The Dark Influence

by: diapercheck | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 8, 2024

Chapter 12
12: OMG You Guyz Big News!

The trouble just kept going for John. Every day he would be at daycare, he wouldn’t realize he was going in his pants. He went through multiple pull-ups a day where most kids would go through two at the maximum.


The daycare tried peer pressuring John as a form of getting him with the program. Every accident they would pull in another kid who had just gone potty or was about to.

“See? Cecilia goes potty in the toilet, don’t you want to be like her?”

John didn’t seem to care all that much. One day he peed on a worker’s feet while they were changing him following an accident. They managed to get most of it in the toilet, but the damage was done.


Eventually it caused one of the workers to quit, at least that’s what he could tell. It didn’t seem to bother him, however. He was really good at sharing, the other kids liked him, and he was getting better at coloring. He almost had the alphabet down, but he kept mixing up B, D, and G.


“I guess that ‘ee’ sound is a little hard for you, huh,” one of the daycare workers said. The reports sent home started to get more and more frantic. Chloe would always read them back to him before they left for the day, with every accident he had listed. One day the language changed,


“Ms. Baker, we need to get your son’s potty training under control. The daycare has a policy of having our children all or mostly potty trained. We had let this slide originally, but it’s been three months and no progress seems to have been made. If John doesn’t figure it out by the end of this month we will have to let you guys go,” Chloe was stunned as she read the last words out loud, before collecting herself, “You hear that sweetie? We have to get this under control. Let’s do this together, okay? We’ll get you to use the potty!”


“Yay!” John wooed in agreement, not quite understanding the implications.


That weekend, Chloe tried the three-day method. John was left to toddle around in his birthday suit, with hopes of catching him before he was about to go, and taking him to the potty. John chafed at this, feeling strange to be not only small compared to his mommy, but naked too. He ruined two chairs and the couch this way, and his anxiety made it so he was always waking up after a nap or the next morning with Simba’s paw gone from his pull-ups.


However, a bit of good luck had arrived. John’s life insurance policy had cashed in. $300,000. Chloe nearly fainted reading the notice in the mail.


“What’s wong mommy?” He inquired, butt naked.


“Oh it’s nothing hun, something really really good just happened for us. I’ll explain when you’re older, okay?”


“Otay mommy.” John toddled off again.



End Chapter 12

The Dark Influence

by: diapercheck | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 8, 2024


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