A Humiliating Halloween

by: Personalias | Story In Progress | Last updated May 5, 2023

Author's Note. A Story Trade with Just4n0th3rUs3r and a sequel to their story, "A Humiliating Visit from Mommy"

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        Author's Note.  A Story Trade with Just4n0th3rUs3r and a sequel to their story, "A Humiliating Visit from Mommy"   

P.S. This isn't canon without the original author's approval.

“Good morning,” Mom sang as she opened up the door to my nursery and walked in. 

“Mowning Mommy,” I yawned, wiping the sleep out of my eyes.  Niamh was dead asleep beside me, not stirring.

“I hope my two little girls had a good night’s sleep,” Mom said, lowering the railing to our crib.  

Oh, she had no idea!  Niamh and I had been up late last night, kissing, groping, doing humpies, and making cummies in our diapers until we passed out.  My girlfriend-even after all this time it still gave me warm fuzzies to think of her like that-was still passed out.  I felt a certain kind of pride looking at her lightly snoring next to me.  I’d done that.

Speaking of things I’d done, Mom poked her fingers into the leg holes of my Bunnyhopps and felt around.  “Someone had a very soggy night,” she praised me.  “Let’s get my princess changed.”

She picked me up like I was nothing, something I still hadn’t gotten completely used to, and carried me over to the changing table.  I laid there staring up at the swirling mobile above my changing table, sucking on my supergirl paci while I batted up at the unicorns and fairies that dangled just out reach.

Meanwhile, Mom unbuttoned the supergirl onesie she’d dressed me in after bathtime and examined the state of my diaper.  “Oh wow, Kara!” she exclaimed. “You did such a good job wetting your diaper! I’m so proud of you!”

I blushed and sucked happily on my pacifier.  It felt so good being praised for something so simple as going pee pee in my sleep.  In truth, it had taken a lot of work to become a bedwetter again.  Even with Niamh’s magic, unless she specifically wrote it down or snapped her fingers, I would occasionally have bouts of control as my potty training tried to reassert itself.  Getting to the point where I went pee pee and poo poo in my diaper without thinking took a lot of work.  The only reason real babies were able to do it so easily had to be a case of beginner’s luck.

Before she started changing me, Mom took my pacifier out of my mouth and gave me a bottle.  “Drink up, princess,” she cooed. 

My stomach rumbled with hunger as I reached out for the baby bottle and started sucking on the rubber nipple.

This was new!

I suckled on the milk, alternating between tiny sips and big thirsty gulps while Mom undid the tapes on my Bunnyhopps and started wiping me down the same way she did every morning.  Normally she’d change me and Niamh and then breastfeed us before putting us in the car.  I would have been worried, but getting to drink yummy milk while getting changed was a fun new distraction and blushy distraction.

“There we go!”  Mom said, after powdering me and taping me up into a fresh diaper. “Now let’s get you ready for the day.”  She took my bottle away and sat me up on the changing table so that she could take the rest of my Supergirl onesie off of me, leaving me naked in just my diaper. 

I didn’t mind it.  It wasn’t the first time and wouldn’t be the last.  I looked down at my diaper and frowned.  I wasn’t wearing a BunnyHopps.

But I almost always wore a BunnyHopps.  The plain white diaper I wore was still very comfortable, puffy, and crinkly.  But it wasn’t my favorite, or what I normally pictured myself wearing.  “Wianh?” I called over to my girlfriend, still dozing in the crib.  I focused and corrected my lisp “Rianh?”

She let out a tired groan, but just rolled back over away from me so that she was facing the wall.

Mom pulled a plain black t-shirt over my head and slid a short but frilly purple skirt that was closer to a tutu and didn’t really cover my new diaper at all unless I sat in just the right way. Next she slid up purple and black striped socks all the way up to my knees, followed by a pair of plain black strap-on shoes. After she put me down on the floor, I looked at myself and poked the fresh diaper.

This was weird.  I looked cute, and babyish, no doubt, but this wasn’t what I normally wore. I loved superheroes, so almost every outfit I wore had some kind of theme to it.  If it wasn’t superhero themed, it was sure to be super cute, extra babyish, and show off my diaper so that there was no doubt to anyone that I was a blushy baby girl.

This morning’s outfit?  No crotch snaps, nothing extra frilly or babyish, nothing embarrassing written on it-I couldn’t read anymore but I could still recognize numbers and letters.  Yeah it showed off my padded butt and it left no modesty, but if I switched the diaper out for panties, I’d just be indecent instead of cute.

I decided to just go with it and finish my baba.  I reached up to the changing table, snatched it off the top shelf, laid back on the floor and kept sipping, enjoying the pleasant sensation of my morning breakfast on the comfort of my nursery floor.

I let out a loud belch and smacked my lips.  The milk tasted odd.  Not bad. Just odd. Not like how my Mom’s milk normally tasted.  “Is this…” I asked and took another sip. “Is this cow milk?”

“Uh oh,” Mom said back over at the crib. “Did my precious little girl spring a leak?” She started to immediately strip Rianh of her Frozen nightie and carried her naked form over to the changing table. 

The crinkle when I sat up was practically a record scratch.  Rianh? Leak?  Rianh never leaked!   Ever!  Her magic kept her as soggy as she wanted to so that her diaper could hold even more than a Trest!

“Nooooo….” Rianh moaned on her back, still sounding groggy.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Mom said, untaping the pink Princess diaper.

“Don’t wanna change…”

“Too bad.”

My jaw hung open watching my witch girlfriend get her diaper changed. Rianh never got her diaper changed unless she wanted it.  But now she was getting her privates wiped and powdered against her will.  And just like me, she was put into a plain white diaper and given a bottle of milk.

Was that an ABU Simple? A Trest?  Some other plain white model?  It was so hard to tell without the decorations!

Just like me, Rianh was still sucking on her bottle while my Mom finished changing her. Mom pulled a plain red t-shirt over her and stopped. Nothing else. Nothing Witcher or Frozen theme at all.  Just a T-shirt and fresh padding.  “Mommy,” I whimpered, “What’s goin’ on?”

“Mommy’s just finished Rianh’s diapee,” she said simply as if that explained everything.  She ran a brush through Rianh’s tangly hair and then boosted her onto her hip.  Next she reached down and picked me up and impossibly started to carry us out into the living room.  “Oooof, y’all are getting heavy!”  The words burned in my ears.  Mom had never said that since the day Rianh started using her magic on me. 

“Wiahn,” I said. “What’s going on?  Awe you sick?”

Riahn looked at me and her face fell.  “Worse…”

What could be worse than her being sick? 

My dad came into the living room and gave each of us a kiss; my mom on the lips, me and my witchy girlfriend on the cheek.  “Happy Halloween, honey! Happy Halloween, princess! Happy Halloween, sweetie!” Every time he said “Happy Halloween” Rianh flinched like she was hearing a literal curse word.

Mom gave Dad an extra kiss.  “Rianh leaked,” she said. “Do you mind throwing the crib sheets in the wash for me?” 

“Sure thing honey,” Dad replied. “Their diaper bags are already packed and in the car.” 


Mom took us out to the car and put us into our adult sized car seats.  “What’s wrong?” I asked Rianh again.  I’d never seen her like this.

My beautiful girlfriend who gave me everything I ever wanted looked like death warmed over. She looked like she was struggling not to vomit. “It’s Howl-O-Ween,” she lisped. “Not a good witch day.”  Her eyes started to droop like she was ready to pass out. 

I grabbed Mr. Bunbun, my stuffed rabbit from the space between us and cuddled him close.  It didn’t make me feel much better, but it was better than nothing.  “Whaddya mean?”

“I’ll tell ya later,” she said and drooped her head.  I gave Mr. Bunbun another squeeze, just in case, while Mom drove me to my job at the grocery store.

“Has she been changed?” my boss asked as he opened up the back passenger door and unbuckled me from my car seat. 

“Yup,” Mom said. “Full tummy of milk and a clean diapee,” she reported.  “No poopies yesterday, so she’s due.”

“Maybe we’ll get lucky,” my boss replied, and took my diaper bag from the front passenger seat.  I looked down at my Mary Janes and stuck my thumb in my mouth.  Hearing my mom and my boss talk about me pooping my pants like it was a good thing just…did something to me.

I still wasn’t completely used to thinking of them as ‘Mom’ and ‘boss’ either. That is to say, there was a mental block that prevented me from learning or remembering most people’s names. Everyone in my immediate circle was identified by their relationship to me instead of any kind of proper noun, including my toddler nephew.  That was an extra touch Niamh had tossed in.  Babies, even big ones, didn’t really know much in the way of proper nouns.  Mom was Mom, Dad was Dad, Teacher was Teacher, and so on.  Other babies were just that, too.  As far as the magic was concerned, I was too little to know most names but my own.  So it made sense in a way.

“Her father will be here at the usual time after her shift,” my mom told my boss. 

“As usual.”

I followed my boss inside the grocery store, being led around gently by the hand.  From the outside, it was still kind of weird, going to a grocery store where I did absolutely nothing constructive. I literally followed co-workers around by the hand all day or was put in a kindergarten style corner of the break room.  For some reason, magic obviously, I still got paid.


The first few weeks, I had guessed that this arrangement was some kind of life hack. A grocery clerk’s paycheck could buy a good amount of diapers if that was the only thing it was being spent on. That didn’t hold up to scrutiny, however.  Magic took away the need for money.

It would have made more sense, headspace wise, if I just went to my Mom’s preschool to spend more time with Rianh.  But that didn’t happen.  I asked Rianh once why that was and she cryptically replied  “Then we wouldn’t be us, silly. We’d just be babies.”

I didn’t get it at first, but I think I’d finally figured it out. Going to this job had been part of my identity; part of who I was.  It wasn’t the only part of me; I was also a big huffy baby girl that liked cuddles, crinkles, and making all sorts of messes in her diapers; but it was a part of me.  Rianh had used her magic to forcefully bring out the other parts to the forefront, but she hadn’t taken anything away.

That’s why I most likely kept going to my old job, even if everyday was just ‘bring your big baby to work day’.  That’s why Niamh and I spend at least a few hours apart every day: To remain ourselves.  She didn’t want me to be just a big huffy baby and for her to just be my witch baby girlfriend.  She wanted us to still be our own people; she wanted to avoid ego death and to still be us. That’s why before today almost everything I wore was from a comic book and everything she wore was either extremely gothic or extremely Disney.

I thought about all this while I looked up from my coloring. I let out a yawn and stared down at the coloring book I’d been scribbling all over. I looked up at the clock, then back down to my book and kept coloring.  Then I looked back up at the clock again to see if any of the hands had moved.

Huh? Was I…was I getting bored?

That never happened! I could do any repetitive babyish activity and be completely enthralled as if it were the very first time and I was the one discovering it. The magic that kept people seeing and treating me like a baby also affected my mind just enough so that I wouldn’t get bored and would find toddler activities incredibly stimulating.  Bored was something I hadn’t been in months!

“What’s happening to me?” I asked Mr. Bunbun, sitting across from me, plopped and propped up on the coloring table.

My boss interrupted the conversation before it began.  “Kara,” he said brightly.  “Your Daddy’s here to pick you up.”

I got up feeling the diaper sagging between my thighs and waddled out of the break room with him behind me.  Thank goodness I was still having accidents! Before we went through the swooshing artificial doors and out into the Texas heat, I felt a finger hook into the back of my diaper and pull it open. “No poopies,” my boss said.  Then he asked, “are you wet, princess?”

Blushingly, I nodded.  “Do you need a change?”

“Daddy will change me,” I mumbled, and that seemed to be enough.

My Dad was outside, waiting in his car.  When my boss told him about my wet diaper he started changing me right away.  My nephew’s car seat was with my brother so he laid me down in the back seat, the my head pressed up against my own baby seat and my legs dangling out.

“She knew she was wet,” my boss told my dad.  “Said she wanted a change and everything.”

“Fantastic!” My dad said, wiping my bottom and between my legs like he did almost everyday.  He cooed down to me.  “Someone’s getting to be a big girl,” he said, every syllable loving and syrupy sweet. “Yes she is! Yes she is! “ He slipped a fresh white diaper underneath me, no powder. “She doesn’t want to sit in a wet diaper all day! No she doesn’t! Nuh-uh! Nuh-uh!”

After he taped up the fresh diaper, he lifted up my t-shirt and blew raspberries into my tummy, but my laughter was cut short with my own thoughts.  No one in my family ever talked about me getting heavy, or being a big girl.  “I’m notta big guwl!” I insisted.

“Just give it time, honey,” Dad said. “Just give it time.”

Just behind his shoulder, I saw my boss nod appreciatively. “I think someone is almost ready for potty training.” 

“Baba!” I said. “I’m thiwsty!” 

Dad handed me a bottle as soon as I was buckled into my adult car seat.  I sucked it down like I was dying of thirst?  Potty training?  Not likely!  I was going to make sure I was good and soaked as soon as possible.

“Wow!” One of the kids at my Mom’s preschool pointed at me. “She’s wearing a diaper, too!”  The forced and mocking yells of children purposefully trying to be mean rang out before my mom could shew them off.

I wanted to rip my own face off and hide it under a rock so no one would see it. Normally the dumb little twerps at my mom’s preschool just thought I was another baby.  They might say something if me and Niamh  kissed; or tell on me if I really needed a new diaper; or brag to my mom about how big they were because they didn’t need a bottle or to have their diapers changed; but they didn’t laugh at me.  Why were they laughing now?

“Mommeeeee,” I whined. “Why awe they bein’ mean ta me?”

“I have no idea, Princess,.’ Mom said, brushing my cheek.  “They’ve been like this all day, picking on Niamh.  Something must’ve gotten into them.” As an afterthought she added, “Maybe it’s a full moon Halloween…”


I ran as fast as my bowed out legs would carry me over to Niamh.  She was sulking and hiding in a corner with a blanket over her head.  “Niamh! What’s happening? My Daddy talked about potty training me and the kids all laughed at me.”  It was getting harder to talk with a cute lisp.

Niamh sniffled. She looked like she’d been crying. Those preschoolers had probably been relentless.  “It’s Halloween,” she said.  “I’m sorry.”

“For what? Why? What’s wrong with Halloween?” I asked, lowering down so that we were on the same eye level.  “I thought Halloween was when witches got stronger or something!”

She shook her head. “Nuh-uh.  It’s kind of the opposite.”

I leaned back in surprise.  “Huh? Why?”

“Magic is like water.  It’s all over and reusable, but there’s only so much of it,” she explained, still sniffling. She’d definitely been crying. I wanted to go and beat some four year old upside the head.  “People think magic is strongest at Halloween because real witches spread that rumor. That way most people won’t even try to use it and it frees it up for us.  But on Halloween every amateur, hobbyist, poseur, and tourist tries to cast magic at the same time.”

“So it’s like when everybody in the house tries to take a hot shower at the same time.  Everybody gets cold water instead.”  That’s why the outfits were getting plainer and everything had been slowly edging closer to ‘toddler’ instead of ‘baby’.

My girlfriend nodded.  “Uh-huh,” she sniffed. “It’s taking everything I have to keep the spell going.  That’s why the little kids are bein’ so mean. Kids always see through the tricks first.”

“Okay,” I said. “Then why not just let the spell go? Take a break. I can be a grown-up for a night.”  I scooted in and cuddled up close to her, draping my arm over her shoulders.

She shook her head. “It doesn’t work that way, princess. Everybody will know we’re big girls, but they won’t forget everything that’s happened the last couple months. That would need another spell.” She paused and turned almost as red as her t-shirt. “That and…the lack of potty training isn’t entirely magic.  We’ve just gotten too used to usin’ our diapees.”

My heart felt like it stopped.  My Mom and Dad had changed my wet and messy diapers more times than I could count.  Last summer, me, Niamh, and my nephew all got changed on the floor together.  If the spell slipped too much…they would know.  They would all know! 
This wonderful secret life I’d been living, first in my head and then in real life would all be found out and I’d be ruined.  I’d never be able to even look at any of them ever again.  Not even for a minute.

“What do we do?” I whispered.

“Just gotta…tough it out,” she said, blinking away fresh tears.

“Honey,”  I asked.  “What’s wrong? Does it hurt?”

Niamh shook her head,  “No…”

“Then what’s wrong?”

“I’m leaking again…!”


“Trick or Treat!”  My brother and sister yelled for us.  Niam, my nephew, and I were standing in the middle of a Texas suburb, with plastic jack-o-lantern buckets out, waiting for candy. The sun was still up. We were trick or treating before dinner because we were so ‘little’. There was no passing on trick or treating.  Riam didn’t have enough magic tonight to make anybody listen to her.  Mom guilted me into going along by saying that my sister wanted to go.

  My nephew was in a full body tiger onesie with a hoodie for the ears.  My mom had added on a pointy witch hat on top of my head, making me a witch, ironically.  Niamh got a waist belt with a pointy tail just above her diaper, and a headband with horns.

“Oh, what wonderful costumes!”  The old lady at the door greeted us.  “A ferocious tiger, a baby witch, and a naughty baby devil! Here you go, sugars.”

I flinched. I was a baby witch. Niamh was a baby devil.  My nephew was just a tiger; no baby.  Having the ‘baby’ aspect be considered part of the costume stung.  Granted, my nephew didn’t have a big white diaper showing off, but I bet I wouldn’t have been a ‘baby witch’ if we’d done this yesterday.  ‘Cute’ or ‘little’ yes.  But not ‘baby’.  ‘Baby’ would have been assumed and not part of the outfit.

“Say thank you,” my sister told us.

“Fankyoo,” I parroted back, trying to avoid eye contact.

“Fankyoo,” Niamh copied, looking equally uncomfortable.

We walked back to the side walk and went to the next house.  All around us, other little kids were walking by, laughing and pointing.  “Mommy! Mommy! Look! They’re wearing diapers!”

Beads of sweat were forming on my brow and it had nothing to do with the Texas heat.  “Mmhmm. Yes they are Susie.  But you’re much bigger than they are.”

Niamh sighed with relief.  Bullet dodged.

We were herded up to the next stoop. My nephew took his place between us and looked up at us, smiling a big pumpkin tooth grin.  Did he see through the magic too? Was he even old enough to know that it would be considered weird for two girls our age to be dressed like him?  Or was he just happy to be here?

“Trick or Treat!”

A middle aged man greeted us, our buckets out.  He squinted at me.  “Aren’t you girls a little too old to be trick or treating?”  His eyes went down to our padding. “Oh. Guess not.” My girlfriend and me exchanged worried looks.  “Happy Halloween.”

“Fankyoo,” we said in unison.

My stomach started grumbling on the way back to the sidewalk.  I held my tummy with one hand.  “Kara?” My sister called. “Are you okay? Do you need a diapee change?”  She reached to pull back my waistband, but I smacked her hand away.  I was not going to get changed on the sidewalk when at any minute the Niamh’s magic might run out. “Kara!”

“Sowwy…”  I really wish we’d brought my stroller. At least then I would have something I could sink into.  I felt a cramp coming on.

“According to online,” my brother said, “a lot of times when they start getting sensitive about their diapers and wanting privacy, it means they’re almost ready for potty training.”  He patted my cousin’s head. “Can’t wait.”

Except my big bro was gonna think I was a lot older a lot faster if we didn’t make it through.

“Trick or Treat!”

“Oh ho!” How clever, a woman in her early thirties mused. “What wonderful costumes to make your little brother feel big.”

My mouth went dry.

“Cousins actually, ma’am.” My brother corrected.

“And he’s a little bit bigger.” my sis added.

The woman laughed.  “He certainly is tonight.  Here you go…kids.” She gave a conspiratorial wink like she was in on some kind of joke.

My guts were doing flip flops on each other.

“Trick or Treat!”

The door flung open. A familiar space stepped out onto the doorstep. It took a moment but I recognized them.  We’d gone to high school together.

Then the worst thing possible came out of their mouth.  My name.  My real name.  No ‘Kara’. My real name.  Something I hadn’t been called in close to half a year.  Something I hadn’t expected to hear for as long as I was in diapers.

Speaking of which.

“Is that you?”

I felt my mouth go dry.  “Y…y…yeah…”

Their jaw dropped and they dug around in their pockets for their cellphone.  “And are you actually wearing an adult diaper?”  I was being filmed!

I nodded meekly, my knees shaking like jelly.  “Uh…huh…” I squeaked.


“Um…you see…um…I just…I don’t…I…”

“Ohmygod, is it wet?!  Did you actually piss yourself?”

If I had I hadn’t even realized it, and it had been out of stress and fear.’ Piss myself’.  I wasn't used to hearing what had become so natural to me referred to so vulgarly.  “I don’t know…” my voice came out like a tea kettle.

My big sister came up and put her hand on my shoulder.  “What do you mean why is she wearing a diaper? What kind of question is that? What are you? Some kind of sicko?”

“I think it’s a pretty obvious one,” my former classmate said.  “Like is this a fetish thing or something?”

I heard something snap.  It must have been my big bro doing everything he could to not make a fist.

“Okay kids,” my brother said.  He picked up my nephew and whirled us around back to the sidewalk.  “Come on Kara.”

“Kara? Why are you calling her tha-? OH MY GOSH! ARE YOU SHITTING YOURSELF?!”

I was.  My knees had bent, my guts had given up from lack of practice, and I was solidly filling my pants right there in somebody’s front yard.  And they had already gotten a picture of my face and were presently recording my diaper ballooning out and drooping from what I was putting in the back of it.


Through my tear streaked vision I saw short little blurs pointing and laughing, talking about how it looked like I was pooping my pants. As soon as I finished, a switch flipped and I ran for it.

“Kara!” I heard a voice call.  “Wait!”  I was too busy crying and screaming to realize who it was.  “It’s a tri-!”

I didn’t hear the rest over my sobbing.  I ugly cried and ran the short distance home, my fists balled up and clutching at my loaded diaper.

“Mommeeeeeee!” I yelled when I burst through the door.

Mom heard my crying and asked what was wrong, but I was too overwhelmed to do anything but blubber. She picked me up, easy as anything, and took me to my room.  I braced myself, while she changed my diaper and wiped my privates and bottom, shushing me the entire time. At any second she’d realize that she should have been done taking care of me like this long long ago.

“It’s okay,” she said. “It’s okay.  The monsters outside aren’t real. They’re just costumes.  They’re just silly costumes.” 

I sniffled and wiped my eyes as the new diaper got fastened up around my hips.  “I don’t like my costume,” I cried. “I don’t wanna be a grown-up again!”

“Oh silly girl,” she said, wiping away my tears and snot with a baby wipe.  “Just because you’re dressed up like a witch doesn’t mean you’re actually a grown-up.  It’s just pretend!”

I looked down at my legs.  “That’s what you….Bunnyhopps?!”  My diaper! My plain white, almost medical diaper had been switched out for my favorite baby diapee!    I started cackling like I’d won the lottery.

“Wow,” Mom said. “I guess someone really did need a diaper change.”  She kissed me on the forehead and stuck me in my crib.  “You just rest here, princess. Mommy’s gotta go finish cooking dinner for the big people.”

A few minutes later I heard my brother and sister through the nursery door.  They were trying to explain to Mom what had happened. 

The door creaked open and a sight for sore eyes crinkled in.  “Hey…” Niamh said.

Even though it was Halloween, I lit up like a Christmas tree.  “Niamh! The magic is working again!”

The only thing sagging more than my witch girlfriend’s diaper was her face. It had turned a shade of crimson but it didn’t look like it was from embarrassment- not the fun kind anyhow.  “Um…I kind of have a confession, princess.  I goofed.”

“Goofed?” I asked. “Goofed how?”

“You know that thing about Halloween I told you about?”  Without waiting for me to respond she pressed on.  “I kinda made that all up.”

“YOU WHAT?!” I shrieked. I leapt to my feet and grabbed the crib railing.

For the first time in my life, she looked less than all powerful, skulking beneath my shadow.  “I wanted to play a trick on you for Halloween; make you scared and squirmy like you were when we first met.  So I’ve been slowly letting up the enchantments I put in place, peace by peace.”

My jaw unhinged itself. “Why would you do that?”

She shrugged half heartedly. “I thought you’d get a kick out of toeing the line. Like playing chicken with getting caught.”  She lowered the crib rail and climbed in next to me, both of us sitting on the newly remade Supergirl duvet.

“Tease about taking our costumes off.”

I was so mad, but I wrapped my arms around her anyways.  “These aren’t the costumes, you dummy,” I reached between her legs and gave her sopping wet diaper a squeeze.  “They aren’t for me anyways.  Everything else is.”

My girlfriend was crying.  My girlfriend who could literally warp reality with a snap of her fingers was crying.  “I’m sorry.  I just wanted to play a joke.  Or maybe make sure you weren’t getting bored with this…bored with me. Not everybody who gets everything they want lives happily ever after…”

“Oh Riamh,” I whispered. “I could never get bored of you. Ever.  You gave me my fantasy and you’re a part of that fantasy.”



We held each other and fell back into our crib.  After a couple minutes, when we were breathing normally, she said.  “Don’t worry.  Everything is back to the way it was.  Nobody is going to remember anything we don’t want them to know.”


She was saying ‘we’.  Not ‘I’.  ‘We’.  That really was a treat of sorts.

“Thanks,” I said back, our arms still wrapped around each other.

“Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?” She asked.  “Anything?”

A terrible thought crossed my mind. I might never get this chance again.  “Anything?” I asked.

“Anything,” she said.

I pressed my forehead against hers and opened my eyes that I was staring directly into hers.  “You don’t get to make cummies for a month.”

Her eyes widened in horror.  “What?!” 

“You said ‘anything’ .”

“I didn’t think you’d say THAT!  What if…what if I gave you an orgasm every night? For the rest of the year? And make it as intense as the first time!”

“Okay,” I said. “That too.  None for you and all for me! But just for a month.”

“Oh come on!”  She pouted.

“I hear one month. Do I hear two?”

“Fine,” she said, playfully slapping me on the shoulder. “Fine. I’ll endure my own personal no-nut November or whatever the boys do.”  Then she tacked on, “It’ll just make it so sweet when I finally let loose anyways.”

“And you have to stop using your magic to stop your diapees from leaking.”

Riamh’s screams could be heard all around the block.  It was so loud, Mom thought she’d hurt herself.  Instead Mom determined that her other baby was about to leak and needed a nice new Rearz Princess put on her.  So she had that going for her.

I just laughed ,watched the whole thing, and started teasing myself just before dinner while my girlfriend got her diaper changed right in front of me.

(The End)




End Chapter 1

A Humiliating Halloween

by: Personalias | Story In Progress | Last updated May 5, 2023


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