Tales from the Halls of Justness "Jamais vu all over again"

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An accident with an experimental device sends the Justness League on a predictable trip.

Chapter 1
A heartwarming tale of love and diapers.

Chapter Description: Uber Woman is feeling a little tingly these days.

Uber Teen awoke with a strong headache, queasy stomach, and dehydration. “By my ancestor’s beard hairs! Just how hard did I hit the mead last night?” she asked as she rose from her bed half-conscious while fighting with her lethargy of being a heavy sleeper. Her foot caught the leg hem on her pajama bottom causing her to stumble, she then pulled them up further on her petite frame to the bottom of her puffy breasts to prevent any further tripping. Had she been fully awake, she would have realized that her sleeves were too long and covered her hands to the point that they almost disappeared from view.

She stepped into the bathroom and took them off, paused to refresh, flushed, and started up a lukewarm shower to help her wake up. Still half-asleep and not fully aware, she hadn’t noticed that everything was placed higher than what she was normally used to. Even several attempts at putting the soap back on the soap dish that was midway up the shower stall ending up with the soap falling to the floor weren't enough to clue her in.

After finishing her shower, she brushed her teeth, wrapped a towel around her body, and went to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee.

The coffee was brewed, a cup of it was poured, and the still very much asleep teen began to sip it in the hopes that it would wake her up enough to consider what to make for breakfast.

The hot, slightly acidic brew hit her sensitive stomach, evinced feelings of nausea, and put off any thoughts of eating anything solid until lunch. She finished the coffee, unwrapped herself from the towel, threw it on the bed, and went to her wardrobe to suit up for the day.

After pulling the leather straps as tightly as they would go, leaving the front and back plates of her metallic loin-cloth butted tightly together, she went to put on her shimmery metal bustier and then realized that it was not fitting her in places that it normally would and left a large gap between her budding breasts and its inside padding.

She then looked into the side mirror of the wardrobe and gasped in fright at what she found there.

The outfit hung off her body and resembled more of a shaped tube with a young girl inside it than a battle uniform of a fierce warrior. The leather straps were tied into large, ridiculous-looking bows giving it all the more appearance of being too large for her teenage frame. She looked at her features that were softened with baby fat, the squarish hips that should have been curvy, and then at her flat, childish butt feeling a note of sadness that it wasn’t there.

Stripping out of her outfit, she went further back into her wardrobe and pulled out the outfit that she wore after being slowly aged up to her normal age following the Rejuvenation ray incident.

It had a hardened leather bodice with a cutout at the front for her developing breasts, a black wrap for her chest, a leather loin-cloth, lightly padded to avoid chafing, leather sandals with long legging straps that wound up her calf before being secured and the final piece, a helmet with slightly protruding bird wings for her head.

After dressing up, she admired herself in the mirror, then the 13-year-old made a beeline for the lab, where she could discuss what might have happened to her at the party last night and possibly get a cure.

She entered the lab looking for Dr. Morfman and found instead, Dr. Morfwoman. The male had been replaced with a gorgeous, red-headed analog. She looked to be in her thirties with thick, shoulder-length chestnut hair, aquiline features, ample bosom, shapely hips, and long slender legs that a professional model would commit serious crimes to obtain. Her figure complimented her lab coat while a complimentary pair of medium-sized triangular eyeglasses gave her an air and look of intelligent beauty.

“Ah, good morning, Uber Teen!” said the doctor as she turned to greet the teen Visigoth “I see that the effects of last night’s incident have left you hale and hearty after all other factors have been taken into consideration.”

“What other factors, doctor? I’m a young teenager just past puberty. My fearsome warrior exterior has been softened to that of a child playing dress-up while pretending to be one!” harrumphed a frustrated warrior-child, stomping her foot and giving the doctor the thought that it looked very cute with her smallish frame.

Overcome by warm, sympathetic emotions, she gave the warrior girl a warm motherly hug. “There, there now. You should see the others before you complain about yourself” and so saying she steered the angry young girl into the next ward.

Augeroldman, Canary infant, and Winged elder were there. Canary baby gave out coos, gurgles, and little chortles as she was snuggled to Winged elder’s bosom. The grandmotherly smile that parted the severe wrinkles of Winged elder’s face said volumes about the happiness she felt as the tiny bundle of joy gave all her attention to the septuagenarian. Augeroldman pushing eighty himself looked on passively from his wheelchair with a small line of drool dripping from his mouth, telling all the world of his severe dementia.

Seeing what had happened to the three, the girl thought how petty she’d been and then wondered where Anyman was in all this turmoil. She needn’t have wondered as Anytoddler waddled into the room carrying a clipboard. He wore a onesie with a thick diaper underneath and a toddler-size lab coat. The baby booties on his feet were light blue with cartoon ducks on them. “Oh, hi Uber Teen!” said the cheerful toddler from his ungainly position. “Good to see that you’re up and about! Would you like me to have some tests performed on you to confirm our findings of what happened last night?”

Doctor Morfwoman, being overcome with motherly emotions again picked up the toddler and gave him a raspberry which elicited a belly laugh resulting in him dropping his clipboard. She hugged the laughing toddler to her breast, supporting his tiny, diapered bottom with one arm and giving his nose a little boop with her index finger on the other.

“Doctor, you have to stop doing that! I need a diaper change now, thanks to your antics!” said a mock-angry Anytoddler with a smile that belied his gruffness at getting special attention from the shapely doctor. The fact that he had snuggled a little closer into the doctor’s embrace said volumes.

Bending down and grabbing the clipboard, the teen Visigoth suppressed a little pang of jealousy at the pair and offered to take Anytoddler over to the testing area to allow him to perform his analysis. The doctor relinquished the clinging toddler who attached himself to Uber Teen in a similar fashion. He didn’t seem as happy with her puffy breasts as there was far less pillow to hug into, though.


As she was being examined, Anytoddler explained what had happened the previous day. The doctor and himself were demonstrating a portable device based on the rejuvenation ray that was designed for crowd control. All members were present in the lab as the device was fired by Anyman at a test subject using a wide dispersal beam. The subject was reduced to a toddler’s age in less than a second. “Think of the possibilities!” enthused Anyman “With an angry mob reduced to toddlers any thoughts of rioting would be quashed in mere minutes. A team of nannies could do an efficient clean-up afterward.”

The demo ended with the subject returned to their previous age, thanked for participating, and shown out of the lab. The team gathered for a conference at a table in the lab with the device displayed prominently on a stand in the middle of the table. During the debate for its use, misuse, and whether the outcome justified the means, a circuit in the device malfunctioned causing it to overload and dump a burst of multi-spectrum colored light on all present.

All felt fine and the meeting was adjourned with a follow-up scheduled for the next day to resume talks about whether they should scrap or announce it to the world.

“You’ve seen what the medium-term results were and what’s more, the other colors of the light seemed to do more than rejuvenate tissue as the doctor changed sex and there are other effects that would need to be accounted for when the cure is applied,” said Anytoddler.

“Augerman should not have dementia. Canary infant showed no signs of her adult self while Winged Elder is showing signs of leukemia” he paused for a moment and looked at Uber Teen with a serious face “You’re, well, let’s save that for last. As for me, I’m stuck at age 3. No amount of exposure by the rays of the aging ray to samples of my tissue has any effect.”

Uber Teen braced herself “And what’s happening to me? I don’t feel any different from when I woke up this morning minus the hangover, of course.” she said with bravado. This of course was a lie, she could feel a slight, almost electric tingling in her body as they spoke.

“Your rejuvenation process has been steadily making you younger, Uber Teen. By my calculations, you’ll be a baby within a few days. However, with any luck we’ll have the curative process worked out for you before then” said a concerned Anytoddler.

With nothing else to be done, Uber Teen returned to her quarters and examined herself in the mirror. She could only see subtle differences in her physical makeup, but they were there. The leather bodice was loose on her frame, the leather loin-cloth had slipped down a few centimeters on her hips and her wrap-around sandals were sagging just a little where they were tight this morning. Her helmet still fit well enough, however.

How much would the process take away by the morning, she wondered as she prepared herself for sleep in age-appropriate pajamas that fit her perfectly and went to sleep.

She awoke the next day, got out of bed, and knew that the process had continued. The short sleeves of her pajama top had gone from above her elbows to below them. The short pajama bottoms that stopped at the knee now extended past them and covered them completely. The stretchy waistband didn’t have enough waist to stretch over and just managed to hold up her pajamas without any apparent tension.

She examined herself in the mirror and looked in horrified wonder at the 11-year-old staring back. Feeling around in her mouth with her tongue, she noticed that several of her adult teeth were in the process of receding and leaving gaps as her jaw had lessened. Her protruding belly displayed more baby fat and her butt was even more flatter than yesterday. She had lost several inches during the night with her rounded features looking somewhere between a toddler and a pubescent. A cute little button nose sat prominently on her face above small childish lips. She finally tired of the comparison game and took a shower and brushed her teeth afterward. The sink wasn’t too hard to navigate at this age, but she’d have to dig out the step stool that had been used previously from storage if the process continued.

Wiping a tear from her eye, she squared her shoulders and marched over to the wardrobe to pick out her clothing for the day. A light green play shirt complimented by a pair of juvenile paisley overalls, white socks, and a pair of no-name sneakers made up this ensemble. A pair of pigtails made her look all the rage were she to travel in a society consisting of 8 to 12-year-olds.

With her business suit picked out for the day, Uber Girl made her way to the nursery after checking in with the lab, went to the sandbox, and sculpted a sandcastle that was elaborately detailed right down to the dry moat that encircled it. At the end of the day, she bulldozed her creation to leave a blank space for the next person to come along and use.

Upon arriving back at her apartment, the looseness of her outfit reminded her that she was still getting younger. She cleaned up, had a small meal, and went to bed at 8 o’clock very tired.

Uber Girl awoke once again knowing that she had lost height and weight overnight. Jumping down from her bed, her pajama bottoms hit the floor as she held up her arms to inspect the sleeves that covered her hands with room to spare and dangled with the excess cloth. She had deliberately worn the pajamas that she used the day before as it struck her fancy and gave rise to little tingles at the base of her spine.

“Oh, no! I’m getting younger! Won’t this process stop?” she said with mock horror then fell to the floor imitating a baby and crawled to the bathroom making “goo-goo gah-gah” noises, got cleaned up, stepped up to the mirror and sink using her step stool, brushed her teeth, smiled a cheesy grin consisting of 20 pearl white baby teeth, and giggled like the little 7-year-old that she was.

Everything was huge to her perception that day. She could climb into a chair by falling forward into it and pulling herself up and the amount of space available was cavernous to her adult experience. She called down to the lab to check in with a sober tone to her voice then hung up upon being released for the day. “No progress yet” She giggled and held her closed chubby hands to her face with a mock "OH-NOES". She decided that today would be a good day for playing dress-up and proceeded to the wardrobe.

With an oversize gown of nondescript vintage, high-heel stilettos, an enormous sun hat, and a string of pearls that hung down to her waist, She admired herself in the mirror and had an inspiration. Taking a bra down from the rack, she stuffed its C cups with tissue paper and strapped it on. “Woo-who! I’m a sexy girl!” she said admiring herself in the mirror.

She then put on a Pull-up and crawled around on the floor like a pretend baby for a while. She peed her pull-ups like a champion and changed them out. After a few hours, she looked at her apartment and was amazed at how little it took to make it into a mess as big as this one. To her credit, she cleaned it up as best she could, then went into the kitchen for a bowl of cereal.

Night came and she couldn’t climb into her bed. She pulled her bathroom step stool up to the bed and climbed up, putting her small body with a Disney princess nightgown and a pull-up on it to sleep.

Morning came and Uber toddler woke up. She had wet the pull-ups unconsciously while asleep and felt cold. The bedroom looked like a cavern to her now and as she carefully got off the bed via the step stool, she realized that it’d be impossible to take a shower and brush her teeth as she was too small to reach the faucet even with its help. She called down to the lab and asked for a caregiver gynoid to be sent to her room.

The caregiver entered her room, gave her a quick bath, dressed her up in a play shirt, pull-ups, jeans with a stretchy waistband, little socks, and shoes then took her to the nursery. She met up with Augerbaby, Winged Baby, and Canary Baby there and said good morning to them. The trio seemed to recognize her and with great difficulty, got to their feet and clumsily walked over to her. Canary baby just crawled, it was easier.

While reassuring to see that they were looking better at first, the babbles and drool coming from their mouths told Uber Toddler that there was a long way to go before a cure. She then entertained the babies, it didn’t take much as “I’ve got your nose” was still a popular game that could entertain them for hours.

As the day progressed, Ubertoddler steadily lost her ability to maintain balance and stand up. She decided that crawling was the way to go and that diapers were better than pull-ups any day of the week.

Anytoddler entered the nursery, came over to say hello give her the news. “Your reverse aging will stop at 1 year, Uber Baby, we’re running tests to see if we can use the aging ray on you to start the growth process to age you up.” She took it all in stride and said “Take your time, I’m not going anywhere.”

Doctor Morfneutral came in later to hug the babies, his nondescript features gave the appearance of a pretty boy who could don makeup and a skirt and make a passable female. The tots all enjoyed the attention given to them.


After an indeterminate time, Uber Baby realized that she was the only person in the nursery. Wondering where everyone went, she crawled up to the toddler gate to see if they were being diaper changed or napping. A gynodroid picked a little girl out of her crib and placed her in the play area next to Uber Baby. Winged Toddler turned to Uber Baby and said “Are you back? You regressed into a full baby for a while, so we gave you your space and waited to see if you’d come back on your own.

Uber Baby said “I’m back? It looks to me like you’re back! You were a drooling baby the last I remember. Where are all the others?”

“Oh, they’re all okay. Everyone else is fully grown up and back in service. Canary Woman settled at the age of 25 and is working part-time for the League while pursuing an acting career. I’m still a toddler because I like being one. Although, Doctor Morfman is looking quite hunky these days and stirs up something up inside of me that longs for more than just a cuddle, you know?” gushed Winged Toddler ending her statement with a dreamy sigh.

“Well, that’s all fine and good, and I wish you luck with your crush, but I think it’s time for me to blow this joint,” said Uber Baby as she signaled the gynodroid to pick her up. While she was getting her diaper changed, she instructed the ‘droid to call the lab and let them know she was back.

A few days later, Uber Toddler and Winged Toddler played together in the sandbox. The two built little pail-shaped mounds and experimented with making holes in them to see which one could stand the longest. “So, how’s your crush going?” asked Uber Toddler “I agree that the Doctor is quite the hunk these days and I just might steal him after a few more treatments” she ended teasingly.

“Not if I get to him first!” said Winged Toddler. She had already graduated to pull-ups and was due for another treatment that would age her up to 6.

After a few more days, Uber girl and Winged girl played with dollies. They had a completely furnished dollhouse and took turns being the mommy and daddy. “Aww, the baby needs a changing. Why don’t you do it this time, dear” said Daddy Uber “I believe the correct ratio is 1 to 3 with the poopy ones going to you by default” Mommy Winged replied “Oh, you men! That is so typical to duck responsibility and leave all the grunt work to us women!” the pair shared a laugh at that.

A few more days later, the two teens were in Uber teen’s room with loud music spewing from Uber’s stereo. Winged teen, 16, was talking about boys, her acne and braces made for an interesting contrast to what “true romance” really was. Uber Teen, 14, coaxed her along and kept her focused on the prize of Doctor Morfman.

Finally, the big day arrived! Uber woman, 22, and Winged Woman, 24, went to visit with Dr. Morfman. While Winged woman professed her love and requested a date, Uber Woman policed the area making certain there were no interruptions. “I have a date!” an excited Winged Woman said as she embraced her “love rival”. Uber Woman returned the hug and hoped everything would work out for the two.

It turned out that Uber Woman and the rest of the squad who were kept in the loop had nothing to worry about. Doctor Morfman had an interest in playing daddy to Winged Woman’s diaper fetish. The two fell deeply in love, dated for a while, role-played their fantasies for a long while, and got hitched.

They had two beautiful children together, successfully raised them, sent them off to college, and used the Rejuvenation ray to turn their clocks back to their mid-teen years. They knew how to keep the spice in their marriage, that’s for sure!


Thus ends another tale from the Hall of Justness. Remember to eat your groats, brush your teeth, and look both ways before crossing. You have been warned!



End Chapter 1

Tales from the Halls of Justness "Jamais vu all over again"

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 19, 2021


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