Jungle Jim The Adventurer

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Chapter 2
There's always a catch!

Chapter Description: Jim finds out what it's like to be a mouse being preyed upon by a cat.

Jim was feeling the crustiness of the dingleberries that he was unable to clean off at the start of his journey. They chafed and itched causing no end of discomfort as he made his way through the jungle. As he paused to get a drink of water from his canteen his bladder let loose and no amount of squeezing his legs or willing his bladder muscles to close off the stream would stop it.

From there on, his bladder let loose with regularity. No amount of concentration stopped the quick little urination breaks as Jim’s shorts took on a dark stain. Searching his knapsack, Jim only found underoos and decided to see just what the practical jokers back at the temple were up to. He turned around and headed that way.

He keyed the code, entered the temple, and was greeted by a humanoid with gray skin and tea saucer-sized black-colored eyes. “Jim! So good of you to come back! We thought we had you at the poopy diaper incident, but you championed on!

“Look,” said Jim with a bit more impatience than the situation demanded “you’ve had your fun, I think I was a good if not unwitting ‘guest’, but I’ve got more adventures to go on and there’s no amount of diapers that one can take on an adventure before running out and leaving one stranded. Would you mind fixing my problem, so I can be on my way?” as if for emphasis, Jim’s bladder let loose with a little trickle of urine that worked its way down his leg, past his socks, into his boot and the rest on the tidy floor of the temple.

“Sorry, Jimmy! You signed the contract when you picked up the OO-Part of regressiveness. Didn’t you read it?” the alien waved his hand and a small contract appeared in the air in front of Jim. He grabbed it and started reading. “There wasn’t a contract on the dais where that thing was put! This can’t be legal.”

“It is, Jimmy. It is! You’re not on earth territory right now, you’re on my ship where I make the rules. You should have read the fine print.”

Jimmy went to the last page and read the fine print with a magnifying glass from his knapsack. The print was very fine, indeed!

“So, until you’re satisfied or the ratings drop significantly on your show that you put on here, I’m on the hook.” He finally said after a long read and several bladder evacuations later. “Could you do something about my incontinence before I get a rash?” asked a thoroughly exasperated Jim.

“Sure thing, sport!” The alien snapped his long-segmented middle finger against the palm of his hand and Jimmie regressed so fast into a toddler, he fell the last few inches to the floor. An android scooped up the messy tot and made a beeline to the bathroom where Jimmy made no objections to being bathed and cleaned up.

Later, Jimmie resplendent in his bright orange onesie with the words “If I don’t sleep, nobody sleeps!” written in comic sans on the front waddled up to the alien and said, “Okay, now what? Let’s get this over with!”

The alien waved his hands and a backyard playground appeared. It had swing sets, a slide, a child’s jungle gym, a sandbox, and even a seesaw. Jim examined it and wondered what a toddler could do without parental supervision on this lot.

“Go up to the monkey bars,” enthused the alien “I’ll tell you what to do when you get there, also try to look excited, like it’s your first time. If not, I can scale your life experience back and get the same result, which may work out better.”

Jimmy waddled up to the monkey bars as instructed. He put on his face of youthful enthusiasm and grabbed a climbing rung, attempting to climb and getting nowhere, he looked up at the first bar which was too far away to grab for his current height.

“Okay, cut! Makeup! Get here on the double!” yelled the alien from a director’s chair. He even played the part by wearing garb that would have looked natural on Cecil B. Deville. Several androids ran up as Jimmy grew out of his baby clothing with an audible “POP!” as his crotch-snaps gave away. This left Jimmy as an 8-year-old with the remains of the onesie hanging from his neck. His wet diaper lay in ruins at his feet.

Jimmy was dressed in a cotton-poly play shirt with thick red and blue stripes accented by a thin white separator between them. The aliens put a diaper on him and covered it with a pair of baggy jeans, red striped cotton gym socks, and a pair of Converse all-star sneakers. “Ditch the pants!” yelled the alien as the androids tore away Jimmie’s jeans revealing that the thick diaper had an image of Kermit the frog on the front with Kermit’s behind on the back.

The next hour consisted of Jimmy doing the monkey bars with his cute, lightly distended belly garnering several angles and shots, the thick diaper swayed side-to-side as he went from one bar to another.

He then played on the seesaw with an android the same height as himself for counter-balance. The sight of his diapered rump caught in close-up with his sneakers and socks from a side view looked promising.

Then he played on the swing set, going to and fro with the chains snapping as he reached maximum arc. This was filmed from the side, front, and back as he pumped his splayed legs to keep the swing in motion. A chance leaping off the swing prompted a few more takes with his diapered butt as the main attraction.

After he’d burned off enough calories and taken enough action shots, the alien said he needed Jimmy to take a break, the androids rushed forward with new toddler clothes as Jimmy shrank back to 2 years of age. They clothed him in a diaper and sun hat then deposited him in the sandbox where Jimmy played with a plastic shovel and bucket moving the mounds of sand around with no particular plan in mind. He had to admit, not having any cares brought the drool out of his teething mouth, but no worries! The sand absorbed whatever he could produce.

They called the shoot at an end a little later. Jimmy was certain that the aliens didn’t have much material to work with and hoped that the ratings would reflect that.

Happy with the thought of gaining his freedom soon. Jimmy toddled into the nursery for a diaper change and some time with the baby toys before supper. The androids dressed him up in a onesie that sported “Big-time Star” in glowing letters on it against a black background. He was fed while in a highchair shortly thereafter.

That night, the alien let Jimmie grow up to the age of 15. Jimmie went to bed happy in the knowledge that he was due for some “nut-busting”. His current fantasies of people regressing in age provided adequate stroke-fuel as he pleasured himself again and again into his diaper before collapsing into a sweaty heap and passed out blissfully unaware of what was in store for him the next day.

Waking up with morning wood was a good sign that his prostate might be coming back in control. Unfortunately, his bladder contracted and voided causing him to fill up the diaper with hot, smelly urine. “Well, that’s not it,” said Jim with a sigh.

Jim was still 15 this morning. The androids didn’t come for him to clean him up so he made his way to the shower and washed off his body. Upon exiting the shower, a suit was provided for him complete with a large diaper and after mentally noting that it seemed a bit large for his frame, he grew into it.

He noted that he was his normal age during breakfast and as he went to rendezvous with the alien director he was greeted by the androids who whisked him away to a stage with multicolored spotlights and glittery tinsel curtains. In the middle of the set were a couch and an armchair. The androids left him at a certain mark on the stage.

The music struck up revealing a 20 piece band in the corner. A hidden announcer spoke up “Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the hit show that everyone’s talking about: ‘This is your regressive life!’ Jim The Adventurer, come on down!”

The host android whirred up to Jim and said “Jim The Adventurer, won’t you please sit down on the chair and relive your life experiences with our wonderful studio audience?” Jim looked out at the rows and rows of androids who clapped their hands in perfect rhythm encouraging him to participate, shrugged his shoulders, and sat down on the plush chair on the stage.

The host android came up beside him and said “Jim, do you remember this voice from a recent adventure?” to which a disembodied female voice announced “Jim, is that you? I can’t believe it!” the owner of the voice came on stage as Jim got up to clasp her hand. She was about 5 foot 8, had a great set of assets with northern European features, sandy blond hair tucked into a bun under her fedora, an aqua blue tank-top that didn’t give any hint of bra usage underneath, tight brown leather shorts with a gun holster on one side and a bullwhip on the other. De Havilland leather boots covered thick folded over wool socks completing her ensemble.

“Linda Crock! I haven’t seen you for over a year! How’s the adventure business these days?” asked Jim.

“Life is good, with the money we made from that last tomb we rob-, er, liberated for the museum of Cairo, I’ve made some great investments and am now filthy rich! I own apartment buildings and shopping centers!” said a laughing Linda.

“So, what’s your situation here?” she asked “This contract they’ve got you under must be really tight, eh?”

“Well, the truth is:” Jim whispered his situation quickly in Linda’s ear. To which Linda made a little shocked motion. “What’s it like to regress in age? Is that even possible?” her curiosity was one of the things that made her Linda, but now probably wasn’t the best time.

The host android, who was in screen saver mode, came to life and said “That’s a good question, Linda! Let’s show the folks at home! Stand up, please!” to which Linda complied.

“So, I just stand here and it happens, then?” Linda asked. “I don’t have to go into a chamber or something?” her assets began to shrink back into her ample chest as her height went down. “Oh, wow! This is really something! My clothes feel loose already!” at college age now, her belt started creeping over her hips as her legs simultaneously lost their bulk. “This is awesome!” she said as her slender, teen body let the belt fall down taking her pants with it. “ How far can it go, I wonder?” her assets went A.W.O.L. revealing a prepubescent chest covered by her saggy oversize tank top. “Um, guys? Maybe we should stop this now?” 6 years old and stepping out of her boots and stumbling with the effort, Linda now physically pleaded with the aliens to stop. One sock clung to her leg at calf height with the remainder on the floor giving the appearance of a very limp fuzzy woolen tube with her toes somewhere around the middle part. “Pwease, Stop! Mommy! Make ‘em stop!” was the last intelligible thing she said as she lost her balance and fell backward on her 1-year-old butt.

Jim paused from grinding his diaper against himself through his suit and looked on in wonder at the baby girl in front of him. “Is she going to be all right?” he asked.

“Oh, sure. Happens all the time.” the host android said as the crying baby was picked up and whisked backstage. She appeared just moments later all dressed up in a onesie that had her trademark outfit stenciled on it and was presented to Jim who put her on his lap. This calmed her down and she started to babble a bit before the host android put a pacifier in her mouth.

Linda Crock, the billionaire landowner adventurer, contentedly fell asleep.

“You’re not going to do that to all the people who come on here, are you?” asked Jim quietly to not wake the baby.

“No, this one was a bust. No curb appeal! No one wants to see a woman regressed” answered the host android and the glitzy stage, complete with the audience dissipated into nothingness.  



End Chapter 2

Jungle Jim The Adventurer

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 15, 2021


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