Truth or Dare

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Chapter 2
So It Begins

Chapter Description: The group starts to play the game. Kyle decides to go first but is there more to this game than he thinks?

Hello I am always looking for advice on how to make the story better or if there are any elements that you enjoy that you would like to see more of. I am a new writer and am looking for advice to improve!

Chapter 2 – So It Begins


“Alright Stephen, enough foreplay. How does this ‘magic’ work then?” asked Charlie, adding emphasis on the word magic in such a way that he wanted it known that he thought the entire concept was bullshit. “Am I going to have call up Harry Potter to help us cast the spell?”

Everyone, including Kyle, couldn’t help but snicker at that comment. Kyle did not know Charlie aside from the fact that he seemed like he could be a real asshole, however, he found himself liking him. Charlie was six foot two and had a very athletic build. He seemed like he probably played University basketball or something. He didn’t look incredibly strong but he was lean. Charlie had red hair with a red well-kept beard. You could tell that Charlie was the sort of person that had all the confidence in the world and probably had a very easy time picking up women.

“Laugh all you want, but I think you will all owe me an apology later tonight!” Stephen exclaimed in a friendly flamboyant manner. “But you’re right Charlie. Enough foreplay and on to the main event!” Stephen raised his two arms to chest level palms face down beckoning Charlie and Jennifer to grab his hands. Jennifer and Charlie exchanged bemused looks to one another before following Stephen’s lead and grabbing his hand. “May we all now join hands so that we may partake in this ritual.”

Kyle shrugging grabbed Jennifer’s and Noelle’s hands. He couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed that he could not grab Stacie’s hand for this but at least he caught her smiling at him over the ridiculousness of the situation. “Why are you being so theatrical right now?” Noelle asked Stephen, “I thought I would get into the mood that the situation calls for.” Stephen briefly let go of Jennifer’s hand to open the mysterious book. Kyle looked at the book and couldn’t help but feel underwhelmed. It had an old leather cover and no title. Once Stephen flipped the cover open, Kyle observed that the pages seemed almost ancient. The pages were still in relatively good shape but they seemed that the slightest amount of force would make them rip and tear.

Stephen re-clasped Jennifer’s hand and then started reading from the ancient book. “We call on the ancient spirits and magiks that reside in this tomb,” Stephen said in a slow rhythmic chant. “We desire to participate in the ancient ritual found in these pages. We implore for the power and wisdom of the ancient spirits that preside over this ritual.” As Stephen continued to chant, Kyle thought he saw the lights slowly dimming. “I must be losing my damn mind,” he thought to himself, “there is no way this is actually happening.” Stephen continued to chant; his voice started to crescendo until he was bellowing the words. “WE ACKNOWLEDGE AND HUMBLY ACCEPT THE DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THIS CEREMONY. WE WILL ALL NOW BY OUR OWN FREE WILL DECLARE OUR ACCEPTANCE OF THESE RITES. I WILL BEGIN: I, STEPHEN, BY MY OWN FREE WILL ACCEPT THE RULES LAID OUT FOR THIS CEREMONY AND ACCEPT THE REPERCUSSIONS THEREOF.” When Stephen finished, he looked at Jennifer nodding for her to repeat what he had just said. Kyle noticed that he could now see his breath. He felt cold and felt the hairs on the back of his head start to stand up; he almost felt that something of great significance was happening.

“I, Jennifer, by my own free will accept the rules laid out for this ceremony and accept the repercussions thereof,” Jennifer repeated, however lacking the same conviction that Stephen had. She seemed to have a look saying: what the fuck have I gotten myself into. Everyone around the circle one by one started to repeat the same words until it was Charlie’s turn. Charlie was looking down, then suddenly snapped his head up with a big toothy grin and started to mockingly shout: “I” pause “CHARLIE, BY MY OWN FREE WILL” dramatic pause, “AND CHOICE ACCEPT THE RULES LAID OUT FOR THIS CEREMONY”, long pause and then as quickly and sarcastically as he could quickly said, “and accept the repercussions thereof”. Everyone was rolling their eyes by Charlie’s rendition and Charlie was trying his hardest to not snicker but was ultimately failing to hold back his laughter.

“GREAT ANCIENT SPIRITS BY OUR ACCEPTANCE TO THESE RITES WE BIND THY MAGIKS AND SPIRITS TO ENFORCE THE RULES AS WE NOW COMMENCE!” As Stephen finished his chanting one of the doors leading outside blew open and a rush of wind blew in. The lights began flickering and the room was colder than ever. Kyle never believed in the supernatural but in this moment, for the first time in his life, he started to believe. Then all of the sudden everything went still. The wind stopped, the lights went back to normal and the room suddenly became warm again. Everybody was silently looking at one another with half bewildered and half frightened looks. Of course, Charlie was the one to break the ice, “Stephen, my man, that was wild! I have no idea how you did all of that but bravo! Ill admit you had me going there for a second but now can you just tell us how you did that?” “I didn’t do it the spirits did,” Stephen said flatly. “RIIIIIIIIIGHT,” Charlie said in an unconvinced tone. “So, what now?”

“Now,” Stephen said with a wolfish grin, “we play Truth or Dare! Who wants to go first?” Everyone looked around at one another waiting for someone to volunteer. Kyle raised his hand, “what the hell. Ill go first.” For the first time in a long time, Kyle realized that he was having genuinely interesting time. He had not thought about responsibilities or his troubles at all. Kyle felt younger again and so for that reason he felt that he had to go first. “So, Kyle, would you like to pick truth or dare?” Stephen asked. Kyle thought about it and looked at Stacie and said “Truth”.

Stephen reached under the table and took out a Tupperware container with 6 folded up pieces of paper. “In this container are pieces of paper with all of our names on them. Whosever name you pick, will be the one to ask you a question that you must answer truthfully and cannot omit any details. If you pick your own name, then you get to pick who will ask you a question. If you answer falsely, then the spirits will make it known, also if you answer the question without giving all the details you will be beckoned to keep answering the question until the spirits are satisfied. If you lie or refuse to fully answer the question the person asking the question will be allowed to pick any sort of punishment of their choice.”

Kyle up this point could not tell if Stephen really believed in these spirits or not but decided to play along. Stephen held the Tupperware container above Kyle’s head and reached in and grabbed a piece of paper. He unfolded it and read aloud, “STEPHEN.” “Of course, Stephen’s name gets picked first. Hey Stephen are you sure that every piece of paper doesn’t have your name on it?” Charlie guffawed. “I’m quite sure, now gimme a second while I think of a question for Kyle.”

As Stephen was thinking, Kyle could not help but feel a little excited. “I GOT IT!” Stephen exclaimed, “What is your most embarrassing sexual fantasy?” Kyle gave Stephen a double take. “What the hell man? I am not answering that question!” Kyle exclaimed. “Stephen what kind of gross question is that? I thought we were here to have fun!” Noelle asked, “I thought we would ask fun questions like: ‘When did you lose your virginity?’ or ‘Who was your first kiss?’ not asking perverted questions that are invading our privacy.” “Guys, I just wanted to make the game a bit more exciting, we are all adults and I thought we could ask actually interesting questions rather than questions that you would ask someone in junior high,” Stephen answered defending himself.

“Well fuck that dude, I am not answering,” Kyle said flatly. “Are you refusing to answer the question?” Stephen asked in a warning tone. “Absolutely, and what’s more, what kind of friend asks that to his best friend in front of everyone?”

“The kind of friend who wanted to have a care free adventurous night with his friends. Kyle you’re always complaining about how boring your life is and how stressful it can be. I finally offer you a new adventure and you turn it down. I’m afraid that this is non compliance Kyle,” Stephen retorted. No sooner did Stephen say that an ethereal raspy voice shouted, “PENALTY”. Everyone, including Stephen jumped out of their seats when they heard that voice. “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?” Jennifer screamed; a look of panic smeared across her face. “I told you all that this game had magic tied into it but you did not believe me. Now I need to come up with a punishment for Kyle. Hmmmm what should it be?...” Stephen said in a deliberative tone.

Kyle started to panic. He did not believe in magic and spirits but after hearing that voice he did not know what to believe. He also did not know what had gotten into his friend Stephen. His friend had always been so thoughtful and kind and tonight he was acting authoritative and rude. Something was up with his friend.

Stephen snapped his fingers and exclaimed “GOT IT. Kyle to kick off the night with the first punishment, I deem that your punishment will be incontinence! You will not be able to hold your bowels or bladder. In fact, you will not be able to sense the urge to use the bathroom at all.”

Kyle looked at Stephen and then everyone else. Everyone else stared back at him and they all universally shrugged at him. “Was something supposed to happen?” Kyle asked. “Just give it a bit of time. Magic take a bit of time to work,” Stephen said calmly. “Guys, if its okay with you all, I am going to head out. This game is starting to get a little weird for my liking,” Kyle got up from the table and started to head towards the door when he suddenly stopped. “Oh my god,” he said in complete shock, he looked back at everyone else with tears starting to form in his eyes. “I’m pissing myself!”

Kyle turned around to face everyone, a wet spot forming around his crotch and started to grow downwards down his pant legs; a yellow puddle started to form on the ground around his right shoe. Kyle looked at Stephen with a look of anger and fear, “WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?”

Stephen held a level gaze at his friend, “You broke the rules, I simply punished you for it?”



End Chapter 2

Truth or Dare

by: Dapper Diaper Dude | Story In Progress | Last updated Nov 19, 2021


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Diego · Nov 26, 2021

Espero con ansias el siguiente capitulo!

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