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The Dark Influence

by: diapercheck Last updated Jul 8, 2024

John and Chloe are a married couple who just can't get along. Chloe wants a baby, John doesn't. Chloe loves mom influencers on Tiktok, John hates them. Chloe will do anything to get her baby and become a momfluencer. Including using her husband in the worst way possible.

Boomerang Virus

by: diapercheck Last updated May 22, 2015

This story went missing a few years ago, thought I'd repost it. I decided to change the 4th chapter and add more to it.

From Textbooks to Changing Tables

by: diapercheck Last updated Jan 21, 2014

Matt learns he has the age regression virus upon returning home from college for the summer. Will he be able to adjust to his new life with his stepmom and baby half brother?

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