Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021

Chapter 11
Chapter 11: Bullies

Chapter 11: Bullies


AS NORMAL I woke up in my crib in Caireen’s palace, but Caireen wasn’t there. I stood up and grimaced a little at my soaked diaper. “Hello?!?” I asked quietly.

I heard nothing and wondered where Caireen would be. I called out louder, “Caireen!?!”

Still no one came.

‘Calm down’ I thought to myself… I looked around my crib and found Emie next to the bars. I picked her up and held her while I waited and hoped someone would come.

Then I waited.

Eventually I began playing with Emie to try and distract myself, but still no one came.

After what must have been a few hours I felt my stomach rumbling. ‘I’m hungry and I’m wet!’

‘What would a normal baby do?’ I asked myself. ‘Is Caireen waiting for me to cry?’

I sighed and thought some more before standing up and grabbing onto the bars that hung just at my fingertips. I figured I could jump over the bars as long as Caireen hadn’t left a similar spell on this crib. I made sure I had a firm grip and then flung myself over the bars!

And then promptly found myself flung back into the crib and onto my wet rear-end.

I sniffled.

I felt tears going down my face.

Then without warning I felt myself begin to wail at the top of my lungs!

‘Where is Caireen?’ I thought to myself.

As if waiting for me to begin crying she suddenly appeared in the room. She picked me up and held me tight, “It’s okay baby,” she told me.

“Where were you?” I sniffled out.

“Taking care of some things,” she said while bouncing me and shushing me. Nothing she said though was helping me stop the tears. “Let’s get that wet diaper changed,” she told me.

I was gently placed on the changing table and Caireen was gentle as she unpinned the diaper and wiped me gently. I found myself still sobbing though as she finished. ‘Why can’t I stop crying?’ I asked myself.

‘Have I truly gone nuts now?’ I asked myself again as she had me dressed and I was still crying. Caireen continued to ‘shush’ me, but in the end sat down in the nursery rocking chair and nursed me at her breast. Embarrassingly it finally calmed my body down.

After I had finished nursing, she burped me and asked, “Better?”

I almost started to tear up again, “Why was I crying? And why couldn’t I stop?!?”

She hugged me, “The longer you spend time here in this world as my baby I suspect you will begin to have some more normal reactions. A baby waking up alone, and then crying in a crib for attention, is a pretty normal reaction, isn’t it?”

“But why didn’t you come when I just called your name?”

She smiled, “The alert ward in your nursery won’t go off unless you’re crying.”

“You tricked me into crying?” I asked, upset.

She shook her head, “I would have been here in another half-hour or so, but the only way I knew that you were awake and needed me was if you cried.”

I glared at her, “Would you please change that ward to if I call your name?” I remembered my manners at least, but my tone of voice had her clucking.

“You’re a baby, if you want my attention before I’m ready to give it you’ll just have to cry.”

“What about…” I started to argue.

She put her finger to my mouth, “Do you need your first spanking from me?”

I felt my eyes open in terror and quickly shook my head, “No, I’ll be a good girl,” I told her, fearing how hard a goddess could hit!

“Good!” she said, “Then let’s get to some magic lessons here.”

I sighed and nodded. “What’s up today?”

“More wards,” she said simply.

For the next several hours I was taught a simple privacy spell and another simple spell to protect something like our dorm room from anyone else coming in. Caireen explained that she had already placed a bunch of wards around the room, but it would be better to continually add layers of them to the protection.

After she fed me lunch there, she walked me outside and to the edge of the forest. “What are we doing here?” I asked.

“I wanted to show you your tree house!”

I looked up suddenly and noticed a beautiful tree house up on top of a thick tree. I could just barely see the stairs that were cleverly camouflaged around the tree up to the top. “Cool!” I said.

I climbed the tree’s steps and came to a door. I tried opening it, but it wouldn’t budge. Caireen had followed me up and said, “It’s locked by magic. You have to unlock it first.”

‘Another lesson?’ I asked myself.

I sat there for probably an hour trying to feel out how she had locked it with a ward. She had to change my diaper in the next hour while I basically picked the lock. It was frustrating beyond belief, but a part of me was enjoying the challenge. I eventually succeeded in opening up the door and immediately squealed in excitement!

“I did it!”

“Yes, you did my clever little princess!” She said with a smile when I looked at her. “Now go on in there!”

I walked in through the entryway and quickly realized this was another of those weird spells to make things bigger. Inside was huge! There was a play kitchen in there with a modern looking stove and microwave, “What, no wood burning stove?” I asked her with a smile.

“Time to come to the modern age on some things,” she told me with a smile.

I walked through the house and found a playroom, a living room with a TV, a nursery just right for playing with Emie, and a door that led to a deck that ringed one edge of the house. I ran back to Caireen and hugged her, “Thank you!”

“You’re very welcome Sofia. Before we go back to the castle and put you to bed, I want you to put up those wards that you learned about today. Then you need to lock up the door again too!”

I looked up and excitedly said, “Okay!”

I walked inside and around the perimeter as I put up the warding spells. When I made it back to the door, I knew everything about how it locked from picking it, so I just created my own custom magical key of a spell to relock it. I closed the door behind me and asked, “How did I do?”

“Great!” she told me as she scooped me up. She carried me back to the castle garden and sat down in a chair. One of her servants brought a glass of some sort of juice to her and she said, “You’ve got to be thirsty and hungry now…”

I turned a bit red, but nodded. Caireen moved her dress out of the way and I nursed until I fell asleep to come back to the real world.


I RUBBED THE sleep from my eyes as I felt myself get picked up. I blurrily looked up at Hannah and noticed she was already dressed in her uniform. “Good morning Princess,” Hannah said to me with a smile.

“Morning,” I mumbled. My eyes began to focus and I could see she was already dressed for the day. “You already showered?”

“Uh-huh,” she said as she carried me to the changing table, “I figure a bath at night should be enough for you?”

I thought for a second, “I guess normally… but I used to use that to wake up,” I told her as she unzipped the sleeper I had been dressed in.

“Well, we’ll try the normal baby way for a week?” She suggested soothingly as she slid my feet from the feet and pulled the sleeper away from me, leaving me in just a very soggy diaper.

I shrugged, “I guess.”

With that she lay me down the rest of the way and gently cleaned my diaper area with a couple baby wipes. “Umm… Caireen?” Hannah asked hesitantly.

I felt her stir and let her come to the front of the focus, “Yes?”

“They had a really good idea yesterday about making her uniform blouses actually onesies with the snap crotch there… Would you mind?”

I could feel a little bit of magic leave me and the blouse she had on the changing table instantly added a tail. I knew without looking that the others in my closet had also changed. I just sighed; it would probably be easier to keep my soggy diapers from sliding off of me!

“Thanks!” Hannah said. She pulled it over my head and said, “You know we could just have this be a one-piece dress almost,” as she snapped the crotch shut. “The skirts could be attached like a couple of those outfits that you and Lily have…”

“Whatever,” I said. Clearly my dressing choices weren’t really going to be mine again for a long time - if ever!

“What a cranky baby,” Hannah said half-teasingly, “let’s get something in your tummy and maybe you’ll stop being grouchy!”

Hannah carried me to the rocker for a nursing session, burped me, then said, “Let’s go get breakfast and then we’ll get going to our appointments. I can’t wait to see what they list as my powers!” She said excitedly.

“Super breasts on the MID?” I joked.

“Well super stinky diapers must be on yours?” she asked back.

“Ouch,” I said.

I felt the back of my diaper, wondering if I had gone and she laughed at me. “You’re not stinky now, Silly,” she told me with a smile and then kissed the top of my head. “I’m sure you will be soon, but that’s no biggie,” she said with a smile and sat me down on the ground. I watched as she gathered my diaper bag and our coats up. I put on the coat she handed me while she put on her own. As soon as she slung the diaper bag over her shoulder, she picked me up and said, “let’s go!”

We ran into Camille on the way to breakfast, and she asked us about how our powers testing went the day before. I actually learned a lot more about how Hannah’s had gone, and by the time we got to our seats with food I mentioned that I had been able to shoot out some green stuff like her. Camille looked at me and asked, “Is it maybe because…?

I looked at her and glared. She got the hint.

“Because of what?”

“Because of her bond? Camille recovered.

“Maybe,” Beth said. The others began talking about other mutants and how sometimes they managed to influence things, “You could be a little bit of power mimic?” Beth suggested later.

As we finished up, I hopped down and then immediately groaned in my head. My body forced itself into a crouch and I was soon pooping my diaper. Hannah grabbed my diaper bag and then asked, “Do you want to walk to the bathroom or me to carry you?”

I held my arms out in answer as I did everything I could just to not start wailing. I felt my pacifier pushed into my lips and kept my eyes closed. ‘This is so embarrassing! In front of everyone!’

‘Sofia, open your eyes.’ Caireen insisted.

I groaned but did so. ‘What?’

‘Notice, not a single person cares?’

We walked right next to a few girls who were gorgeous and they just smiled at me. I forced myself to smile back. We’d almost made it to the door of the cafeteria to leave when Streaked just happened to walk in. She sniffed and looked surprised for a moment before looking at me and asking, “Oh, did the wittle baby girl make a poopy diapee?”

I felt a tear threatening my eyes, but refused to give in. I couldn’t help this and I was not going to put up with her bullying. With a single spell I had changed her outfit into a onesie top like mine, panties to a diaper, and then Caireen added a special touch of her own and I watched her squat down and make her own poopy diapee.

“I think the wittle baby girl did make a big poopy!” Camille said through her laughter. Other students pointed and laughed at Streaked.

“I’m going to get you!” she shouted at me and started to run at us. I quickly put up a shield between us and watched as she ran into it, rebounded, and sat on the ground. I felt for her as I thought about how much that just smashed her mess. She began to try and retaliate again but a member of Whateley security came up right then. “What’s going on here?”

‘Uh-oh’ I thought to myself.

“That little bitch just changed my clothes and made me shit myself!!!!” Streaked screamed.

The officers looked at me and I remembered one of them from the other day when she was led away. “Is that true?”

I thought about lying, but that never got me anywhere, “She was making fun of my disability and the fact that I was in a ‘poopy diapee.’”

“Let’s go to the security office and chat then…”

“Umm… we don’t have to do that,” Streaked suddenly looked scared.

“This isn’t the first time you all have had problems, and I’m not going to have an ongoing feud,” the man said, “Let’s go.”

“Can I change Sofia really quickly?” Hannah asked.

The man looked thoughtfully at us, “Only if Sofia changes Streaked so we don’t have to smell her?” There was a bit of a bemused smirk in his expression.

I looked at Streaked and used a spell that I wished I could use on myself. A second later she was in a nice clean diaper and I’d even given her a skirt to cover her diaper and the onesie… sort of. The onesie definitely peaked out from underneath the skirt a little!

The officer smirked again and nodded at Hannah. “I’m so tempted to spank you Sofia Elizabeth!” Hannah said angrily at the bathroom while she changed me. “She wasn’t doing anything bad to you there.”

I glared at her, “Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to poop your pants and then have someone say something about it?!?!?”

“You’re a baby Sofia, it happens all the time! Get used to it!” She said as she slid my pacifier back in my mouth. “Let’s go get this over with. Hopefully you didn’t just land us both in detention…”


Hannah finished wiping me none-to-gently and put a new diaper on me. She angrily snapped together the onesie snaps, pulled my skirt down, then washed her hands in the sink and then mine too. “Let’s get this over with quickly, and maybe we can still make our appointments on time.”

I pulled my pacifier out of my mouth and said, “I’m sorry Hannah…”

She sighed, “I know you are. I just hope they let us off with a warning. As it is, I think you’ve made a permanent enemy of Streaked for us.”

I bit my tongue from saying, ‘She started it…’

When we walked back out of the bathroom one of the security guards was there still standing with Camille. They led us to the security office at Kane Hall with no one saying anything. The feeling of dread of being in real trouble hung over my head like a knife.

Just before we reached the Hall, I decided I would do something unasked and changed Streaked’s clothes back to her regular clothes. She gasped but smiled that she was back in her real clothes. In return though she gave me a glare that made me glad I was in Hannah’s arms. One of the security officers looked at me and said, “No more changing anyone’s clothes right now please!”

I nodded, “Sowwy.” I said around the pacifier. As we walked in the doors, I felt like we had walked into a police station and not some place on a school campus.

“The Chief is waiting back there for you all,” one of the officers with a name badge that read ‘Everheart’ on it.

I found myself sucking on my pacifier more, but just as we went in the door Hannah pulled it out of my unwilling mouth. I glared at her, but she angrily whispered, “You’re going to face this like the big girl that you claim you want to be!”

Streaked had already taken a seat in one chair across the desk from an imposing man who I had to assume was the Chief. “Well, this isn’t the way I like to meet new students,” he started, “I’m Chief Delarose,” he said without getting up, “and we seem to have a problem with you all. Please sit down,” he motioned to the chairs. Camille took the chair in the middle of where Hannah sat down with me on her knee, and the one Streaked was in. I heard the door shut behind us.

“So, let’s start at the beginning. Streaked, what’s your side of the story,” he asked.

I knew it would do me no good to interrupt, so I listened as she wove a tale that made it sound like I was the one to first start picking on her. I gritted my teeth and resisted the urge to pull a spare pacifier from my purse to help me stay quiet. In the end she said, “all I did today was make a comment about a baby having a stinky diaper? What is so wrong about that?!?”

“Emerald, you’ve been really good about waiting for Streaked to say her part, what’s yours?”

“She started the whole thing up by making fun of Hannah the first day. She made a comment that Hannah must have been some teenage slut,” I paused, “Pardon my language,” he nodded, “and so I made a comment to shut her up about ‘sorry, Hannah really is a virgin and she can’t give you lessons.’ My friends laughed and she took the hint and left.”

“Bull… I never said that!!!!”

“Streaked I watched Emerald control herself very admirably through your side of the story, time for you to do so too.”

“The other things?”

“She was picking on me another time about needing a high chair, and I made her hair turn into cute pigtails with bows. This one… she was embarrassing me in public and being a bully. I couldn’t help myself into turning her outfit into what it was.” I felt Caireen stir and knew my voice changed, “Sofia wasn’t the one to make her lose her bowels though, that was me. I can’t stand bullies and people who pick on children. Her comment was not meant as a cute baby comment.” she faded.

Chief Delarose looked at his computer before asking, “That was your avatar spirit?”

“Yes sir,” I said.

“You have anything else to add?” He asked me.

I sighed, “No sir, I’m sorry, I was mad and am afraid if I don’t stand up to a bully like her, I’ll deal with them constantly. In my defense she was never harmed.”

“Uh-huh,” he said unconvinced. “Ms. Rayburn, do you have anything to add?”

“Only that whatever you decide I’ll back you up on. I know Sofia’s parents approved of some alternate forms of punishment.”

“Alternate forms?” I asked and was squeezed into silence.

“Yes Emerald, your parents and Mrs. Carson discussed that cleaning up the dorms at Hawthorne for detention would probably not be within your abilities for your size. Several other ideas were given as alternatives…”

I gulped. ‘Somehow I think Hannah is going to be getting me as soon as we get back to the dorm too…’

Caireen seemed to nod, ‘I’m sorry Sofia, I should have helped you remain a little calmer… but the truth is that little witch deserved it.’

I forced myself to not show the smile I thought at that.

“Sora, do you have anything to add?”

“Well, in all honesty Chief this was a harmless prank by Whateley’s standards, and you know Streaked was egging her on. It was a green flag day…”

Chief Delarose glared at all of us before saying, “Here’s the deal. My first instinct is to punish both Emerald and Streaked for their actions. The truth is though Sora is right, and I think the better thing is to right now tell you all this,” He paused and glared, “You will stay away from them,” he said to Streaked, “if I hear of any contact I will give you two weeks of detention cleaning the worst rooms in Hawthorne,” I watched Streaked shrink down in her chair. “And you Emerald will leave Streaked alone. If she flat out attacks you, then by all means you may defend yourself, but any more magical changes of clothes, appearance, or other tricks on her by you will result in the alternative forms of punishment that were suggested.”

I nodded, feeling my diaper warm. “Yes sir,” I said. I heard other voices join mine before he said, “Okay you all, get out of my office and I’d better not see you back here!”

With that we all split from the building as quickly as we could. Streaked ran off as fast as she could, which was pretty fast, leaving just Camille with Hannah and I. “I need to get to class,” Camille sighed, “I’ll see you two tonight after class!”

I watched her run away and Hannah checked her watch before hurriedly walking us towards our appointment with the health services doctor.

I could tell Hannah was angry still as she opened the door to the clinic with a crash and it startled me a bit. Unintentionally I let out a whimper. She looked down at me and sighed, “Sofia, I’m sorry, it’s going to take me time to get used to all of this. My instinct since you changed Streaked’s clothes has been to take your diaper off and give you a spanking.”

I whimpered again.

“I won’t do it this time though,” she told me.

“This time?”

“That’s one of those alternate punishments Sofia.” She gave me a hug as she said it and rubbed my back.


“Yes, your cute little butt can and will get spanked if that happens again.” She pushed me a bit farther back from her face to look into my eyes, “Caireen, that’s your tush too. Don’t you dare do something like that again.”

I felt Caireen stir and take over, she was angry. “Silly little girl, you think I will let you just abuse Sofia? Yes, maybe it was impulsive and I took on a bit of Sofia’s immaturity, but at the same time that was a calculated attack by me. If we didn’t respond then I can guarantee Streaked would cause us all way more trouble.”

“What do you mean?” Hannah asked as she started to move again after looking at a clock.

“I mean she had a plan to use a spell right then to do to you, what we did to her.”

I went ‘huh’ at the same time as Hannah said it.

“Alright then… Caireen, you must know there will be a time or two as a mother I may need to spank Sofia.”

“If she deserves it, I’ll let you do it.”

I grumbled in my head as she let me take over. Hannah tightened her hold on me and kissed my head. “Sorry for doubting you.”

I just plopped my pacifier back in my mouth and leaned my head against her shoulder as she walked into the office. She walked up to the receptionist desk and said, “Hi I’m Hannah, and this is Sofia, we’re here for our medical checkups?”

A plump lady looked up from her computer and said, “Oh my land, aren’t you just the most precious thing?” Her accent was the most stereotypical Georgia peach accent I had ever heard. I felt my body blush from my toes to my red hair.

“Sofia…” Hannah prompted.

I sighed, “Thank you ma’am.”

“Well don’t you have great manners young lady.” She gave Hannah the look of someone judging her for being a teen mother.

“Thank you,” I said, “My mom back home tried her best to teach me.”

I saw her eyes open, she looked down at her list, and said, “I’m so sorry sweetheart…”

“It’s okay Ma’am” Hannah said for us, “it’s been a weird couple weeks for us and we don’t expect strangers to figure out the facts on sight.”

The lady nodded, “Well…” she seemed to try and think, “okay…” she looked down at her desk, “we have all of your information from your registration and yesterday. So, you’ll just need to wait for Doctor Tenent, and we can get you both all sorted.”

“Thank you,” I said wearily.

Hannah carried me back to a chair in the lounge and I sucked contentedly on my pacifier. “You thirsty?” She asked me.

I looked at her as if ‘not again,’ and she laughed. She produced a bottle of apple juice that she exchanged with me for my pacifier. Just to be safe though she clipped my pacifier onto my blouse. “So that’s getting old…” she said aloud.

I whispered, “well you could nurse me in front of her… that’d convince her I’m yours for certain.”

Hannah giggled and muttered, “behave Sofia!”

Thankfully we were late and didn’t have to wait too long for the Doctor to come out. “Hannah? Sofia?” He asked.

“Right here,” Hannah said and stood up.

“We can either take you one at a time or just do both at once?” He suggested. He seemed to linger with his look more at me.

“Might as well both go back. It’s not like there’s an inch of my body to hide from Hannah,” I told him with a shrug.

“Same here,” Hannah added.

Doctor Tenent led us through a typical corridor of a doctor’s office before opening a door up to an examination room. I thought it was a little unusual that a nurse hadn’t done that for him. He seemed to sense my thoughts, “My normal main nurse is busy taking care of an emergency case down the hallway, so you just get me today. Really there’s not a lot of tests that a nurse would do that haven’t already been done yesterday during your initial workup.”

“Oh, okay,” I said aloud.

Indeed, he had two massive folders in his hands that must have contained all of our medical records ever, as well as everything they had done to us yesterday. “Sofia, why don’t we start with you.” He said gently, “Hannah, would you set her down on the table here?”

Hannah gently set me down and he then said, “Okay, I know you were just given a full physical Sofia, but with everything that we see here it’s just best to do everything again here.”

“Everything?!?” I asked nervously.

He shrugged, “Everything.”

“This sucks…”

“Sofia…” Hannah scolded me.

“Hannah, Sofia, if you could go ahead and strip her down to just her diaper?” He said, “Here is a gown for her and you as well if you’ll change into them.”

“This is a… full physical?” I noticed Hannah finally getting it.


“This sucks…” She repeated.

“Hannah, language…” I mock-scolded her and received a glare that would have burnt me to a crisp if I was still a boy. Luckily my new girl shield protected me from it!

Doctor Tenent left and we followed his instructions. “Your diaper is wet Sofia, but I have a feeling he’s going to want in there anyway…” Hannah told me.

“I know…”

The next hour was embarrassing for both of us. Doctor Tenent proceeded to do a full physical on me before he had Hannah dress me and she had her own. He had her pump a bit more milk out for additional testing, as well as performed a physical that was even more thorough than mine. I tactfully sat in a chair away from them drinking a bottle while hers was done.

“Okay,” Doctor Tenent said, “You both seem to be healthy. Hannah you are lactating far more than a normal mother would be. We did take the sample you provided yesterday and tested it. It obviously isn’t showing any harmful effects on Sofia, but our lab would like to perform some experiments with it before we say it’s okay to feed any other babies… or others. We believe it probably is safe, and might even have some healing properties, but until we’re sure it’s best to play it safe.”

“Okay,” Hannah nodded, unsurprised. “Anything else that we need to be aware of?”

“I think you’re going to probably be filling out and maturing the rest of the way into your early twenties fairly quickly based on your hormone levels from the blood samples we took yesterday. I would like to see you again for a checkup in six weeks.”

“And me?” I asked

“Sofia, there is no doubt that you are the healthiest baby in existence. I don’t see anything wrong with you at all. Realistically I think you can probably skip a routine visit for another six months unless something comes up.”

“What about her incontinence issues?” Hannah asked and I blushed.

“Unless she grows, or changes in some other way, I don’t believe there will be any real progress there. Everything about her is normal for a twenty-month-old.”


“You should get a full report later, but the test you took last night showed that your dental structures, bone structure, and everything else developmentally in your body is right on target for an eighteen to twenty-month-old.”

“So, I could be really an eighteen-month-old? I’m not even two years old?!?” I whined.

“Well, we’re not necessarily putting it in the system like that,” he smiled at me.

Hannah hugged me and then asked, “Okay, so what else do we need to do here?”

He shook his head, “You’re all finished. We’ll finish analyzing blood work and such, but I think for now you’re both cleared from a medical standpoint.”

“Could we have a few minutes of privacy in here before we head off to Sofia’s martial arts testing?”

He looked at her and said, “Of course, if you need to nurse here there’s not a problem. I’m also noting in your file that considerations for nursing or pumping must be accommodated discreetly for you.”

“Thanks,” Hannah blushed.

He closed the door and she said, “Please?”

I couldn’t tell that he had really taken another sample from her… she seemed to be full again already! A half-hour later she changed my messy diaper, and we headed to the building I was told to meet with Sensei Rogers. In the locker room I asked Caireen, ‘May I please have my Gi?’

She seemed to smile, ‘Sure,’ she said.

In a flash I had a replica of my Gi from back home, but in a smaller size. She’d even added my black belt with the second stripe. The only thing that didn’t make sense is it didn’t quite feel right. I moved the fabric back a bit at my waist and saw that she had somehow made a onesie attachment. ‘Why?’

‘It works better with your blouses and will probably help with your diaper not falling off during your training,’ she told me.


“You look so adorable!” Hannah cooed at me.

I sighed and walked with her out to the main room where there were a few other students in groups practicing. An older gentleman who seemed to exude experience saw us and came over. I bowed respectfully to him. “Sensei, I was told I needed to see you for martial arts placement.”

He bowed to me as well and replied, “You are Sofia?”

“Yes Sensei.”

“And that makes you Hannah?”

She seemed awkward in her regular uniform and responded “Yes Sensei.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you both, I am known to most of the students as Sensei Ito. I see Sofia you wear a belt with a second degree. Which style?”

“Tae Kwon Do,” I responded and spent a few minutes having a respectful conversation where he asked my thoughts on my strengths and weaknesses.

“You have just tested for that belt though?” He asked after a while.

“Yes Sensei.”

He led us to a mat. “Then let me see your forms,” he started off. Over the next two hours he put me through my paces completely.

“Not bad,” Sensei Rodgers said, “I can tell you’re still getting used to a new center of gravity, but you’re not off by much. Would you mind sparring with some of the advanced students now?”

I nodded enthusiastically, “Sure!” It would be the most adult thing I had done since I changed!

“Efferous, would you please come over here,” he called to a girl on the other side of the room.

As she came over, I could see that she was probably close to my old height… which meant she might as well be a giant now! Her eyes were an odd amber color with the mutant glow coming from them. “Hi,” she waved at me like I was a real baby, “what’s your name?”

“Sofia,” I said.

“Came dressed up with you mommy today for testing?” she asked. Apparently, she hadn’t paid attention to my forms at all.

“Something like that,” I said.

Her eyes shifted a little, but before she could say anything else Sensei Rodgers said, “Efferous, I would like you to spar with Emerald here.”

She looked up at Hannah and asked, “Is she going to change first?”

I laughed and Hannah looked worried. “I’m Emerald, not her,” I told her.

“You want me to spar with a baby?”


“Okay Sensei,” she said respectfully. You could see she had her doubts.

“Take your places,” Sensei ordered.

I stood opposite of her and bowed.

“Shee-jawk!” He ordered and I watched her try to decide what to do.

In the end she wasn’t willing to do anything other than circle, so I decided to attack first. I jumped in the air with a kick to her stomach that seemed to surprise her completely by how much it hurt! She went to grapple with me, but I managed to wriggle free. At one point she nearly made me cry with a loud animal like howl, but I kept moving. I continued to leap and kick at her for several minutes with her only managing to land one blow on me when Sensei Rogers concluded the match.

“You’re stronger than you look!” Efferous said woozily.

I shook the hand that she leaned down to me and said, “Thanks.”

“Remember Efferous to never underestimate your opponent by their appearance!” Sensei reminded her.

“Yes Sensei.” She said and smiled at me.

Sensei Rogers had me spar with two other individuals, and I was collecting quite a crowd on the sides. It took several shocked opponents before I had one get the best of me.

A girl codenamed Celer was a speedster. I figured out quickly Celer was like in ‘accelerate.’ I tried doing the same kicks and punches that I had been doing, but she was so fast she would dodge in and out. She finally went around and around me like some cartoon, and I got caught off balance trying to follow her. She jokingly spanked my bottom at the time and said, “Bad baby…”

I was embarrassed but had forced myself to laugh to save face. She actually gave me a hug after we bowed and said, “I so want to hang out with you sometime! You’re too cute!”

Sensei Rogers led us to an office and said, “Okay Sofia, it is clear you will do very well in my advanced martial arts class. We will work to round out your education with some other styles though. As accomplished as you are at Taekwondo, you should be able to learn and advance in several other styles very quickly.”

“Yes Sensei.”

“Hannah I would recommend you join the entry class. I think it will be invaluable for you to study and train. Sofia here can help tutor you and you should be able to learn quickly.”

“Yes sir,” she said.

With that he dismissed us saying, “Thank you for stopping by. I’ll pass along my recommendation for placements to Mrs. Carson. I believe she’s handling you two personally?”

We nodded and Hannah said, “We’re supposed to meet with her after lunch.”

“Then you probably should get a move on if you want to change Sofia and eat before that meeting!”

I frowned, sure enough we went to the locker room and I had a dirty diaper to have changed. I did my best to act calm as the next class of girls came in to get changed for their class. “She’s sooo adorable!” One girl said with a smile right when Hannah had a wipe on my butt.

I was mortified.

Once Hannah had a new diaper on me, Caireen changed us back into my uniform with magic. Hannah washed her hands and we made our exit with about half of the girls still cooing over me. I pulled my pacifier from my put away purse and pouted while I sucked on it.

Hannah patted me on the back and said, “Once we get some lunch in your tummy, you’ll feel better.”

I sighed, “I really want a shower.”

“I didn’t even think of that… I don’t think we really have time though.”

“How about you, how are you doing?” I asked, thinking it had been a few hours.

“I snuck away and pumped while you were testing,” she told me.

She carried me to the Crystal Hall and we quickly made our way through the line of food and to our usual table. We arrived as Camille was telling Esmie about Ewe apparently trying to pick on another student that morning. The kid apparently ended up transforming into some sort of spider and sent Ewe screaming away just by his appearance. “I’d be scared by a ten-foot-tall spider too though,” Lizi admitted.

I nodded. I hated spiders, so I would have been crying and running too before the change. Now I think I would just send one of my spells at it...

Hannah had sat a bottle of her milk on the table in front of me and I found myself nursing it about halfway through my plate of food and ignoring the plate. For some reason I was kind of craving that taste more than the fettuccine alfredo on my plate. Hannah gave me a sideways glance and a concerned look, but didn’t say anything. I think she and I both knew I was getting nervous leading up to our meeting with Mrs. Carson. ‘What’s my schedule going to be like?’ I thought.

‘It’ll be fine Sofia,’ Caireen cooed at me.

‘But… Also, what am I going to do with getting to classes on my own? I haven’t even walked across the campus by myself once yet.’

‘You were fine an hour ago sparring, you’ll be fine getting across campus.’ She reminded me, ‘besides, all you have to do is make one cute look at a girl, put your arms up, and I guarantee you they’ll happily carry you across this planet.’

I nodded to her mentally and realized my bottle was empty. Hannah picked me up right then and I felt her discreetly check my diaper. I looked at her and she shook her head, “Dry” she mouthed.

I was surprised, maybe that’s why I was craving the bottle. ‘You might be dehydrated from sparring,’ Caireen said.

‘You’re probably right…’ I acknowledged.

“Come on Sofia,” Hannah said to me. She grabbed my diaper bag and we sat off to Mrs. Carson’s office with a chorus of ‘good lucks’ from our new friends. “It’ll be okay Sofia, I promise!”

The hug Hannah gave me helped me really believe that as we made our way out of the Crystal Hall.



End Chapter 11

Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021


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