was a definite hit.

“Daddy Jim, I need my diaper changed,” said Linda as her whole body radiated shyness. Jim complied without a complaint. He even took the time to do it while giving the little girl some affectionate attention. Little queen Linda was thrilled. She clung to Jim like a baby chick to its mother, following him even to the bathroom. The gray alien was pleased.

At dinner, the duo enjoyed a pizza with a cola, engaging in small talk and good companionship.

Jimmie retired to bed and thought of Linda. Just as he was rolling over to sleep, a knock at the door revealed a thirteen-year-old Linda wearing only a diaper and a smile. “Wanna make out while our parents are away?” she asked knowing that there weren’t any parents to stop them if they did.

At 13, Linda had lightly blemished acne skin, a nighttime retainer, and a passing hint of the bounteous breasts and curvaceous body parts that she would heft around later in life. The two started slowly with light kissing, moving on to second base in their lovemaking before Jimmie called a timeout.

“Are you sure you want this?” he asked “I don’t want it to be a casual sex fling between us. I want to love with all the trappings!”

Linda laughed at this, lovingly pushed Jimmie’s head down to third base and things proceeded from there to an inevitable home run or six complete with extra innings.

Jimmie woke up the next morning in a crib with a very wet diaper and found it very hard to even roll over. His crib mate was the lovely Linda who also was at the sixth-week stage of life. An android nanny came in and tended to their needs. Jimmie passed in and out of sleep during the day, was fed and diapered on a regular schedule.

This went on for about several weeks. Finally, the alien made his presence known grew the pair up to the age of 10 and called the meeting to order.

“Now then, Jimmie and Linda, we don’t approve of the actions you performed several weeks ago and we’d like to address proper conduct while Jimmie is in our employ and Linda’s guest status is still valid.” the dead serious alien addressed the two. “We can’t have Linda risking Jimmie’s future with our venture by ending up in a pregnant state.”

Linda said “I’m pregnant? Cool!” grabbed Jimmie and the two children hugged each other enthusiastically. “I’m gonna be a dad? Far out!” shouted Jimmy. The alien was not amused.

“Hey alien, clear the table! Linda and I have some celebrating to do! You’re welcome to watch!” said Jimmie a little too enthusiastically.

“STOP!” yelled the alien “Linda, you’re not pregnant. Jimmie, you’re very close to breaching your contract. You both need to stop having sex with each other or I’ll send Linda to either her home or to an orphanage, I haven’t decided which yet, so don’t push it!”

“No sex?” asked the two in unison. “What about heavy petting?” asked Jimmie. Linda gave him an impish smirk.

“I would advise against it. Heavy petting leads to your sexual desires taking over and that leads to breaching your contract. Did you enjoy your timeout? I can extend the next one to years or decades if you like!” said the alien with a derisive snort.



End Chapter 3

Jungle Jim The Adventurer

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 15, 2021


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