Final Tester

by: Ambrose | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 23, 2021


Final Tester(Part 1)

The research of a group of scientists working for a large company to perfect a youth drug for the market is nearly done. Can Dr. Andrea Barrow finish the tests on one last group of unwilling participants, while she is already struggling with the guilt over the fate of the ones who have brought them so far? How will she react if the experiments of a rival expand the whole project in a completely different direction?

Apr 23, 2021


Final Tester(Part 2)

Dr. Andrea Barrow agreed to evaluate the three unwilling participants in a study which not just made them younger, but changed their gender and in one case their mind. Already wrestling with the weight of her decisions, how will she react when a shocking twist threatens everything she worked so hard for?

Apr 23, 2021


Final Tester(Part 3)

Desperate to undo some of their sins, a doctor and a guard try to save the unwilling testers of the tg/ar drug their company decided to scrap. Will they manage to give them their life back or will they lose their own while trying to do so?

Apr 23, 2021


Final Tester(Part 4)

The former prisoners barely escaped the goons of the company which as a test of their drug changed their gender and age against their will. Now they and their allies meet the person who helped them escape in time. Free at last, they need to decide the best way to maintain their safety and what is left of their lives.

Apr 23, 2021


Final Tester(Part 5/Epilogue)

Finally in safety, things seem to turn out all right for the protagonists, despite some of them needing to get their original age and even gender back. Yet, how far is Dr. Andrea Barrow willing to go to see the youth drug released?

Apr 23, 2021

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